Regina's POV

The last twenty-four hours have been… for a lack of a better word… interesting. It started when I showed up at Once Upon a Café to meet Emma. I spent the next hour and a half consoling her after she told me she was pregnant. I tried reasoning with her that it could be a false positive, but she was dead set on the test being right. She explained to me that it has to be right because things like this always happen to her; whenever she is starting to have good things in her life, something always gets in the way. I guess we are kind of the same in that respect. I have spent my whole life just trying to be happy, but something always gets in the way. All we both want is to have happiness, yet it is the one thing we both have difficulty getting.

She told me of Neil, of how he left her, without even a goodbye. He had been cheating on her, she didn't know with who, it didn't matter. I couldn't understand how someone could do that to Emma. How could she not be enough? When she confronted him he tried to deny it, and then came up with some lame excuses about how work was stressing him out, and he was having a hard time. She said he kept telling her that he loved her, and they were meant to be. Emma gave him another chance, because she loved him, but she woke up the next day and he was gone. I can see the pain in her eyes. He says he loved her, and they were meant to be, but I don't believe that. If it were true, if he truly believed that, there is no way he would have hurt Emma like that. I don't know much about love, but I do know one thing. When you love someone, when you really love somebody, there is nothing you wouldn't do for them. I got to tell you, if I ever met the guy… man… he would be in trouble.

We eventually moved the situation back to Emma's apartment. This conversation wasn't really one someone should have in a café, especially with the nosy waiters at Once Upon a Café. We stopped by the pharmacy on the way to pick up a couple of pregnancy tests, just to make sure.

Emma's apartment was quite small, having only one bedroom, a bathroom, living room and kitchen. I guess that was all she really needed though, well until now, and seeing as though she didn't have a lot of money, and no job, the apartment was ok. Emma headed straight to the bathroom when we arrived, and I went and waited on the only chair in the place. It was a two seater sofa, brown and very old with some stains, something you would never see in my home. I retrieved my phone from my bag, checking to see if I had any messages. None. Good, obviously my secretary had gotten my message that I would be unavailable for the rest of the afternoon. There was no way I could leave Emma right now, she needed me here, the town could wait until tomorrow.

A few minutes later Emma slowly walked out of the bathroom, slumping down onto the chair and placing the tests onto her lap.

"Positive." She groaned, placing her head in her hands.

"All of them?" I asked stunned, leaning over to see for myself. She was right, all three tests were positive. "Are you ok? Do you need to talk some more? Or cry?" I ask concerned at the lack of reaction to the news.

"Nope." She breathes out, slowing bringing her hands from her face.

"Are you sure?" I question, looking at her.

"Yep." She meets my eye and smiles slightly. It had seemed like forever since I had seen her smile. We sit for a while, no one saying anything. I was surprised that it felt quite comfortable to just sit with her and not have to talk.

"Are you going to tell Neil?" I ask finally. I watch as her posture changes, and she slumps further down into her seat. I know she didn't want to, but we both knew he had a right to know. Whether or not he's a jerk.

"Do I have to?..." She mumbled quietly.

"Emma.." I started, placing my hand on her arm.

"I know.." she replied, defeated. "Regina? Will you stay with me?" she slowly looked up at me. I could see pain in her eyes, sadness and confusion, but I could also see fright. Fright of having to do this alone, fright of having nobody. I have lived that way, I have had no one; nobody to hold me when I was scared, or hurt, or lonely. I know how that felt, maybe that's why I could see it, because I saw the same thing reflected in my own eyes every day. Well, every day until I met Emma. There was no way I was leaving her, we both need each other.

I ran my hand down her arm until I reached hers, entwining our fingers.

"Of course."

"What an absolute ass of a man! Jerk!" I screamed. I was fuming! "How dare he! How could he say that to you? To you! It's crazy! He's crazy! Uhh! Jerk!"

"Regina, please.." she managed between soft sobs. "Give it a rest, there's nothing we can do. I told him. He knows. He doesn't care."

"But I don't understand! Men! They are useless I tell you, can't trust them for anything!" I continue pacing back and forth across the room. I realise my outburst is a little out of hand, but I am just so angry! I can't understand how someone who claims to love someone can just leave, and then when they say they are pregnant not care and turn their back.

I was there for the whole thing. Emma rang Neil. After the third call he finally picked up. Emma tried to sound pleasant, asking how he was before she told him the news. His response? "What and you want money? I bet it's not even mine… if you really are pregnant." She tried telling him it was true, and that he was the only man in her life, but his response was "I don't care Emma. Keep it, get rid of it, whatever, not my problem". The phone call had left us both shocked. I mean, I thought he was a jerk, but he really outdid himself this time. After the shock wore off I went crazy, while Emma sobbed quietly. I don't understand why exactly the whole thing affected me the way it did, but I don't care, I hate that man.

"I hate him!" I spat. "I hate what he did to you. I hate the way he treated you, and I hate that he hurt you! You don't deserve that." Finally, after pacing the room a few dozen more times, I calm myself and sit back on the sofa. "I'm sorry Emma. That… that was completely inappropriate. I apologise. I have no right to speak of him like that. I have no right to get worked up." I look down at my lap, embarrassed. What the hell had gotten into me today?

"It's fine Regina. No one has ever really cared that much about me to react that way, any way." She placed her hands on top of mine, squeezing them gently. I slowly lifted my eyes to meet hers. "Thank you, for caring."

I don't know what had gotten into me. I just had this massive urge to protect her. Which is strange because we barely know each other, but either way I wasn't leaving her, especially tonight. There was also no chance that I was staying in this apartment. So now we are driving back to Storybrooke; she's going to stay with me for a while, just until she gets things sorted.

I never do this, bring someone home whom I barely know. Emma is different though. I haven't made a lot of good choices in my life, but I can't help but feel this is right, like this is what I am supposed to be doing, where I am supposed to be right now. I don't believe in coincidences, but I may believe in fate. Maybe I was supposed to meet her for a reason? Maybe I didn't just stumble upon that café, maybe I was supposed to be there? Maybe all of this was supposed to happen so I could help her? I don't know… I'm just going with what I feel, and this feels right.

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