Title: Heal and Aid

Word Count: 606


"Fuji-senpai, you didn't need to call the police."

"Hmm, Echizen?"

Ryoma shifts on the uncomfortable stool, wincing as his cheek throbs with pain. "The police. Isn't that taking it a bit too far? Even for you."

Fuji kneels against the hard floor of the club room, pretending that he hasn't heard Ryoma. He continuously dabs the boy's delicate cheek with a gauze. The mark is deep and ugly, and the older male knows it will leave a scar. Payback is necessary, and he can't think of a better way than to get those bastards sent to jail.

"Ow, that stings," Ryoma hisses as the disinfectant sprays over the damaged cheek.

Fuji pats his head. "Just a little more, my Ryo-chan. Hang in there."

Ryoma can't phantom waiting any longer, stuck on this stool with Fuji whole-heartedly determined to repair him. Not that he's really broken, anyway. The cheek on his face just burns like crazy, and feels like it's been punched by some all-star wrestler. Which it kind of has, when Ryoma thinks back on it. He had simply been enjoying himself on the tennis courts when a few high school kids had offered to play a game with him.

They had ultimately lost, but not very gracefully. Ryoma had calmly endured their taunts and yells until he could no longer take them, and had given them a piece of his mind. Then, he had disappeared out of the courts to get some sleep. The next day, he had ironically bumped into them at the same tennis courts.

"Does it still hurt?" Fuji asks quietly.

Unfortunately, they had been a little bit angry. One of the guys had sent a punch flying right for his face.

"It's not that bad," Ryoma lies, and starts to get up. With a firm hand against his chest, Fuji pushes him back down on the stool.

"It'll be bruised tomorrow."

"So?" Ryoma groans as Fuji taps the bandage down hard. Even the pressure of the older's finger is enough to make him wriggle uncomfortably. Fuji just smiles at the boy's 'suffering', and stands up to admire his masterpiece. The cheek is fixed, and aside from the white bandage, no one can tell he has been punched. Fuji almost feels like taking a picture.

"My Ryo-chan's all fixed up," he says in his always-alluring tone.

"I'm not a toy," Ryoma mumbles, instinctively touching his cheek.

Fuji just shoots him a sunny look, before kneeling back down onto the ground. His finger slides up the side of Ryoma's neck, tentatively tracing the features of his face until he reaches the hurt cheek. When he does, he cocks his head. "Funny, it's still beautiful even though you're hurt." Before Ryoma can figure out what that is supposed to mean, Fuji leans forward and plants a small kiss on the bandaged bruise.

Ryoma stares at him oddly, and vaguely wonders if his boyfriend has gone mental. Then, his lips quirk. Because he knows Fuji only means well, even though he phrases himself differently and pertains to the weirdest actions. "My living, breathing, beauty," Fuji says, and he kisses him again, on the other cheek.

"Fuji-senpai, this is weird."

Fuji grins, and stands up. He offers a hand down to his kouhai, who relucantly accepts.

"Sorry. I was having a moment there. Shall we got drink some Inui-juice, then?"

"No!" Ryoma recoils.

"…Oh. How about Wasabi-sushi?"

It is at these critical times that Ryoma realizes that no matter how weird Fuji gets in his 'moments', they are always, always better than when he is normal.