In the morning, the rain continued to fall. A thick mist covered the forest ground and made it difficult for the two travelers to see. Still, they moved forward, pulling their cloaks closer to themselves and trudging through the mud underfoot.

Emily removed the communicator from her satchel and spoke into it while trying not to get it wet. "Leon? Miskit? Can you hear me? This is Emily."

No one answered for a few minutes. Then there was the sound of static, followed by a the rusty voice of Cogsley. "Hey, kid. Glad to know you're still alive. Those two are outside trying to cover up the places where the arms were ripped off. Their are a bit high up, but they're doing a pretty good job. I'll go get one of them."

"Okay. Thanks Cogsley."

Again, the communicator was silent. Evalia took this time to say, "I bet I could get that done, no problem."

"Emily?!" It was Miskit. "OH THANK GOODNESS YOU'RE ALRIGHT! I was starting to get nervous."

Both of the girls chuckled. Emily answered, "It wasn't too difficult. I had help and I'm bringing it back with me."

"Oh.. okay. What do you mean by help?"

"I'll tell you about it as soon as I get back. It shouldn't be too long."

"Good. These people drive me crazy."

Emily smiled. "See you soon."

"You too."

Then the stonekeeper placed the communicator back into her bag.

"Sounds like you got some nice friends," Evalia pointed out.


After a few more hours of walking, the rain let up and the sun started melting the fog away. Emily could see a clearing in front of her, and there was shouting coming from it. The bricks of the house were noticable, and she started running towards it, thankful she had finally made it back.

Evalia was about to tell her not to be so quick to assume these were the right people, but held it back and ran to catch up.

It was, in fact, the Charnon House, and the shouting was coming from Leon and Miskit trying to secure the tarp over the left arm where Luger had ripped it off. Navin looked out one of the nearby windows and yelled, "EMILY!" That made Leon turn his head to see her, and he also noticed his sister standing next to her. He lost his grip on the rope and fell to the ground.

Evalia and Emily rushed over to him to see if he was hurt. "Are you okay?" the fox woman asked as she knelt down next to him.

"Ask me again in about ten minutes," he groaned.

She looked at Emily and said, "He's okay." Then she helped him up and gave him a hug.

Leon said, "I didn't see that coming."

"Neither did I," she replied and patted him on the back. They ceased hugging as Miskit decended to the ground with his rope.

"Leon? What happened?" he asked.

"Miskit, this is my sister, Evalia."

Miskit looked at the fox woman and froze up for about four seconds. Then, remembering himself, he shook her hand and said, "Hello."

She smiled and said, "Hi." When they stopped shaking, she said, "How does a guy make a robot that looks like a pink bunny? That's just a little too cute."

Miskit blushed and walked away.

Emily called to him, "Don't you want to hear about everything that happened?"

Leon answered her instead. "I'm sure we all do. Let's go inside."

Evalia added, "Then afterwards, I can come out here and fix up all this damage," waving to the arms and the engine.

"I would appreciate that very much," Leon told her.

"Hey, I was always the better mechanic."

They laughed and went inside.

"Are you going to join us?" Emily asked her.

"Hm. I thought about it, but I have my own business to take care of. But I promise, I'll come back if you need my help."


After the story-telling was over, Emily retired to her room and emptied her satchel. She couldn't help but stare at the ear peice Trellis had given her. She wished he would have come with her, but it probably would have caused a lot of trouble. She decided not to trust him for the time being. There was too much at stake.

Lezelldium whispered to Emily, "You are making the right choice, young master. He does not belong with you and your company."

"I didn't say I'd never trust him."

Her stone said nothing to that, but noted to try harder to seperate her from her friends. He would conduct his plans later.

Author's Note: so this story is done, and i could use some inspiration for more, so, if you've got any ideas, please leave comments!