"Redbeard?" Emily wasn't sure she heard right.

Evalia answered, "Yeah. What? You got a problem with my family?"

"Um, no," she replied nervously and removed the folded note from her pack, handing it to the fox woman.

Evalia opened it and took a moment to read, then smirked. "That sounds like Leon. And by the way, don't assume we're a separated couple. He's my brother."

The young stonekeeper started getting annoyed with all the bombs that were dropping. Everything this person just said seemed to be completely impossible, but no one made a counter remark. All Emily could think to do was thank her for saving them.

"Thank you, for saving us," she said.

"No problem. I thought both of you could handle it, you know, since you're stone keepers. But hey, I shouldn't be so expectant. I'm surprised he sent you out here by yourselves. And don't mind me asking, but why is the Elf Prince traveling through the forest with his adversary?" Both girls turned and stared at Trellis.

He was afraid he might have turned red, so he hid half of his reason and explained shortly, "My father is dead to me."

There was an akward pause until Evalia broke the silence. She walked up to him and smacked him on the shoulder, saying, "Glad you made the switch." Then she stepped towards the trees and looked over her shoulder at the two confused kids. "Aren't you coming?"

Trellis and Emily scrambled around the dog bodies and headed off in the direction the she was headed, even though they had no idea of their destination.

Sorry it was short. I needed to buy some time.