Dexter vs Scranton strangler

Pam returned to her motel room. She had been staying here for a couple of weeks, even brought the kids over for a night. That had been fun for one night but she needed something more permanent. Her children needed more roots than this. Pam and her husband Jim needed to make a decision soon. Either reconcile, or seperation permanently. As Pam entered her room she heard a noise. She quietly called for Jim. It wasn't likely he'd come here without calling first, but she feared the alternative. Pam reached into her purse for a gun. Killing a total stranger would attract police attention. But if this stranger was a threat to her, possibly her children, Pam would do what she had to do. But Pam never saw his face. He injected the needle into her and Pam lost conscioussnes within seconds.



Pam woke up unable to move, covered in plastic. She was terrified that she was about to die. A man stood over her with an apron. He was Dexter Morgan.

Pam: Who are you?

Dexter: Dexter Morgan. Also known as the Bay Harbor butcher

Pam: Please don't hurt me. I have a husband, and two small children.

Dexter: I know. I have a son myself. As you can see, I have a different job. I tried to find the Scranton Strangler, but the police beat me to it. I always had some doubts as to whether or not George Howard Skub was really guilty. Then I saw the physical evidence. It confirmed conclusively that he was guilty of multiple murders. The police robbed me of my prey but what the hell, he'll spend the rest of his life on death row.

Pam: What does this have to do with me?

Dexter: The evidence also proved Skub was innocent of at least three of the murders, which meant he had a partner. So I followed the evidence to the second strangler. Guess where that led?

Pam: I don't know.

Dexter: You have a great poker face, but the evidence shows you killed those people. Even after Skub was caught, after you and your husband seperated, you began killing again. This time with a gun, makes the killings look like muggings. Using the same gun is risky, having it with you even riskier. I know that your gun was used to kill two people. So I'm curious, why keep it with you?

Pam: In case I was caught.

Dexter: You'd rather die than go to prison?

Pam: No just that. I didn't want my children to know, that their mommy is a serial killer. That she enjoys watching people die.

Dexter: I get it. I never want Harrisson to know daddy's secret. Skub gave you a great alibi. Killing someone while you were giving birth to Cecelia. Strong medical alibi. And who would think that a loving mother like you was also a serial killer.

Pam: Is there anything I can say that will get you not to kill me?

Dexter: No. I've tried partnerships with other killers, never works out.

Pam: Then, just don't let Cecelia or Philip know what I was.

Dexter: They won't.

Pam: Thank you.

As Dexter raised the cleaver Pam closed her eyes and braced herself for death.