Ken Utonium Is In Trouble!

Ken Untonium, son of professor Utonium was in the laboratory doing some chemrstry experiments his dad was busy making his own experiments, but right outside of there home were the Rowdyruff Boys they were hatching a plan to kidnapp poor Ken. Brick the leader of the group said to his brothers.

"O.K. here's the plan dudes we'll sneak in to the laboratory and beat up that little wuss."

Butch said to Brick.

"Excelllent! but what if those stupid girls come back?"

Brick told him.

"Hmm...then we'll have to hurry, come on dudes let's do it!"

While they're were trying to break in Boomer by accident fall's on to the floor, Ken had heard the noise he thought.

"What was that?"

Both Brick And Butch whispered to him in a mad silent tone.

Brick- "Dam it! Boomer!"

Butch- "Are trying to get us caught you Idiot."

Boomer then gets up from the floor and said out of pity.

"Sorry bros."

Suddenly, Ken was now walking to the the room where he thought he heard something?

When he came in to the small room where the Rowdyruff boys were at, he begin to look in the room for that noise he heard? but out of nowhere all three of theme jumped on him Boomer then puts a piece of duct tape on his mouth Brick said to him.

"Your coming with us you turd!"

Butch said to him.

"You better behave, or will have to get nasty."

Boomer then grabbs him like a football he and the other boys break out of the place.

Hours later... the Professor and the powerpuff girls Z. had all saw the place was trashed Buttercup said with anger.

"Whoever did this I will kick there ass!"

Just then, Blossom discoverd a note that was on the table she picks it up and it said.

"Dear, stupid powerpuff girls that's right we trashed your place and took Utonium's son Ken if you ever want to see him again meet us at the park for a fight! and if you chicken out we'll keep him and make him suffer -The Rowdyruff Boys P.S. Girls are can't beat boys because you suck! Ha. Ha."

The girls and the professor were all in shocked.

Bubbles said.

"Oh, no! not those disgustion awful, Rowdyruff boys."

Buttercup said.

"Man I can't wait to beat theme up es that Butch!"

Blossom said.

"Let's go save Ken and knock the crap out of theme."

Utonium told the girls.

"Oh, girls I almost forgot I made a special potion that will give you extra powers
it will last about 30 seconds here take this and when you find Ken bring him home safely."

Bubbles grabbs the potion and puts it into her pocket before leaving all three said.

"Let's save Ken!"

To be continued.