The girls were now flying to the park waiting to save Ken and beat up the Rowdyruffboys, Blossom said.

"I sure hope those evil Rowdyruff boys haven't hurt Ken yet?"

Buttercup said, to Blossom.

"Don't worry we always save the day, don't we were the freaken powerpuff girls Z!"

Bubbels said, while looking a little worried.

"Can you imagine those bad boys, I hope they don't torture poor Ken to death."

Blossom, then told her.

"Yeah and we need to find them fast, before they really hurt Ken, those evil brats!"

Meanwhile, The Rowdyruff Boys were all hinding in a old abandoned house, they had Ken, all tied up in a chair, while the boys were eating pizza and drinking root beer, Ken was thinking to himself.

"I sure hope the girls wil hurry up and save me, I can't stand anymore of this."

Butch, of The Rowdyruff Boys said to his brothers.

"Gee, Brick you sure got those dum girls tricked they think were going to meet them at the park."

Brick, told him.

"Yep, they are really stupid for beliveing us, because we are way more smarter then them."

Boomer, then said.

"I'm still board dudes."

Brick, then said to his younger brother Boomer.

"Hey, check this out dude!"

Suddenly, Brick of the Rowdyruff Boys threw a pizza slice on Ken's face, they all laught at him Brick said.

"We thought you were a little hungry so we threw you a pizza slice, how do you like that PIZZA FACE!"

Ken got real mad but he could not do a thing about it, because he was all tied up in the chair.

Suddenly Butch, said while eating the last pizza slice.

"Stay right here, were going to beat up your little girlfriends those stupid Powerpuff Girls Z."

Boomer, then said.

"You better stay tied up in that chair."

Brick, now said.

"If you don't we'll whoop your sorry no good science lovin ass back to kingdom come!"

They were all gone, Ken was all by himself alone in the dark house, he was now trying to escape from the ropes
but suddenly, a crook broke into the house he didn't know that tied up Ken was in there? he got in by smashing the windows when he was now inside, he then saw poor Ken all tied up.

He said to him.

"Hey, what are you doing here kid? this is my hide out place, dam it!"

But the crook was now thinking.

"Hey wait a minute this must be my lucky day, since this kid is already tied up I could get more money by holding him for a hostage, come on kid we got to get out of here so I can hold you for ransom."

Meanwhile, The Powerpuff Girls Z had spotted The Rowdyruff Boys, coming out of the old house.

Next chapter coming soon.