Hello~! :D... This is my first Kuroko no Basuke fic. (And my second fanfic... that I hope shall be finished... *sobs*) Anyway, I got hooked on the anime and can't wait for the 2nd season, so yeah, I'm unleashing my inner fangirl right now by creating this lil' baby. In fact, I thought I'd never officially get to finish watching an anime series except for my No. 1 Fave (*coughDNAngelcough*), but lo and behold, I've actually finished and got addicted to KuroBas, to which I greatly thank uTorrent and Bakabt. Anyway, here are the details:

Title: The Exaggeratedly Perilous Journey of a Gay High School Romance

Category: Anime/Manga - Kuroko no Basuke

Genre: Romantic Comedy - Yaoi/Shounen-ai or Boy Love

Rating: T - Beware...

Pairing/s: Kagami/Kuroko, Aomine/Sakurai, Kise/Kasamatsu, Takao/Midorima, Kiyoshi/Hyuga, Imayoshi/Wakamatsu... and many more to come! :D

Summary: At the prestigious Kiseki no Sedai Academy, high school jocks Kagami Taiga, Aomine Daiki, Kise Ryouta, and Midorima Shintarou are regarded as the most popular boys in campus. But when a chance encounter leads them to the intriguing male idols of the school's Glee Club, hilarity ensues as they now start to question their very masculinity, sexuality, and sanity due to the surprisingly... sexy singers.

Warning: Fangirl alert, perverted idiots, sadistic bastards, massive fluff, probably pathetic lemon, sexuality issues, reluctant crossdressers (soon enough :D), dancing men, and an all-around insane authoress. 8D

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The Exaggeratedly Perilous Journey of a Gay High School Romance

Chapter 1: The All-Star Hunks

It was the start of another wonderful day at Kiseki no Sedai Academy.

At least, for one basketball junkie named Kagami Taiga, it would definitely be wonderful because today, he was getting close to finally perfecting a new maneuver. It had taken a rigorous training regimen and lots of patience in the past few weeks, but his hard work will finally pay off later, when he'll try the move against his teammates during their club practice this afternoon.

Taiga grinned excitedly, already imagining what their team's future matches in the upcoming Inter-High competition would be like. He happily whistled a tune while heading towards the cafeteria. On the way, the red-haired basketball player had all but ignored the warning looks he got from the teachers walking along the hallway. It was probably because of his uniform. After all, the proper male attire for their school was a white polo shirt, a black blazer, matching black slacks and shoes, and the color-coded necktie with the school's insignia emblazoned on it.

He was wearing the blazer unbuttoned and the blue necktie a little loose.

Like I give a damn, thought Taiga. He was the star athlete of the basketball club and his grades were okay—or well, somewhat okay. No need to be a good little student all the time, right? Maybe back in First Year, yes, but he had been a huge help to his team. They've snagged the championship and are now going to defend their title this year. The least the school could do was to cut him some slack. The uniform's a bit stifling if he didn't loosen it.

The tall redhead was about to pass another glaring teacher, when a deep voice suddenly bellowed from behind.

"Yo, Red! Wait up!"

Taiga smirked as he recognized the voice and his little nickname. He turned around to see a dark-skinned guy with short navy blue hair jogging up to him. "Why so tired, Daiki~?" leered Taiga teasingly as the guy finally caught up, elbowing the other male as he noticed the light sheen on his skin and his shortage of breath.

Aomine Daiki, the dark-skinned guy and Taiga's best friend, just rolled his eyes at the redhead's wriggling brows. "Oh, shut up, Bakagami. I just ran away from Koga-sensei again. Why the hell wouldn't I be tired?" retorted the blue-haired male as they walked together. His friend had always teased him about being a lecherous pervert because of his personality and reputation as the soccer club's ace striker, but actually, it was just one of Kagami's clever—surprisingly—ways on reminding Daiki that there's more to life than soccer.

Which Aomine Daiki thought was bullshit—considering how the redhead was head over heels in love with basketball himself.

Taiga snorted at the soccer player. "Please. Your sport needs you to run like your life depends on it. Koga was just at the other end of this corridor. No way in hell should you be that tired~," sang the redhead again.

"That's 'cause I really did ran like my life depended on it," retorted Daiki, rolling his eyes as he swiped the sweat off his forehead. "But whatever. Let's eat." The dark-skinned male shoved his hands in his pockets and picked up the pace, eager to grab some lunch. Behind him, Kagami snickered quietly and followed suit. He was getting hungry, too, after all.

"Aominecchi~! Kagamicchi~!"

The two tall males saw a flash of gold and yellow before their shoulders were enveloped by two lean arms. A mop of golden locks with amber-colored eyes popped up between the two.

"How's your day so far, guys~?" asked the energetic blonde, a giddy smile lighting his face.

"Oh, just fine, Kise. You know the usual. Talking about our sports and stuff," answered Taiga, smiling at the guy between them—used to the friendly contact from the blonde.

"Yeah, like how much we love our games. I'm pretty sure you understand that feeling, right, Ryouta?" asked Aomine jokingly.

Kise Ryouta, who was an avid tennis player of the school and a part-time model, understood the feeling all too well. He was even excited for today's practice. But he didn't want to be lumped together with the two other males all the time. So he opted for an obvious lie, just to joke around.

"Nope, not really~! But, man, you guys sure love basketball and soccer, huh? Well, why don't you just marry them, then?" said Kise, chuckling as he patted their backs.

"Hmm. Marrying 'Soccer', huh?" contemplated Aomine seriously with a little rubbing of his chin. "Well, as long as it'll have big boobs, then hell yeah!"

Kagami and Kise barked in laughter together as Aomine dramatically pumped his fist in the air, looking as if he had won an award. Going to the cafeteria, nudging each other as buddies, joking and gushing about sports... Anybody could immediately see that these guys were just your average jocks.

"You'd best hurry, though, Aomine," interrupted a low voice. The trio looked up to see a green-haired male leaning against the wall. He pushed up his glasses and, surprisingly, gave them a small teasing smirk. "From what I've heard, this 'Soccer' has a lot of suitors."

"Well, look who's finally decided to joke around with us!" exclaimed Kagami as they approached the guy. "How'd you get that stick out of your ass, Midorima?"

Midorima Shintarou, who was slightly above the average jock as most would say, just scoffed at the redheaded basketball player. "Don't be so crude about it. Oha-Asa had just predicted that today is a good day for improving my social life. And since you three are the only ones idiotic enough to keep hanging around me, then I have no other choice but to be more talkative with you today. Akashi and the others aren't here with us, after all, are they?" explained Shintarou. But as he looked towards the three, the green-haired male started as Kagami, Aomine, and Kise all gave him knowing smirks.

"W-What?" stuttered Shintarou, frowning.

"Just admit that you're getting lonely again, Hamtaro," quipped Aomine. To which the green-haired boy responded with an indignant sputter and blushing of cheeks, while their blonde and redheaded friends just unabashedly snickered.

Midorima's eye twitched at the annoying childhood nickname of his as he recalled several embarrassing memories with his three idiotic friends. He was about to retort, when Kise roughly patted him on the back.

"Now, now, Midorimacchi! No need to be so shy around us~!" said Kise cheerfully, taking Shintarou's arm as they continued their way towards the cafeteria. "After all, we've been good friends for years now~!"

"Remind me why we are again?" grumbled Shintarou as he glared at the other two following behind.

"Can't remember, man. Sorry," snickered Kagami. "But hey, if you treat us to a nice meal, maybe it'll jog up our memories!"

"I swear, you and Aomine are gluttonous monsters," sighed Midorima as he tried to keep up with an energetic Kise. Kagami and Aomine made no reply as they just smirked at each other.

"Hey, enough about that! I thought you were going to be talkative in another aspect today, Midorimacchi~! Come on, then! Let's hear your stories~!" urged a grinning Kise Ryouta.

Hearing the other two idiots agree with him made the green-haired boy's stomach clench with trepidation. He was starting to regret coming to see his friends already.

The moment they entered the large cafeteria hall, Kagami and Aomine immediately raced against each other towards the line of students paying—bickering and shoving each other as they argued which meal would be better-tasting today.

"If you think I'll pay for you again, then forget it," said the green-haired boy curtly as he and Kise strolled behind at an unhurried pace. Inwardly though, he was fervently thanking the gods for sparing him from their further incessant questioning about his life—love life, in Kise Ryouta's case—and for curbing his urge to strangle the nosy morons. He didn't want to be labeled a murderer, after all.

"You hear that, Red? No free food," sighed Aomine, dramatically shaking his head in dismay.

"Oi, Kise! Think you can pester him until he gives in?" asked Kagami innocently.

"W-Why you—!"

"Challenge accepted~!" The blonde Ryouta proceeded to gleefully shake Shintarou back and forth, babbling adorably about how his dear friends looked so starved while his victim twitched in anger and inwardly cursed the two other idiots who just stood there and laughed their asses off.

Shintarou was about to whack the moron in front of him, when a group of girls suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH! You're our school's famous varsity players!" screamed one of the girls. The four boys flinched as they all started screaming as well.

"Kagami Taiga, the power forward of the basketball team who came from America~!"

Taiga smiled wryly and said a casual 'hi'.

"Aomine Daiki, the amazing ace striker of the soccer team~!"

Daiki chuckled and released a killer smile.

"Midorima Shintarou, the sharpshooter of the archery club who never misses~!"

Shintarou sighed and pushed up his glasses.

"And Kise Ryouta, the handsome tennis player who's also a model~!"

Ryouta smiled brightly and nodded cordially.

The girls all screamed again and started taking pictures and asking questions in rapid-fire succession. At the back of the guys' minds, though, they all willed the group to disappear. Sure, being famous has its perks—like getting free and delicious lunches, in Kagami and Aomine's case—but it can be tiring after a while. They were already in Second Year, yet the routine of hordes of fangirls crowding around still exhausts them.

"Can we get your autographs?!"

"Do you have any girlfriends?!"

"Would you like our bentos?!"

"Are you gay?!"

Both the side of the boys and girls silenced as the last question registered in their minds. They all stared at the girl who had asked; a busty blonde whose eyes were sparkling in something the four guys couldn't quite decipher.

After moments of silence wherein they were already being noticed by a lot of students, the blue-haired Daiki spoke up. "Uh, no, not really. Sorry," he said honestly, still a bit surprised at the random question. The four athletes may differ in personality, but right now, they were all thinking the same thing: Where the hell did she get that idea?

It wasn't that homosexuality was frowned upon here at Kiseki no Sedai Academy—in fact, romance was encouraged, as long as both parties knew their limits and responsibilities. It was just that Kagami, Aomine, Kise, and Midorima were among the most popular and handsome boys in the campus. They were great athletes; plus, Taiga and Daiki were practically dating their respective sports every single day, Ryouta was constantly sought after by girls, and Shintarou never cared about romance and no one would ever bother to broach the subject to him, of all people.

And most of all: they were clearly masculine, and never thought or even looked at other guys that way.

So how on earth did this girl come up with that conclusion...? thought Shintarou, bothered at the question as he eyed the group of girls who were now arguing with their friend. He glanced at his companions and saw their apparent confusion.

As the blonde girl was about to reply, a loud shout of excuse came from behind. With fast reflexes, the boys immediately whipped their heads around, but all eyes widened as they saw a small, brown-haired boy running towards them.

Unfortunately, he suddenly tripped.

And his tray of food went flying and grandly hit Aomine Daiki right in the face.

The brunette guy gasped in utter horror. And began to profusely apologize and bow at the blue-haired teen—who was now covered in bits of rice, lettuce, fish, eggs, and soup.

Daiki's eye twitched.

The other three athletes—along with the entire student body inside the cafeteria—all watched in fascination as the brunette continued apologizing for so many unrelated things. They couldn't help but feel pity for the guy, though, as the blue-haired soccer player started advancing on him.

"Ryou-chan! Are you alright?!"

Kagami, Kise, and Midorima turned to two other guys who had appeared. The one who had called out was a raven-haired guy with light wisps of bangs and sharp silvery-blue eyes. The other one had black hair and steel-blue eyes. They looked like they wanted to charge in, but couldn't seem to intervene as they stared transfixed at the scene.

"I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry! I'm really, really sorry! I—"

The brunette's tirade was cut short as Daiki fisted his collar and glared down at him with the force of a thousand blue thunderstorms. The brunette—'Ryou-chan', was it?—flinched and squeaked at him, trembling in fear.

"What the fuck was that for?!" he bellowed. "Couldn't you have just watched where you're—"

The brunette boy's eyes widened as his foot suddenly stepped onto spilt soup and quickly slipped forward, kicking the tall guy's leg. He abruptly shut his eyes for the coming impact as his whole body fell down, inflicting stinging pain. But as he realized, the dark-skinned guy had slipped too—thanks to his accidental kick earlier—and was now about to land on top of him.

Ryou prepared for the massive pain to come, but his brown eyes popped wide open as something soft yet firm collided with his lips. Then suddenly, he heard laughter bursting from above... And high-pitched squeals of excitement... So when, finally, a pair of equally shocked navy blue eyes stared right back at him, it finally clicked.

He had been kissed by the blue-haired guy he accidentally showered his lunch upon.

And he was still kissing him.


Both the brunette and the blunette hurriedly scrambled away from each other as if they had caught the plague. Their friends, on the other hand, were far from that thought.

The three other athletes were shamelessly laughing. Kagami was rolling on the floor, pounding his fist against it. Kise was holding his stomach as he cried tears of joy. Midorima was covering his fit of laughter, even though his entire body shaking gave it away.

The two guys next to them were shocked speechless. In fact, excluding Kagami, Kise, and Midorima, the rest of the students—guys, mostly—in the cafeteria were shocked, too. They kept blinking, as if they couldn't believe what had just transpired. The girls, on the other hand, were quickly taking pictures and jumping for joy.

Daiki stared wide-eyed at the small brunette leaning on his elbows—who was now currently babbling incoherently, rapidly reddening like a ripe tomato, and was actually a Second-Year, too, as Daiki had surmised from his blue necktie. The soccer player covered his mouth consciously as his cheeks started feeling warm, as well. For some reason, the feel of the clumsy brunette's lips still lingered on his. And Daiki didn't like it. Not one bit.

He was frickin' Aomine Daiki, for Christ's sake! Kiseki no Sedai's manly soccer prodigy! The school's number one horndog, skirt-chaser, and all-around pervert! Guys like him do not kiss other guys—accidental or otherwise.

But apparently, the entire cafeteria—especially the girls—couldn't care less about that anymore. So much for declaring you're not gay, you idiot, thought the blunette. He tried glaring at the brunette kid a few meters in front of him. After all, it was pretty much his fault this happened in the first place. But the more he looked at the quivering—almost crying—guy, the more he remembered the goddamn kiss.

His light-brown hair fanned over the floor...

His delicate-looking eyelashes...

His bright brown eyes transfixed on his...

His small cheeks lightly flushed...

His soft, supple lips...

Daiki almost broke his neck as he rapidly turned away from the unsuspecting brunette. The fuck...?! inwardly screamed the dark-skinned athlete. His face got a whole lot warmer now. And from what? All because he thought indecently about some pathetic-looking guy?!

As Daiki turned his face away, he now noticed who had been laughing the whole time. He scowled and glared daggers at his so-called friends, willing them to just fuck off and die. At this point, the two other unknown guys—who also had blue neckties—glanced at each other and looked over to their damn brunette friend who caused all of this humiliation. When he had been apologizing so much, Daiki just wanted to wring his neck. After what happened though, Daiki just didn't know what to do next anymore.

Ryou the Brunette knew what, though. He needed to run.

When he had scrambled away, strings of incoherent phrases slipped out of his quivering lips. His face was hotter than normal, and his entire body was on full alert. A thousand thoughts kept passing through his mind, making him so dizzy. Add that with the shame of hearing the quiet murmurs of the students around them, the embarrassment at the blue-haired guy's friends' laughter, and the look on his own friends' faces, and you'd get a Ryou that wanted the earth to swallow him up so badly. Despite all of this, though, three huge revelations registered in his mind.

Oh my god, I kissed a guy!

Oh my god, it was my first kiss, too!


"I... I... I..."

The busty blonde fangirl of the four popular athletes suddenly appeared and gasped.

"Oh my GOSH! You're—"


The brunette wailed tearfully and amazingly dashed out of the crowded cafeteria, leaving a stunned audience behind.

"Ack! Ryou-chan, wait!" helplessly called one of his friends; the one with the wispy bangs and silvery eyes again.

"Ryou!" called the other raven-haired guy with the blue eyes. They both ran towards the exit, hoping to catch up to their pitiful friend. At this point, Kagami, Kise, and Midorima were already sobering up. They watched in amusement as the guys left the cafeteria hall.

"You're very lucky today."

It was quite a sight to see everyone within the immediate vicinity of Aomine Daiki flinching in shock. And the perpetrator of said surprise was… a Second-Year guy with light-blue hair and matching eyes? Kagami blinked in wonder as he tried to dispel his shock. Where the hell did he come from? And who was he?

Upon closer inspection, he was so pale and thin; fragile, even. In fact, the four star athletes all assumed that he was probably a sickly person or something. It didn't even look like his height would reach Kagami's chin. But the next move the teen did proved their thoughts otherwise.

He blankly stared at each of them. Hard.

So hard, that even the tough power forward Kagami Taiga felt his skin crawl as the guy's light-blue eyes unnerved the hell out of him. It was so mesmerizing, yet disturbing in a weird way.

"What?" voiced Kise, blinking at the pale blunette and his strange words.

"That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I'll have you know," replied the small guy, in a tone so flat, Taiga and the others briefly wondered if he was a robot. Although his voice was so monotonous, Kagami could actually hear a hint of amusement in his words. Not one to be teased, though, his humiliated best friend scoffed at the kid.

"You talk as if that loser was a celebrity," snapped Daiki, starting to become livid again as the embarrassment known as 'Ryou-chan' was now out of sight.

But the light-blue-haired male only offered a tiny smile. "You have no idea."

The four athletes were taken aback by the fragile-looking kid. Aomine, Kise, and Midorima, mostly, furrowed their brows at the weird dude, while Taiga just stood transfixed at the small curve of the guy's mouth. Wait, was he friends with that brown-haired kid, too?

He remained staring, until the blonde girl from earlier gasped again and broke him out of his stupor. He glanced at her and saw her grin excitedly at the mysterious guy. "Aren't you...?" she trailed away and stopped. Taiga looked back and saw the blunette guy put a finger on his lips and did a shushing sound.

And winked conspiratorially at the girl.

At this, Kagami got really curious now. What did he mean by everything he's said? And who was he? The redheaded basketball player looked back and forth at the grinning girl and the deadpan-looking guy, hoping to decode a hidden message or secret or something. But the guy said nothing else and promptly turned away, exiting the silent cafeteria as he politely asked the students to let him pass. Everyone stared at his retreating back, until a gruff voice suddenly commented.

"Who would've thought that Aomine was a faggot, huh?"

Daiki happily proceeded to beat the crap out of the guy.


The four athletes slightly shook in their seats as the angry and twisted face of their Principal glared down at them. While Daiki had been vigorously punching the idiot who dared insult him, the idiot's friends plunged into action, going up against the livid soccer player. Taiga, who had tried to pull his best friend away, inadvertently got himself into the mess and started a huge food fight. Which had left Ryouta trying to pry Daiki off his newfound victim, and Shintarou whacking Taiga's head.

Unfortunately, a teacher came along and the four were pretty much labeled as the instigators of the mess.

The green-haired Midorima Shintarou was not amused. He didn't even do anything wrong, yet the two morons next to Kise had managed to drag him into this.

"Now, now, sir. Let's not be that hasty. These idiots are our academy's most prized varsity players. It wouldn't do to kick them out just because of what they did," pacified Koga-sensei, who had brought the four teens to the office. But then he turned to them with an evil grin on his face. "But this is already their third offense. I'm sure we can just find a more fitting punishment for them."

The group gulped nervously at his words. Even the stoic archer of the four felt a chill run down his spine at Koga-sensei's evil chuckle.

"So, what do you suggest, Sensei?" asked the Principal, who had this creepy glint in his eyes.

Koga-sensei circled the four seated teens as he rubbed his chin. "Well, first off, you are suspended from your club for a month starting today."

This quickly elicited loud protests and complaints from the four friends.

"But sir, Inter-High is nearing!"

"Coach will kill me!"

"No one will be able to replace me!"

"I didn't even do any—"


The four teens promptly sat down.

"We've already called your club's advisers. They agreed. So, no club practice," finalized the Principal with a firm voice.

"It took a little more prodding than usual and we might be risking our chances at the upcoming Inter-High, but yes, they agreed in the end. It's high time you all learned to face the consequences of your actions, after all," added Koga-sensei in response to the four athletes' distressed and incredulous faces.

"Oh, but that doesn't end there, though," continued the brown-haired teacher with another evil chuckle. "Not only that, but since you won't be having club meetings, you four will be assisting the Glee Club as their production team for a whole year. Am I clear, gentlemen?"

Shintarou and Daiki looked absolutely horrified.

Ryouta looked devastated.

Taiga looked astonished.

"We have a Glee Club?"

His friends groaned and promptly smacked their hands on their foreheads.

To be continued...


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