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"Should we help them?"


The Exaggeratedly Perilous Journey of a Gay High School Romance

Chapter 3: Friday of Revelations

On the second floor of a quaint apartment complex, the sounds of sizzling and humming filled the kitchenette of a certain room as the rays of the sun began to permeate through the dark expanse of the early morning sky. Inside the kitchenette was Sakurai Ryou—a shy Second-Year student of Kiseki no Sedai Academy—who was happily making breakfast as he sang softly. So happy, in fact, that it was hard to imagine him cursing his luck all night long because of yesterday's events. But in actuality, the brown-eyed brunette was trying very hard not to think about any of it.

About how he had accidentally kissed a very scary guy.

About how he had embarrassed himself twice—with an audience, to boot.

About how he had almost gotten killed because of those events.

Yep, definitely not thinkin' about any of that. Because who in their right minds would even ponder about weird stuff like that, right? Definitely not him, that's for sure. And so, Ryou continued frying his fourth omelette, emitting a cheerful aura that was completely opposite of his gloomy thoughts.

"Good morning."

Ryou's eyes slightly widened, before a small smile formed on his face—gloomy thoughts ushered away. He turned his head towards the dining room. "'Morning, Tetsuya-san!" he greeted cheerfully at the light blue-haired teen standing next to his table, laughing at his friend's usual bed hair. Kuroko Tetsuya, the early—and still somewhat sleepy—visitor of the brunette's apartment, softly smiled as well as he tried to pat down his rebellious blue locks. His beloved Alaskan malamute puppy, who was adorably called 'Tetsuya No. 2'—'Nigou' for short—because of their similar blue eyes, eagerly jumped out of his grip and sat near Ryou's feet.

Ryou briefly pried his eyes away from his cooking and looked over his shoulder. The small pup barked and wagged his tail next to him, his pink tongue sticking out. "Good morning to you, too, Nigou," chuckled Ryou as the puppy barked to reply. The brunette then turned back to the frying pan, reaching expertly for the salt shaker. "Tetsuya-san, can you please—"

"Fetch the toast?" quipped Tetsuya. Ryou just chuckled in response as the blunette moved to get the bread basket and collect the freshly-toasted sliced bread. After knowing each other for years, he and Tetsuya always knew what to do in the kitchen together. It was practically an everyday routine of theirs—something that always left Ryou feeling grateful for meeting the blue-haired teen.

"'MORNING~!" came the usual cheerful greeting with a bang of the front door.

"Not so loud, you idiot. Other people are still sleeping," followed the usual grumpy response with a closing click of the same door.

Ryou smiled again. This was another thing he felt grateful for. He quickly scooped up the fried omelette from the pan and turned off the stove—energetically whirling around to serve a platter full of eggs on the rectangular dining table and greeting his two other visitors as he took off his apron. There stood Takao Kazunari and Kasamatsu Yukio, already setting up the table with various utensils and chinaware while teasing Tetsuya's defiant-looking hairdo. As the blunette finally joined them after filling Nigou's bowl with dog food, the four teens proceeded to sit down and say grace for the meal.

It was an endearing sight to behold. Four ordinary-looking young men in their pajamas—well, not exactly ordinary in the blue-haired Tetsuya's case—sharing a delicious breakfast feast while barefooted on a quiet Friday morning with a cute little puppy eating happily on the floor. To anyone else, it would seem that the four were very close. And truthfully, they were.

They've all known each other since middle school, with Tetsuya and Ryou being the introverted kids back then, and Kazunari and Yukio coming to their rescue every time. Each boy had his own different taste and hobby, but the bond of music and brotherhood was what kept them together in high school. This breakfast meal was just one of the visible signs of their friendship. Since Ryou's and Tetsuya's parents were all working abroad, they had to live alone. The two best friends could've shared one apartment, but for some strange reason, their parents decided to give them each a place of their own. Which, ironically, were both located in one apartment complex. Kazunari and Yukio, on the other hand, came from the province; thus they needed to have a permanent home in the city. Their families were well-off, so there weren't any problems with the rent. But, truthfully, the four friends had wished that they shared one apartment instead.

Mainly because Ryou was the only one among them who could make a scrumptious meal. And the other three were too lazy—or busy—to learn how to cook like him.

And so, their daily ritual of eating at Ryou's place began. Wherein Tetsuya's apartment was just two doors to his left, while Kazunari's and Yukio's were directly across the other side of the building. Needless to say, they all had spare keys to each other's places.

"Mmm, omelette~!" moaned Kazunari in delight, biting a piece of the ketchup-drenched egg with gusto. "I swear, you're like the perfect wife, Ryou-chan~!"

To which Ryou's cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "K-Kazunari-san!" he whined a little, pouting at the silver-eyed teen sitting across him. Said teen just beamed at him.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you had been a woman in another life, Ryou-kun," commented Tetsuya, regally nibbling on a corner of his toast—his hair still defying gravity.


"Can't help but agree with you, Tetsuya," remarked Yukio, sipping his coffee.

"Y-You too, Yukio-san...?" said Ryou dejectedly as his friends chuckled at his reaction. Even Nigou barked in response. He sighed exasperatedly and took a bite of his meal. If there was one thing he was always teased at, it was his apparent 'feminine nature'—as Kazunari-san liked to call it. Ryou couldn't understand why they kept poking him about it, though. What's wrong with being good at housework, anyway? The brunette had been trained to know these things ever since he was a little boy because his parents were always away. But apparently, the guys found it a very big deal considering his cooking skills pretty much surpassed their own families—a fact that Ryou was sure had been exaggerated. He would sometimes be able to play along with the teasing, but right now, his thoughts were still recovering from the shocking events of yesterday. Ryou quickly reminded himself to put on a pleasant expression, lest his highly-observant friends notice him.

"But anyway..." continued a grinning Kazunari. "I wanna ask something. I know I've already asked this before, but after meeting four drop-dead gorgeous men yesterday—"

"Oh god, don't tell me," mumbled Yukio.

"—I wanna know what's your current sexual preference~!"

"I knew it." The spiky-haired teen massaged his forehead as Ryou froze while Tetsuya kept eating. Leave it to Takao Kazunari to bring these things up.

"How'd you figure that one out, Yuu-chan~?" asked Kazunari, still sporting a sly grin.

"From the way you were shamelessly ogling Midorima's ass while he wasn't looking yesterday," replied Yukio dryly. Ryou coughed while Tetsuya's eyes glinted in what looked to be amusement. Kazunari, on the other hand, gave a predatory grin.

"Not my fault it looked deli—"

Yukio promptly kicked Kazunari's chair. Said guy let out a yelp as his seat toppled sideways. He gingerly looked up to find Yukio glaring darkly at him. "We're eating, you perverted gay bastard," spat Yukio, a vein visibly twitching on his temple. It didn't faze his friend, though. Kazunari just rolled his eyes in amusement as he got up; Nigou trying to lick his hand.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. Now answer my question," he said, rubbing the ache on his arm.

"My answer's still the same. I don't have time for that," replied Yukio, finally calm enough to continue eating.

"And again, I wasn't asking if you've got the time. I'm asking if you go for men, women, or both," said Kazunari exasperatedly. Seriously, why can't his best friend just give a straight answer for once?

"Can I say 'none'?" replied Yukio.

"I never imagined you to be the asexual type, Yukio-kun," commented Tetsuya, cutting a piece of his omelette.

"I wouldn't exactly say that," amended Yukio, taking another sip of his coffee. "I'm just saying that I've never been attracted to anyone in that way before, so I can't really give a definite answer yet."

"Pfft. What about Kise~?" suggested Kazunari, slyly grinning again.

"What about him?" challenged Yukio, narrowing his eyes at the silvery-eyed teen beside him.

"When he had recalled who you were, he looked like he was the happiest man alive," retorted Kazunari, grinning even more as Yukio looked away. "He clung onto you like he would die if he didn't, while you looked like you were hesitating on telling him off."

"Don't forget that Yukio-kun had treated Kise-kun to dinner when they were total strangers," added Tetsuya—much to Yukio's chagrin and Kazunari's delight. Ryou perked up in interest. That sounded a bit out of character for their steel blue-eyed friend... Plus, from how he understood things, it seems that they had met this 'Kise-kun' just yesterday, meaning that he was probably one of the new production assistants Tetsuya had told him about.

Which means that he's friends with that guy, and he saw what happened in the cafeteria... thought Ryou gloomily, feeling the strong urge to hide and cry tears of shame again. But he quickly sobered up and ate in silence once more. He had to put on a brave face so his friends wouldn't be worried all the time. He steadily finished his miso soup, trying to shoo away the bad memories plaguing him as he continued to watch his friends.

"Well? Care to tell that story, Yuu-chan~?" grinded Kazunari annoyingly, elbowing Yukio on the side repeatedly. The spiky black-haired teen ignored the ministrations.

"He looked like he needed a pick-me-up, that's all," insisted Yukio, pointedly staring at his plate.

"You can't fool us, Yukio-kun," reminded Tetsuya monotonously—although Kazunari could pick up a bit of glee in his tone. Yukio shot him a condescending look of 'Drop-it-already'. Tetsuya just stared back blankly as he drank his milk.

Frankly, Kazunari was proud of his blunette friend.

Ryou, on the other hand, prayed that Tetsuya would survive.

"Well, never mind," interrupted Kazunari as he patted Yukio's shoulder—relieving Ryou immensely. "I'm sure we'll hear it someday," he said, his tone promising a certain future for the spiky-haired boy. Before said boy could fuss, though, the silver-eyed teen excitedly turned to Tetsuya.

"What's your answer, Tetsu-chan~?"

"Like Yukio-kun, I am still unsure," replied Tetsuya readily. "But I must admit that I find Kagami-kun quite adorable."

Yukio gaped at him. Ryou blinked. Kazunari just guffawed.

"I knew it~!" laughed the raven-haired boy, cradling his stomach. "It wasn't too obvious, but the look on your face definitely screamed 'fascinated'!"

"Kagami Taiga, that redheaded delinquent with the pointy eyes and weird eyebrows whom we've met yesterday?!" said Yukio incredulously.

"Well, duh. Who else could it be?" retorted Kazunari dryly. Yukio shot him a look.

"I thought Tetsuya was just trying to scare him shitless or something," answered a frowning Yukio. "But seriously, dude, what the hell's so adorable about that guy?!" he exclaimed.

Tetsuya smiled. "That is a secret for now."

The two raven-haired teens opposite him couldn't help but glance at each other and smirk wryly at their friend's playful side. "You probably did scare him shitless, though, Tecchan," joked Kazunari, earning a snort of laughter from Yukio and another smile from Tetsuya.

"Now!" exclaimed the silver-eyed Kazunari. "How about you, Ryou-chan~?"

The brunette jumped slightly in his seat as his name was called. Crap. And here he was hoping that he would somehow inherit Tetsuya's ability to disappear before Kazunari could corner him. Apparently, he was still as noticeable as a neon sign.

"I-I like girls, Kazunari-san," replied Ryou as took a sip of his orange juice, cursing himself for stuttering a little. He had meant to come off as certain and infallible, but that tiny stutter just now would definitely encourage his silver-eyed friend to keep drilling him. He had half a mind to make a run for the door, but he knew that Kazunari would beat him to it. Nigou tugging on his pajamas wasn't helping at all.

Kazunari gave a Cheshire cat of a grin. "I'm pretty sure the person who kissed you isn't a girl, Ryou-chan."

Ryou promptly choked on his drink. "W-WHAT?! O-OF C-COURSE HE ISN'T A G-GIRL BUT T-THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT I L-L-L-L-L-LIKE HIM THAT WAY!" screeched the red-faced brunette, who had a flustered expression and clenched fists held up.

Kazunari's grin was from ear to ear. "But did you like the kiss?"

Ryou opened his mouth to reply but immediately clamped it shut as he realized a very important fact. He still couldn't forget about it.

That little, seemingly-harmless contact of lips.

The three guests of the quaint apartment watched in fascination as their brunette friend's face turned several shades of red in the span of five seconds. Frankly, they were all still a bit worried about Ryou. The three could easily tell that he was still very bothered about what happened yesterday even though he didn't look like it today. Normally, Ryou would get flustered and scared, and apologize profusely and fear for his life. But that little mess at the cafeteria wasn't just something you could forget so easily, thus they keep worrying about how Ryou will handle it.

So far, he's antsy and embarrassed at the memory.

"I-It was an accident," reminded Ryou, trying to dispel the warmth on his cheeks. "And that ki... kiss actually hurt a bit, I'll have you know."

"You sure it's not because his sculpted chest fell on top of you?" suggested Kazunari, suppressing a snicker.

"Kazunari-san!" protested Ryou, glaring at the raven-haired teen who started shamelessly laughing at him. Kazunari couldn't help it; the brunette was blushing like hell again.

Tetsuya patted his best friend's shoulder absentmindedly. Yukio shook his head in mirth.

"Come on, knock it off, Kazu. Cut him some slack, would ya?" chided Yukio, thumping his hand against Kazunari's temple.

"Oh, shush, you~! Ryou-chan's being his adorable self right now! Don't ruin the moment~!"

At that, Ryou's cheeks slightly puffed in annoyance. He wasn't trying to be cute at all, dammit!

"But anyway..." continued Kazunari casually, "No need to think too much about that lil' kiss, Ryou-chan~! After all, that was the Aomine Daiki you had encountered~! Anybody would be flustered with him around~! And he's the same Aomine Daiki who is our school's soccer ace, perverted skirt-chaser—"

"And a lazy bum who likes to sleep in class, ogle at girls all day, and steal other people's food," recited Ryou flatly as he picked away on his meal. He halted though, as an unnerving silence greeted his statement. The brunette looked up from his plate to see the two black-haired teens staring dumbfounded at him. Suddenly, a chilling scene came to poor Ryou: Takao Kazunari grinned devilishly.

"Why do you know so much about him~?" asked the silvery-eyed boy coyly. Hearing that tone, Ryou quickly jumped up from his seat in panic.


"Aomine-kun is our classmate."

Three heads snapped to Tetsuya, whose presence had been unknowingly forgotten once again. Ryou silently—and fervently—thanked his best friend for taking the reins this time. Tetsuya could sense the brunette's immense gratitude towards him already. The light blue-haired boy had no choice but to save his helpless friend—seeing as how flustered and red-faced Ryou became again, to Kazunari's delight.

"WHAT?!" exclaimed Yukio and Kazunari in unison. They gaped at the pale teen calmly sipping his miso soup, not noticing a visibly exhausted Ryou deflate onto his chair.

"Aomine-kun is our classmate," repeatedly Tetsuya monotonously. "Kagami-kun, as well."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hang on!" said Yukio, holding his hands up. "Back up. Aomine and Kagami are your classmates? I mean, we know that you and Ryou are in the same class since First Year, but now you, Ryou, and those two are together in one classroom?! How come they didn't recognize you yesterday?!"

"W-Well, uh..." chuckled Ryou nervously, his pleading light-brown eyes darting to Tetsuya's pale blue ones.

"Ryou-kun and I sit on the back. We haven't recited in class at all yet. We're always the first to leave the room, whether for lunch break or dismissal. Plus, Kagami-kun and Aomine-kun are usually sleeping, as Ryou-kun had mentioned. They are not familiar with us or our classmates because they got transferred to our class just this year," explained Tetsuya in detail while petting Nigou's black and white fur.

Kasamatsu and Takao kept gaping incredulously at the blunette and the brunette across the table.

"Well, that is kind of possible since it's only been the first week of the school year, but still..." trailed off Kazunari, skeptical. "They've really only met you guys officially yesterday...?"

"I think our Tetsuya's starting to rub off on our Ryou..." muttered Yukio to his silver-eyed friend, still looking stunned. The silvery-eyed Kazunari couldn't help but agree. There was no way that anybody could ignore their apology-bumbling friend in the same room. Therefore, Kuroko's disappearing ability influencing Sakurai was probably the only logical reason for the two knuckleheaded athletes to not recognize their own classmates at all.

Unless of course they really are knuckleheaded morons who only care about their respective sports.

"So..." started Kazunari, turning to the embarrassed brunette across the table. "Is that why you're still nervous? Because you'll see him again?"

Ryou grunted a little in disappointment. Guess Kazunari-san's eyes were still as sharp as ever. The brunette heaved a tired sigh and nodded glumly. "Yes,", he said dejectedly. That was why he had cut classes for the first time ever and hid in their clubroom's closet until dismissal yesterday. He had been afraid of Aomine-san finding out that they're in the same class and him getting beaten to a pulp. After all, he had just kissed the manliest soccer player in the entire academy! But there really is no escape today...

"So it's not because you've become gay for him?" voiced Kazunari with a teasing smile, successfully interrupting Ryou's gloomy thoughts. To his satisfaction, the brunette proceeded to quickly stand up and indignantly splutter his abject horror at the ridiculous idea.

"O-O-OF COURSE NOT! K-KAZUNARI-SAN!" protested Ryou loudly, face aflame with embarrassment. Before he could notice, Yukio and Tetsuya both threw the mischievous Kazunari grateful looks. Although the raven-haired teen's relentless teasing was quite grating on one's nerves, it never fails to temporarily distract one Sakurai Ryou from his earthly woes. A bit annoying and unorthodox, but it gets the job done; which is why they let him pester the brunette sometimes.

Kazunari could only grin back at the two as they kept listening to Ryou's ungraceful spluttering. "A-AND EVEN IF I-I WAS G-GAY, I-I'D RATHER DATE S-SOMEONE LIKE TETSUYA-SAN!" declared Ryou confidently. Yeah, that sounded better. He wasn't really a homosexual like Kazunari-san and never saw his best friend in that light at all, but anybody with a sound mind would definitely say that preferring Kuroko Tetsuya if he ever was gay was a much better option. After all, there was absolutely no way he'd go anywhere near someone intimidating, single-minded, and promiscuous like that Aomine!

"You are not my type, Ryou-kun," retorted Tetsuya bluntly.

A figurative arrow stabbed Ryou as he gave his supposed best friend a tearfully accusing look. He tried very hard to drone out his other two friends' low snickers while he comforted his wounded pride. Why were his buddies so mean today?!

"Don't worry, Ryou," soothed Yukio. "Just apologize properly. And don't overdo it," he said, giving the brunette a knowing look. "If that doesn't work or he tries to bully you, then leave it to us and our senpais. They're the club's lackeys now, after all," he added, sharing a devious glance with Kazunari.

"O-Okay... I'll t-try..." half-heartedly acquiesced the uneasy Ryou. But deep inside, he really couldn't help feeling frightened and nervous all over again. Blame it on his childhood and persona, but he seriously could never handle stressful and daunting situations like walking up to a towering high school student who looks like a yakuza member and calmly ask for forgiveness. And now, after imagining that exchange, Ryou felt his heartbeat spike up in fear once more.

"B-But what if h-he decides to m-murder me?! Or w-what if he t-tosses me into the depths of Tokyo Bay?! Or w-what if—!"

"Grow a spine, Ryou-kun," scolded Tetsuya monotonously.

Another arrow stabbed the brunette painfully. Unabashed peals of laughter and happy barks from Nigou filled the large one-bedroom apartment of Sakurai Ryou—a shy Second-Year student of Kiseki no Sedai Academy who was currently cursing his cruel friends and fearing for his life.

You can do it, Ryou! Be confident!

Ryou stiffly walked through the halls leading to his and Tetsuya's classroom for First Period.

Correction: his and Tetsuya and Aomine Daiki and Kagami Taiga's classroom.

A sudden chill of fear assaulted the brown-haired high-schooler's spine as the fact returned to him once more. Whether he decides to hide for the rest of his life or roll off the face of the earth, that single fact that he can't escape the livid soccer player he had accidentally humiliated in public forever is still there; which is why the brunette was currently giving himself another one of his infamous pep talks for his coming face-off/stand-off/impending doom.

Strolling calmly beside him was his best friend, Kuroko Tetsuya, who was currently not helping with the situation, to Ryou's chagrin. Instead of reassuring him like the good friend that he was supposed to be, the small blunette kept sadistically wondering aloud about how their dark-skinned classmate would exact vengeance on Ryou. Frankly, Ryou wanted to plot his revenge against the good-for-nothing teen stoically walking beside him. If only Yukio-san and Kazunari-san hadn't left them earlier...

Calm down, calm down. Just ignore Tetsuya-san for now. He's only poking fun at you, as always! thought the brunette as he tried to walk normally. All you have to do is apologize sincerely and hope for the best! No excessive bowing. No unnecessary rambling. Just put on your best impression of Tetsuya-san's poker fa—no, wait, maybe I shouldn't. He might get the wrong idea. I need to look sincere and humble! Alright then, I can do 'sincere and humble'!

"I wonder if Aomine-kun is the sadistic type."

"Please stop, Tetsuya-san. Please."

Ryou quickly focused on the task at hand once again; which was trying to convince himself that the world is a happy place. Kuroko just opted to silently chuckle at his friend's determined-yet-nervous-and-pretending-to-be-optimistic look. The brunette subconsciously gripped his fists in front of his chest and started chanting a mantra as an aura of vigor figuratively enveloped his small frame—unnoticed by the thinning crowd of students in the hallway.

"I can do this... I can do this... I can do this... I can—"

"Oi, watch where—!"

Ryou squeaked as the pissed-off face of one Aomine Daiki turned to him. Startled as hell, the brunette instinctively did the one thing he was taught to do in such a situation.

He swiftly punched the guy's jaw and ran for the hills.


A dark-skinned fist expertly collided with the escaping brunette's skull, connecting his entire body to the cold floor and effectively cutting off the boy's strange chanting. The owner of said fist was looming angrily over the injured brunette—a vein twitching in his right temple and a reddening bump on his jaw. To say that Aomine Daiki—soccer prodigy, manwhore, and lecherous pervert—was pissed off right now would be an understatement.

Kagami Taiga, who had happened to be walking with the navy blue-haired teen before the skittish brunette struck, whistled low as he watched his best friend glare daggers at the groaning student slumped on the floor while others nervously watched. If what he saw was right, then that guy would be the same one whom Aomine had—accidentally—kissed yesterday.

"Wow. He's got a mean right hook for a small, wimpy kid," commented the redheaded basketball player in awe.

"Yes. His mannerisms can be quite misleading."

Taiga shrieked in surprise as he noticed the petite light blue-haired teen next to him. "You again?!" yelled the redhead angrily as he tried to calm his frightened heart—though he was mostly angry at himself for letting out a girly scream like that in front of other people.

However, the two boys' conversation went unnoticed as Daiki kept glaring at the boy on the floor. There were a number of reasons as to why he should beat the crap out of this kid. One, he had been publicly humiliated by him. In fact, the statement does no justice to Daiki at all. Two, he was the reason why Daiki was banned from playing soccer for a month and forced to play 'assistant' to some nerds. Three, because of him, an entire squadron of clinically-insane women had hunted him down for three hours last night. He and his friends barely managed to escape—Midorima having taken the most damage out of the ordeal. Four, because of the fangirl fiasco yesterday, he had to wear an inconspicuous disguise consisting of a skirt and blouse to school today—which was one Momoi Satsuki's fuckingly brilliant idea, by the way. Not to mention that he had light scratches and bruises all over his arms and legs and he had a few bandages on his handsome face. And now five, the same guy actually had the nerve to sock him first thing in the morning. Again, marring his handsome face.

Aomine could care less if he was some goddamn prince. He was so gonna get it now. And frankly, that little whack on the head was just a sampler.

Sakurai gingerly stood up; wincing in pain because of the large bump on his head. Before anything else though, he was roughly lifted up by the collar and was forced to stare in horror at the livid and bruised face of one Aomine Daiki—who happens to be his classmate, as helpfully supplied by his brain. Ryou nervously let out a strangled noise at the back of his throat. Warning bells rang clearly in his ears, along with the increasing speed of his heart. He could actually feel his legs quivering because he was suspended in mid-air by the powerful grip of the athlete. And again, Ryou was reminded of how tall and strong the guy was. There was no doubt that he wouldn't last in a brawl against him.

Not that he'd want to fight him, of course. Only idiots would ever challenge this... beast...

I'm an idiot! reprimanded Ryou mentally as he recalled what he'd done a few moments ago. He was really starting to hate his defensive reflexes.

"I admire your balls, kid," hissed Aomine dangerously, snapping Sakurai out of his inner musings. But before the shorter teen could meekly voice out how wrong that statement had sounded on so many levels, the dark smoldering blue orbs of the dark-skinned boy pinned the brunette's chocolate brown ones in a heated gaze; their audience's low murmurs and blatant stares long forgotten.

"But do you think I'll actually let you run away this time?" growled the dark-skinned teen, unconsciously leaning closer towards Ryou's pale face. The terrified young man opened and closed his mouth, failing to form any coherent word as he unknowingly gripped the tanned fist hoisting him up.

His worst nightmares were coming true.

He was never gonna escape.

And to think that he's gonna die on a glorious Friday, of all days!

Outrageously petrified, the little brunette did the other one thing he was always known for: apologizing in rapid succession.


A pained yelp escaped one Sakurai Ryou's lips as a large bump was now visibly tormenting his thick skull. The perpetrator was once again Aomine Daiki—who, by all accounts, was royally pissed right now. Seriously, who the hell apologises annoyingly like that?! Shouldn't you be usually trying to appease the other person?! Well, Daiki was definitely not appeased. In fact, he could feel a headache coming with all of the angry twitching he's been doing. And he wanted to inflict glorious pain upon this idiot all the more.

The soccer player's free fist shook with restraint as he irritatedly glared at the whimpering teen inches from him. Why the fuck was he still going easy on this guy, anyway? Ah, yes. 'Cause if I so much as strangle him, those fruitcakes called the Glee Club will go all Raging Popstar Mode on me. Normally, Daiki could care less if this kid was another one of those morons who crossed him; but unfortunately, he had to make an exception for this wimp. Mainly because said fruitcakes were damn scary, as he grudgingly comes to admit. Plus, if word gets out to those bastards known as Koga and the Principal, he would probably be forced to actually say goodbye to soccer and his promising career. Yes, those old farts were that evil.

Daiki tried to recount his five reasons as to why he should kill this little piece of shit, but to no avail. As much as he tried to fill himself with uncontrolled rage, he still couldn't get to hurt the kid even more and leave a glaring physical evidence of his wrath—not when he knew what the heavy consequences would be. Like hell would he give up soccer for this loser! So for the first time ever, the rational part of his brain won him over.

Ryou weakly mumbled a new string of apologies as his small frame quivered in fright at the daunting male towering over him. He had closed his eyes in pain earlier because of the second whack and dared not open them until necessary. The less he saw the scary-looking guy, the better he could calm his panicking heart. But when he heard a few deep sighs in front of him, Ryou couldn't stave off the urge to peek anymore. Surely the angry athlete hoisting him up wasn't the one doing that, right...?

Ryou shut his eye quickly as he noticed that the other teen—although no longer growling—was still obviously annoyed, if that vein throbbing in his temple was any indication. "S-Sorry..." he whimpered pathetically, at a loss with what to do.

Aomine Daiki was at a loss, too. He was really torn between tossing the whimpering kid off a rooftop and just walking away to find a wall to bang his head against.

But instead, the dark navy blue-haired teen just expelled another long sigh and set the brunette back down on the floor. "Will you just shut up, you moron? Look, I'm not gonna kill you," he grumbled exasperatedly.

Ryou's chocolate brown eyes suddenly opened; utter shock, surprise, and gratitude marring his face—not even noticing the deafening silence in the hallway that followed. He joyfully inhaled, ready to bombard the tall athlete with a myriad of thanks, when said tall athlete pinned him a threatening glare.


Ryou fearfully gulped.

"As much as I'd like to, I can't. I've got way better things to do. Plus, for some reason, trying to land a scratch on you seems like such a huge crime in this godforsaken place," growled Aomine, grimacing at the memory of those rabid women. "So, I won't shove my foot up your ass if you never apologize that lamely and annoyingly again and just fucking shut up. Got it?"

"Y-YES!" squeaked Ryou highly. He flinched though, when the dark-skinned teen narrowed his blue gaze dangerously. "I-I mean, yes..." he amended timidly. "B-But, uh... what about y-yesterday...?"

"It was an accident. Let's leave it at that," replied Aomine quickly. "Unless... you swing that way?"

"NO! No, no! I'm not, I swear! It really was an accident..." mumbled Sakurai, blushing a little as he remembered that kiss for the umpteenth time. Unsurprisingly, the earlier talk with Kazunari-san also came to mind.

"Hn. Whatever," grunted the soccer player as he looked away while nursing his poor jaw. "Just don't get in my way. It was bad enough that I can't play for my team, now I have to serve some girly boy group, too."

The brunette laughed nervously at him. "S-Sorry about that..." he said, both referring to Aomine's punishment and his earlier punch at him.

Daiki focused his eyes back on the small brunette scratching his head in embarrassment. After a moment or two, the dark-skinned teen curtly nodded at him. "Aomine Daiki."

Ryou snapped his head up to see the tall athlete in a neutral expression. Belatedly realizing that the Aomine Daiki—the guy he had inadvertently brought hell upon, mind you—was now offering a little truce and a chance to start over properly, the brunette stumbled to respond to the dark blunette.

"S-Sakurai Ryou! N-Nice to meet you!" bowed the brown-eyed teen.

Aomine only grunted in acknowledgement.

Ryou was about to thank him—just once, this time—for not beating him to a pulp, when Tetsuya-san's monotonous voice rang across the all-too-silent hallway.

"Are you two done yet?"

Everyone—including Kagami himself—jumped in surprise at the small blunette stoically staring at Sakurai and Aomine. Said blunette then came to the nodding Ryou's side and started silently fixing his ruined collar and necktie as their stunned audience looked on.

"I'm very proud of you, Ryou-kun," said Kuroko, ignoring everyone else's expressions.

Ryou blushed slightly at the compliment. "T-Thank you, Tetsuya-san."

"Although, to be honest, I thought you would be kissing him senseless again."


A multitude of murmurs surrounded the four as every student pondered aloud about what they had just witnessed first-hand.

Had that kiss from yesterday addled the two teenagers' brains? Were Aomine Daiki and that guy really gonna kiss again? How in the world does the chemistry between frickin' Aomine and that guy work, anyway?

Kagami snorted in amusement; both at the scene and at everyone's dumb theories. Aomine, on the other hand, just blinked in incredulity. The panicky Sakurai Ryou he had met yesterday was back at the snap of a finger. Amazing.

"And Aomine-kun..." The light blue-haired Kuroko turned to Aomine—who had unwittingly jumped in shock again. "Thank you for your kindness. I understand that my friend can be quite irritating at times, so thank you very much for being patient with him."

Ignoring the brunette's indignant squawk, the dark-skinned athlete opted to just lay it down for the pale teen. "Yeah, well, let's just say that my patience is thin, kid."

"Noted, then. You heard him, Ryou-kun."

Ryou eagerly nodded at the soccer player.

As if to bring them all back to reality, the school bell rung. The unwanted audience of various students squeaked and quickly dispersed for First Period. It was then that Ryou felt sorely embarrassed at the sight of other people who openly watched his and Aomine's encounter and at the realization that he actually didn't realize that there were people watching them.

"We better go." Kagami—having finally gotten his bearings from the last few moments' shocking events—beckoned to Aomine as he neared their classroom's door.

"I agree. Come, Ryou-kun." Tetsuya and Ryou moved forward to join the two tall athletes.

"Hang on a sec. Why the hell are you following us?" asked the redhead, brows furrowed in confusion as he looked down at the two small performers.

Tetsuya stared at them unblinking for a few moments—long enough for the two jocks to start feeling self-conscious—before he finally answered.

"... We're your classmates, you idiots."

"Oh," chorused the two said idiots.

"WAIT, WHAT DID YOU SAY?!" gawked one Kagami Taiga.

"WHAT DID YOU CALL US?!" snarled one Aomine Daiki.

Ryou could only sigh.

"Hey, guys~! Ready for lunch~?"

To say that seeing Takao Kazunari of the damn Glee Club/Misdirection slam their classroom's door open and holler at them immediately after the lunch bell rang was quite a shock was definitely the understatement of the year. Because, frankly, why the fuck would he want to have lunch with them?

But then Daiki realized that the raven-haired teen wasn't even walking towards his or Tai's desk. Then Daiki remembered that Sakurai and Kuroko were their classmates.

It was still a bit hard to believe, honestly. To think that they never noticed those two this whole week... Well, he could understand that part when it comes to that Kuroko kid. After all, he kept scaring the fuck out of them without even trying. But he was still at a loss with Sakurai.

Daiki tried not to think too hard about it. He should be glad enough that the brunette was a sensible guy who understands the concept of threats. Plus, from the look of things, Sakurai seems as eager as he was in avoiding interaction altogether. A good decision considering how much gossip the entire fucking academy welcomes.

He kind of pities Tai, though. For some reason, that creepy Kuroko kid had been blatantly staring at him the whole time. And Daiki only noticed when the redhead flinched, looking at Kuroko.

"Come on, let's go~!" hurried Takao, comically hopping in place as he impatiently waited for his friends.

Taiga and Daiki moved to leave the room when the raven-haired teen suddenly called them.

"Wanna have lunch with us?" asked the bright-eyed Takao. The two athletes glanced at each other in confusion.

"Why are you inviting us? Don't you guys kind of hate us?" retorted the redheaded basketball player.

Takao just grinned. "Well, we don't exactly hate you anymore, now that you made peace with our Ryou-chan," he said, waving his phone at them as an explanation. A single text from Kuroko was displayed.

"Plus, we should really get to know each other more and come to an understanding since we're going to be working together."

The five boys turned to see Kasamatsu Yukio leaning against the doorframe, a small plastic bag in one hand. "Besides, it'll be Ryou's treat, anyway."

Ryou started as the two intimidating jocks gave him inquisitive looks. Truthfully, he wasn't expecting them to join, but then he suddenly remembered Kazunari-san's request this morning about bringing more food than usual. It finally dawned on Ryou as to why.

"W-Well, uh... S-Since it was my fault in the first place, I'd like to make it up to you, Aomine-san," said Ryou timidly. "O-Oh! A-And it's a welcoming gift for you and your other friends, too, Kagami-san!"

Aomine and Kagami glanced at each other again, before both giving the four other boys an appreciative grin. "Well, okay then. Can't say no to a free meal, anyway," chuckled Kagami, slinging his bag on his shoulder.

"Great! Then it's settled~! Yuu-chan, fetch Kise and Shin-chan from their classrooms—"

"Wait, what?! Why the hell do I have to—"


Kasamatsu flinched in shock at the arrival of the hyperactive blonde named Kise Ryouta. Behind him was the tall and ever-frowning Midorima Shintarou—who was obviously dying to leave the blonde all by himself. Strangely enough, the green-haired archer was holding a ball of yarn in his bandaged left hand.

"What are you guys doing at Aominecchi and Kagamicchi's classroom~?" queried the adorable Kise, who had peered very closely at the spiky-haired boy's twitching face.

"Aomine-kun, Kagami-kun, Ryou-kun, and I are all in Class 2-C," repeated Kuroko tonelessly. The abrupt outburst that followed was expected.

"How on Earth did you not know that?!" demanded Midorima at his two idiotic friends.

"God, can we just go already?" groaned Aomine, blatantly ignoring the green-haired archer's question as he strode out of the room and rubbed his jaw for the umpteenth time.

"Isn't it amazing that our friends have something in common~? By the way, what class are you in, Yukiocchi~?" asked Kise eagerly as he held Kasamatsu's hands.

"Uh, 2-B, with Kazu."

"Really?! Midorimacchi and I are in 2-A~!"

"YOU'RE IN THE PILOT SECTION?!" exclaimed Kasamatsu and Takao, wide-eyed at the grinning Kise.

"Shocking, I know," sympathized Midorima Shintarou as he pushed his glasses up.

"Guys, come on! I'm starving!" complained the basketball player in their group.

Sakurai stood up, carrying a box wrapped in a large piece of cloth. "Sorry for making you wait, Kagami-san."

"That looks heavy. Need help?"

"It's alright. I'll be fine."

"But wait, I didn't see you carrying that this morning..."

"Oh, Tetsuya-san was the one who had it."

"... Well, that makes sense."

Kise suddenly left Kasamatsu's side and came towards the redhead and the brunette. "You're Sakuraicchi Ryou, right~?" he gushed excitedly, pushing Kagami away. "It's so nice to finally meet you~! I'm Kise Ryouta~! That's Midorimacchi~! I hope you'll forgive Aominecchi! He can be such an idiot at times—"


"—But he means well! I'm sure you guys will become good friends, now that you're actually classmates~! Also, I'm sorry about yesterday. We weren't really laughing at you; we were laughing at Aominecchi!"

"Fuck you!"

"Ah, but you know, you guys were really cool at the concert last night, especially Yukiocchi~! It's even cooler as to how your first name is a nickname of mine~! This must mean that we should be friends as well~! What do you think, Sakuraicchi~?"

The brown-haired Sakurai stared in awe at the babbling blonde Kise whom he vaguely remembers as some sort of famous model all his fans love and the stoic green-haired companion of his who was introduced as 'Midorimacchi'. To be honest, he really couldn't imagine them being friends with someone like Aomine-san; but then again, other people couldn't imagine him having best friends like Takao Kazunari, Kasamatsu Yukio, and Kuroko Tetsuya, anyway.

He smiled shyly and bowed at the cheery blonde who had given him a cutesy name. "W-Well, it's nice to meet you, too, Kise-san. No need to apologize, and I'm glad you enjoyed our performance." When the blonde tennis player-slash-model smiled brightly back at him, Ryou felt a little more relaxed.

"Can we please leave? I don't want Kise's creepy fans hounding us," spat out an irate Aomine outside the room, earning everyone's attention and Kasamatsu's slightly horrified stare.

"Hey, they're not creepy!" yelled an indignant Kise Ryouta, pouting at the blue-haired teen.

"Tell that to the ones who came after us yesterday."

Ryouta, Shintarou, and Taiga immediately shuddered.

After a few more mumbled comments from a flabbergasted Takao about Kise being a straight A student, the large group consisted of Kiseki no Sedai Academy's most handsome varsity players and teenage male idols finally left the empty classroom as they headed for the cafeteria.

At least, that's where the varsity players thought they were going, when their new companions suddenly approached the stairs going up.

"Where are you guys going? Cafeteria's downstairs, you know," voiced Kagami.

"We know that, idiot," retorted Kasamatsu. "But just because I said that it'll be Ryou's treat doesn't mean that he's gonna buy your meals there." At that, the four Glee Club members continued climbing the stairs, missing the confused looks of the athletes.

They walked in silence, passing by other students and teachers that were going down for lunch. After reaching two more floors, Kise spoke up.

"Hey, how come you're called 'Misdirection'?" he asked, walking closely beside a somewhat-tense Kasamatsu Yukio.

"And how come all the girls that we pass by just ignore you? Weren't they crazy for you yesterday?" added Kagami, walking behind a yawning Aomine.

Kazunari and Yukio exchanged grins. "Why don't we show you, then?" said Takao.

The silvery-eyed teen then grabbed Kise and Kagami and pushed them towards a small group of First-Year girls. The girls immediately squealed and surrounded the two flustered athletes.

Kazunari looked back at the others and grinned. "Now, observe." He turned back to the starry-eyed girls, took a deep breath, and counted silently with his fingers up to three.

"Ano kousaten de

minna ga moshi SUKIPPU wo shite"

The small group of girls stopped their loud chatter and stared in awe at the singing raven-haired guy and the other three boys who were humming along.

"Moshi ano machi no mannaka de

te wo tsunaide sora wo miagetara"

Midorima, Kise, Kagami, and Aomine were floored. Takao Kazunari had actually managed to shut them up. To their further astonishment, Kasamatsu suddenly came right next to him and started singing as well.

"Moshi mo ano machi no dokoka de

CHANSU ga tsuka mitai no nara"

The four athletes all looked to the teen idols: to Takao and Kasamatsu who were swaying to the beat, to Kuroko who was stoically clapping in rhythm, and to Sakurai who was only vocalizing because of the item he was carrying.

"Mada naku no niwa hayai yo ne"

Yukio and Kazunari shared an amused glance as they flanked the silent Kise and Kagami.

"Tada mae ni susumu shikanai wa iya iya"

Abruptly, they all stopped and Takao suddenly elbowed Kagami's side hard.

"Ow, what the fuck?!"


The girls—who were silently fantasizing a while ago—had immediately snapped out of their stupor from Kagami's outburst and gleefully crowded him and Kise once again.

The athletes' opened jaws dropped even more.

Kazunari and Yukio chuckled as they moved away from the hyperactive fans clawing at the tennis player and the basketball forward. "As insulting as it seems, apparently, the school favors its athletic and academic aspect more than the musical and artistic," gestured Takao to the two tall jocks.

"Wait, wait, wait, hold on," interrupted Midorima, going into Logic Mode. "You're telling me that they only go crazy for you whenever you perform?"

"Yep. That's pretty much it."

"Bullshit," voiced Shintarou and Daiki simultaneously—making them look at each other in surprise.

"Look, I know it's unrealistic, but face it, Shin-chan, this is really how things work around here," said Takao, patting the green-haired teen's cheek. Shintarou frowned at the action.

"The majority of the student body finds you guys more attractive and important than the norm," explained Kasamatsu with a roll of his eyes. "Which is why you're still the campus heartthrobs even after we debuted months ago. As much as we hate to admit it, that's the harsh truth here in Kiseki no Sedai. That's why the performing arts clubs had been warring for a while. They wanted the attention the sports clubs get from the students."

"But we can't exactly help it, you know," voiced Sakurai. "After all, there's an old school nearby that specializes in Music and Arts. The academy didn't want to compete against a renowned institute, so they decided to focus more on academics and sports instead."

"So let me see if I've got this right," said Aomine, leaning back against the stairs' handrail. "Your fans only come to you when you sing; otherwise, you're pretty much invisible to them because they chase after us all the time."

"Yes, that's the gist of it. Although, you really didn't have to imply that you're more handsome than us, Aomine-kun," replied Kuroko dryly. Aomine just laughed at his sharpness.

"I still don't believe it, but we should go. We're wasting time here," said Midorima. As the group once again prepared to leave for lunch, an indignant squawk reminded them of the gushing fangirls and the two flailing teens caught in the turmoil.

"O-Oi! Don't leave us here!" yelled Kagami, trying to push away an exuberant freshman.

"Guys, help!" shrieked a panicking Kise, leaning away from unwanted lips.

The boys all stared at the grinding mass of bodies in the middle of the hallway for a few seconds, before abruptly turning away to head upstairs.


"Shouldn't they be used to that already?"


"The rooftop?"

The group of boys all scattered atop the large rectangular expanse of their building, looking for the perfect shade to shelter in.

"Well, duh. Where else, Shin-chan? Heaven?" retorted Takao. "Let me help you with that."

He moved towards Sakurai who was setting down the large box he had been carrying for the past few minutes. The four athletes with them idly watched as they expertly unfolded the large piece of cloth covering the box. As soon as the makeshift picnic area was settled, the brunette of the four performers proceeded to move the box in the middle and dismantle it in front of the others—revealing that the item was actually a compartment consisting of five stackable squares. It finally hit the jocks as to why they hadn't gone down to the cafeteria.

"Bento?!" exclaimed Kagami excitedly.

"Yup. Lunch is served," replied Sakurai with a smile.

Spread over the plaid-patterned blanket was several viands of different colors presented enticingly inside each square box—their delicious smell wafting towards the circle of teens. Kasamatsu had then placed his plastic bag next to the food, revealing eight soda cans of the same brand.

"Did your mom make this, Sakuraicchi?" asked Kise as he and the others sat down surrounding the decadent meals.

"Oh, no," said the brown-haired Sakurai immediately, handing them each a small bowl and a pair of chopsticks. "I did."

At his reply, four sets of stunned eyes stared at him.

"You cook?" queried Aomine, looking incredulously at the timid boy. Sure, Sakurai had a girly appearance—what with those soft-looking brown locks and large chocolate brown eyes, but he wasn't exactly expecting him to actually be able to do something every girl should know. Then again, Daiki shouldn't really be stereotyping him, seeing as...

"It's a bit hard to believe, huh?" snickered Takao—to Ryou's chagrin.

"Are you kidding me? This idiot here can make these, too," scoffed Midorima, jerking his thumb at Kagami's direction.

... his own best friend can cook, too. Daiki couldn't help smirking amusedly at the surprised looks on the four Glee Club members. Neither could Ryouta and Shintarou.

"You like to cook, too, Kagami-san?" asked Ryou, offering a small but bright smile at the redhead glaring at his friends. Said redhead turned to the brunette, startled.

"Uh, y-yeah. 'Cause I live alone," replied Taiga, quirking his lips at the brunette who was starting to become more relaxed and calm. He gulped a little, though, at the sight of Kuroko staring at him intensely again. He didn't know why, but those pale blue eyes always make him feel like he's being undressed.

Kazunari and Yukio coughed discreetly at the redhead's reason; Ryou not failing to subtly pin them a meaningful look.

"And he also eats like a pig and never cooks for us, unlike you," added Aomine, taking off his school blazer.

"Hey, I do not! And I do, too! I mean—"

"That did not make sense at all, Tai."

"Oh, shut up!"

"Can we please eat now?"

The others all turned to Kuroko, who was waiting patiently with his bowl and chopsticks—an expressionless face put upon him. To Ryou, though, he knew the blunette was already impatient, judging by the slight puffing of his cheeks. Years of friendship made him an expert in reading one Kuroko Tetsuya, after all.

"Alright, sorry, Tetsuya-san," apologized Ryou amusedly. "Itadakimasu!", chorused the group of boys.

Ryouta and Taiga looked excitedly at the bento boxes and the canned drinks—glittering like they were waiting to be devoured. The first one was filled with fun-sized rice balls—some decorated with seaweed cut-outs. The second had tuna sashimi and shrimp tempura. Little rolled omelettes and octopus wieners were in the third one. The fourth, as side dishes, had pickled vegetables and assorted fruit slices. And the last box had a few condiment bottles inside and was where the small bowls and chopsticks came from.

"Wow, these look delicious, Sakuraicchi~!" voiced the blonde tennis player, going for a few rolled omelettes. Taiga, on the other hand, reached for a penguin-looking rice ball when suddenly, a pale hand with a pair of chopsticks snatched the one he was aiming for.

"Oi!", exclaimed the redhead, ready to steal back the little ball of rice. He stopped, though, as he realized that Kuroko was the thief and was glaring at him.

At least, he feels that it was a glare.

He watched as Kuroko turned away to raptly examine the penguin rice ball, before popping it into his mouth. Taiga had to blink when he suddenly saw the little blunette chew with pink-tinted cheeks. Was he actually... blushing?

Tetsuya swallowed before addressing the brunette next to him. "Delicious. Thank you, Ryou-kun."

Ryou laughed at Tetsuya's zealous—albeit subtle—grabbing of some sashimi and turned to a somewhat baffled basketball player. "You'll have to excuse him, Kagami-san. He was the one who requested the penguins, you see."

"Oh..." was all Taiga could say. His thoughts were cut short, though, as his stomach rumbled and urged him to eat already. He tried a few pieces of vegetables and couldn't help but smile in appreciation.

"Damn, Sakurai, you're good! You have got to give me the recipe. Blue, try some!", urged the excited redhead, elbowing Aomine.

"'Blue'?" asked Takao, chewing a mouthful of shrimp.

"It's a nickname of mine," explained Daiki, reaching for some of the mini rice balls. "Like how Tai here is Red, Kise is Goldie, and Midorima's called Hamtaro."

Kazunari promptly choked, thumping his chest in respite as his whole body shook in laughter. Needless to say, he missed said Hamtaro's annoyed glare at a chewing Aomine.

"We've got other nicknames, too, but—Holy shit, this is good. Not bad, kid," voiced Aomine, turning to Ryou. The brunette couldn't help but smile shyly at the compliment and mumble a 'thank you'. It doesn't seem like the soccer player is still mad at him.

"Do you seriously have to use that phrase while we're eating?" grumbled Midorima. This time, he was the one who missed Takao, Kasamatsu, and Kuroko all sharing a knowing look at the brunette and the blunette.

"Ahhh, if only Ryou-chan would marry me~! Then I'd never be hungry again~!" sighed the silvery-eyed Kazunari dramatically, leaning against the small brunette.

"No thanks, Kazunari-san," replied Ryou flatly, ignoring the raven-haired teen next to him.

"It must be really nice to get to eat Sakuraicchi's cooking every day," commented Kise, beaming a smile at the teen.

"It is," agreed Kuroko flatly.

"So you do this every lunch break?" asked Kagami, chomping on several tempura.

"Not just every lunch. Breakfast and dinner, too," answered Kasamatsu absentmindedly.

"Wait, you all live together?" asked Kise immediately, leaning towards a startled Kasamatsu Yukio.

"Not exactly. We only eat together 'cause Ryou-chan's cooking is amazing," replied Kazunari, chuckling at the sight of his best friend trying very hard not to grab a can of soda and hit the sparkling blonde in front of him. "By the way, how did you guys survive last night? That was a lot of fangirls, you know."

The four members of Misdirection watched in amusement as the varsity players' faces all turned aggravated.

"Yes. We know. Frankly, I don't want to remember," replied a grimacing Shintarou as he massaged his temples with his bandaged fingers. "But apparently, we had split up and ran for hours until we had finally lost them."

"They were very fast... and scary..." remarked Ryouta, shaking in fear. Awkwardly, Yukio tried patting him. He slightly jumped, though, as the blonde suddenly turned to him with a happy expression.

"I remember Midorima getting dogpiled," voiced Daiki nonchalantly.


The others burst out laughing as the green-haired teen expertly threw a can of soda at Aomine, accurately hitting his forehead—and leaving the blue-haired boy groaning in pain at the contact. Amidst the chaos, Ryou softly smiled at their picnic. Even though their groups were from different circles, he, his friends, and the athletes got along quite well, if the past interactions were anything to go by. Now he really understood why Kazunari-san had requested more food.

The brunette frowned, though, as he heard the bit about the jocks' run-in with their fans. Truthfully, he was kind of blaming himself for it, since if he hadn't freaked out too much, then maybe they wouldn't have to be subjected to the numerous rabid fangirls yesterday.

"Oh hey!" exclaimed Kise suddenly, briefly turning away from Kasamatsu. "You didn't answer my question back then!"

"Didn't we demonstrate it already?"

"But that only answered why the girls were ignoring you! I asked why you guys were called 'Misdirection'!"

"Oh, yeah. Well, you see..." started Kazunari. "You should really ask Yuu-chan."


The silver-eyed teen doubled over in laughter as the blonde Kise eagerly sat right next to an indignant Yukio. Even Kise's friends couldn't help but snort in amusement. Ryou and Tetsuya just rolled their eyes—subtly, on Tetsuya's part. Leave it to Takao Kazunari to pester his bestest friend in the whole wide world.

"W-Well, uh..." coughed Ryou, trying to get the tennis player's attention. "We actually got the idea from Tetsuya-san."

"Eh? Kurokocchi?" Everyone turned to stare at the spot where they knew the light blunette would be sitting. Miraculously, he was still there. The pale blunette silently chewed, before swallowing and speaking.

"Misdirection is a sleight of hand or a trick that is used mostly in magic acts. It is this deceiving of an audience by making them unconsciously focus on one thing to distract or divert their attention from another," explained Tetsuya clearly.

"We had joked back then that maybe Tecchan was using it," chuckled Kazunari. "Then, when we had performed for the first time, everyone's attention was on us. A lot of the popular guys were watching in the crowd, too, but not one fangirl had spoken to them during our act. Then the next day, everything was back to normal. There were some who had walked up to us, but the number was surprisingly fewer compared to the number of people who had flocked us after the show."

"That's when it hit us," continued Yukio. "Every time we perform, we can distract everyone who watches and make them only focus on us and not the school 'princes'. But this lil' magic trick of ours isn't permanent, so we can only be as popular as you guys while on-stage."

"Because of this, we also have another function as the Glee Club," voiced Tetsuya monotonously. "Since we have great impact on the audience, we serve as one of the academy's unofficial 'de-stressers'. We distract everyone from their worries for a while and let them have fun and relax during our shows."

"Hence, 'Misdirection'," concluded Takao.

"... I see. You're not just the physical evidence of the truce between the other performing arts clubs," stated Shintarou, adjusting his glasses.

"Correct, Shin-chan~!" winked the silvery blue-eyed male.

"But how come they can't do what you guys do?" asked Ryouta, frowning cutely at the thought.

"Believe it or not, most of the members there are competitive as fuck," murmured a grimacing Yukio, no longer bothered by the blonde sitting next to him. "The Drama Kings and Queens only let the rich kids act in the school plays, the Dance Troupe kicks out anyone who arrives late, and the Music Club only accepts those who had won competitions. Plus, they're too traditional and always take things way too seriously, which is why only a few students watch their performances. That's why I left and joined the Glee Club permanently. Practice was always so tense and suffocating that Kazu and I could never have any real fun in our club—which was pretty much the very reason why we had joined in the first place, mind you."

The blue-eyed teen paused for a moment to take a deep breath and lean back on his hands. He closed his eyes and sighed, willing the aggravated tension in his body to go away. "... School became way more bearable to me when our group was born."

The four athletes and the other three singers were silent as the black-haired male's rant died. Ryou, Tetsuya, and Kazunari kept eating, avoiding the jocks' curious stares, while the jocks themselves couldn't help but wonder if their reasons for switching clubs were the same.

Ryouta looked between Kasamatsu and the other three, deciding on his next question, before finally turning to Yukio with a bright smile. "What club were you and Takaocchi from, Yukiocchi?"

Kazunari and Ryou looked up at the question, both looking surprised. Yukio opened his eyes and stared at the smiling blonde next to him. As intrusive as his question had sounded, Yukio couldn't find it in his heart to be annoyed at the teen, especially when his face lit up like that. Hell, he didn't even try to mind the childish nickname. The spiky-haired boy smiled back at Ryouta and replied. "The Dance Troupe. Tetsuya and Imayoshi-senpai were from the Music Club, while Ryou and Hyuga-senpai were from the Drama Club."

Daiki—who had been silently devouring his sixth omelette—suddenly stared at the brunette in astonishment. "You were an actor?"

Ryou blushed and smiled sheepishly. "N-No, not really. I was only part of the production team..."

"So they were okay with you joining the Glee Club?" asked Taiga incredulously.

"Are you kidding me?" interrupted Kazunari. "They didn't even know that he was a member until he had volunteered for the inter-club merging! Stuck-up jerks. They thought he was some worthless kid. Well, look at him now! Screw you, drama bastards who can't even act!" yelled the teen to the sky.

Ryou smiled gently at his silvery-eyed friend's defense of him. Truthfully, he hadn't really been bothered that he only had a minor role in his former club. It suited his personality just fine, after all. But when the merging was suggested, his friends had really urged him to try it and sing again and honestly, the idea of getting a little bit of attention really appealed to him. Before he knew it, he had stood alongside Hyuga-senpai and walked to where their first meeting as a group would be.

"Oh yeah," voiced Takao again; this time, calmly turning to Midorima. "I've been meaning to ask, Shin-chan. Why do you have a ball of yarn with you?"

Ryouta, Taiga, and Daiki—all sipping their own can of soda—promptly spat out and howled in laughter. Shintarou glared at them darkly while gripping his ball of yarn, before clearing his throat. "If you must know, I am a firm believer in destiny and fate, and as such, I do everything in my power to make sure that I will ha—"

"He believes in these silly horoscopes and listens to Oha-Asa every day," finished the redheaded Taiga, mockingly grinning at the twitching green-haired archer. "Man proposes, God opposes," retorted Shintarou, as if that explained everything.

"Ahhhh. So I take it that that's your lucky item for the day?" asked Kazunari knowingly, grinning amusedly at the innocent ball of yarn next to the bespectacled teen.

"Yes, it is," answered Midorima haughtily. The raven-haired teen then noticed the white bandages meticulously wrapped around the other's left hand as it held the ball. Yesterday, during their first meeting, Kazunari had immediately taken notice of it as well, though he never called it out. It was interesting, since no one ever minded or asked why the green-haired athlete had them. After all, it was as obvious as the single silver earring that Kise Ryouta was wearing. His sport could be the answer, but archery requires gloves—Wait, hold on. Kyudo practitioners are right-handed. Then how come...

Kazunari stared some more at the wrapped digits before finally shaking his head. He could just ask some other time. Provided he's still not annoyed with me, snickered the teen.

"That's strange, Midorimacchi. How come I didn't see your lucky item yesterday?" queried Ryouta to Shintarou.

"It was a fountain pen. I placed it in my pocket."

"Well, apparently, it wasn't lucky enough," smirked Aomine.

"Says the man who had kissed another man," retorted Midorima as he sipped his soda.

"IT WAS AN ACCIDENT!" chorused Daiki and Ryou perfectly.

Kazunari, Taiga, and Ryouta all burst out laughing at the memory and at the two's blushing faces, while Shintarou and Yukio just rolled their eyes. The rest of their little picnic on the rooftop passed by like a blur until the school bell rang.

"We have a club meeting later, alright?" said Kasamatsu, helping Sakurai in packing up all the utensils.

"Oh right... We're suspended from our clubs for a month," recalled Kagami as he picked up the empty soda cans. "Damn. I can't believe I'm actually starting to miss basketball practice with Coach. What is wrong with me?"

"You better not be blaming us for that," joked Takao.

"Nah. I'm blaming Dai for that."

"What?!" exclaimed Aomine.

"Let's all go together," interrupted Sakurai immediately, wary of the soccer player's temper. "Since you still don't know the way to the room."

As the varsity players all went inside the building, Ryou stayed behind and walked by Kazunari's side, giving him a grateful smile. "Thank you, Kazunari-san. For this, I mean." The raven-haired teen just smiled back and ruffled his friend's short brown locks.

"Anything for my adorable Ryou-chan~!" winked Takao Kazunari.


When dismissal time finally came, Kise Ryouta hurriedly packed his things and grabbed Shintarou off his chair, evading all the girls who had rushed by to chat with him.

"Slow down, you idiot! Why on earth are we running?!" shouted Midorima as he fumbled with his bag while trying to keep up with the hyperactive blonde dragging him.

"We need to fetch Yukiocchi and the others!" replied Ryouta excitedly.

"I'm pretty sure they can walk just fine, Kise!"

As they neared the stairs, they found the rest of the group already together and waiting for them. "Alright~! Let's go and attend our first club meeting of the year~!" yelled Ryouta energetically.

"You're pretty happy for someone who didn't want to be suspended from the tennis team," remarked Kagami.

"That's 'cause the Glee Club is cool, and I wanna try being a part of them~!" answered the blonde enthusiastically, beaming at the four singers walking along with them. Said singers just smiled at his optimism.

"Alright, I've already been excused. I'll see you guys later," said Kasamatsu as he headed for the school gates.

"Huh? Where are you going?" asked Ryouta, looking confused.

"I need to be somewhere. Just fill me in on the details later, Kazu. And behave, you guys," replied the blue-eyed teen, gesturing to the four athletes—who only grunted. While waving goodbye to his friend, Ryou noticed that the model with them had gone a bit quiet. "Kise-san, are you alright?"

Ryouta blinked as he heard his name. Seeing that his newest brunette friend was asking him, the blonde donned his best smile. "Yeah... I'm fine, Sakuraicchi. I just thought that Yukiocchi was going with us."

"No, sorry. Yukio-san always gets out early on Fridays because he has to attend an extracurricular activity outside of school," explained Ryou.

The blonde furrowed his brows in confusion. "What kind of extracurricular activity?"

Suddenly, Takao slung an arm over the teen's shoulder. "You'll see. Let's go, guys!"

As the group of boys started walking towards the building where their clubroom was located, Ryouta looked back to where Kasamatsu Yukio had been standing a while ago and couldn't help feeling a bit disappointed.

Until a joyous squeal containing the tennis player-slash-model's name pierced through the background noise and thunderous steps of approaching doom echoed in the hallway, that is.

Needless to say, the seven boys immediately hastened their journey.

After navigating through tons of shortcuts and generally avoiding the areas where Kise's fans could be lurking, the mismatched group of teens finally arrived at the infamous dance studio of the Glee Club.

"You guys are pretty early," remarked their Koganei-senpai as they entered the large room.

"That is because Kise-kun's fans tried chasing us," voiced one Kuroko Tetsuya calmly.

The four student athletes all jolted in surprise at the small blunette—less obvious jolting for said blunette's best friends. "Fucking hell, man! H-How long have you been with us?!" demanded Kagami Taiga, mentally berating himself for almost shitting his pants again.

"How mean, Kagami-kun," replied the pale blunette.

The rest of the studio's occupants just laughed. "Alright, settle down, everybody," said Hyuga Junpei, their club president. One side of the room had a series of large steps for people to sit at, so the group—consisting of the four new athletic production assistants, the members of Misdirection minus Kasamatsu, and the four band members—moved to a spot on the steps.

"Hey, where's Coach? And Momoi? And that weird flowery guy?" asked Kagami in confusion.

"Have you forgotten, Kagami-kun?" responded Imayoshi Shoichi sweetly, the strange vice-president of the club. "Your coach is on the basketball team, and Momoi-san is on the soccer team. Plus, Kiyoshi-san isn't even a member of ours."

"Oh, uh, right..." replied the redhead, still weirded out by the older teen. Damn it... I can't believe I'm not allowed to play in school. For a month! lamented Taiga inwardly, still frustrated by the punishment. Glancing at the other three frowning jocks next to him, he could easily tell that they had remembered that little fact, as well.

"Hey! Sorry we're late!" said an unfamiliar voice, snapping the athletes out of their stupor.

The occupants of the room turned to the three other newcomers in blue neckties. "It's alright. Take a seat," said the president. "Before we start, to our new slaves..." paused Hyuga, smirking at the term. "... I'd like you to meet Kawahara, Fukuda, and Furihata. They're from Class 2-D, and they'll be joining us at some events as reps from the Music Club—meaning they're not technically one of us. But, all the same, treat them nicely. You didn't get to meet them yesterday because of the concert."

He turned to the three. "Boys, these are our new production assistants for the school year."

The athletes all exchanged pleasantries with the three newcomers while giving their introductions.

"Now then..." started Junpei. "We'll be—"

Just then, the double doors suddenly burst open, revealing a young man with ash blonde, short spiky hair and an angry expression, and one Momoi Satsuki trailing after him with ignored pleas.

"Ahomine!" shouted the blonde furiously, panting heavily. "What the hell is this?! Why are you suspended from the team?! Don't you know that—"

"Oh, Wakamatsu-kun! So glad you could drop by," interrupted Imayoshi.

The guy known as Wakamatsu suddenly halted in mid-sentence as he stared in abject horror at the smiling bespectacled teen—his once red face turning white as a sheet. In the span of three seconds, the guy quickly exited the studio, dragging the stunned Momoi with him.

Everybody was left staring at the doors.

"... What the fuck was that about?" voiced 'Ahomine' Daiki, blinking in confusion.

"Trust me, Aomine-kun. You don't wanna know," warned Tsuchida-senpai. Next to him, the others were stifling their laughter.

"Why was Wakamatsu-senpai after you?" asked a chuckling Kazunari.

"'Cause he's the captain of the soccer team," shrugged the dark-skinned blunette, knowing the simple statement would explain everything.

"Huh... We didn't know that," murmured Ryou.

"But wait, how come you all know who he was?"

The members of the Glee Club all turned to their vice-president—who was still smiling strangely at the double doors. Then, they looked back at the soccer player.

Daiki decided to leave it at that.

"Anyway," coughed Hyuga. "Today, we'll be discussing the next activity for our club this year. But first, a little feedback from the newbies. How'd you find the concert, guys?"

"It was amazing~!" answered Ryouta immediately.

"Entertaining, at the most," replied Shintarou curtly, a bit annoyed at being called 'newbie'.

"Aw, come on, Shin-chan! You can do better than that~!" teased Kazunari. Shintarou openly glowered at the teen. Kazunari just grinned.

"Kagami? Aomine?" continued the president.

"It was pretty cool. But we're definitely gonna have to get used to all those girls," admitted Taiga, shuddering a bit at the memory of last night.

"You got that right," agreed Daiki.

"Well, consider yourselves lucky you survived last night's ordeal. But in any case, don't worry about them too much. Just do your job, alright?" said their Hyuga-senpai.

"What is our job, Senpai?" asked Kise.

"Glad you asked. As our production team, you are all tasked with the technicalities in our club. Meaning, we're the front and you're the backbone. These things include promoting, advertising, planning, reserving equipment and props, scheduling, and the like. And as you can see, we're in need of all that badly."

The athletes couldn't help but agree. Technically, there were only ten permanent members of the Glee Club—six of which are the real performers and the other four for the instruments. And like their bespectacled senior said, the three guys who came in were only representatives from another club. If the academy would be requiring them to show up in every concert they'll have, the Glee Club would definitely need a hand.

And strangely enough, the boys were now starting to understand why the Principal and Koga-sensei had assigned them here.

"Since this is obviously your first time, we'll just give you a checklist of all your responsibilities. Don't hesitate to ask for other details if you're feeling unsure, alright? Oh, and I'm assigning Midorima as your leader," added Hyuga.

"Obviously," chorused Aomine, Kagami, and Kise. Midorima just looked to the heavens.

"Now," said the president. "We'll be appearing on a lot of events this time. There's the Sports Festival, the Cultural Festival, Christmas, and Valentine's, to name a few. I'll post the schedule in our board later for everyone to see. But for today, we'll be discussing our act on the upcoming fundraising concert this June."

He took a folding chair and sat on it with the backrest in front of him. "Now here's the thing: I've got good news and bad news. Which one do you want first?"

The boys all looked at each other in confusion and worry. Then, Kazunari spoke up warily. "What's the good news?"

"Good news: we get free meals for that day," answered Junpei. Daiki and Taiga both perked up.

"And the bad news...?" asked Ryou hesitantly.

Junpei sighed in defeat. "We have to perform K-Pop songs."

Kazunari and Ryou both gave loud groans of agony as the rest of the group grimaced in sympathy. "Seriously?!" moaned Kazunari as he slumped backwards, clutching his head.

"Sorry, guys. The fans requested it," replied Junpei.

"I'm starting to regret joining you all," admitted Ryou, a passive Tetsuya patting his back in consolation.

"How many do we have to sing?" asked Imayoshi Shoichi, no longer staring at where the horrified soccer captain had been standing a while ago.

"Six," answered a grimacing Junpei. Kazunari and Ryou groaned even louder. "Yuu-chan's not gonna like this..." said the silver-eyed male.

"Relax, the songs will be the ones we had learned during our spring break," added the president.

At that, the singers sighed a little in relief. The bespectacled Hyuga stood up and collected some papers that were lying on a nearby desk. "We'll start practicing everyday next week from dismissal time up to 8 p.m., then 8 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturdays. As always, be on time, bring extra clothes and water, and never forget your music sheets. I'll send the song and video files to your e-mails tonight for you to review over the weekend."

He handed several music sheets to Imayoshi, Kuroko, Sakurai, and Takao—including Kasamatsu's copy to his silvery-eyed best friend's. The four immediately lost themselves in the various notes and rests.

"Now, you guys..." started Hyuga, addressing the rest of the guys with a stern expression. "Just because you're not in Misdirection and won't be practicing doesn't mean that you're free to slack off and skip club meetings—although, of course, you don't have to attend our Saturday practices."

"Huh? But I thought Koganei-senpai, Izuki-senpai, Tsuchida-senpai, and Mitobe-senpai were a part of the Glee Club," voiced Kise in confusion. The four band members all stared in awe at the blonde, amazed that he actually remembered all their names.

"Well yes, they're members of our club, but that doesn't mean they're in Misdirection, you know," answered the president, cocking his eyebrow at the blonde. When Ryouta still looked confusion, Izuki decided to step in.

"What he means, Kise-kun, is that 'Misdirection' only applies to Prez, Vice-Prez, Takao, Kasamatsu, Kuroko, and Sakurai-kun. It's their stage name, you see. As for us..." said Izuki, gesturing to himself, Koganei, Mitobe, and Tsuchida. "Our band's name is called 'Sei Rin Sanctum'."

"Ohhh... That sounds so cool~!" gushed Kise, clearly amazed. The others just chuckled at his enthusiasm.

Hyuga cleared his throat. "Well anyway, I expect you all to be present on Monday. Tsuchida, Izuki—you'll be teaching Midorima and the others about equipment handling and storing. Show them the ropes on being a stagehand, alright? As for you, Fukuda, and your friends..." he turned to the Music Club representatives who were seated next to Kuroko and Sakurai. "Since the Music Club doesn't need you guys yet, I'll be requiring you to attend, as well. You'll be teaching our production assistants about production work and just be a general help to your upperclassmen."

"Yes, Senpai!" chorused Kawahara Koichi, Fukuda Hiroshi, and Furihata Kouki excitedly.

"Well, that's that. You're dismissed!" announced the president. The boys all eagerly collected their belongings and filed out of the dance studio.

"Monday practice, alright?" reminded Hyuga as he and Imayoshi walked home together. All the others waved goodbye as each separated outside the school gates.

Kazunari stretched noisily, admiring the orange-tinted sky above. A large grin then split upon his face as he remembered a very important fact: It was time to pick up his best friend.

Tetsuya lightly tapped his shoulder. "Are we going to buy milkshakes yet?"

"Later, Tetsu-chan. We gotta pick up Yuu-chan first," replied Kazunari. "Oi, Kise~! Wanna come with us~?"

Kise stopped chatting with an embarrassed-looking Sakurai and regarded the raven-haired teen with a curious expression. "Why? Where are you going?"

"To where your 'Yukiocchi' is," grinned Kazunari. He knew the blonde was coming the moment that surprised gasp escaped him.

"I still don't understand why I had to come."

"Oh, shush, Shin-chan. You need to get out more."

"But we could be having dinner right now, ya know."

"And milkshakes."

"And burgers, too."

"Alright, everybody just shut up. We're almost there."

"C-Calm down, Kazunari-san..."

"Ah! Is this where Yukiocchi is~?"

After having walked towards commercial stores, crowded streets, and generally just yapping each other off because Kise had forced his friends to come, the mismatched group finally arrived at a large building.

"... 'Kaijo Mixed Martial Arts School'?" read Ryouta, staring up at the sign on the facade of the building. Before he could comment further, though, he and the other jocks were immediately ushered and pushed inside the place by the three singers with them.

Entering the gymnasium-like place, they were greeted with the sight of several men and women sparring in mats or with dummies. The battle cries of pain, anger, and iron will echoed throughout the large studio, making the small group of boys realize just how many people were training inside today. There were fighters and coaches inside the boxing rings, students dueling with punching bags, and other people just stretching along the sidelines. As Takao, Sakurai, and Kuroko casually walked past them all, the jocks couldn't help but gaze in awe at all the athletes around. Each would demonstrate a distinctly different kind of fighting style, reminding them of the sign outside the building. Some were very muscular, some were just lean; some glanced at them with curiosity, some even waved at the singers walking in front. Aomine had been shamefully ogling at a few women, until a hulking one walked by and made him shudder in fear.

Finally reaching a large mat in the middle of the floor, Takao tapped Kise's shoulder and jerked his head in the direction of a group of training adolescents. "Prince Charming's over there."

Ryouta cocked his head in confusion at the nickname, but nonetheless, looked to scan the crowd on the mat. And gawked at the scene.

There—in the middle of all the kicking and punching guys—was Kasamatsu Yukio himself, expertly blocking and attacking against his opponents.

Shintarou, Daiki, and Taiga gawked along with the blonde tennis player.

A guy quickly charged at the black-haired teen, jumping to deliver a kick. Yukio simply swatted the foot away and pushed the guy into the next attacker. He then got down and swiped his foot to trip the next two guys. Two strong arms locked his head in a grapple, but with little struggle, Yukio had thrown him forward and escaped. Quickly getting up, he did a series of kicks and elbow strikes to a rushing opponent. As the guy stumbled in disorientation, Yukio didn't hesitate and aggressively landed a strong one on the guy's stomach.

The other guys—who were still standing—all paled and immediately stepped away from the black-haired martial artist as his poor victim crumpled to the ground and groaned in pure agony. Those who were sitting on the sidelines also hissed in sympathy.

"You call that fighting?!" barked Yukio, whirling around to glare heatedly at the newbies he had been sparring with. "I've seen dogs kick better than that! Where's your form? Your technique?! Stop trying to be little girls and just fucking apply it, you morons!"

"Moriyama! Kobori!" shouted the blue-eyed teen to the bench, where three other boys sat watching the scene. "What the hell have you been teaching these idiots?! Didn't I tell you that they have to be ready when I come in to kick their asses today?! Look at them!"

The two named Moriyama—short black hair and pointy eyes—and Kobori—tall dude with spiky black hair—stared at the limping and groaning new students on the floor next to their fellow fighter, Kasamatsu. "Well, one thing's for sure. You definitely kicked their asses," replied Moriyama bluntly. Kobori and the rest who were watching—including Kazunari, Ryou, and Tetsuya—snorted in laughter.

Yukio narrowed his eyes at the male. "You forced them to join you in looking for girls, didn't you?" accused the blue-eyed martial artist. Moriyama just coughed and chuckled nervously.

Yukio just rolled his eyes and grunted loudly in exasperation. "Hayakawa!" he barked.

The third guy on the bench quickly jumped out of his seat and stood stiffly. "Yes, Senpai?!"

"Front and center!"


Hayakawa—a short kid with dark brown hair and a 'Bring it on!' expression—eagerly followed his senior and did a fighting stance. "Oh, man, I am so ready! Let's do this, senpai! I am so, so, so—"

"Yeah, yeah, just shut up and hit me." Yukio did his own stance and beckoned the teen with one hand.

"HYAAAAAAAAAH!" Hayakawa swiftly rushed to the black-haired male and a combo with punches, kicks, and elbow thrusts. Yukio expertly blocked and redirected each, then counterattacked with hand jabs, knee thrusts, and roundhouse kicks. Grunts and yells both came from the two as they kept up with increasing speed and accuracy. The new students could only watch in awe. Moriyama and Kobori just shook their heads in amusement.

Meanwhile, Kise, Midorima, Kagami, and Aomine were still gawking and staring wide-eyed. In Ryouta's case, it was because of the total epic-ness Yukiocchi was displaying right now. In the other three's case, though, it was because they realized that one of the members of the geeky Glee Club known as Kasamatsu Yukio was actually a badass motherfucker. They all gaped some more as the two martial artists sparred.

Yukio managed to land a hit on the zealous brunette, and as soon as he was stumbling, the blue-eyed teen swiftly rushed forward and punched the guy's stomach. Hayakawa wheezed in pain and gently clutched his abdomen as he let himself fall sideways. "T-That was awesome, S-Senpai!" he shouted, tears pooling in his eyes but still admiring the blue-eyed teen above him.

Everyone cringed at the sight. But not Kise Ryouta. How could he? After all, the only thing he was looking at right now was the gorgeous profile of one Kasamatsu Yukio. There he was, leaning on one foot as he wiped sweat off his brow and panted heavily. Ryouta couldn't stop staring at the black beater, blue shorts, and wrist and ankle protectors the black-haired teen was sporting—showing off his lean limbs and flawless skin. He couldn't even stop staring at the sweat-drenched face of the guy. Nor at those intense and steel blue eyes of his.

... The spiky-haired boy smiled back at Ryouta and replied...

The blonde blushed at the sudden memory from lunchtime and could feel his heart racing from the adrenaline rush. No longer able to contain his glee and excitement, Ryouta rushed forward and yelled at the top of his voice. "YUKIOCCHIIIIIIIII~!"

Yukio halted in his steps as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. He slowly turned around to find the source of the noise. "What the fu—Oomph!"

The blue-eyed teen quickly fell backwards as a bouncing blonde ball of energy collided against him and hugged the living daylights out of him. Shocked, their audience could only gape first, before finally bursting into a fit of unabashed laughter. Yukio's best friends, along with Ryouta's, all chortled at the scene—which was Yukio flailing out of Ryouta's grip. Yukio's fellow students at the MMA school tried to hide their giggles. Moriyama and Kobori, on the other hand, were clapping.

As soon as his friends were laughing their asses off, Yukio finally realized that his attacker was none other than Kise Ryouta himself—also belatedly realizing that his friends had come for a visit and dragged the academy's heartthrobs along. He flailed and tried pushing him off—which only made the blonde hold on tighter and keep gushing at him.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh~! Yukiocchi, you were so amazing back there~! The way you punched that guy and—"


Everyone just laughed even harder. "We've been standing here for five minutes already, but you only notice us when Kise glomps you? That hurts, Yuu-chan," joked Kazunari, wiping a tear of joy.




As the seconds tick by, Yukio started getting more and more agitated by the babbling blonde and their current position. Until finally, he snapped.

Kazunari sobered up from his laughter as he recognized that seemingly-calm look of his best friend. "Oh boy. Here we go," he announced. Everyone else who personally knew Kasamatsu Yukio quieted down as they understood his words—leaving only the jocks in confusion.

"Three..." counted Kazunari.

Ryouta kept babbling and wiggling. Yukio's eye twitched.


Ryouta kept gushing about the blue-eyed teen's awesome moves. Said blue-eyed teen's eye twitched some more. He closed his eyes.


He opened them. And promptly gutted the blonde tennis player with a right upper-cut.

Several moments later, Kise Ryouta lay curled on his side next to Hayakawa, nursing his stomach but still praising his Yukiocchi, while an irate Kasamatsu Yukio sat on the bench next to Moriyama and Kobori, angrily gulping down water.

"I know it's bit too late to ask..." murmured Kagami to Takao. "But, is he always like this?", he asked, gesturing to the angry-looking Kasamatsu.

"Nah," answered Kazunari, chuckling. "Only when he's had a bad day. Am I right on that, Moriyama?"

"Yep," replied the black-haired teen next to Kasamatsu. "The new guys weren't up to his standards, so he's been really pissed ever since they started training today."

"Whose fault do you think that is?" retorted Yukio, glaring at the teen.

"Still, you're so awesome, Yukiocchi~!" coughed Kise, still brightly smiling at the glowering teen even though his stomach hurt like hell. "Who would've thought you actually practice martial arts and attended this school?"

"I know, right? Senpai's amazing!" agreed Hayakawa enthusiastically. He bowed—more like curled forward—at the blonde. "Name's Hayakawa Mitsuhiro, Kasamatsu-senpai's kouhai here at Kaijo! What's your name?"

"Kise Ryouta, Yukiocchi's schoolmate back at Kiseki no Sedai Academy~! Nice to meet you, Hayakawa-san~!" replied Ryouta, bowing as well even though they were both lying on the floor.

"You were pretty awesome, too, Kise-kun," remarked Moriyama as he and Kobori squatted down near the two. At the blonde's confused look, they chuckled and helped them in sitting up. "You're probably the first to actually bring Kasamatsu down."

The new students stifled their laughter as the memory was brought up. Until Yukio pinned them all with a withering glare, that is.

"I'm Moriyama Yoshitaka and this is Kobori Kouji. Nice to see someone else here besides Takao, Kuroko, and Sakurai," said the black-haired teen, waving at the three other unfamiliar faces next to Yukio's friends.

"Don't mind the Captain. He's just like that. Although you really should behave more around him," commented Kobori.

"'Captain'?" asked Ryouta.

"Kasamatsu, I mean. It's not exactly a title of his. It's just a nickname for him. 'Cause if we were actually a sports club in a school, then Kasamatsu would definitely become the captain," explained Kobori, smiling at the blonde.

"No, I wouldn't..." protested Yukio.

"Yes, you would," interjected a deep voice. "You're skilled, Kasamatsu-kun. Plus, you're a natural-born leader. If you were to join the Karate Club, you'd be the captain in no time."

Everyone turned to the owner of the voice. The Kiseki no Sedai athletes had to do a double-take.

"Takeuchi-sensei?!" said Midorima incredulously. Takeuchi Genta himself—their portly Japanese History teacher—was standing next to them inside a Mixed Martial Arts school several blocks from the academy.

"Midorima-kun, good to see you," greeted the large man. "I didn't realize you knew this place."

"This is our first time here, sir. But what about you, Sensei? What are you doing here?"

The rotund teacher just shrugged. "I'm the Karate Club's adviser. Plus, some of my students train here, so I come now and then to check on their progress, since the coaches here are old friends of mine."

"And you also keep on trying to draft me into your club," joked Yukio, putting his hands on his hips.

Takeuchi-sensei just laughed. "I can't help it, you know. You're one of the best students here, and you're a student at the academy, too. But, yes, I know, you already declined my offer ages ago, so I'm not going to pester you anymore. Just wanted to see your matches against my students, that's all."

"Well, the members of the Karate Club are brilliant, sir—if that's any consolation," remarked Yukio with a grin. He whirled around to face his fellow apprentices. "Who said you idiots could slack off?! I want you all sparring right now, you morons! Train and listen to your seniors, you hear me?!"

"SIR, YES, SIR!" shouted all the new students.

"At ease, Kasamatsu. This is a martial arts school, not the military," chuckled another deep voice. An old man stood next to Takeuchi and smiled at the blue-eyed teen.

"Well, how the hell do you expect me to deal with these nutjobs, Coach?" asked Yukio.

"Like this," replied the coach. "Ahem. GIVE ME 50 FUCKING LAPS, YA DINGBATS!"


The athletes of Kiseki no Sedai Academy stared in awe as the newbies of Kaijo Mixed Martial Arts School suddenly ran around the gym like their lives depended on it.

Yukio gave his coach a knowing grin. "Now that's how you do it," said the old man.

Takeuchi-sensei chuckled. "That sounds so familiar, you know," he said, turning to the blue-eyed teen. Yukio just shrugged. "What can I say? I learned from the best."

Kise stood right next to Yukio. "You're so awesome, Yukio—"

Kasamatsu promptly punched him in the stomach again. The blonde's friends rushed over as Ryouta crumpled to the floor once again. "Goldie? You alright, man?" asked Aomine, patting the blonde's cheek.

"I swear, you never learn, Kise," reprimanded Midorima. Ryouta just unconsciously sighed in bliss.

"I think he'll be fine, Midorima-kun," voiced Kuroko as they all stared at the tennis player-slash-model smiling strangely.

"Y-Yukio-san, that was too harsh..." frowned Sakurai, trying to placate the martial artist. Said martial artist just gave him an unbelieving look.

"Anyways, you're free to go, Kasamatsu-kun," said the coach. "Sorry you had to train those greenhorns today."

"No worries, Coach. It's part of the experience," replied Yukio. He clapped Kazunari's and Ryou's shoulder and jogged towards the locker room. "I'll just freshen up and get my stuff."

With Takeuchi-sensei and the old coach moving away to chat, the group of singers and jocks were left with Kasamatsu's colleagues. "So..." started Moriyama. "You guys in the Glee Club, too?"

Kagami turned away from his cringing blonde friend to address the black-haired teen. "Well, not exactly, but yeah, we're working for the Glee Club for now."

"They got into trouble. The punishment was working for us," explained Kazunari to Moriyama. "That's Kagami, that's Aomine over there, and this here is Shin-chan!"

"Midorima, actually," corrected Shintarou, glowering at the silvery-eyed teen. Moriyama and Kobori just laughed as Kazunari wiggled his brows at the green-haired teen.

"Moriyama-san? Kobori-san?" murmured a gravelly voice. The two martial artists looked down to find Kise Ryouta staring at them with a pained expression. "If you don't mind me asking, what's your sport exactly? You know, specifically, I mean."

The two—along with a grinning Hayakawa—stared at each other before beaming at the blonde. "I'm an Aikido practitioner, Kise-kun," answered Moriyama.

"I do Judo mainly," said Kobori.

"And I'm a Muay Thai fighter!" replied Hayakawa, pumping his fist in the air.

"Cool~!" commented Ryouta, amazed at Yukiocchi's fellow fighters.

"Alright, let's go." Kasamatsu reappeared; this time, already showered and in casual clothes.

"That was fast," remarked Kagami.

"Of course it was. I can't let this idiot spread lies about me, after all," retorted the steel blue-eyed teen, pointing his thumb at Takao as he finger-combed his damp hair.

"I love you, too, Yuu-chan," replied Kazunari dryly, rolling his eyes at the male.


Yukio stared down at the blonde lying on the floor, holding his stomach. "What martial art do you do, exactly?"

"He had asked us our specialty," clarified Moriyama, shrugging at the blue-eyed teen when he was given a questioning look.

"Oh," said Yukio. Frankly, he really didn't want to hurt the guy, seeing as they've only known each other for about two days, but with today's mishap plus Kise Ryouta annoying the hell out of him, it was very safe to say that the blonde idiot really deserved those two upper-cuts—one way or another. Plus, this was a good way in establishing a boundary between them. Like seriously, it was as if the guy didn't even know the meaning of 'personal space'! Yukio now definitely understood why Midorima always looked like he wanted to ditch the tennis player.

But now, gazing at the teen—with his golden amber eyes and that bright smile—Yukio felt the sudden urge to smile back at him and be cordial once again. I guess it wouldn't hurt to answer, at least...

The blue-eyed boy squatted down and offered a hand. "Well, since this is a Mixed Martial Arts School, of course I know a lot of them, but mainly..." he paused, getting up and pulling the blonde along with him. "... I'm a Taekwondo kickboxer," replied Yukio, offering a small smile at the blonde.

Ryouta's smile grew as he gazed at the blue-eyed teen, wobbling a little at the rush of blood. "That's so cool... Not only can you sing and dance, you can kick butts, too~!"

Yukio just chuckled. "Well, yeah, but this is only a hobby of mine. Which is why I never joined the Karate Club at our school. By the way, why are you guys here?" They started to leave the building; Yukio waving goodbye to his colleagues and reprimanding some of the newbies on the way.

"You said that we'll see you later, remember?" informed Kazunari with a smug look.

"I was expecting you three. I wasn't expecting them to show up, too," snapped Yukio, glowering at the grinning teen.

"Well, whatever. We're here now, and we should go home."

"So you're pretty good in a fight, huh?" asked Aomine as they neared the exit. "I wonder if Sakurai here can match up against you. He packs a wallop, you know."

Kasamatsu and Takao halted in their steps... before bursting into laughter. The jocks—especially Aomine—looked a bit confused. Sakurai, on the other hand, looked mightily embarrassed.

"What the hell is so funny?" queried Daiki, raising a brow.

"He punched you, didn't he?" said Yukio, gasping for air as he kept laughing. When the dark-skinned athlete just looked surprised, Kuroko decided to explain.

"Yukio-kun was the one who taught us self-defense. According to him, Ryou-kun would have to be his best student out of the three of us," said the blunette.

"He's got the best reflexes, I'll tell ya that!" added the blue-eyed teen.

"Oh god, now I get why your jaw looked so bruised!" laughed Takao, leaning against the doors of the building. Daiki and Ryou—both blushing from shame—hurriedly exited the place, while the rest of their friends—all snickering except in Yukio and Kazunari's case—just slacked behind.

"So why'd you do it, Ryou?" asked Yukio, still chuckling.

The brunette took a deep breath, trying to will away the heat on his face. "I panicked. I made a mistake. It was an accident. And I already apologized. So stop laughing and let's just leave it at that." He briskly turned and walked away, Aomine following suit—but not before glaring at his snickering friends.

They walked for a few moments, before the soccer player suddenly spoke up with a grin. "Well, I can't exactly say you punch like a girl."


Daiki just chuckled at the flustered teen. Behind them, they could hear the sounds of Kasamatsu and Takao still laughing.

"Oh, yeah, Yuu-chan. We'll be singing K-Pop songs next time~!"


"Are we going to buy milkshakes now?"

Taiga inserted the amount of money needed inside the vending machine's slot and pressed the number of the drink he wanted. After collecting his and the others' cans, he walked towards his friends, where they were already lounging about in a bench while gazing at the beautiful scenery of the entire city bathed in the red orange of the setting sun. The four Glee Club members had already parted with them when they came across an intersection.

"Maaaan... What a day," said Daiki, stretching his arms upwards.

"Not bad for the first Friday of the school year, if I may say so myself," remarked Shintarou.

"I'm getting hungry," voiced their redheaded friend, tossing the two their drinks. "Let's go to Maji Burgers!"

"We always go to Maji Burgers," retorted the green-haired archer, reflexively catching his can and opening it. "You should be thankful Akashi's alright with the place, what with us not being as rich as he is."

"Oh yeah, where is Akashi? I haven't seen him all week—and that's a miracle, you know. And Murasakibara, too. Where the hell are those guys?" asked the tall power forward.

"Have you forgotten already? Akashi went back home. He needed to oversee his family's company immediately, due to some problems with their contracts. Murasakibara went with him, since their families are business partners. They'll probably be back after a few more weeks," reminded Shintarou.

"Lucky bastards," interjected Daiki, taking a sip of his drink.

"Oh, right. He mentioned that before school started," commented Kagami.

"Don't tell me you forgot about Himuro being away, too?" mocked the green-haired teen. To which the redheaded Taiga vehemently protested.

"Of course not! I was there to see him off at the airport when he had to go back to the States for a while, you know!"

Shintarou just rolled his eyes. "At least you remembered that one."

The basketball forward glared at him, before his soccer ace best friend posed a question. "Tsuya will be back in a few weeks, too , right?" asked Daiki.

"Yeah. Just gotta take care of some family matters, too, like Akashi," answered Taiga. The three fell silent as they continued with their drinks, appreciating the view of the city.

"... They're gonna flip when they get back," voiced Taiga knowingly, referring to their suspension. Shintarou and Daiki silently agreed.

Suddenly, a low rumbling could be heard. "Okay, now I really am hungry," announced the redhead. "Let's go!"

As the three turned to leave, the dark-skinned Daiki noticed their blonde friend still staring into the distance. "Oi, Kise! You coming?" he called. But the blonde just stood silently, leaning against the railing as he stared far away into the scenery.

The three glanced at each other, wondering what on earth was wrong with the hyperactive teen. He had been quiet the whole time, ever since they had split up with the other four Second-Years. Finally, Ryouta spoke up.

"Guys... I..." paused Ryouta hesitantly, pushing away from the railing. "... I think I'm in love."

The three other jocks—who had been sipping away, waiting for a reply—promptly spat out their drinks. At gaped at the blonde. After several moments, Shintarou was the first to find his voice.

"… Oh, you have got be fucking kidding me."

To be continued...


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