"So you ready to settle this, once and for all?" Monroes gun was aimed towards Miles' head and poised to shoot. He stared intently at him, perhaps he thought he could read minds or something?

Miles pushed me backwards where I found Nora. I'd missed her, hadn't seen her since the night she was captured by Monroe. Her bruises and scars had healed and she embraced me, squeezing me tightly.

"You okay?" She asked.

"No, are you okay?" I smiled. I hadn't been this happy in a long time.

We hugged again. Nora looked better than ever. She seemed sprightly and full of life.

"A scientist helped me out of the prison, instead of killing me he saved my life."

"What, that's amazing!"

"What happened to you?"

"Ohh, Monroe locked me in a cell for 28 odd days while you were there. It was so I wouldn't interfere or something."

"Scarlett, I'm so happy to see you!"

"I can't believe you're still alive!"

"I'm a fighter! And you are too!"


We both popped our heads round the shelving unit in which we hid behind. Miles had hidden to a side and Monroe had moved backwards into a corner.

A group of people in grey uniforms made their way towards us, disrupting the boys stand off.

The stared at each other, darting their eyes.






I looked back to the group in grey who now lay dead on the matching coloured floor beneath them.

Nora grabbed my hand and we ran away.

Sprinting towards the back of the room we found a door.

Shoving it open we ran inside.

It led to a drainage system which was flooded with water.

"What the hell." Miles exclaimed.

I looked from left to right. We had no other way of getting out.

"You first, dick." Miles gestured, his hands scarred and covered in someone else's blood.

One by one, we slowly edged over the pipes which kept us from falling in the dark, swirling waters below. I'd never been keen on swimming and the thought of being swallowed whole in this dingy, damp room made me feel queasy.

I grabbed Nora's hand as she was infront of me. We were almost at the other side, I took in a deep breath to calm my nerves.

Halfway across.

Toe by toe I edged closer to the other side of the sewer.

Zwooomh Bang

A shot from the monster of a gun caused the pipe to break causing us all to fall Into the waters below. It laughed as we fell, trying to swallow us.

I clawed my way to the top of the water but it flowed so rapidly it pushed me deeper and deeper.

I couldn't breath.

Scrambling, I forced myself upwards only to be pushed down again.

I inhaled while I was in deep.

Big mistake.

My insides convulsed as I was flung from side to side in this pit.

It was time to give up.

As I let myself fall deep into the waters clutches, something began to pull me upwards.

I found a side to cling to and gasped for air.

Nora had saved me!

"Miles!" She repeatedly shouted.

"Dad!" I cried.

"It's no use!" I shouted over the rapids. "They're gone!"

"Let's get outta here!" We clambered out of the water and made our way to safety.

We walked aimlessly around the tunnels for what seemed like hours . Each tunnel looked the same, grey and dark. I wanted to speak but didn't want to interrupt Nora's thoughts. Her eyes had been clouded over when we spoke earlier. Perhaps she was just in a reflective mood.

We heard voices and hid behind the wall. Peaking round we found Rachel, Charlie and Aaron who all smiled upon seeing us. Charlie sprinted forward and embraced Nora while I ran up and hugged Rachel.

"Hey, we've been looking everywhere for you." Nora said, clearly exhausted.

"Where's Miles?" Rachel asked letting go of me.

"We were in the water system and we got separated. We have no idea where they are and if he is alive or not." I replied.

We walked through the tunnels together. Nora and Rachel led while I stayed behind.

"How are you?" I asked.

"As good as it can be really."

"Ohh, anything I need to be worried about?"

"Apart from your dad being a psycho then no, I guess."

"Ohh." Well that was sufficiently awkward.

We approached an opening eventually showing a group of people surrounding a door.

"There's the stairwell door down to 12." Rachel whispered while we all peeped through the vent that covered us.

"Why are we going down to 12?" I asked.

"So we can turn the power on. For everyone." Rachel replied.

"Except for all those maniacs down there it seems perfect." Charlie nodded in agreement to what Aaron said.

"How do we get past?" She asked after.

After a moment of silence Nora responded. "I think I have an idea."

We crept out of the vent. Step by step Nora and Rachel shuffled forward and set up a trip wire between us and the group of people surrounding the door. This wire was connected to canister of some sort and once the wire was touched or knocked, it would release a huge fireball down the corridor.

I ducked behind the wall by Aaron and Charlie while they set up. Nora intricately weaved the wire from the wall, through the vent and onto the canister as Rachel secured it. Once back we waited.

"Nice try Rachel." A voice called down the corridor. Obviously the group had noticed the wire.


As the footsteps got closer, we panicked. Nora grabbed the closest thing, which turned out to be a fire extinguisher and flung it into the wire.

Duck! We all hid as the fireball consumed the group waiting to kill us.

Bang Zwooomh.

Eventually we rose.

Nora had been shot and collapsed against a wall. Charlie and I ran to her aid.

Her breathing was heavy. As she gently unclasped her hands from her wound, it showed the extent of the damage the gun had done.

We all crowded around and held the wound tightly,

"It's not working, maybe if we had the right mess or something ..."

"Aaron there's no time. They're back where Grace was."Charlie interrupted.

We picked Nora up and moved her into the closest room. Aaron, Charlie and I tended to Nora while Rachel was on the lookout.

"There's militia. A lot of them." She spoke.

"How did they get down here?" I asked.

"We go to the infirmary we might not make it back." Rachel retorted.

"If we don't go Nora's going to bleed out. They lock those barrack doors, we need that key card." Charlie exclaimed.

"I need the key card to get to the twelfth floor."


"The door is right there. Stay here with Nora."

"By the time you go and come back Nora's going to be dead." Charlie rose from where we'd been crouching. "This isn't an either or. We save Nora, then we can go turn the lights on."

"Your mums right." Nora piped up. "We can't risk it, we have to get down there while we still can."

"Give me the key card." Charlie went to grab the card from Rachel.


"This is the rebels only chance." Nora pleaded.

"I said no." Charlie's mood had changed dramatically. "How many more people have to die for this?"

"We're doing this for Danny."

"Dannys dead Rachel." I piped up. "And nothing is bringing him back."

"It breaks my heart but she's right. He's gone and he's not coming back." Charlie replied. "But I'm here, your daughters standing right in front of you."

Charlie looked to me. "And Scarlett is like Dannys replacement. She's here too. We're alive and we're asking for your help."

"Lock the door, I'll be back." Charlie began to well up. "I promise. Aaron you need to come with me. I don't have Warrants journal. It's your code, I need you for the computers. Come with me. Please."

"This is what you came here for. Now go." I took Aaron's spot and held the wound tightly, blood pouring over my hands.

Rachel and Aaron made towards the door while Charlie looked on. Her body had slumped as if she'd given up hope.

After they'd left, silence pursued.

"You should've gone with your mum." Nora spoke, exhaling loudly to help with the pain.

"Nah, you two are much more fun." Charlie replied.

We all chuckled. But we weren't laughing at the joke. We were laughing in fear. Nora was going to die but we couldn't help her. We were totally helpless, sat in a nothingness which would consume Nora but not us.

"Aaahhh!" The cry of pain ricochet through the room, vibrations of the walls.

She fell into me and I cradled her. Charlie rushed over and shushed her so we weren't heard.

The door knob began to rotate left and right.

"Someone's coming!" I whispered.

Charlie ran behind the door. I pushed Nora's hand onto her side and slid by her.

As he door was shoved open, a man aimlessly walked In. He glared strangely at the woman in pain.

That didn't last long.

Charlie threw a metal container at his head while I jumped on his back, causing his gun to fall and shoot at the ceiling.

He ran backwards towards the wall and shoved me into it. As I fell, he picked up my head and flung me towards the next wall.


I kicked back but he moved very little. He came at Charlie next, he tried strangling her. I was so disorientated I couldn't help plus Nora was in crippling pain and would not be able to move without he blood pouring like red silk out of her side.

A sudden clink caught our attention.

"Miles." I exhaled.

His blade had slid into the soldiers neck and pulled sideways. Down he went. Nora caught his attention.

"Rachel's gone down to Level 12." She choked. "Militias everywhere. You have to go help her."

"We need some meds."

"Listen, there's an infirmary but it's locked."

"Then we'll bust it open."

"Listen to me!" Nora cried. "Go. Go and get the power on."

Miles head shook slightly. "No. I'm not leaving you."

"You have to. Miles, Rachel needs you."

There was a pause. I tried getting up but felt pinned to the table I was thrown on. Miles tried to make eye contact with the dying woman.

"Look at me. I'm not leaving you."

We knew what we had to do. Miles scooped up Nora and carried her out the crimson room. Charlie was at the front with a gun and I was behind. We needed Nora.

Sweat trickled down her forehead. She forced a smile but couldn't handle it.

"How much further?" Miles enquired forcefully.

"It's just up ahead." Charlie replied, determined to save her friend.

"Miles ..." I looked at Nora whose eyes were slowly drooping.

"Oh no no no." We placed her on the floor.

She was gone. Taken in her prime.

Charlie and I welled up with tears. Another one down. Miles hung over her simply whispering 'come back to me.'

It was no use. I slowly dropped to my knees and buried my face in my hands.

Another one. How many people have to die for this?

Miles simply did not speak yet sniffled by her as Charlie stood guard.

I rubbed my soggy eyes into my dirty palms.

Please be a dream. Someone wake me up.

No one could hear me. I couldn't hear anyone.

"Level 12. Now." Miles shouted.

We sprinted down the closest stairs leaving our emotions on the eleventh floor. Once down we approached a gun shot massacre. Everyone was shooting. To my surprise we were joined by Neville, Jason and some of my Dads men.

Rachel, Aaron and I sprinted ahead. She led us to more doors which were key coded and activated them for us. One by one we ran in.

It was just another room with these things called computers and lights without candles.

"Nora..." Rachel said.

"She's dead." Charlie added. She walked ahead.

We walked deeper into this area. The deep shadows were scared away by the lights from the desktops. The blue maps shone for a distance and caught my eyes.

Aaron darted straight ahead and sat at the largest desk with the most screens around it. He mumbled as he typed several numbers and words. What was going on?

No one made eye contact. We all sat in silence waiting for Aaron to either make a stupid comment or tell us what he was doing.

I was deep in thought when a small constant beeping noise awoke me. Slowly the room became alive. The bright lights from the ceiling above shone white and blinded my eyes.

"It worked."

The monitors came alive with maps and films of what people were doing and how they reacted. Some hugged, some ran, some stared into the sky for answers.

No one reacted as greatly as the films did. They all continued to avoid eye contact.

"Sorry about Nora." Rachel uttered.


Someone was on our level.

"Randall?" What was that creature doing here?

"Thank you so much for doing that!" He smiled. "You know me and computers!" He waved his hands. "All thumbs!"

"I don't get it." I whispered.

"You know, I knew it would be you or Grace to help me cross the finish line! But your portly friend came though quite nicely."

"What are you talking about?"

"Why do you think I wanted to get down to level 12? It's what I needed. And you ... You did it."

Randall laughed as Miles tried to break through the glass containing us.

"You .. You want the power on for everyone?"

"No ... Not for everyone. For this."

He turned around and began playing with the brightly coloured buttons and dials on the desk in front of him.

"Randall! Just stop. Let's talk about this!"

"When you burn down the old, you let knew things grow."

Miles tried shooting the glass. Nothing.

"What are you doing?" I asked, getting a bit panicky.

"Launching missiles at Atlanta and Philadelphia." He shot a big red button in front of him. "There. There's not turning back."

"So why did you need Monroe?" I asked.

"To get him down here to activate this! Hopefully he didn't die in the lightening." I frantically banged on the glass with Rachel now as Mieks and Charlie tried breaking through.

"You think I gave two craps about Monroe? I just wanted Monroe to wipe out Georgia then I'd wipe out Monroe. And after that the east coast is wide open. After all, our great nation must be united. A house divided among itself cannot stand."

"What are you saying?" Charlie said.

"I'm a patriot Mathesons." He slowly drew a gun and shot himself in the head.

We couldn't get in. He couldn't get out. And missiles were on there way to destroy Philly and Atlanta.

"We got to get in there! We've gotta get in!"

We all stared on at the screen predicting the time of death of two nations. The people who would die would have no idea what would be going one. Many would be with their families or praying for the power to stay on.

All would be happy.

But we wouldn't be. We would watch them die. Dying with hope is worse than dying without.

A slow tear trickled down my cheek. In trying to bring power to the people we've bought death and destruction. How would we ever fix this?

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