Rachel was about to step into the shower when she heard someone knocking on the door. Kurt and Santana were out, so she quickly put on her bathrobe and opened the door. Quinn was standing in front of her with a sort of amused face while looking at her up and down. Rachel suddenly felt conscious, so she pulled the robe tighter.

"Hi Quinn. Not that I'm not glad to see you here, but what are you doing here?"

"To see that shock look on your face," Quinn answered playfully, but then added, "I woke up very early today and I have a free Sunday, so I thought of using my pass. Besides I kinda enjoy using that one and half hour train ride to read my book." Rachel was still standing at the door and thought the answer was pretty lame. "Umm …can I come in?"

"Oh, of course, sorry," Rachel stepped aside to let Quinn walked in.

"Where's Santana and Kurt?"

"They're both out last night and haven't come home. Not sure what time they'll be back though. Why don't you give them a call?"

"Nah, it's okay." Quinn plopped on the couch. "Do you want to go out for brunch?"

Rachel thought that Quinn was acting quite strange, "Umm … sure. Let me have a shower first."


About an hour later, Rachel was ready to go out. They didn't go far though, just to a restaurant a few blocks down the street. They kept the conversation simple and light throughout the whole meal. Rachel let Quinn dictated the whole conversation because she really didn't know what to think of all this.

After brunch, they went for a walk around the blocks.

"I don't know what to make of you," Rachel suddenly blurted out.

"Hmm?" Quinn was shocked with Rachel's sudden burst.

"Like, you just turned up and … acted like …" Rachel found it hard to even finish the sentence. "It's like a minefield."

"Minefield?" Quinn looked puzzled.

"Yes, like minefield, I don't know which way to go. I'm afraid the mines will blow up in the next turn."

Quinn stayed quiet and continued to walk.

"You know how I feel about you. You said that you don't want anything more than friendship between us, and yet here you are. I mean, I know we're friends before, but now, there's just something different. Like, you … want to be closer to me? But why?"

"The yearning to be near you, I do what I have to do," Quinn quirked an eyebrow.

Rachel laughed. That line was so familiar to her now. She had listened to the song over and over again. She remembered every lines by heart.

"What's your intention with that song?"

"What do you understand of it?"

Rachel thought about it, "That even if you like me, it's not enough for you to cross that boundary."

Quinn sighed. "I think it's more complicated than that," she said softly.

"Why do you like to say that?" Rachel felt frustrated of having to hear the word 'complicated' being used so many times.


"That it's complicated. Nothing good in life should come easy."

"I think life is complicated enough that you don't want to add more complication to it."

Rachel huffed; trading words with Quinn could be very frustrating.

"Well, what word would you use then to describe this? Me?"

Rachel looked deeply into Quinn's eyes and said, "Intoxicated."

Quinn chuckled and blushed, which in turn made Rachel blushed too. She couldn't believe that she just said that to Quinn.

"But I still don't understand all this. I thought that you'd be freaked out or something and will run away from me, but instead you did just the opposite. But then you don't want anything. So, color me confused then."

Quinn sighed, "Do you remember Alex?"

"That guy I met in Yale the last time I was there?"

"Yeah, he's like my closest guy friend during freshmen year. But then he had to ruin it by telling me that he has feelings for me."

"Oh, when was this?"

"Some time last year. My point is, after he told me, it turned me off, even for the friendship. Then I became sort of a bitch towards him." Rachel quirked her eyebrows, "I know, it's bad of me. I guess it annoyed me that he has feelings for me when all I want is friendship. Wait, I've lost my point." Rachel laughed, which made Quinn smile. She stopped walking and looked at Rachel, "My point is, I didn't do that to you."

"So why is that?"

Quinn took a while to answer it, but the only thing that came out was, "I don't know."

Then she turned around and continued walking. Rachel looked exasperated. Quinn confused her so much that she felt like strangling her.

Quinn suddenly turned around and asked her, "Hey, do you want to go to Met Museum?"

They spent the rest of the afternoon at the Met Museum and were currently having pizza for dinner at Central Park. They were sitting on the grass and finishing off the last of the pizza.

Rachel suddenly asked, "Can I see your right hand?"

Quinn showed her right hand and Rachel examined her palm. "What are you looking for?"

"Your life line, to see whether you'll live long enough."

Quinn chuckled, "And?"

"Yeah, I think you'll live long enough."

"What about you?"

Rachel showed Quinn her palm. "It's this line," she pointed to the life line.

"So, what does it mean?"

"My life line's as long as yours, so I'll say we live long enough."

"Well, that's good to know." Quinn smiled at her, the kind of smile that made her heart fluttered. Then Quinn aligned her right hand with Rachel's left hand, "Hey, our hands are identical."

Rachel was about to disagree, but for some reason, their hands clasped together almost at their own accord. Rachel somehow couldn't control her next action. She brought their hands towards her lips and kissed Quinn's knuckles. Quinn's face turned so red that she felt her ears burning. Rachel noticed what she did and she looked at Quinn who was staring at her with such an intense gaze.

"I'm sorry." She released their hands. Quinn sat straight and picked up the pizza box.

"It's okay." As she stood up, she added, "I don't mind," and gave Rachel a flirty smile.

Rachel couldn't move, she was completely floored with Quinn's reaction. She thought Quinn would be running a mile away by now, but instead there she was looking at her funnily.

"Rachel, do you just want to sit there? We have to move. My train's leaving soon."

They're back at Grand Central Station. The station wasn't as busy as other nights, so they found a quiet corner to sit. But before long, it was already time for Quinn to leave. They hugged goodbye as usual, but this time the hug seemed tighter and longer. As they were releasing each other's hold, Rachel whispered, "Can I kiss you?"

Quinn blushed and laughed, "Give me time." The train was about to part, so Quinn quickly made her way in. "Bye Rachel."

"Bye Quinn." Rachel waved as the train started moving. She wasn't quite sure what happened today. Everything seemed so surreal. She was sure when she wakes up tomorrow that this day would seem like a dream, a very good dream.