Rachel was anxious. She was tapping the table quite rigorously. After a while, that action seemed to irritate her. So she stood up and walked from one corner of the apartment to the other while constantly looking at her watch. It was not because Quinn was late; she knew Quinn would not have gotten there after only calling her about 10 minutes ago from the car rental place. It was just that she couldn't believe the situation that she was about to put herself in. Why did I say yes to this?

They were about to go off camping over the weekend, to the same place that they went to before with Kurt and Santana, but she didn't have them now to distract her or to stop her from doing anything that she shouldn't do. She didn't feel good about this. She was about to spend the whole weekend alone with Quinn. It was hard enough to be around her for a few hours, and now she was subjecting herself to a constant exposure of Quinn.

Rachel plopped on the couch and ran her hands through her hair. Her phone rang and it gave her a jolt. She saw Quinn's name on the screen. She took a deep breath and tried to control her voice so that she didn't sound scared.


"Hey, I'm downstairs."

"Okay, I'll come down in a bit."

Rachel hung up the call and took another deep breath.

"Let's do this," she pumped herself up.

The drive to the camping site wasn't as stressful as Rachel thought it would be. Quinn was really cheerful. Sometimes she looked at Quinn and she couldn't believe that this was the same person that used to make fun of her in school. It's weird how things turn out.

They finally arrived at their cabin, but this time Quinn had book a cabin with just one room with a queen bed. Rachel had thought of their possible sleeping arrangement, but she thought there would be two rooms. Standing there looking at that one bedroom made her felt awkward, so she busied herself by putting food in the fridge. She saw Quinn went into the bedroom to put her bag. Then she came out and grabbed a pack of chips from their food bin.

"Sorry I forgot to tell you that it's just one room. I booked quite last minute and this was the only cabin available."

"Oh that's fine. I can sleep on the couch."

"What? Don't be silly. There's plenty of room in there." Quinn said while eating her chips.

"You don't mind?"


"Okay," Rachel smiled. She should learn to be less awkward because Quinn looked relaxed with the whole situation.

"So, what's for dinner?" Quinn looked at her expectantly.

After dinner, they sat outside for a little while to do some stargazing but it was getting too chilly, so they quickly settled back inside and sat in front of the fire place. They talked about high school and how much they were both missing the Glee club. So they planned to gather everyone during the holidays for some Christmas caroling. Rachel wanted to start Hanukkah caroling too and Quinn didn't want to argue, so she just agreeing to her. Then Rachel saw that Quinn was yawning and looking pretty tired.

"You must be tired, with the train ride and doing all the driving."

"Yeah, I guess so. I'll go get ready for bed then."

Quinn went into the room to grab her sleeping attire and toiletries and went into the bathroom. Rachel took that time to change to her sleeping attire. She looked at the bed and wondered which side she should take. Quinn came out from the bathroom a few minutes later, so it was Rachel's turn to use the bathroom. She took her time to brush her teeth and wash her face. She didn't do her usual night routine because that would take one hour. When she walked back into the room, Quinn had turned off the lights except for the bed lamp on the left side of the bed. Quinn had already taken the right side of the bed. I guess I'm taking the left side then.

Rachel slipped into her side of the bed and turned off the bed lamp. She turned to look at Quinn who was lying on her back with her eyes closed, so she thought that Quinn must have fallen asleep. Rachel closed her eyes too, but then she heard Quinn's voice.

"How do you think your life in France will be like?"

Rachel opened her eyes and saw that Quinn was looking at her.

"I don't know. Different. For one thing I'll be surrounded by French speaking people. That would be quite interesting." Rachel thought a bit more about the school that she was going to attend, "Or maybe I will still be surrounded by English speaking people," she said unsurely.

Quinn giggled and turned on her side to face Rachel.

"Are you going to miss New York?"

Rachel turned to face Quinn too. "Yes, I will miss New York."

"Are you going to miss Lima?"

Rachel laughed, "For some odd reason, I will miss Lima too."

Quinn smiled and said playfully, "Are you going to miss me?"

Rachel answered her seriously, "I will always miss you." Rachel felt bold all of a sudden and leaned in to kiss Quinn's forehead. She lied back down on her pillow and asked Quinn, "Can I ask you a question?"

Quinn laughed, "You already did."

Rachel laughed too and rolled her eyes, "Okay, can I ask you two questions?"

Quinn nodded, "Yes."

Rachel asked tentatively, "Do you mind if I do this?" But she didn't move.

"Do what?" Quinn wondered.

Rachel covered Quinn's eyes with her left hand and Quinn didn't seem to mind. Rachel then slowly leaned in and pressed her lips softly on Quinn's lips for a split second. She moved back to her side and lifted her left hand that was covering Quinn's eyes. She was afraid that Quinn would look at her angrily, but instead she was smiling.

Quinn slowly licked her lips and said, "I don't mind if you do that again."

Rachel thought about it for a second, and then she leaned in again and pressed her lips on Quinn's, but this time Quinn was kissing her back. That shocked her and she quickly broke the kiss.

She looked at Quinn curiously, "You're kissing back."

"Yeah," Quinn looked confused. Wasn't that what I'm supposed to do?

"You're not supposed to kiss me back."

"Why not?" Quinn was really confused now.

"Because … because …" Rachel wasn't even sure what her reasoning was. It was hard to think when their faces were just a few inches apart. She got really lost in those hazel eyes.

Then she leaned down again to kiss Quinn that instantly kissed her back. Some things were really out of Rachel's control at times, like her tongue that had somehow sneaked out to lick Quinn's lips. Quinn was stunned with that new addition and broke the kiss.

"Sorry," Rachel said shyly and she lied back on her side.

Quinn was looking at her with a lustful look. "It's okay." Quinn's voice had also dropped a few octaves. Then she pulled Quinn over and kissed her again and instantly snaked her tongue into Quinn's mouth. Quinn was such a tease with her tongue that it was driving Rachel wild. Suddenly Quinn bit her tongue a bit too hard.

"Aww," Rachel grimaced.

"Sorry," Quinn looked at her guiltily.

Once they had broken the kiss, only then that Rachel realized that Quinn's right leg had somehow ended up in between her legs.

"How did your leg end up there?" Rachel wondered.

Quinn also had only noticed it when Rachel asked the question. So she moved her leg away. "I don't know. I didn't do anything."

Rachel stopped herself from wondering too long and went back to kissing Quinn. Quinn noticed that Rachel had somehow dragged her leg to rest in between Rachel's legs. Then Rachel started to rub slowly on her leg. Quinn felt the temperature rise exponentially in the room, or maybe it was her body temperature, and she felt very thirsty.

She broke the kiss, "I'm thirsty." She was almost panting.

Rachel left and came back with a glass of water. She handed it to Quinn who quickly gulped it down.

"You're okay?" Rachel tried to hide her smile. Quinn looked so cute with her hair all messed up. She handed Rachel the empty glass. "More?" Quinn nodded.

Rachel came back with another glass of water. Quinn gulped it down just as fast.

"You're so cute." Quinn glared at her while she drank the water. Even Quinn's glared had become cute to Rachel too. Quinn handed her back the glass. "More?" Rachel asked unsure. Quinn shook her head. Rachel set the glass down on the floor. "Maybe we should sleep." Quinn nodded. It looked like she had lost the ability to speak.

Rachel lied down on her side of the bed.

"Good night," Quinn said before turning to face the other side.

"Good night." Rachel wondered how tomorrow would be like.