Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak

'A friend, a lover... sometimes is a hug all you need from them.'

Just a hug

In the basement of the new club Verdant in the Glades, Oliver Queen, playboy billionaire, the vigilantly or The Hood, was training again, without a shirt. He was doing push-ups with one hand when Felicity Smoak, busts in.

Oliver looks up, her hair is frazzled and she looks like she's just seen Harry Potter flying around on his broomstick. He gets up from the floor and walks to Felicity.

She is pacing around, before turning around sharp, only to come face to face with Oliver's broad, scared chest.

He holds her by her shoulders, looking at her with a concerned face. 'Whoah...everything okay, Felicity?' Asks Oliver with his hands still on her shoulders. He can see that she is flustered but chooses to ignore that fact.

'Wha..ye..ahh...Hii..' Felicity tries to say, it's a bit difficult to not get distracted when the Oliver Queen is walking around shirtless. She blushes a bit.

'Hi.' Oliver says with his smile. 'So, what's going on?' He asks gently leading her to her chair. Before Felicity has time to answer Oliver has already gotten a chair himself and is sitting very close to her, holding her hands softly. He looks her in the eyes and waits patient for her to start talking.

'Well, you know how the weather is rainy and when it rains you get wet and then cold and on top of that it's also windy... But of course you wouldn't know that, because you always have someone to drive you around, not that you are spoiled or something I mean you are just very rich...' Felicity starts to ramble.

Oliver smiles a bit shaking his head, sometimes she just doesn't stop talking at all. It's actually very cute to see, how she begins to ramble when she's nervous.

'Felicity.' He tries to interrupt her.

'But then again, on that island I don't think you had a car or someone to drive you around, so you must know how much rain can irritate a person.' Felicity is still rambling.

'Felicity.' He says a little harder now.

'Yes.' She asks with a small voice, a blonde curl falls over her eyes. Oliver gently puts the curl behind her ear, while his hand lingers there he asks 'You know you can tell me about your day right?'

'Yes of course, you told me I could...' She answers.

'So, tell me about you day.' He replies to her, still holding her hands.

Felicity takes a deep breath before she start telling Oliver about her day. 'Okay, at work my boss became mad at me that I didn't do enough, because I'm working on all these projects for you, don't feel sorry, I want to work on those projects for you, but because I do my actual job got a bit neglected and he fired me... then when I cleaned my office or actually your office, because you know you're my boss so my office it actually your office...' Felicity starts again...

'You cleaned your office.' Oliver interrupts her rambling.

'Ow yes sorry, back to the story.. So I cleaned my or your office and went home, then my car didn't work and I had to walk all the way home.. and while I was walking it started raining, not just a little rain, no a lot of rain. So I started running and then this guy bumps against me and I fall on the ground. My glasses fell off and I can only see a blur of someone stealing my purse...' Felicity tells, starting to sniffle a bit.

'That guy knows everything about me now, my address, he has my phone, my keys everything.' She sniffles a bit looking down.

'So, I got fired, I got soaked and I got robbed...' A tear falls down her cheek.

Oliver brushes the tear away with his thumb, and cups her cheek.

'Listen to me, for your work, I'm sorry that you got fired because of your work here but I can speak to your boss or I can actually pay you for the work you do for the hood. For getting soaked I also know something, I have a spare shirt and some sweats here, you can change into that. And for your purse, I will have a new security system set at your apartment, the locks will be changed and tonight I will sleep on your couch... tomorrow we are going to get you a new purse with a matching tablet, alright? Oliver proposes.

Felicity sniffles a bit more. 'Yeah... Thank you Oliver.' She says.

"No problem." He says smiling. 'Now come here.'

And Oliver's pulls her in a hug. His strong arms around her waist, and her arm around his neck. Her head pressed against his shoulder as she seeks his warmth...

'Thank you.' Felicity says again with her head pressed against his shoulder.

Sometimes you just need a hug.

This is my first arrow fanfic, I love the show. I hope you liked the story, English is not my first language so I'm sorry for the possible grammar mistakes. Should I continue this story? Tell me what you think please!

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