Chapter 1: Chapter 1



Here he stands gazing upon the ash and dust which was once considered a great village within a great nation. Screams of war and terror echoes uproariously beyond the boundaries of hope as fire rages on throughout the village. Nothing can be done as their fate was once foretold to be prevented. An explosion booms thunderously as buildings collapse to ashes and dust killing the inhabitants. They didn't see it coming when they least expected to. Their eyes plead mercy as they bow down to dismiss their hopeless end. Then, Lighting cackles in the dark skies over the burning village followed by spontaneous electrifying strikes raining the innocents. Screams of cries, screams of mercy, screams of grief, screams of despair, and screams of terror. It all can be clearly heard with his ears under his blond hair as it sways with the wind. Blood and steel tainted the street as a child stands crying in grief over the bodies of his wellspring. Steel and flesh sizzles and tumbles across the village littering the once peaceful streets with blood. Death waits at every corner along with war raging cries animalistic in the bloodied streets.

His electrifying yet terrifying blue eyes gaze at the distance upon the scorching village. His eyes show a long and unspoken tale of the past. His whiskered face is undeniably spine-chilling if stared for too long. His dark blue headband glides with the wind as the metal protector carved showing a symbol of a whirlpool. His tribal tattooed arms engraved with stunning detailed patterns. His fingers and nails tainted by dried blood of his enemies. His boots coated in scars and tainted soil. His dark blue armoured vest covered in tears and blood of his own and theirs. Pair of unique blades on his strapped on his back in the safety their sheaths. What unknown power contained in the blades is horrifyingly immeasurable. However, the blond himself is the who one stands out.
The man sat down on one of the five figureheads of the once great leaders of the village. The earth rumbles once again as another fiery explosion thunders across in the distance. Their blood burns along with their flesh reducing to nothing but ashes. He stared down at his bloodied hand forgetting to cleanse it. He held out his hand over the village then tightly clenches his mighty fist leaking blood out his skin. His blood drip to the surface followed by a massive sudden unearthed crater in the middle of the village where his palm was once positioned. His once blue eyes turn into a swirl forming a distinct looking pattern and colour with 9 commas. He clasps his palms together and muttered softly, washed by the gusting wind.

"Chibāku Tensei!"

A small black ball of energy floats away from his palm into the sky humming a sharp tune above the unsuspecting village. The inhabitants started to notice the soil unearthing from its nature into the sky followed by pebbles to large rocks floating upwards. Soon they realized the very solid ground they are standing upon are floating. The earth shakes violently as an earthquake erupts tremendously as pieces of the earth floats into the sky above the dark clouds. Observers stare at the thundering clouds confused where had the soil gone to. Soon, the clouds opens up to reveal the end of their time. The formed meteorite impacted in the middle of village causing a devastating shockwave followed by a blinding white light.