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It was close to dawn when the trio reached the rolling calm river. They didn't encounter much complication other than Shiraishi's grumbling stomach. Naruto thought since the lizard was able to handle things on his own; he might at least find food for himself. In hindsight, Shiraishi should have eaten the mutated animals he fought but instead, he took a flaming shit. Other than his misfortune, Amena has yet to be awaken from overdosing her ocular power but Shiraishi assured them that her body is in fatigue and she simply need a much needed rest which gave them high hopes of.

Shiraishi laid Amena on a patch of grass at the edge of the forest while Kina checks on her vital signs. Gazing away, Naruto stretched his senses and detects no opposition teams nearby but found a few which are too far off to know their location. Then out of nowhere, Naruto got alarmed when he felt a small sudden burst of menacing chakra surging at a distance. The same chakra…

"You felt that didn't you?" Shiraishi said telepathically. "Go on, I'll take care of the ladies for you…" The dragon poked his chest and Naruto felt like as if that his exhaustion was washed away into the sea.

Naruto's eyes bulged out at the wave of energy flowing through his vines. "Dude, what did you do to me?"

The dragon quirked his lips forming a smirk. "It's only temporary, now go and get it on with it." Naruto nodded and leap away.

Kina who noticed his absence face towards the friendly lizard. "He'll be back…" Then something large caught his reptilian eyes. "Hey, is that an alligator or a crocodile?"

The blond shinobi leap from tree to tree as he scans the huge swamp cautiously with piercing gaze. The chakra burst which lingered had disappeared but he managed pin-point its exact location. He jumps through the foliage when another malicious surging chakra caught his attention. He narrows his eyes and made a single clone. Both simply nodded without a single word then goes separate ways. The original boost his speed up ferociously when he sensed Anko fighting someone. Alarmed, he pushes forward.

Line Break

Anko sneered in disgust as her former sensei immobilise her against a tree. She thought she had him and wanted to take him down with her by using a Double Suicide Technique but to no avail, his cunningness caused her to be restricted. She was so overwhelmed by her foolishness that she thought she could take his life which caused her to fight blindly. She didn't even once think of his abilities which grew over the years as well as her own. Her eyes sharply glare at him with hatred as the snake man stand over her with a wicked gaze and the painful sensation on her neck began burning.

"Fufufufufufu, that was such an incredible bold move Anko-chan. To think you were willing to sacrifice yourself to kill me is…simply remarkable." Orochimaru tenderly grab her cheek which she restricted in pure disgust. "Hmhmhmhm, to sacrifice for the village to save thousands or… maybe you were simply tired of living?"

"Get off me!" Anko tried to resist his clutch but Orochimaru forced her to make direct eye contact. "Why are you here Orochimaru?" Anko forcefully demanded.

"That was cold Anko-chan, it has been years and look how much you've grown." He tenderly rubs her cheek causing her eyes to dilate. "Since you asked nicely i will tell you. I came here for the Uchiha boy. Unlike you, he has potential."

"That kid?""What makes you think he will follow you?"

The sly snake man giggles. "Hmhmhmhm. Well looks like someone's jealous. The boy has a beautiful body and like you, i've put a seal on him. Soon, the seal will overcome him and he will reach to me for power. And your team..."

"I didn't mean to pry but, your team does have what it takes and you simply given up on them? What would they have think that you committed senseless suicide?" That caused Anko to widen her eyes in rage.

"You better stay from them and they have got nothing to do with you!" Her pupiless brown eyes shines in displeasure at him.

"Oh? But they're an interference to my future plans. Fufufufu, Oh, so you are attached to them. You have people that you cherish most and gave on them to protect them. Or is it, you just hate me so much? Anko, Anko, Anko…I thought you would be better than this. And about your team…"


"…wouldn't be a shame that they..." He leans in close to her ear. "…were exterminated." When he saw her eyes looking down in regret, his phase to break her down succeeded. "They were an annoying bunch weren't they? Especially that blond boy…Fufufufufu…Though they did have remarkable powers…"

"You think you could take them down that easily? You think you're an ass wooper don't you?" Anko said what he thought competitively at him.


"Orochimaru, you don't know how much wrong you're in." Anko said smirking at him right in the eye. "You just made a grave mistake to say that you killed them. They are much stronger beyond comparison compared than you think. Go fuck yourself; you are digging your own grave here!" She claimed like as if she had something on her mind.

"Nice try-!"

"They might be an annoying bunch but that's how I like 'em! And one more thing…they're not brats! They are my students and they will kick your slimy ass!" Suddenly, she turned into a cloud of smoke and he went face to face with a man with unforgiving blue eyes.

"You messed with the wrong woman…" Orochimaru was about to escape when-

"Bunshin Daibakuha!/Clone Great Explosion!" Naruto went up in a massive explosion.

At a distance away from the explosion is Naruto carrying Anko bridal style. She grabs her neck and screams in extreme pain as the burning sensation on her neck worsens. Naruto let her down and took her coat off. He narrows his eyes at the glowing seal and made several handsigns. He lastly placed his palm on the seal then an array of seals forms around it which caused Anko to faint.

'The seal is only temporary and would hold it for a few hours…'

Having made sure she's fine, he stood up and look towards the receding flames to face a heavily breathing pale skinned man merging from a tree. Naruto relaxed his fingers then clench his fist tightly till his vines bulges. He unsheathed his sword and the green seals on it glows.

"Time to finish you off…" Bending his knees, he sprung forward with the intent to kill.

Orochimaru separates himself from the tree then breathes at the surprise he fell for. He didn't take the damage though but it was a split millisecond for him to switch with a mud clone. Then…time slows down as he senses the vibration of the air through his skin.

Hustling of the foliage

Splitting leaves

Sliced branches

There it is…

Orochimaru simply lean his body sideway as an invisible cutting force sway pass him followed by towering trees plunging to the ground behind him.

'Such force…!'

His eyes caught Naruto upon him fast, Orochimaru leap backwards as Naruto missed by a hair's breath. Naruto swings diagonally at blinding speed at him as he dodges without problem. He then forces the snake man to leap to another branch.

Successful, Naruto flashed onto the tree ready to slice him apart.

'What! He knows the Hiraishin?!'

Shocked. Orochimaru reacted quickly by pulling out Kusanagi out of his mouth and made contact with the sword. The clash unleashed a force ripping off the layers of trees around them. Their blades spark as it locks along with their eyes.

"Tell me…how did you know the Hiraishin?" Orochimaru said curiously.

"Why the hell should I tell you? Should it matter that you have the right to know under this situation?" Naruto questioned his authority.

He smirks and giggles. "I guess not..."

Their swords breaks contact and Orochimaru launch a kick to his abdomen. Naruto caught the kick, twisting it, and threw him onto a tree followed by a splat. A Mud Clone. Orochimaru forms behind him then swing Kusanagi but Naruto parried it. The opponents continue to clash their blades around the forest leaving a trail of destruction and splinters. To a bystander, they would only see sparks and wreaking havoc not knowing two powerful shinobis having a duel.

Naruto landed on a branch when snakes suddenly wrap around his boots. Orochimaru saw the opening and proceed to attack. Naruto's blade glows purple and blocked the sword followed by a force blowing outward behind him. Orochimaru starts to feel a bit weaker all of the sudden. Naruto's leg tears through the snakes then kick Orochimaru upwards on the chin, he leap up and swung his other leg on his abdomen. The kick broke the sound barrier and Orochimaru went through several layers of trees. Another clone.

Naruto look behind his shoulder to see Orochimaru clutching his stomach breathing heavily but painfully. The man smirks and summoned three large snakes each with different coloured scales. Green, brown and red in between which he's on top. The green and brown snake slithers away separately incredibly fast for their size then disappears into the thick vegetation. Naruto look around frantically then leap into the air when the brown snake destroys the branch below him. Naruto still in mid-air look down to see jaws wide open and closing in. His black/green sword glints with the Sun and let himself be devoured whole.

The snake snaps its jaws when the snake feels its internals getting severed. Naruto slice out of the snake's ass and landed on a branch covered with ooze.

"Not going to do that again…" He muttered as gravity took over the snake.

Naruto look around when he noticed the thick and thin vines around him started swaying. Sensing the rise of the number of the signatures, the vines forms into green snakes…and hell there's a lot of 'em. The snakes slither towards him and launched themselves with suicidal attempts. A snake glide passed him and it literally went up in blaze of glory. Getting annoyed of dodging and Michael Bay explosions, he made several seals and stab the trunk. Massive surges of electricity electrocute the area of every living thing around thus killing them. The giant green snake penetrated the foliage and when it gets near its desired target, Naruto swung his sword as an invisible force slice through the snake.

2 down 1 to go

Naruto widen his eyes a bit when he felt massive amount of signature growing tenfold. He looks below and sees snakes more than he could count with flaming swords sticking out their jaws. There must be thousands of them below.

"Are you kidding me?"

The snakes launch at him and Naruto flashed away. However everywhere in the combat zone, the snakes somehow knew his location and they are waiting at every corner. This result in Naruto teleporting randomly and dodging frantically. The ambushes also prevent him from using any desired techniques. He couldn't even focus to make clones!

"How the hell can he(flash) still has this much chakra on him!(flash)" It doesn't make any sense. During the time Orochimaru fought Amena, he knew the amount was spent was drastic. Naruto keeps on teleporting whilst ignoring the cuts he suffered.

"That son of a bitch is trying to weaken me!" Naruto exclaimed after realizing that 3/5 of his chakra reserve is draining fast.

"Don't worry Naruto! I've got a plan…" The Nine-tailed vixen said.

"Don't forget that I'm here as well!"

Somewhere, Orochimaru smiles cruelly sensing his enemy teleporting around aimlessly. He knew that the blond will never escape without killing him. No way no how. Orochimaru knows the drawbacks of using such technique over and over which will result in body fatigue or in the worst case scenario, imminent death. Teleporting your own atoms through space and time will result in death but the child somehow knew how to counter it with seals. The fact that he has that much chakra surprise even Orochimaru. Nevertheless, his snakes are very reliable and royal to him, it's a deep shame that his two valuable underlings died.

Orochimaru perks up when he felt Naruto's chakra decreasing from 3/5 to 0.1/10. His lips form a crooked smile as he sank into the ground. Orochimaru merge from the ground up to see Naruto bleeding profusely and his vest covered in burns and tears. The snakes continue to slice the exposed blond non-stop. He ordered the snakes to stop and Naruto fell limp from the trunk to the ground. The bleeding blond struggled to stand up but end up sliding down against a tree as his enemy comes closer.

"Finally…" Orochimaru walks forward with the tip of his fingers flaming blue and his tongue out like a snake. "…what was your name again? Oh yes…Naruto-kun…Hm-hm-hm-hm…" He picks the blond up by his collar. "…your name will forever in my heart for lasting this long against me. Surprising really. But it's a shame you won't see the last of me…" In slow-motion he launched his flaming fingers. "…and your sister!"


Moments ago

After the Great dragon Shiraishi wrestled the giant alligator he noticed the sudden disappearance of his summoner's signature but it re-appeared again. Gazing off into the distance, he thought. "If he needs me he could always call me…" Finishing off his duty, he crawls back into the edge of the forest where the unconscious Uchiha and Hyuga is located. When he got there he noticed Kina still treating her injuries but she seems a bit…off lately. And worried.

"You haven't gotten enough rest have you? What's wrong?"

"There's something wrong with her chakra network but I can't seem to put it in words…" She said scanning every detail of the Uchiha's chakra points.

The dragon raised his scaly brow. "Try to put it bluntly…"

"Well, her chakra flows at the opposite direction but still flows normally. Instead of the chakra tunnels interwined with the organs, they are completely attached to her vital organs. That could put in a lot risk to her system if she uses her chakra then put herself in a lot of stress. Her tenketsu points are in the wrong places but close enough just like an original human body. Furthermore, I can't see the chakra flow between her eyes and brain. It's like as if it's not there at all! But everything is all stable, I had to inspect harder than I should. Is this some kind of an accidental mutation?! Lastly, floras are growing beneath her because of the opposite flow! Just look!" Sure enough, it's like as if Amena is lying on her own flower death bed.

The dragon crawls over the girl and took a sniff. "Hmmmm. Tell me, have she ever mentioned about practicing Sage mode or some kind?"

The girl shook her head. "Not once, but she usually practice her Sharingan every now and then. Is it because we are close to Naruto-kun too often that causes her system to mutate?"

The dragon crooked his neck. "Nah, reiatsu doesn't affect your system that drastically, it only gives the other individual a power up if he or she has large amount of chakra. However, the last time I saw such an effect like this was when sage-users like me die, they tend to grow vegetation below their body."

"DOES IT MEAN SHE'S GOING TO DIE?!" Kina exclaimed.

"Don't jump into conclusions! Besides, they were dragons. Just relaxed, her heart is beating like a drum. She's fine. But it's strange though…" The dragon started poking her breast but his claw got slap away by a flustered Kina. "What? I'm curious if she is an actual human being and not a living corpse….or a prop…"

Kina sigh exasperatedly. "Alright, I guess we'll know until she woke up. So what is Sage mode exactly?"

"Basically, (explanation)…uhhh I might leave out some but that's all I can remember."


Unexpectedly, the ground began to vibrate violently as a huge tower of spiralling orange/red reiatsu penetrate the sky that caught the attention of every onlookers. Most were trying to pin-point of its exact location but were unable to do so as the unknown force of energy dissipates amongst the cloud. Kina activated her Byakugan to look into the far distance. What caught her by surprise is Naruto surrounded by two forms of energy spiralling around him. He's unleashing a massive amount but at the same time concealing it to prevent detection. In front of him is the same person who toed to toe with Amena.

She was about to went ahead when Shiraishi grab her waist. "Woah! Hold on there. Your best friend is lying unconscious here and you don't have to worry about him. I'm sure as hell he doesn't want you to be near there."

"He's going to hurt himself! I've seen him acting like that before it didn't end so well for him. Plus, he's bleeding AND he's facing the one who hurt Amena-chan!" Kina turned back and proclaimed.

He simply raises his brow. "Don't you trust him?"


"Do you trust him?" The dragon asked again.

"Of course I do!" She shouted heatedly.

"Then he trust you to stay put as well. He doesn't want you to go in recklessly like he does and most likely he doesn't want you to be there as you will get in his way. I know you care for him but don't make it hard for him…just for now." Shiraishi said calmly as an old wise dragon.

Kina reluctantly piped down and Shiraishi released her. "…Maybe you're right…besides, he has been training a lot lately."


Orochimaru slammed the seal onto his stomach but he came to face with an unexpected surprise. Naruto turned into smoke. A sudden gust of wind blows off behind as he feels a power like no other growing tremendously. He looks over his shoulder to see the dirty blond shinobi surrounded by a flame-like energy staring at him. The snake man himself orders the snakes to attack but to his dismay, the snakes went back to their home world fearing the man's supreme figure. Orochimaru sees him slowly yet unnervingly removing a jet black sword from his sheath as chains wraps around the man's arm. The blade unleashes its almighty glory by covering itself with bright flaming red of power. Lastly, the pillar of energy spirals into Naruto's body merging itself to contain its unknown nature.

The moment Orochimaru took a step back, it is when he realized he is feared. He quickly pulls out kusanagi but Naruto was faster and he kicked him into the air spilling out saliva. Naruto bend his knees and appeared on top of Orochimaru with Zangetsu behind his shoulders. The snake man prepared to block the blade but he disappeared and flashed behind surprising Orochimaru. Luckily, Orochimaru blocked the blade unleashing a devastating force that up-rooted the towering trees of the surrounding area. Both blades sparks violently as it grinds onto each other by the almighty forces of the holders. As the blades sparks, Getsuga slowly and violently cuts through Kusanagi and when Orochimaru saw it, he realized it was too late.

The infamous sword Kusanagi that is known to be indestructible separated into two. Zangetsu continues her destination and unleash a force upon Orochimaru. Naruto isn't finish yet as he flashes at every direction at blinding speed and slices Orochimaru at every part of his body leaving him gaping in pain. The strikes after strikes upon Orochimaru left behind blinding blue lights as Naruto finally on his last blow, kick him downwards. Orochimaru broke the sound barrier as his body impact the surface shaping a 20m wide crater. Naruto stood over the steamy body of his enemy as he let Zangetsu to cool off.

"That's strange…he's still alive?" Naruto muttered sensing that his heart is still pumping and blood flowing. It got stranger; his body began to melt like a Popsicle under a hot sun releasing an unsettling smell. The skin melts as the body becoming smaller slowly and exposing a feminine figure. Her face structure becomes smaller and angular as her breasts expand. Her hands and feet becomes smaller but forming a wider thigh and a curved waist. Gaping, Naruto took a step back with his brow raised. He is now looking at an unconscious woman in her early 20s covered in torn clothing exposing parts of her pale skin.

"Who the hell is she?"

Clone Naruto

He scratches his whiskers when he saw a beat up Lee and Sasuke having a power up while fighting 3 ninjas from Oto. Naruto noticed other teams were hiding among the thick vegetation so he decided to wait and see how things turn out. Then Lee decided to save Sakura and end up eating the ground. Sakura retaliate and got her hair grabbed by a teenage girl with black hair. So Sakura cut her hair and Shikamaru's team show up. His team almost beat them then Naruto realized the opposing team does not care of their own teammate's safety not even the slightest. Before the mind controlled girl was about to be crushed by chouji, Naruto pulled out a senbon needle and tied a fishing line on it. He threw it at her arm and pulls her out way saving her life. Then Neji's team show up to save Lee and Sasuke woke up with covered in a purple form of energy. Sasuke went up on a rampage breaking Zaku's arm.

"Well isn't this interesting…" The clone muttered still hidden from detection not yet decided to intervene.

"Well? Are you my next form of entertainment?" Sasuke slyly said as he put fear upon his enemy's eyes.

"That's enough Sasuke! Can't you see they have given up?!" Shikamaru intervened causing Sasuke to flame up his power after Dosu decided to hand over a scroll.

"Do you want to end up like them? Then you better stand back…" Sasuke replied but Shikamaru wasn't having any of it.

"If you kill them then you're no better than them!" Sasuke laughed.

"Hmhmhm…Then you can sacrifice yourself for them!" Sasuke launched forward with his fist dangling behind.

"SASUKE NOOO!" Sakura screamed.

Shikamaru took out his kunai as Sasuke's fist comes closer. Clone Naruto appeared between them then grab Sasuke's fist throwing him away surprising the witnesses in the area.

"Troublesome, it's about time you get here Naruto…"

"Nah I was here long before you guys came along. I was just enjoying the show…" Naruto casually said surprising Neji a bit as he didn't even detect his presence. Sasuke recovers himself when he heard Naruto's voice and he becomes infuriated.

"What are you doing here loser?!" He roared out with his sharingan blazing.

"Jeez, relax man. Look, you look like you need to calm the fuck down and not make things worse…"

But Sasuke was never the type to listen to him. "Did you come here to test me?! Come on then! With this new power, I can wipe the floor with you!"

"You can test yourself all you want asshole…But you will not take any steps further to hurt my comrades here." Naruto calmly said but hinting he is very serious while the others look at him in awe.

Burned by his remarked, Sasuke flames up and prepares to attack instead of showing off his calm demeanour. He made several handsigns and blew out his technique. Several torrents of flames heatedly gush out towards Naruto. He pushed Shikamaru out the way then pulls out a scroll and unrolls it. The next thing everyone knew is the entire field covered in a shroud of a very thick mist followed by clanging of metals. Sasuke looks around frantically unable to see clearly through the chakra mist even with his Sharingan.

"You know what Sasuke? I really want to kill you so hard that you have to kill yourself." Naruto voice echoes out making the Uchiha uneasy. He tries to locate its origin then he saw a figure-like shadow swaying with the mist. Immeadiately, he threw out his kunais but hit nothing but trees.

"Show yourself coward!" He shouted in fury then grits his teeth.

"Sssssshhhhhhh…aren't you a ninja? We fight in silence when there's a need to. Unless it's a god-like battle then I guess it won't be necessary. Let me show you an example…" His voice echoes at every direction making him to take a step back. He was too late to realize that he step onto a wire. He quickly went up his guard as senbon needles came out of nowhere. He blocks them then grunts when he felt his vitals gotten penetrated.

"Stop messing around dumbass!" Sasuke shouted again as he went down on his one knee and pulls out the needles. Shockingly, the power he gained began to drain as the seals on his body also started to recede back to his neck.

"I'm bored Sasuke-chan? Let's play a little game…" Sasuke could really feel and hear the smirk behind his voice. "You see, those needles were covered in a layer of very toxic chemical came from the poisonous toads exist in this very forest."

"W-what are you talking about?!"

"Shhhh…don't talk. The more you move your muscles the faster the poison will spread through your system. Right now you're feeling very nauseous right?" Sasuke didn't reply but fearing of his upcoming death. "Thought so, now. There is a dissembled piece of syringe on your pockets."

Sasuke didn't even move his muscles but if he wants to live he has to listen and how the hell did he put it there. "Quickly, your time is ticking….and don't try to rely on Sakura to save your ass."

Luckily his hands are near to his pockets and he could distinguish the shapes inside, the pusher and the container. He shakily put quickly push them out without to need to put his hands inside. He caught the container in mid-air by his jaw and the pusher between his ear. But no needle!

"Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock…"

Of course, it's all around him on the ground but only one sticking on its tip. He carefully maneuver the syringe on his mouth with its tip sticking out. He estimated the position of the needle and let his face fall. The needle successfully went through the modified syringe but left the pusher. Het let the pusher slide flat onto the flat ground and his teeth dangling with the needle. He swung it upwards, and miraculously, it joined with the pusher. By now Sasuke is sweating unnaturally and his vision a little blurry. He quickly moves his body and neck to let him get the assembled syringe by his mouth.

"Good work, by now you're wondering where is the antidote? Well I don't have it…"

"…-!" Sasuke was close to shouting but almost left the syringe dangling. He simply frowned at the life threatening situation he's in.

"Uh-oh, somebody's frowning…did you know that expressions require muscles to form which leads to blood flowing? HAHAHAhaha!" The clone laughs after seeing his reaction.

"This fucking loser is messing with me?!" By now Sasuke couldn't even feel the moisture of the mist and the soil on his skin. That's when he realizes that his body was getting numb. He almost panicked…

"Tell me Sasuke, what is the last thing you do before you die?" Naruto asked relating to the situation.

How the hell can he know that, look up to the heaven and pray?! Naturally, most people not including him would do that. So Sasuke shift his head to look up and there it is. As the mist began to clear up a bit, a vile is left dangling on a vine above him. His mind accelerated km/s to think through the situation. After that, he breathes in deeply and blew out a torrent of chakra to lift his body up. Risking his precious lifetime, he bends his knees and leap upwards.

"You know what? I'll make it easier for you…" A kunai came out of nowhere and hit to cork of the vile. Gravity took over and the vile fell spilling all of its liquid shocking Sasuke tremendously. He somehow managed to extract the liquid by pulling the pusher in mid-air. He swiftly injects the antidote as he fell to the ground.

Wind blows in clearing up the mist showing Sasuke panting heavily and Sakura running to assist him. The sound ninjas were thrown out an illusion of their brutal deaths except the kunoichi didn't suffer the same. The girl lifts her teammates by their arms to escape but Naruto calls out to her.

"You! What is your name?"

"It's Kin Tsuchi! Look we don't want to cause anymore trou-." She shakily replied terrified of the blonde's presence.

"Relax…" Naruto said a bit stern in his voice. "If they ever hurt you in any way, tell them that their life is on the line and it's all up to you to let them live or die." Naruto walk up to her but she didn't move at all. He then hand over a note covered in seals to her. "Take this. If you tear it completely in half, they will immediately combust and if you tear it in the slightest, well…you'll know…" She reluctantly took it then look up to him like as if he was crazy.

"Why are you helping me?"

Naruto simply wave his hand. "Trust me Kin, you'll need it someday." She nodded and took off with Zaku and Dosu. The clone check up on his life span then moves back towards the group.

"Naruto, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with your troublesome teammates?" Shikamaru asked dusting himself off.

Naruto acted hurt. "What? Weren't you glad to see me and now you're getting rid of me?! Ouch…How about you? Still don't have a scroll I see…"

"Yeah-." But Ino interfered.

"We don't need your help BAKA! We can search for the scroll ourselves easier without you!" She voiced out making Shikamaru mutter.

Naruto shrugged. "Well if you put it that way, I have an extra earth scroll which I was about to formerly give it to you but I guess you don't need it." He proves her by rubbing the scroll at her face.

"Get it off me! We'll just find it from other teams! No biggy…" She crossed her arms not caring in the slightest.

"(Munch Munch Munch) Come on Ino, wouldn't it be easier and safer for us just to take the scroll and avoid any more trouble…" Chouji Akimichi munches on some healthy mushrooms. He sure has good knowledge of food here. "Is it because it's Naruto?" Ino simply 'hmped' and look away.

Then again, the clone's objective is to give out to his fellow comrades ordered by his superior original. No arguing in that since the scrolls is with him. "Well, judging by the time and the number of teams eliminated your chances…hmmmmm….25%...and decreasing."

Shikamaru figured that he is right. They spent too long in the forest and didn't get much rest. Furthermore, their chances will be drastically lowered if they don't take the scroll and he drained his chakra on the earlier fight.

"Who's in charge here?" Naruto asked…

Ino turn back and says. "I AM-."

"Wait! Where did my scroll go?" Naruto said sarcastically after he drop the scroll in front of them then looking around 'clueless' ticking Ino off. "I guess I'll never find it. I bet the next team will be lucky enough to find it….well I gotta go. Later guys…" He simply walks away and Chouji decided to play along.

"Oh look guys! We found a scroll! Wow we must be very lucky today…." The Akimichi tries not to laugh too hard inside.



Naruto walk up to Neji's team as Tenten tries to shake the unconscious Lee back into the light. "I thought you guys would be in the tower by now…"

"Speak for yourself. We have yet to acquire a scroll but we faced an unforeseen situation here." Neji claimed as they watch Lee getting slap repeatedly.

"Ouch. Well you don't know the nick of it. My team faced pretty troublesome situations earlier. Not that we were expecting it…"

"COME ON LEE(SLAP)WAKE(SLAP)UP(SLAP)!" Tenten continues to slap the bowl haired harder as he mutters about field of flowers and sakura trees.

Neji sweatdroped at the humorous sight. "I was sensing a lot of energy anomalies in the forest lately ever since the start of the exam. Then there were random burst of energy which was coming from your direction. Does it have anything to do with your team?"

"Sharp as always…Step aside Tenten. He's going to get brain damage if you keep doing that. Come on Lee don't go into the Light." Naruto crouched and gave Lee a good hit on his stomach waking him up instantly. Lee gorged out saliva then he realizes who's beside him.

"Naruto-kun? Why are you here?" His eyes widen and Naruto simply smirk then grab his shoulder.

"I'm not really here; I'm just an apparition of your imagination." He showed him by sinking into the ground while making ghostly sounds. "Woooooooo….Later guys. Here's something to save your troubles. Woooooooo…" He disappeared leaving an Earth scroll behind confusing Lee further if he's either alive or dead while his teammates sweatdroped at the blond's way of departing.


Naruto laid Anko against a tree after completely searching through her. Glaring at the cursed seal on her shoulder, he stood up after sensing ANBU squad coming in fast. Nothing to do any further, Naruto flashed away right before she woke up as the squad arrives. He jumps through the forest swinging and dodging the branches. He gazed down the scroll on his hand covered in seals with questions running though his head. Sealing it away, he flashed back to his team. Naruto showed up near the river to see Shiraishi having a staring contest with a giant crocodile. Shrugging, he went up to the Hyuga branch member and the Uchiha mistress.

"How is she?"

"AHA! There you are!" Shiraishi the dragon interrupted. "You owe me like a lot man…she almost took my head off when she saw how you were acting!" He exclaimed with his jaws covered in blood.

"Shit…" He silently muttered. "Sorry Kina-chan about worr-."

She simply wave if off. "That's okay…" She smiled to reassure him.

"You know when females says that is not what they really meant." Shiraishi secretly said based on experience which Naruro ignored.

"Alright...Shiraishi, go scout ahead to the tower and we'll meet you there. We've wasted enough time here, ikutzo." Naruto ordered after he received the memory from his clone. Shiraishi nodded then shrink into shiny sparkles until he is the size of an average dog as he took off.

"Way ahead of you..."

Naruto crouched down then carries Amena behind his back but he suddenly feels something not quite right out of her. Keeping it in mind, he noticed Kina still standing staring at him.

"Kina..." She snapped out as Naruto suddenly appeared in front of her. "You don't have to worry about me, just keep your head on what's now until we're in the tower. Understood?"

She diverted her eyes to Amena. "Not just that, but there's something not right about her...and you once promised that you'll never lose control."

Naruto felt a bit guilty but sighed. "I was in control. Kurami and Zangetsu was there. For now, we need to get to the tower so I can a better look on Amena." Naruto smiled slightly to ease her.

"Okay..." Nodding, they took off towards the tower.

They arrived at the tower's entrance with little trouble as obviously some teams were waiting to ambush but Naruto and Kina managed to go around them easily. They entered the tower coming into a small hall with writings at the end of the hall. Not knowing the protocol, they simply unrolled the scolls silmutaneously making a cross. With a pop of a smoke appeared Iruka their former teacher. He congratulated them on making to the tower on the second day of the exam then explained behind the meaning and purpose of the exam based on the writings. Later, Naruto laid Amena on a bed in a bedroom with multiple beds for participants who completed the exam early.

Naruto sat down and took of his leaf headband away then proceed to wipe his hand down his face. This situation is giving him a bit of a headache. First, Amena got hurt and from what Kina told him, her internal system gotten strange. Was it a mistake that he made a vulnerable decision? Was it a mistake that he listened to her? For now, nothing could be turned back. Secondly, he fought someone who he taught was Orochimaru but the man himself is not. Though, from what he sensed, the woman has an identical signature as the real snake man other than their anatomies are different but both are distinguishable. Lastly, Naruto Uzumaki is hungry.

To get his answers, he have to talk to the one he fought. Unrolling the scroll then placing it on the floor, he sealed himself into the scroll to another pocket dimension. Then, someone opened a window and a familiar hand could be seen crawling through the windowsill to the room. The person in black stands over the sleeping raven then the person laid over her body. The figure lean back as the body merging or simply say molding itself together with Amena. All is silence after that...

Poket Dimension

The dimension of the scroll is somewhat, spacious. Too spacious. Everything is all white, isolated and spotless. No sky to look up to, no Sun to feel the heat or to track time, no soil underneath your feet, no walls to feel secure. Only hard solid floor and nothing can be seen beyond in the distance. No matter how far you go, you will always think that you might end up in a different place but you simply go around in circles. Your cry for help will simply echo into nothingness. Not even your very own shadow exists. What is following you is the beating of your heart and the thoughts of your mind. Only the silence that lingers could drive your mind towards the brink of insanity. Complete isolation…

This is the perspective of the golden snake eyed lady who crumpled on the floor while hugging her knees tightly. She doesn't know how long she has been here. It could be minutes, hours, days, week, months or even years. She walked aimlessly looking for something, anything…but nothing. She tried to find a way out to freedom yet she's nothing but a bird in a cage. She could feel neither hunger nor thirst. She could not feel the warmth neither the cold on her skin from the atmosphere. The source of heat from her skin is her only source of comfort. Only then, her mind and soul starts to break down as streams of tears runs down her cheek.

"Had enough?" Her golden snake eyes look up to see the man himself standing over her. His eyes no sign remorse and his face tells a tale. She look down the floor then lean her head back down her knees only showing her eyes.

"…What do you want?" She muttered only he could hear.

"You are in no place to ask questions, only answers." Naruto said as cold as ice. "Is that understood?"


"What was your purpose?" He demanded calmly.

"To distract and divert attention away from Orochimaru…" She answered. From what? So he could heal himself after the fight from Amena? That wouldn't make any sense if she was sent out to be a diversion.

"Do you know his any of his intentions?" He continued.

She nodded. "To make the last two survivors of the Uchiha clan become his."


"Destroy the Hidden Leaf Village and take over the Hokage seat." Naruto refrain the urge to widen his eyes. Not surprising for him really as he was first told from Black Lotus intel and Gaiana. "He also mentioned to resurrect the previous Hokages by using a forbidden technique to kill the Hokage." Now that he didn't.

"Previous Hokages…?" He muttered and silently swore. "Anything else?" She shook her head. Then, a table merged between and two comfortable looking chairs formed up below them. She was almost surprised by the comfort of the chair and the radiance coming out from it. "Since you're willing to cooperate with me, I'll give you something in return. That is if you're still willing to answer my questions." She quietly nodded as a glass of water forms between her hands. "Good, what is your name?" She kept quiet. "Look, if you're not going to say anything none of us is getting out of here."

She was silenced for a moment. "Setsuko…" He nodded.

"Setsuko, tell me…how did you acquire the knowledge of my sister's whereabouts?" The woman's eyes still lock on her glass of water.

"I don't…" She simply muttered.

"Don't give me that, you said it yourself…"

"I really don't know, Orochimaru was in control of me through the curse seal…" She said as he noticed the curse seal on her neck.

"You expect me to believe that?"

"I don't, that is up to you to believe my justification." She replied still unable to look into his eyes.

Interlocking his fingers above his mouth, he continues. "Explain it to me then…"

"…All who possesses the cursed seal have a piece of soul fragment attached within the seal. Orochimaru invented it to gain immortality and control over the users. In my case, I'm a bit more special…I'm the only subject who was born with the seal through his soul and DNA."

"You're telling me that you're a biologically engineered human?"

She nodded. "I'm his daughter. We both share identical DNA and soul. Through that, he is able to control me anytime he wishes. That means he could emerge at any given moment. It does not matter how far he is, his soul inside me will take over as long as I'm alive. I'm simply a shell for his ghost." Feeling thirsty, she drinks the glass of water.

"Shiraishi, you're up." The small dragon crawled out of his vest onto the table. "Now, I want you to look into his eyes until he tells you to stop." Confused but willing to oblige, she stared at the dragon's orange eyes for a good 10 seconds until he returned onto Naruto's shoulder.

"She wasn't kidding. This cursed seal is more advanced than the one Anko has. However, what she said isn't exactly true. She does have a soul of her own but I don't think she knows it yet. No living creature is born without a soul, Naruto." The dragon informed as he crawls back.

"And her past?"

The dragon chuckled humourlessly. "That is for me to know and for you to find out…" Naruto closed his eyes for moment then proceed to continue.

"Understood, what do you know of my sister?"

She shrugged as the empty glass of water automatically refilled. "Not really, and I don't think I've seen her before. Only photographic evidence I've seen and Orochimaru babbling about her provides my statement." Setsuko reasoned but then she feels a bit tense. That unsettling feeling came from the blond enigma the more she glanced at him.

"Alright, Setsuko. I want you to look at me right in the eye and listen to me," Feeling a bit uneasy, she gazes at him square in the eyes. "You were born as his weapon and you live as his weapon. Just like everyone under him. He will do whatever it takes to achieve his desires. You were born for a reason but you lost your way and became a tool. We're going to make deal; it's up to you to decide." She nodded. "When I release you, you're going to go back to him and keep tabs on everything he's working on. As for this moment, he is aware that you are taken prisoner and being interrogated. As you are simply a tool for his scheme, he will likely to overtake you by now and kill you to prevent his plans getting compromised. However in here, nothing can be linked. I'm in control here. If you do that for me, I will grant you eternal freedom."

What is he playing? "…and what if I refused?"

"…then you can go your merry-way." She stared at him trying to put things together but unable to do so.

"He's still going to kill me when you released me…" He waved it off.

"No he wouldn't, you are one of his special resources and he's not going to waste on that. He could care less of what you did but not what you do. Think carefully before making this decision. It is not in my will to force to choose your decision but must prepare to face the consequences." He informed and after a while he said. "So? Do we have a deal…Setsuko?" He stated as he held out his hand. Setsuko stare at his hand, then glance back at him then back at the hand. If she did, she soon will be granted freedom and stopped being a weapon. But what is he really trying to get into through this? What will he gain? What is his motive? At the end, she locked eyes with him, she held out her hand and they shook.

Real world

He came out to reality to see Amena Uhiha awaken dizzy on her bed. "Amena! You're alright?!" Naruto exclaimed as he went over her.

Seeing her lover, she pulls herself up to sit. "Never been better Naruto-kun…" She stated as she massages her head with the aid of Naruto. Seeing his reaction, she thought of few certain things. "Did I worry you guys too much?"

"The hell you did…" Naruto said as he rubs sensually down her back and shoulder. "Kina-chan freaked out when she found out there was something wrong with your body and Shiraishi had some theories. Do you know about that…?" Amena sighed leaning on his shoulder as he explains what was occurring during her sleep.

"It happens time to time ever since that extensive power up and I didn't want you guys to worry about me." His grips on her shoulder tighten. "…not that I'm complaining. I really appreciate your concern worrying about my safety but Naruto, there are things you must take note off. You are the most precious man I have ever met Naruto-kun and deeply value that. Ever since we were kids, you're always seemed to be very protective over us but you have your lines and I have mine that you mustn't go over. Don't forget that we devoted our lives to you to achieve your dream." She said placing kisses on his jaw.

"Yeah I know, but…"

Amena stopped him placing her finger against his lip saying, "I'm not done. Also, let's face facts, we all have our own battles that needs to be completed on our own. Furthermore, I fought an S-rank rouge-nin and lived to tell the tale." Naruto took his vest off then both clan survivors lay back onto the bed not letting each other go.

"Not just that… All of you are such incredible people that taking away your ability to make your own decisions diminish what you can help me achieve."

"You certainly have a way with words," Amena said looking up from his shoulder to gaze upon his face.

Naruto looked down and said, "I only say what I feel." He leaned down to kiss her which she quickly returned.

Pulling away she said, "That's what makes it all the more powerful." She then leaned back in to kiss his chest, before moving down to place several along his abdomen. Naruto had a good idea of where her final destination was so ran his hand down the back of her spine. Reaching her butt, he gave it a squeeze just as she began placing kisses along his flaccid cock. As she reached the tip giving it a kiss as well, he reached around her ass and began to slide a finger along her lower lips before burying two of his fingers inside her.

Amena closed her eyes and moaned at Naruto's ministrations. She smiled as she focused on his dick once more to find that it had risen to occasion as a result of her actions. Licking around the tip she stroked the rest of his length until the taste of it changed as he began to ooze precum. She took as much of him into her mouth as she could while stroking what remained. But found concentrating on the task in front of her difficult due to Naruto's own efforts.

She pulled her mouth a way to moan deeply as he began to rub a particular sensitive spot within her. She was just about to place him back in her mouth when he picked her lower half up and holding her around the midsection began to eat her out from his sitting position. Her lower legs and feet where resting along the wall that his back was against so she used chakra to keep them in place in order to make it easier on Naruto to hold her as he dined on her pussy.

"Oh Kami, your tongue feels divine Naruto," she moaned appreciatively. Deciding to show her appreciation through action she swallowed his staff once more working her head back and forth stopping at the tip occasionally to lick around it. As good as Naruto was making her feel Amena wanted more so without warning cut the chakra to her legs and slide down his body. Bringing her lower body above his stiff cock, while facing away, Amena rose up on her knees and could feel Naruto rub himself along her soaking wet pussy. Holding it steady for her, they both groaned as she began to slowly sink down on him. When he was buried in her completely Amena sighed in satisfaction and remained still to bask in the feeling of fullness that she was quickly becoming addicted too.

Eventually she began to raise and lower her hips with Naruto meeting her downward thrusts half way. Reaching forward she grabbed Naruto's ankles as she continued to move her hips up and down. Naruto was mesmerized by the amazing view the position gave him of his dick sliding in and out of her wet passage. Reaching forward he placed his hand on the top of her ass aiding her downward thrust as he began to thrust up harder into her. It had the desired effect as Amena shot up arching her back as he pulled a yell of, "THAT'S IT NARUTO….RIGHT THERE…SHIT RIGHT THERE…"

Enjoying her screams, he reached up to cup her breasts only to find her hands already there. Placing his over hers they both groped and squeezed her breasts as they settled into a fast rhythm. After several minutes Amena placed her hands on Naruto's thighs as he brought his to her hips, and she began to grinned herself into his lap in a circular pattern causing him to groan. Placing her chin into her chest she bit her bottom lip to stave off her impending orgasm wanting to keep the feelings churning about inside her going as long as possible.

Sadly a few moments later she knew that she was at the end of her rope so turning to look over her shoulder said, "Naruto…I'm…I'm going to…cum…"

"I'm close too, Amena."

"Together…together please," she pleaded.

Naruto didn't respond with words instead began to raise and lower her hips. Placing one of his hands near the top of her pussy he waited till he felt his own desire to cum become overwhelming and then giving her clit a little rub sat back against the wall as her cunt milked him off his seed. As her orgasm hit and Naruto released his load inside of her Amena raised her head towards the ceiling and shouted, "Oh…Godddddd…there's so much."

Lemon end

Chapter 20 END


Shiraishi crawls out his master's vest after he heard screams and thought he should check it out. What he inevitably discovered made him blush to the core. "So this is how humans interact…Oh shit…how can I have a good night sleep like this?" The dragon estimated the number of mates he has and will have but it turns out, "…and therefore my glorious nights of slumber has come to an end."

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