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I don't know how I got here, but I do know one thing: I finally killed Hyuga Hiashi. Hiashi had been married to my mother for six years before she died suddenly when I was five and my sister was just born. The doctors think she died in childbirth one week after Hanabi, my little sister, was born. But I know that my father had killed her when he crushed a huge bottle worth of sleeping pills in her food, I know because I saw him do it. But poor little innocent me, I didn't know that they were drugs until she died. Before they took her to the hospital, I fought with the paramedics and in the process, accidentally yanked off her necklace she promised to give me when I grew older. I was a beautiful black and silver dragon in flight and in it's curled tail was a glass yinyang with a black pearl and a white pearl as the circles. I also managge to yank off her matching bracelet, which I wore at the age of ten when it had managaed to fit a little.

After my mother's death, Hiashi had gotten into the habit of beating me constantly. Eventually, he would go for Hanabi in her crib and I would have to suffer the beating in exchange for one more day for Hanabi to live. I would learn to fight death and force myself into the hands of life again just to protect what my mother had given ME, not Hiashi ME! At the age of six I lost the feeling of pain everywhere in my body, I learned thow to take hits with the least amount of damage and to deliver them with the most amount of damage, I learned to cook and clean, I held a few jobs pet sitting and gardening, I went shopping for food every week with the money I earned, I planned escape routes and hidding places in my house, and I learned parkor. Whaen Hanabi turned five and I turned ten, I taught her everything I knew about defence, fighting and caring for herself. She learned quickly in order to survive and make me proud of her skills. She even managed to lose pain after half a year which I was especially proud of. The next year I took her to work with me and we earned twice as much money and bought more food.

One thing Hanabi didn't know about me, was that I drank blood. I would kill some small animals and drink their blood. I had first begun this when I was five in an attempt to keep myself alive from loosing too much blood. What became an attempt to survive, became an addiction. Pretty soon I was killing twice a week to have my fill and I would even sneak some into Hanabi's food to keep her alive. I started that when she was off the formula at age one and stopped it after she turned three, but I still kept going. At school I was being bullied by five boys all a year older than me. I didn't know what to do but I found out something in myself one day after school. I had this dark and evil part of myself I had created after so many years of abuse, and on that day I allowed it to take over. I didn't know what happened, but all I remember was feeling my eyes darken from light purple to black and then the five boys on the floor moaning in pain. I never got in trouble and they never bothered me again. That evil part of me was bent on hell to protect Hanabi and I only used that part of me when I needed it. I would always have to summon it when things were dire and it was slowly taking over. I knew because I noticed my eyes were becoming darker and darker everytime I summon my dark side, but I didn't mind. If it ment protecting Hanabi, I would let it take over permenately.

At age twelve, I was horribly blessed with the gift of a curvy body and big boobs. I looked in the mirror once in a while and see my mother staring back. I had her looks: Silky navy blue hair, smooth pale skin, large purple eyes, plump pink lips, a small straight nose, a heart shaped face, and a delicate build. With the way I looked, no one could have guessed that I can knock out a grown man with one hit. Hanabi looked like my mom with my dads hair and skin. She had long silky brown hair, smooth tanned skin, large purple eyes, plump pink lips, a small straight nose, a heart shaped face and a delicate build. With how she looked, no one could have guessed that she could take a man down in ten seconds. We were always together, always strong, always unstoppable, until one day...

I was still twelve and seven year old Hanabi had entered the house before me because I had dropped some change we earned as tip. I had told her to wait for me but she assured me that it was fine because dad was never home at this time. After spending less than five minutes picking up the rest of the quarters I stood up, and as I stood I heared the ear shattering scream of Hanabi and a gun shot. Everything happened so fast. I was suddenly in the house at the bottom of the stairs holding Hanabi's head in my lap. She kept crying about how she was in so much pain, how scared she was to die. I pulled the rest of her body into my lap and rocked with her, singing her favorite song. She would always fall asleep to this very song ever since she was a baby and would still hear it every night when I sang it.

Tears ran down my face as I sang her song over and over, telling how much I loved her, how sorry I was that I didn't protect her from Hiashi. Her breathing was starting to slow down and her eyes were becoming dim. She looked at me with so much love and smiled, "I love you so much Hinata-nii." she said grasping my hand tightly, "I'm glad I got to die looking at my other mommy." I sputtered for an explination, "Even if you didn't have me, you were always my mommy. I knew from the moment I saw you're face, heard your voice, felt your touch, that YOU were my Mom, and that you would love me as a daughter. I left you something in the room under the floor-bored under the bed. I want you to have it. I love you mommy, Hinata." and just like that, her last breath indicated her death. I stared at her for eternity before I screamed my raged, pained scream. I had lost everything that ment anything to me, and I was going to kill the bastard who took it. I picked Hanabi up and placed her on our bed with, what I had just realized, a large hole in her chest. I looked under the bed and saw a black and white gold ring with my name incribed in it.

I placed the ring on my hands and walked to Hiashi's room, kicking the door open and breaking it. He was sitting on his bed with a shotgun hanging loosely in his hand and a glass of beer in his other hand. "You killed her." I said as he downed the drink. He laughed evily and stood, "I sure did." he said stretching, "Had the time of my life too. The look on her face when I shot her was priceless, her scream was music to my ears. You should have seen it, it was amazing." He laughed again and pointed the gun at me, "Now it's your turn." I ran out just before he pulled the trigger and jumped down the flight of stairs, Hiashi at my heels. He ran down the stairs and shot at me again. I fell onto the floor to dodge and turned around to see him discard the gun and stride over, "I want to kill YOU with my bear hands." He said lifting me up by the throat. I summoned all of my dark power and blacked out.

By the time I had woken from, what I call, my dark slumber, I was eating a mangled Hiashi and felt people pulling me off. I fought and struggled but a needle fixed that. I woke up in a hospital room later on and learned that I had gotten shot twice in the back, I was out for three days, my family was dead, and that I had been proclaimed: Mentally Unstable. I was to spend time in the hospital until I'm healed, and then off to the syciatric ward, Kohona's Gentle Leaf Recovery Center for the Mentally Unstable. I figured that it would take at least a few months before I leave but I didn't care. Hiashi is dead, my life is dead, my special treasure Hanabi is dead, and pretty soon I will be too.

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