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Tairiku: Land of Souls ~ Prologue

Tairiku*, the land of souls.

To the people living there, it is a fantastical place to live in. To everyone else..., well, no one knew if there really was anyone else. This was due to the nature of Engo*, the great barrier that surrounded the entire continent, which kept whatever might be outside out and those inside, in. However, to them it was not like a prison, seeing as life continued to stay peaceful as is. That is, it was peaceful until the day everything changed. That day, now known as Ender's Day, was the last day of the new calendar year, Year Zero.

On that day, an evil existence shattered the world of Tairiku, changing it along with the new calendar and even their way of life. In the week that followed, destruction so terrible ensued across the land, destroying everything yet leaving something new in its place. On the last day of that long and hard week, a hero emerged. The hero had, for the first time, joined forces with one of the ancient spirits that resided across the continent and, together, the two were able to defeat the evil.

From that day, peace resumed. However, along with it came the ability to coöperate with the ancient spirits. Soon schools for training humans who had the unique ability to commune with the spirits were created. With them came a new term: Soul Knight. Those who bore the name became valued for their existence, which was to help out those in need and keep the land peaceful, which the Knights have kept up to this day.

However, peace lasts for so long, and every couple hundred years, small wars would break out, making the Soul Knights fight for existence. Eventually, this was remedied by the creation of the Soul Tournament. One of the Ancestors, a spirit living for at least 10,000 years, came up with this solution, around the year 2600. Once again, peace was realized.

However, peace lasts for so long and once again, in the last days of Year 2999, chaos returns once again...

1. Tairiku = Continent

2. Engo = Barrier

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