So yeah, it's me again. For today's news, I am currently working on the rest of Accelerated Blades Chapter 7, so yay for all the people who have been patiently waiting for that chapter. Again I apologize that the chapter and all my other stories took so long to update but, well you know why, so yeah.

Anyway, I've decided to make a blog to keep all my works on. Now, now, before you guys all start asking, "Are you taking your stories off of FFN?" the answer to that is no, they'll still be posted and updated here. However, for the majority of you you who have FFN accounts you should also know this, but there is a major drawback to posting stories on FFN. That is, all documents have a time limit, so if you can't go on the site and update them to refresh the limit or just forget to do it, they WILL disappear. Also, in the case that your story gets deleted for whatever reason, it's nearly impossible to get it back, so unless you have a backup copy, you're out of luck.

And that brings me to the blog. The blog will be the location of my backup copies as 1.) I can't continue to keep documents on my computer, I'm running out of space, and 2.) Google Docs is kind of a pain to work with when you want your writing to be a specific way, no offense to the makers of Google. There's also Dropbox, but I haven't really touched it yet, so I have no idea on how to use it. Teehee. ;P

Anyway, since I've made it, I'll be posting all the works I've made across FFN and Fiction Press on the blog, revising them there, and then replacing the chapters here with the revised editions there. I'm also on the fence on whether or not I'll post newer chapters there first for criticism and editing before posting them here, but I'll probably go with that anyway as it'll mean less time using the FFN docs (shudder)editing system.

Well, I'll be posting the first 2 or 3 revised chapters of Accelerated Blades there first, then re:Chapter 1 for Rex Omnium, then Tairiku, and then the first 3 revised chapters of Archeron Chronicles before adding the others in.

The blog's name is Cipher J's Blog on Wordpress, Cipher J being my Wordpress username. So cipherjblog"dot"wordpress"dot"com, replacing the "dot"s with periods as we all know that trying to make anything that looks like a link in a fanfic on FFN is as useless as a Magikarp's splash. Well, anyway, that's my brief update for today.

Until next time! ~DragonKing0117

P.S. All these "Important Notice" Chapters WILL be removed after this whole ordeal is over or once I post a new, non-revised original, chapter. Just wanted to get that out there.