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Tony watched as the team stood around laughing at his expense. He hid his hurt behind a mask of indifference and waited for them to finish. When it didn't look like they were going to, he discreetly took out his cell phone and called himself. "DiNozzo," he said, picking up the office phone. "Uh huh…uh huh. Be right up." He hung up the phone and stood. "Have to take a rain check on that dinner Ziva. I have a meeting."

He turned and hurried up the stairs before anyone had a chance to comment. He walked into the director's outer office. "Hey Cynthia. Is the director available?" He asked, not noticing her door was partially open.

"Come on in," the director said as she fully opened the door. He followed her into the office and closed the door behind him, before walking over to sit on the other side of her desk. "What can I do for you Agent DiNozzo?"

"Have you ever read my file Director?"

"Yes, I have. It makes for some interesting reading. There are even a few commendations from the previous director and Gibbs himself. You are one of our best agents."

"Thank you ma'am. You know then how long I've been a cop, how long I've been an investigator, how long I've worked with Gibbs. You also know that I've never stayed anywhere longer than two years, yet I've been at NCIS for almost four. I truly enjoy being an NCIS field agent and I have greatly enjoyed being on Gibbs' team. However I would like a transfer."

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Jenny asked shocked. Of all the people on the MCRT, she expected McGee would be the one to ask for a transfer; never DiNozzo, who had the reputation of being Gibbs' lap dog. She'd read the reports from when the two of them were partners together. A team of two after Blackadder went back to the FBI. They stayed a team of two for an entire year before Agent Todd came aboard.

"I'd like a transfer from the MCRT. I know that you're new to the position of director, but may I speak freely without repercussions?"

"Go ahead. I'd like to know what you're thinking."

"I am the senior field agent on that team. As such, any new personnel choices are made by me and approved by Gibbs, although we both wanted Kate to work with us. The point is that we pick our own team. It's always been this way since I started with Gibbs. When we lost Kate—" Tony stopped talking for a minute. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath to reign in his emotions. "When that happened, both of us agreed that we'd be better off a three man team. We were fine when it was just the two of us, and we knew that we didn't need a replacement agent. Then you became director and shoved someone onto our team without our approval. It would be understandable; at least, if she was an agent, however she's not. Mossad has no place working major crimes. She is not an investigator. She is an assassin. We already have one Probie, we do not need another. Since you shoved her off on us, she has been arrogant and extremely disrespectful. I am her superior and she is to listen to me, however she has done nothing but undermine me since she got here.

"I know what she's doing. She's likely put together profiles on our entire team and I'm sure mine is that of a lazy playboy. She has no notion of my skills or experience. She questions my authority at every turn and does not listen when I try to help her learn the job. I do not trust her. She is trying to ingratiate herself with the members of our team and they seem to have all fallen for it. In my case, she's clearly been trying to seduce me, but I'd rather eat my own arm then sleep with her.

"We weren't just a team director. We were a family. I lost my sister just a few short months ago. Our family has had each other to rely on to help us heal, but she's come in here and is tearing that family apart. And I'm done with it. I currently have 26 stitches in my arm from being shot. She has been telling everyone that I cut my arm on one of the boxes we used for cover in the fire fight. I do not trust her. I cannot work with her. You put her on our team for whatever the hell reason was going through your head at the time. She doesn't belong on it. If you wanted her to work for the agency, you should have put her in Intel where her contacts will actually be useful. Gibbs said you put her with us because you want her to learn from him. Well guess what? Gibbs isn't a single agent. He already has a team and he doesn't need an apprentice. But at this point, I don't care anymore. They all can and clearly will do whatever the hell they want and I'm just done. So I'd like a transfer or I will resign. I have had multiple job offers from the other alphabets over the years. Assistant Director Morrow keeps trying to recruit me over to Homeland."

"I'm sure that won't be necessary. Can you give me a few days to come up with a list of available positions?"

"Of course, Director. If you don't mind, while you're doing that, I'd like to take four days sick leave."

"Because of your arm?"

"Because I had the plague a few months ago and spending an entire day locked in a cold damp box is dangerous for my health. I'm meeting my doctor in the morning to get checked out."

"I'll let Agent Gibbs know about the sick leave. Tomorrow's Wednesday so I'll even give your team the weekend off so you have a few extra days to rest. Be back in my office at 7am on Monday morning and we'll discuss your options."

"Thank you ma'am," Tony said as he stood. "If you don't mind, I'd like to keep this confidential for now."

"That won't be a problem Agent DiNozzo."

"Thank you. Have a good night Director."