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So I finally got the courage to stop just reading stories and decided that it was high time I made my own. This will be an epically long story, if everything goes to plan, and will revolve around Naruto and my own overpowered as all hell oc. The first few chapters will revolve around my oc and him getting a team together. There will be mention of characters from other peoples stories and please know that if I'm going to mention their character or their story that I did get permission from them and that they will be mentioned before the chapter start. With all this in mind please read and enjoy my story.


Chapter 1-It began with a kill

The grounds were silent and still. Nothing was moving, but there were plenty of eyes watching. The eyes belonged to the ninja that were sent to guard the noble currently sleeping in the mansion in the background. These ninja were some of the best, all jonin level ninja, all veterans of their trade, and all of them completely unprepared for the foe that they were up against. These poor souls were expected to stand before the might of the Twilight, the Assassin, Death, and all his other numerous titles. They knew that should the outcome come down to a fight that they were dead. The only good news is that the man they were sent to protect told them all that if it came down to it they were to leave him and save themselves. They were confused by this seeing as how their mission was to protect noble, and they voiced this to him when he gave them this order. He simply responded that if Twilight wanted him dead he was dead, why drag down another fifty people to their graves with him. They knew that this wasn't a slight on their skill as ninja just that this one man was actually that powerful. They thanked the man profusely but were still determined to at least try and help him get through this.

This brings us back to the current situation of fifty pairs of eyes scanning everything around above and below them, waiting for Twilight to make his move. What they weren't watching though was a small mouse black as pitch creeping towards the house. After all who notices a small field mouse trying to get somewhere warm for the night? Although this one mouse could probably level the entire grounds around them without even trying but they didn't know, or sense that at all.

(With the mouse)

"Same old same old, these nobles never learn. Do they really believe that they can stop me? I thought I made that abundantly clear with the last idiot that tried to bring an army to fight me. You would think the slaughtering of ten thousand men would have a little more effect on people."

As the mouse slowly slips into the house and starts to check rooms for its target…

"Then again I suppose it is in human nature to want to live no matter what and to put other before yourself if you have the power and money for it."

Mouse clears the first floor and heads up to the second floor…

"Although when was the last time that I was actually considered a human anyways, for me it's monster, god, savior, destroyer, etcetera. I can hardly remember the times when I was looked as just a person. I suppose those day are long gone now though. Now its just this emptiness and nothingness inside. Why do I even bother continuing to do these stupid missions anyway? O I remember now, I stupidly thought it would be a good idea to join a ninja village and get to fight some strong enemies. I could count on my hand the number of truly strong people I managed to fight in my lifetime, not to mention the one person who could actually kill me, but refuses to do so… asshole that he is. I'm just sick of having to just kill people or just standing back and watching events occur around me, I need something different in my life."

Mouse finds the right room and sees his target sleeping on a huge bed…

"Well I guess it's time to kill another one and just head back to the village."

Mouse begins to expand as more shadows join up with its body. ..

"I can only wonder what this man did to deserve death from me."

Soon the mouse begins to take on a more human looking shape with no distinguishable features as everything about this man is covered in shadows…

"Maybe I can have a conversation with a target for once instead of the constant screaming, crying, begging for their life."

The human now just sits in the chair and decides to wait for his target to notice him.

The noble eventually stirs feeling the eyes of someone upon him, even while asleep. Slowly waking he notices a man cloaked in shadows staring at him from his chair. He slowly rises and tries to see his actually features in the gloom of the room. Giving it up as a lost cause he assumes that this is the legendary Twilight finally come to kill him. Wondering why this man hasn't struck yet he figures he might as well get comfortable and sits up to greet his executioner.

"Good evening Twilight-san."

"The same could be said to you noble-san. You seem pretty calm for someone who is going to die."

"Twilight-san in this current day of ninja and political murdering we all make our peace with death sooner rather than later."

"A wise sentiment indeed Noble-san. So tell me Noble-san, you seem like you expected me to come here tonight with all the ninja you have prepared but you seem quite ready to make peace to this world."

"My family thought they could hopefully keep me alive from you if they bought enough ninja. A touching, if not foolish endeavor on their part. I have heard of your work and how powerful you are from other nobles and knew that if you truly wanted me dead then not even the fabled Sage of Six Paths could stop you. You take your contracts very seriously and will complete them to the very end, isn't that right Twilight-san."

"Funny that a man that I have never meet and intend to kill could know so much about me, more so than some people in my own village it seems. Then again I do tend to push people away in my village while outside of it I tend to hold back very little. But how would you happen to come across such information as this Noble-san."

"About a month ago you completely and utterly destroyed my step-brothers compound and all his guards…"

"Um… I'm sorry?"

"Don't be. He was an idiot and power hungry and on more than one occasion would try to have me murdered."

"Such a loving family."

"Quite. Anyway the one guard that you left alive came here to work for me and told me of your… shall we say dedication, to your contracts. Which I why I told the guards outside that if they spotted you to not engage and just leave. Why drag them down with me when I die?"

"You do seem quite wise and do care for others a great deal. I am quite sorry that I'm the one that was given the contract on your life. Perhaps if it was someone else you could have lived. But I do have a question for you if you would be so kind as to indulge me?"

"Go ahead Twilight-san I do seem to have a knack for helping people with tuff questions."

"My question is simply this Noble-san; I feel nothing from my life anymore. No sadness, no joy, no anger, just simply get the next mission and complete it. I feel that I want something in my life to mean something, to show that I impacted the world in some way, but not directly, more of an indirect thing. What would you recommend Noble-san?"

"Ah the great question that befall most of us at one point or another. What is it that we live for, and what drives us ahead in life? Just listening to you I can see that you have lost that drive and will for a while now. To me it seems that yours is a simple one Twilight-san, given your profession and skills."

"How so Noble-san?"

"Train an apprentice in your fighting styles or power and let him go out into the world. It's a good way to leave a mark on the world in an indirect way, and it will give you something to live for to see your apprentice become strong. And to see if he can take what you teach him in a different direction. Or what he makes of his life. That's the musing of this old man anyway."

"You truly are wise beyond your years and your idea does have merit to it. But to make someone like me is no easy task and is filled with danger and strife. Would it be truly right for me to set someone else on this path?"

"True but any power worth getting is worth working for. Also you will be there to guide them in the right direction, or to let them make mistakes if their heads get too big."

"Very true old man, very true. I think this might be exactly what I'm looking for."

Sun starts to rise, heralding daylights approach.

"My, it seems we have talked the night away with our musings. But you still have a contract to complete do you not Twilight-san."

"Vesper. Call me vesper old man. You have earned that right at the very least."

"Well then Vesper, you should at least know my name as well. My name is Sage."

"Well that certainly fits well with you that's for sure. I am sorry that it had to be me but I hope you find peace on the other side."

"And I hope you find what you are looking for on this side. It was a nice talk that we had and I shall remember it fondly regardless of what it brought about. Who know maybe I'll be remembered as the man that changed Twilight."

"Perhaps you will old man, perhaps you will."

And with that, there was the sound of metal tearing flesh and of an animal flapping its wings. The guards would later find Sage with a slit throat and a peaceful smile on his face, like he knew of a secret that the rest of the world had yet to figure out. None of them would notice the raven that flew off the grounds, with a new will and a fire in its eyes. Its destination Konohagakure.

So now the stage is set for my character to start to set up shop. Also points to you that figured out what was hidden in this chapter. Also it will be explained further what person can actually kill my character. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Right now I should be able to get a chapter a week until work really picks up but don't worry the chapters will probably start to lengthen quite a bit once I get into the story more. Well read and review and I hope you like it. also let me know if the spacing is good or if you want it closer together. also if anyone could direct me to people who can actually draw to save their lives because that's not me... at all.