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Chapter 4- The Second Part of Three

Wow. I love the fact that all of these people so far have managed to be someone of importance that's going to make recruiting them an absolute pain in my ass. Hiruzen is just going to love me when this is all said and done.

Low and behold that the second pillar of darkness was emanating from the Hyuga compound. The only question was if Vesper should just brazenly walk through the compound like he owned it or talk the much more cautious and humble approach of asking them to let him in and to take him to the lucky boy or girl. This question plagued him for all of two seconds… at which point he blew the doors to the compound and walked in like he owned the dam place.

Let it be said here that the Hyuga are not cowards in any sense of the word, but for the two guards on duty saw the door blow off its hinges and Vesper walked in threw them they both had one thought go through their heads… please don't let him be here for me! Even with this powerhouse standing before them they dutifully got into the Gentle Fist stance to at least try and make it seem like they had some control over the situation.

"Stop right their Vesper-san! While you are a fellow leaf ninja we will need good reason as to why you decided to attack our compound."

"Attack your compound? What the hell are you guys talking about? If I wanted to attack the compound it would be a crater in the ground! I, my good sir, take offence to that statement as it makes it seem like I was actually trying to attack. What you just witnessed was me trying to look cool by blowing the doors open with my awesomeness. Which, due to me not really trying to control it, winded up completely blowing them off their freakin hinges… My bad."

"You're bad? You just blew our doors wide open and…"

"Look we could play the blame game all night long but I got somewhere to be, you have a gate to guard, so just do me a favor and wake up Hiashi Hyuga and let him know that I'll be there in ten to twenty minutes to talk to him in private about a very important matter. This is to be between me and him and you are to tell no one else of this am I made clear?!"

The tone that Vesper talked to them in left it very clear in their minds that the time for arguing was over and that they had best follow his commands. As for the matter of the gate it seemed as if the darkness was slowly swallowing it and putting it back into its rightful spot on its hinges. Since the gate problem was obviously taken care of they decided it would be best to go wake the clan head in preparation for whatever it was that Vesper wanted to talk to him about.

Well now that the peons are out of the way best to head towards that pillar and meet my second would be student. I will give the man some credit though, standing up to me and at least trying to stay in control show excellent courage and bravery on his part. I should probably mention it to Hiashi when I talk to him. Good people like that are hard to come by. He could prove useful to me later as well. It will be good to keep it in mind

As he was thinking on the guard Vesper made his way stealthily towards were the pillar was. While he did make a bit of a racket at the gate that was because he was going to have to talk to the clan head about whom he might be taking from his clan. There would be details and stipulation and such and such to set up with him. In all honesty as long as whoever this was said yes he would train them regardless of what Hiashi might say or do but it never hurt to at least try the diplomatic approach. Other than that though must people shouldn't know about his would be team just yet.

When he finally made it to were the pillar was coming from Vesper just had to stop and stare at what he was currently seeing. He just couldn't believe that two of his student would be this important or cause him more trouble with the council then Sasuke and the person he was looking at now.

For sitting in front of him staring at the pillar of darkness that was coming from her own body was one little Hinata Hyuga daughter of the current clan head Hiashi Hyuga, firstborn daughter, aka the heiress to the Hyuga Clan…

Fuck. Just fuck me. This has got to be some kind of joke set up by Kami. I swear to god I'm going to mess with her so bad when I'm done here! You hear that Kami! You're on my shit list now!

Meanwhile up in the heavens…

The Kami of the naruto world shiver violently as she felt like she had made a terrible mistake somehow. Eh fuck it she was Kami Dammit, and she fear no one, unless it was Vesper because frankly he scared the shit out of everyone.

Back on the Naruto world…

Well nothing to do about it except see if she want to join. Somehow I doubt that a person like her is going to want to do this but we will see.

Right before he was going to knock to enter her room he noticed that little Hinata was crying for some reason and figured it had something to do with the scary darkness that was surrounding her. Right before he could dismiss it though he heard something that at first brought sadness to his heart, followed almost immediately by and overwhelming sense of anger and homicidal rage. The words that he heard coming from the mouth of this poor little girl were short and simple…

"Tou-san, why do you hate me?"

A child as young as this shouldn't have ever uttered those kinds of words. Even in this war torn world of shinobi and death children should still be shown unconditional love by their parent, unless they did something really evil in which case they need to be put down hard before they become a major evil entity later, but that was something else entirely, right now there was a sad child that needed help.

"Is everything alright little Hyuga?"

At this little Hinata's head whipped up so fast that Vesper swore he heard something snap.

"Who a-a-are you and how did you get into m-m-my room?"

"Shhhh… worry not little one, I'm a fellow leaf village shinobi and my name is Twilight. As for how I got into your room… I simply walked here."

"Well Twilight-san why are you here in my room specifically?" Hinata stuttered out as she was having flash backs of when she was kidnapped by Kumo.

"That would be because I came to see you specifically. I assume you saw the darkness that is surrounding you and coming from you?"

At this Hinata actually focused more on her surroundings and saw that to her astonishment that she was indeed surrounded by darkness and that a lot of it was coming from her.

"This darkness is my way of finding people that have the potential to be trained by me and to learn what I have to teach. It is a very difficult and dangerous training but with it you will become one of the most powerful people to ever walk the elemental nations. Also as long as you say yes no one else can tell you that you can't do this. What do you say are you interested?"

Hinata thought about what this man was saying and took in all the pros and cons of actually listening to him and going to take this training. She thought of how everyone in the main branch of the clan thought that she was weak and timid and should just be branded with the caged bird seal. She thought of how her father always said he was disappointed in her and how he hoped that Hanabi would be better than she was. She also thought of the boy that she liked and could never get the courage to go and talk to him. She had so many thoughts on whether or not she should take the offer or not and it showed on her face.

"I don't need an answer right now little Hyuga. In fact I would be quiet surprised if you would be able to deliver me an answer right here and now. I will give you a day or two to figure out what it is that you want to do. After that time I will come back and ask you what your answer is. Also little Hyuga you should be able to also give me a good reason as to why you want to become stronger. Depending on your answer will decide on whether or not I actually train you. So for now rest and think on why you want to become stronger."

"Will it be just me Twilight-san, or will there be other as well?"

"There is the possibility of two others joining us; once again it depends on how they answer my question and what they decide to do. It seems to be getting quiet late though, so for now sleep little Hyuga and think on my offer."

"Thank you Twilight-san, also my name is Hinata, Hinata Hyuga."

"Very well then Hinata. Now you get some rest and think on it and I'll be back for an answer in a day or two."

With that Vesper left little Hinata to get some rest and think on whether or not she wanted to join in his little group. It seemed as though things were going to be getting more and more difficult as he tried to put this group together. He could only imagine who was going to be his third would be student. Knowing his luck it would be the heir to the Nara clan or something.

Well that takes care of student number two. The only thing left to do now though is talk to one Hiashi Hyuga and see what he has to say about this. Though based on why little Hinata was crying I might have to talk a little more forcefully than normal.

If one were to look at Vesper as he was thinking these thoughts they would see the darkness around him curling and uncurling itself, waiting to tear apart its next victim. This is the state of mind that vesper was harboring as he continued on his way to meet with Hiashi and see what would have to be done or said to have her join his team.

When he finally made it to the door that lead into the room that he and Hiashi would be having their conversation Vesper had managed to calm himself down and figured he would just beat Hiashi into the ground instead of killing him. He would just see were the conversation went. With this in mind he knocked on the door.


So Vesper walked into the office to see Hiashi seated behind his desk with a look of curiosity upon his face possibly wondering what this so called important matter was that Vesper needed to talk to him about. The man who without a doubt was the strongest person to walk the Elemental Nation since the Sage of Six Paths.

"Hiashi-san how are you doing this fine night?"

"I am as well as can be expected of me Twilight-san. May I inquire as to why you busted into my compound so late at night and then asked to see me?"

"I will come to that in a minute Hiashi-san, but first if you could answer this simple question of how you treat your daughter, and why she seems to think that you hate her. I'm sure that it's just a very big Misunderstanding, I'm sure, Hiashi-san?"

As he was talking Vesper was slowly filling the room with an unbearable amount of pressure and his power. This small act had Hiashi struggling to breathe let alone respond to the statement and accusation that he was mistreating his daughter. Then just as slowly as it had come into the room, it just as slowly left, leaving Hiashi to start heaving in air trying to recapture some air into his poor unused lungs.

Hiashi knew that this had to be played with the utmost care, and that to lie to the man in front of him was to forfeit his own life in the process. So Hiashi thought long and hard about what he could tell Twilight that would hopeful result in the Hyuga Clan not needing a new clan head before the night was done. He decided to tell him everything.

"Twilight-san while it is completely untrue that I hate my daughter, the treatment that she receives is less than ideal where it concerns her. Over the years Hinata has become more and more timid and unsure of herself and withdraws into herself more and more. Her mother was the only one to truly show her love in an unconditional manner. When she died it was but the first step Hinata started taking to becoming timid and unsure. The truth of the matter is that I love my daughters with all my heart and in order to keep them safe I needed to be strict to Hinata and tried to make her surer of herself by being distant with her hoping she would gain her own courage."

"That's bullshit and you know it Hiashi! All you're doing is compounding the problem and making it worse! You could have showed her you love her and toned it down a bit. By pushing her more you make it worse!"

"This is where you are wrong Twilight-san. I have many enemies in the council of elders for our clan. If I were to show Hinata the kindness she needs they would take it as weakness and deem me unfit to rule the clan. They already tried once when I lost my beloved wife, deeming I was too emotional to rule the clan. If I show Hinata too much kindness they will kick me out as clan head then brand both my daughters as branch members. With how it is now I'm pushing for time until Hinata is a gennin and could hopefully move out and deem Hanabi the new clan head. I don't think Hinata could handle being that uncaring to her people and Hanabi I could raise to be more like the expected mannerism of the Hyuga."

"Why all the tip toeing around? You're the dam clan head just make it a law and pass it."

"That would show favoritism to my own family and would get me kicked out of the clan head position, in which case the elders would rule or find someone with their strict beliefs. If that weren't bad enough they would probably go after Hinata and Hanabi just for spite and to make sure my whole family was completely under control. It's a dangerous and nightmarish game that I'm playing here Twilight-san. I'm also trying to change one of our strictest laws which is why I have so many of the elders gunning for me."

"Don't tell me… you're actually trying to get rid of the cage bird seal. That thing has been in your family for pretty much ever. I think it goes all the way back to the clan wars before the time of the villages."

"I know this twilight-san. And that is why the clan head alone cannot change the law at his leisure. The council also has to have a sixty percent majority vote agreeing with the clan head to get rid of the seal. This is what I'm aiming to achieve and why Hinata is not well received by the others of the main branch family. I try my best when I can but she is falling lower and lower, and soon I don't think she will be able to be brought back up."

"Well then the reason I came here in the first place will hold great weight in what I have to say next as well as helping you to solve your problems for the moment at least Hiashi-san."

"What do you mean Twilight-san how can you help me?"

"The reason I came here at first was because I'm putting a very, and I mean very, select few together to make a team under my leadership and learning my own unique skills and powers. One of the three that I'm checking to join is little Hinata Hyuga."

At this little fact Hiashi just stared and stared at Vesper, unable to comprehend what was just said to him. His sweet little Hinata was going to be trained by the powerhouse know as twilight and a host of other names if the rumors were to be believed. He couldn't believe that his fortune could be so lucky. If Hinata was under the tutelage of twilight she would be all but untouchable to the council's plans. They would fear the retribution that they knew would come if they fucked with his student. If everything went well he could definitely make this work in his favor.

"Now while this decision rest solely on little Hinata shoulders on whether or not she wants to take it, if she does in fact take the offer we will be gone for a period of about five years while I train my team. This should give you time to get things set up or even finished with this cage bird seal business. Also to "sweeten" the deal if you were if you allow Hinata to come, which let's face it is the best move you could really make, I will give my backing to your cause of getting rid of the cage bird seal when I return with Hinata. This you can use to get more of the elders to your side."

Hiashi couldn't believe how good this was going. Not only would Hinata be out of the "danger zone" she would come back probably stronger than most of the people in the village and bring with her the backing of the most prestigious and powerful individual in the elemental nations. With all this in mind there was only one thing Hiashi could do and say to the man sitting before him.

Hiashi got on the floor and bowed to the man before him.

"Thank you Twilight-san for all that you promise me and my own. If this truly works me and my family will truly owe you a debt that can never be repaid."

Vesper looked to man in front of him that mere moments ago he was contemplating pounding into the ground. Only to find out that he had sacrificed much in order to try and keep his daughters safe. He knew that he hated himself for what he was doing to Hinata, but knew that the alternative was worse than what it was now. To be stuck in between a rock and a hard place barely begins to describe what this man had to go through to keep his family safe. To that end there was only one thing to say to this man.

"Raise yourself Hiashi, there is no need to bow before a friend, and now ally. To do what you had to do to keep you and your family safe I can't even begin to imagine the torments you had to go through. I will help you in this matter. Also I believe that I have a better alternative to your cage bird seal if your clan still requires a seal to destroy the eyes on the moment of death. I will have to think over it and draw it up but I think I can make a… summoning contract of sorts that would alleviate this problem. Regardless if Hinata choses to take the training or not I will help you unite your family."

"Words cannot express the gratitude a feel towards you Twilight-san. I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Well the night is almost up and I still have to visit another potential student of mine. Take care Hiashi and in a day or two I will be back for Hinata's answer."

"Thank you Twilight-san."

"Please call me Vesper, Hiashi-san; after all, it's what my friends call me."

With those last words Vesper simply disappeared into the shadows of the room with an errant thought running through his head

That's two down now. Can't wait to meet this third one!

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