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Ch 1: Crash

Artemis crossed her arms and sat back in her seat on the airplane.

Batman had given Young Justice a well-deserved vacation in France after saving it from a plot made by a bunch of terrorists. It was a good vacation. They relaxed from fighting crime and saving the world, saw the sights and made some new friends.

Ms. Martian, Superboy, Aqualad left on an earlier flight leaving Wally and Artemis on a later flight back to the states.

Wally was snoring loudly with his head on her shoulder while drool dribbled out of his mouth.

Artemis growled, "Get off" she pushed Wally away, he shifted in his seat and he started sleeping against the window.

Artemis glanced across the aisle at a dark haired teenager sitting beside a man and a woman, who were probably his parents. He held a package in one hand. He stared at it frowning for a few minutes until he returned it beneath his seat.

At the airport in France he looked a little suspicious to Artemis. He was shaking as they boarded the plane, clutching his carry on luggage close to his chest but Artemis just shrugged and figured that he's afraid of flying.

He currently seems calm at the moment. The guy lowered his head and his eyes closed then after a minute he fell asleep.

Artemis sighed "So boring" leaned her seat back and closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.

The plane shuddered and shook, Artemis and Wally sat up right and alert, the cabin lights flickered on and off, oxygen masks dropped out of the ceiling and people gripped their seats screaming loudly.

Artemis felt the plane tilt and started dropping out of the sky like a rock "Mayday going down going down!" Wally screamed into his communicator over the roar of the failing engines

"What?" shouted Robin, on the communicator but Wally couldn't respond because the plane's left engine exploded and the plane shook violently. The plane began spiraling out of control until they struck the ice cold Atlantic Ocean.

Meanwhile in Gotham Robin looked at his communicator in confusion "Who was that?" asked Batman

Robin frowned "Sounded like Wally but there was too much interference" he stared at his communicator for a moment then said "I hope it wasn't something important".

Artemis's eyes fluttered open and she found herself staring at the left wing of the airplane sinking into the dark abyss, her eyes darted around the dark ocean and saw orange light flickering above.

She swam up wards, avoiding debris and luggage from the sinking plane till she reached the surface.

Artemis sucked in the cold air and called out "Wally!"

Artemis saw the back half of the plane sticking out of the surface of the dark ocean, smoke rose from the orange flames polluting the night sky and bits of luggage and debris bobbed on the surface.

She called out again "Wally!" "Artemis!" she heard Wally's voice, she looked around and saw Wally clinging to a panel of the plane.

Artemis swam over to him. "Are you ok?" she asked. Wally coughed "Yeah, did you see anyone else make it out?"

Artemis shook her head "No" she looked around the crash site seeing nothing but smoke, debris and walls of fire.

Artemis ducked back under the water looking around hoping to find survivors but she only saw a dark, murky abyss but she noticed some movement.

The dark shape moved slowly towards the surface Artemis returned to the surface "there's someone else"

"Who?" asked Wally. Artemis shook her head "I don't know".

They waited for a few moments then someone broke the surface of the water gasping for air. "Over here!" yelled Wally waving the stranger over.

Artemis saw that it was the guy sitting across from her and Wally, his eyes were wide and alert, and he was coughing water out "What happened?" he asked.

"I don't know" said Wally shrugging.

The three of them clung to the panel, floating around in the cold water the chilly evening breeze making them all shiver.

Slowly, they drifted away from the wreckage and they began floating towards something that took them by surprise, a towering lighthouse that just seemingly rose out of the ocean.

Artemis was astounded. They were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and here stood a massive lighthouse.

She looked to Wally who looked equally perplexed. They didn't know what to think.

After a few moments of staring up at the massive lighthouse, the teenager who sat across from Artemis and Wally suggested, "I think we should check it out" the two looked at him.

They didn't say no but there was something about the lighthouse that gave them a weird feeling. Then again, they were in the middle of the ocean with nowhere to go and Sooner or later, the Justice League or a rescue team should show up, they might as well spend some time somewhere dry.

The three of them paddled towards the lighthouse. They reached the bottom of a spiral staircase.

Wally climbed up, followed by Artemis and they helped the teenager who introduced himself as Jack.

Wally, Artemis and Jack took one long look at the wreckage nearby. The fires burned brightly and the smoke blotted out the moon and stars. The tail end of the plane slowly sank into the dark sea.

Artemis felt relieved that she and Wally were a live but she felt a pang of sadness that the other passengers didn't make out.

She glanced to Jack and saw his tears dripping down his face. It was then she remembered that his parents were on the plane with him. He sniffed and wiped away the tears on the sleeve of his sweater.

Jack turned away from the destruction and he started climbing the stairs.

Artemis muttered "Poor guy".

Wally tried to use his communicator but there was nothing but static. She glanced up the stairs, wondering where Jack went.

Artemis told Wally "Keep trying, I'm going to check on Jack" "Got it" said Wally nodding.

Artemis hurried up the stairs till she came to a pair of massive, steel doors. They were left open just a crack. Artemis squeezed through the opening and she saw the inside of the lighthouse. It was massive. The inside was circular, spacious and was illuminated by large lamps that hung on the walls.

Artemis saw Jack standing in the middle of the room looking up at something in awe. She followed his gaze and saw what he was looking at.

Standing there was a towering bronze statue of a man. The man was dressed in a suit. His hair was slicked back. He had a thin mustache and a deep scowl on his face that was intimidating.

The statue held a large, red banner that had a message of sorts written in gold letters. The banner read "No Gods or Kings, Only Man"

Artemis frowned. Something about the man seemed familiar but she just couldn't place it. She heard footsteps and she glanced towards the door and saw Wally.

He looked up at the statue as well. "Well…that's new" remarked Wally.

Once Wally crossed the threshold, the doors slammed shut. Wally tried to push them open but they wouldn't budge. Artemis helped but neither of them could open the doors.

Wally scratched his head, muttering "Weird".

Artemis crossed her arms "How do we get out of here?" "How about this way?" suggested Jack.

The two glanced back to Jack and they saw him pointing towards a set of doors that were situated beneath the large bronze statue. Wally and Artemis glanced at each other and shrugged. They were stuck inside until rescue came, they might as explore the strange lighthouse.

Jack opened the doors and discovered a set of stairs that led downwards.

Artemis, Wally and Jack followed the stairs down.

As they climbed down, lights began flickering on and illuminated the way. They reached the bottom of the stairs and they found themselves in a large room containing a round pool that held a large, bronze sphere.

Jack's eyes widened in awe and he approached the sphere to get a better look.

Wally and Artemis studied their surroundings, wondering what all this was doing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

On the walls were intricate scenes carved into the marble walls. The scenes included a serene ocean with a beautiful utopian city sitting upon the waves. Towering over it were several people. Most were men but two were women. One of the men was the bronze statue from before.

The group looked down upon the city as if they were looking upon a work of art for the first time.

Artemis frowned in confusion "What is this place?" "I don't know" said Wally "But something about that statue guy seems familiar, its like I seen him before"

"Me too" said Artemis

"Me three" added Jack who was by the bronze sphere.

Jack's hand brushed up against a switch and suddenly a door on the sphere opened up. Artemis and Wally approached the sphere.

The inside of the sphere looked like a luxurious train car. Ornate lamps illuminated it. The floors were covered with maroon carpeting, a cushy bench, a golden switch connected to a consol of sorts with a window on the other side of the sphere.

Artemis and Wally studied the inside carefully and they heard soft jazz music coming from inside.

Wally muttered "This just gets weirder and weirder" "you said it" said Artemis shivering a little.

Jack glanced inside and frowned "What is it?"

Wally shrugged "Beats me".

Jack grinned "Only one way to find out" he climbed inside.

Artemis stammered, "I-I don't think you should be doing that" "Why?" asked Jack as he sat down on the cushy bench.

Artemis fumbled for words "B-Because, because we don't know what it is" the dark haired teen waved a hand "Don't worry, I'll be fine. There's nothing to worry about"

Jack began searching the sphere's inside.

Wally climbed in as well to get a better look as to what the sphere might be. Reluctantly, Artemis joined them.

Once she was inside, the door swung shut. There was a loud click and an audible hiss.

Artemis froze "What was that?" "I didn't do it" said Jack quickly holding up his hands.

They all glanced to the windows and they saw that the sphere was sinking. Slowly it sank into the water till it was submerged. They then realized that the sphere wasn't resting in the middle of a pool; it was sitting on the surface of the ocean.

Air bubbles rushed past the windows, blocking their vision. The sphere lowered itself down a long metal shaft. It passed a silver statue of a man and several large pipes with inscriptions marking the fathoms they passed.

The pressure of the inside of the sphere began to weigh down on them all as they sank deeper into the ocean.

Artemis crossed her arms muttering "Great, just great" "Not my fault" said Jack innocently.

Wally placed a comforting hand on Artemis's knee "Don't worry, we'll be fine".

Suddenly the inside of the sphere dimmed and a screen lowered itself over one of the windows. A hidden projector emerged from a hiding spot in the ceiling and it flickered on. Tinny orchestral music began to play over the speakers and an advertisement of sorts came on.

It was a black and white poster of a woman and a man. The woman had a cigarette in her hand and the man had his finger beneath the cigarette with a large flame dancing on the tip of his finger, igniting the cigarette. In bold white letters, it read, "Fire at your fingertips! Incinerate, Plasmids by Ryan Industries" the image changed to the man from the statue and the carving.

He was dressed in a fine suit holding a pipe in one hand and was looking at the camera with a serious expression on his face. A subtitle read "From the desk of Ryan".

A man's voice spoke over the music "I am Andrew Ryan and I am here to ask you a question" the picture changed to that of a farmer standing in a field, wiping sweat off of his exhausted face. "Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?" asked Andrew.

The image changed again, this time the farmer was being attacked by a giant eagle with the United States senate building in the background.

Andrew Ryan continued, "No, says the man in Washington, It belongs to the poor"

The image again changed, this time it had a large hand reaching down from the sky and the farmer was cowering away from it in fear.

"No, says the man in the Vatican, it belongs to God" said Ryan.

The image changed once more. It showed the farmer fleeing from a massive hammer and sickle as Andrew Ryan voice became more disdainful, "No, says the man in Moscow, it belongs to everyone".

The image changed back to the picture of Andrew Ryan "I rejected those answers, instead I chose something different" the image flickered off and the screen slowly slid away from the window.

"I chose the impossible" said Ryan proudly "I chose Rapture". Once the screen was gone, it revealed a majestic city that had towering buildings, bright lights and glass protected walkways connecting the many buildings together.

Artemis, Wally and Jack gathered around the window and gawked at the city.

The city's lights gave the city an eerie green glow. They saw a large squid swim past them with a large school of fish. Artemis and Wally were bewildered. How could a city like this be here? Does anyone else know about it?

Andrew Ryan continued his narration "A city where the artist will not fear the censor, where the scientist will not be bound by petty morality, where the great will not be constrained by the small. And by the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well" the sphere carried them past a massive bronze statue of a man that stood by a very tall building.

It then carried them under one of the glass walkways. A whale swam past them as the sphere drifted along an avenue that was filled with neon signs advertising fine arts, high fashion and entertainment.

Wally and Artemis stared in awe at the city while Jack stared at the buildings with a sick feeling in his stomach.

Something about the city and the man named Andrew Ryan seemed awfully familiar to him. But he shook his head.

The three heard a voice coming from a small box like device that hung on the wall "…It looks like some kind of plane crash"

Another voice spoke, this time with an Irish accent "Just get over there and be quick about it, the Splicers are coming" Wally, Artemis and Jack stared at each other. Splicers? What were Splicers?

The sphere slowly changed course and it drifted trough round metal rings that had parts of a message on it in glowing letters "All good things" began the first.

The second read "Of this Earth"

"Flow" said the third

"Into the city" concluded the final ring.

The sphere drifted through the rings on a guided course till it entered a building through a large opening that read "Rapture Transit Authority".

The entrance lead to a shaft that had advertisements for something called Plasmids. Air bubbles began floating around them as the sphere began ascending up the shaft.

Artemis, Wally and Jack braced themselves for what may be lying in wait for them in the city of Rapture.

End of chapter

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