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Batman stared at Artemis and Wally stoically and asked "Are you sure this is what you want?" the two nodded.

It had been several hours since Batman rescued Artemis and Wally from the lone lighthouse in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Once they returned to Mount Justice and gathered the Justice Leaguers and the rest of the Team together, the two young heroes recounted their tale, from the plane crash to finding the undersea city of Rapture.

They also told Batman and the others about the horrors that filled the city, the mad man who built and ruled it and also of the boy who was raised to be the weapon of a con man.

Batman thought that their story was ridiculous at first but he remembered hearing about the names Frank Fontaine and Andrew Ryan.

Bruce learned about Andrew Ryan from Alfred.

Ryan was once one of the wealthiest men in America, if not the world. He had harsh political views that clashed with the government and many politicians of his era. One day he vanished and was never seen again. When he vanished, his company was taken over by his board of directors and his company was still around to this day. One of its subsidiaries was Star Labs.

Frank Fontaine's name rang a bell with Batman.

Fontaine was once a stagehand from the Bronx who later became a criminal mastermind who topped the FBI's most wanted list from back in the forties. He vanished without a trace as well but he was rumored to have appeared in coastal towns over the past few decades smuggling things to some secret location but those rumors were dismissed.

As Wally and Artemis told Batman their story, the details clicked together.

From the black box recovered from the crash site, there were indications that someone murdered the pilots and forced the plane down.

The other members of the Justice League were intrigued by how Rapture could've remained undetected for so long. Aquaman said that the city was built in a very secluded area of the sea, which it made it hard for him and Aqualad to find.

He also guessed that the city was made of a metal that repelled magic, which made it difficult for Doctor Fate to locate it in the first place.

After that, Wally and Artemis asked that the Team and the League keep Rapture a secret. If people went after the city, there would be dire consequences.

Everyone agreed that no one should ever know that a city, whose inhabitants made the inmates of Arkham Asylum seem sane, exists.

When Batman inquired after Jack and Tenenbaum, Artemis and Wally shrugged.

They told Batman and the other Leaguers that Jack didn't surface after they did as he promised.

Artemis frowned and said "I hope he's ok"

"I'm sure he is" said Wally "Where ever he is, I'm sure he's fine".

Jack trudged back home, carrying one of his little sisters on his shoulders. His other siblings walked beside him.

The little girls told their big brother about their first day at school.

He couldn't exactly hear each one of them but he just smiled and nodded "Uh huh, ok"

"It's so much fun" said one of the girls

"I also made some new friends!" said another

"That's great" said Jack grinning broadly.

The crossed through a gate and he carefully placed his sister on the ground "And we're home" said Jack.

The girl hugged Jack and she and her sisters ran inside to tell their mother of their day.

Jack sighed deeply, feeling better than he had ever felt in his entire life and he hurried after his sisters.

Sophia Lamb knelt down and examined the large, bronze skinned corpse that lay on her floor.

She heard rumors of Fontaine's death so she had her Splicers investigate. They had dragged Fontaine's body back to Persephone for her to see the proof.

Sophia muttered "So you did it Jack, you killed Fontaine" a smile appeared on her lips "Good boy".

She had been hoping that both Fontaine and Ryan would both somehow kill each other in their little war but it seems that a single boy did that for her.

Jack had just proven his worth, making him and his mother valuable assets for the Rapture Family.

Sophia nodded to her Splicers "Get this thing out of my sight" they nodded and they grabbed Fontaine's body.

As they dragged Fontaine's lifeless corpse out of her office, Sophia smiled and muttered "Good boy Jack. You'll do just fine in our family".

End of Chapter.

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