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Courtney sat in an over-sized lazy boy in her living room allowing her hair to be braided by a strangely calm Izzy. She sighed in a bored tone allowing her eyes to wander about the room, her eyes landing on the snuggling Pair that was Noah and Cody she smiled lightly at her small group of unlikely friends. After season three they all grew really close to the point where they saw each other almost every day. They would get together and sit around as they were doing now and watch old movies, once the tv was off it ended up like this. Her hair being played with by Izzy and the lovebirds cuddling or snogging. She sighed once again. It was getting rather boring. It was about time for a change in pace if you asked her.
"Hey guys?" She asked as if testing the air. Idea set in stone within the walls of her mind.
"Hm?" Noah said softly holding Cody in his arms, his significant other looking rather as well.
"Whatsitdoozy~?" Hummed Izzy cheerily as she continued her intricate braiding process.
"I think its time for a change of pace don't you?" She tested, seeing the nods of her friends she continued cautiously "I have a cousin who lives in Ohio...We could go there continue our second year of high school there..."

Noah, seeing the nod of approval coming from his boyfriend bobbed his head a bit and gave a small, "We're in"
Izzy on the other hand nodded cheerfully and yelled "Izzy like. Izzy in. Waaaaafles"
Courtney went online and began looking for affordable apartments while Noah looked for plane tickets, mean while Izzy was Registering them for school and Cody was arranging for a jeep wrangler to be their new car (Which was rather difficult by the way, considering Ohio aint exactly 4x4 terrain.). At the end of the night they had what they needed and where planning to leave in two days Noah and Cody left to their own joint apartment and her and Izzy stayed in their own and began packing what was needed. She smiled as she felt a rush of victory that her idea was liked and that she would have her friends with her for more than an hour or two a day.

It had bean two days already, they were standing in line to get their tickets checked so they could board the plane, they were flying delta, Cody was happily talking to Noah about some Alien movie and Noah was nodding encouragingly as he reread his copy of Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy. Izzy was sipping at her mango juice and staring suspiciously at the plane as if it would explode at any given moment. It seams her fear of flying hadn't gone away as they thought it had. Courtney was reading the schools "So your the new people?" pamphlet. Finally they made it on the plane the seating arrangement went like this: Noah Cody Izzy Courtney.

From this moment on the adventure really begins

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