Merry Christmas to all...

Monsters VS Aliens (Part 2)

Over thirty years ago humanity ended. The Earth is now ruled by aliens. The planet is being bled dry and has been turned into a wasteland. The only ones who can stop the aliens once and for all are what remains of Team Monster. They have started to regroup, though shadows of their former selves, and now face the search for T.O.M in what used to be the state of Tennessee.

The monsters slowly began making their way through the dense forest, the tall trees were very compact, leaving little room to get through which made things difficult. Rex and RedSteel were able to worm their way through the trees, pushing some thinner ones aside but Gina was not having such an easy time, along with carrying Stacey's mobile headquarters on her back she had difficulty manoeuvring through the trees, she had to push many of the trees over so she could get a little breathing room.

After about two hours of continuously clearing a path through the forest Gina had to sit down and recover, she was still bruised from when the Sentinel had beaten her in San Francisco. She set the backpack down and deployed its stabilizers, allowing Stacey to peer out the top window.

"Found anything yet?" she asked.

"Nothing," panted a weary Gina, "I'm starting to wonder if they were right about T.O.M being here,"

"It is without a doubt, my dear," said Dr Sprocket, his head welded onto RedSteels shoulder, "The state of Tennessee became uninhabitable about two years after humanities extinction,"


"So T.O.M's wife would have been killed also when the DNA bomb went off and she was born and raised in this state. T.O.M will have come here to try and see if she was still alive, it's really the only thing he has left of her,"

Stacey nodded to Gina, "That's true; Tiffany Meadows had a farm that the pair lived in when he wasn't at the base. After everything ended he would've gone back there,"

Rex settled down next to the giantess and the blinded Fang emerged from his streetcar home mounted on the dino-dogs back, "Wait, Rex says these trees are everywhere, you telling me my bro made this place like a never-ending jungle?"

"It is possible. Believing all his loved ones had perished may have awoken abilities he didn't know he possessed," theorized Red.

Rex whimpered loudly as he rested his chin on Gina's knee, this got him a gentle stroke on the head.

"I miss him too, Boy, but if we found each other then we'll find him too. But I think we should call it a night and continue looking for him tomorrow," Gina reassured him.

As night fell the monsters gathered up fallen twigs and trees to build a fire and RedSteel used his depleted blaster to light the flames. As the night drew on the monsters sat around the fire talking about old times and what they should do after finding T.O.M. Meanwhile Gina and Stacey sat away from the others as Stacey saw to her partners injuries, the fight with the Sentinel had broken one of the support beams on Ginas crane arm and severed the steel cable that moved one of the fingers.

"You should've said something before we went wading through branches!" said Stacey, picking bits of twig and fern out of the joints.

"It's not made of flesh so it doesn't matter," said Gina dismissively.

"Of course it matters! You forget that you used to be right-handed and with this appendage you had to relearn your motor skills all over again! This arm is just as important as your original one used to be!" said Stacey, getting to work on welding up the crack. Putting on her mask and applying the blowtorch, sparks shooting into the sky.

"You should be able to fix it easily enough though, right?"

"You ask as if I've never patched you up before. Remember how you lost your original arm in the first place?"

"They tried to vaporize you and I threw myself, well my arm, in the way. Yeah, I remember." Gina said, remembering it, and the pain, all too well.

"I spent months treating your wounds and getting all these parts to make this artificial limb for you and I had to learn how to do it from scratch. This arm is all you've got and if it's gone it's gone."

"Well the next time we meet that Sentinel I'm gonna plant this arm firmly through its bucket of a head!" said Gina.

Stacey removed her mask and looked up at Gina, "That thing could have killed you! You heard what RedSteel said it could do? What it could've done to YOU?"

"You don't have to worry about me,"

"YES I DO! I'VE WORRIED ABOUT YOU THESE LAST THIRTY YEARS!" screamed Stacey, throwing the blowtorch to the ground. Gina was taken aback at her wife's outburst.

"Stacey, I…"

"You act tough like a broken metal arm is nothing but I'm the one who has to put you back together and every time it feels like I'm seeing less and less of you. Like one piece after another is being taken away from you, from me! And it's all my fault!"

"It's not your fault! You couldn't have…"

"COULDN'T HAVE? You never got the chance to save your father when the world ended! You were never given the choice! I WAS AND WHAT DID I DO?"

Gina now knew where this was going.

"Stacey, what happened back at the base…"

"When I heard that Team Monster had gone silent my first thought was to go and find you cos I couldn't have bared it if anything had happened to you! My sisters begged me not to go out there as I started up that jet…I could've told them to come with me, they could've left with me. But what did I do…?"



Stacey fell to her knees as she broke down, thirty years of repressed grief and guilt had been let out in one burst and it hit her hard. Gina carefully put her left hand on Stacey's back and slowly patted her; she had never seen Stacey like this.

"You weren't to know what would happen to the base, to your sisters,"

"I know. Godammit I know. But every time I close my eyes I see them all, and when I open them up they're gone again." Said Stacey, her fingers digging into the dirt.

Gina knew Stacey had felt responsible for the loss of her sisters but never said anything as she knew she never wanted to discuss it. It was evident as ever since that day Stacey had never used her growing powers, choosing to remain small because that's how she felt.

Back at the fire the others couldn't help but overhear the conversation the pair were having.

"Sounds like those two have really been through the meat grinder," said Fang.

"We all have. None of us made it through the apocalypse intact," said RedSteel.

"Yet we're here, alive and that's exactly what General Monger expected us to be," said Dr Sprocket, "He knew in order to save the world it needed us and so he made sure his 'S2BY' program would bring us back together again."

The snake shook his head, "So that General thinks we still got a chance against a billion aliens? Doc, be reasonable, I'm all for getting the band back together but none of us are exactly n our prime. I'm blind, you're renting Reds shoulder, Gina's asymmetrical and as for T.O.M…well that's for us to find out,"

Rex snorted a strong gust at his friend.

"No boy, you're still the same super-tough Dogzilla you were back then."

Rex happily put his head back on the ground again and drifted off back to sleep.

"Monger had confidence that no matter what we could save the world otherwise he wouldn't have given me that program to locate you all. He always had a plan and so do we…maybe."

"Wish I still had yer confidence, Doc, and yer eyesight," sighed Fang as he nibbled on some of Stacey's snacks.

"You had better get some rest and there seems to be several more miles of this forest before we find a clearing." Said Red.

"Indeed, my friend, goodnight chaps," said Doc and the robot aliens shoulder pad covered over him.

Fang got up and slowly felt his way over to the sleeping Rex and scrambled back into his railcar home. Gina and Stacey had finished making up and had also gone to sleep, Stacey climbing inside her living space/backpack with Gina sleeping alongside, her arm all patched up.

After waking up early from yet another nightmare Gina looked around to see a light mist slowly hovering over the ground, as she moved the mist was blown around her. The sun's rays were just breaking through the trees, showing the others were still fast asleep (or in standby mode).

She sat up and waited for the others to wake up, taking the time to look around and think to herself. When and if they managed to find T.O.M what then? Six battle-scarred monsters and a rusty alien against a population of billions of aliens? She and Stacey had seen first-hand what some of these aliens were like during the first few years of the aliens dominion of Earth, Stacey had tried to steal supplies which led to her capture, which in turn left to the amputation of the giantess' arm.

She looked at her crane arm, the hand opening and closing no problem, she always knew Stacey had the magic touch. Stacey, despite her guilt racking her every day she never gave up, kept on fighting for the pair of them no matter what. Against overwhelming odds they had survived this long and if they were now reunited with their former teammates then maybe, just maybe, there was a chance they could pull off one last miracle, no matter how small.

After the others had awoken and had a brief breakfast the group continued through the thick forest, trees of every variety providing an obstacle in which they had to push aside, hack down or pull up from the ground.

"How much further?" grunted the giantess as she pushed aside a giant redwood.

"Mongers signal of T.O.M is still a fair way ahead," said Dr Sprocket as RedSteel pushed a palm tree out the way.

Rex sniffed loudly and then barked back to Fang who sat at the front of his railcar home, "Rex says he can smell something further ahead, something that isn't a…toilet? Seriously, buddy…"

"You have anything on visual, Red?" Gina asked the alien robot.

RedSteel punched the side of his head to try and get his worn out systems to work, "My sensors are trying to adjust…there! A figure….about a hundred yards ahead!"

The group hastily advanced through the forest, this time they were just forcing the trees aside like they were in a football game. As they reached a small clearing they found a fallen tree trunk and something standing on top of it.

"Is that…a woman?" asked Stacey, her head poking out of one of her windows.

"A woman? Where? How's my hair look?" said Fang, jumping to his feet and trying to comb his matted hair back with his claws.

"Relax, Fang, it's not a real woman, it appears to be a hedge trimming of a woman, it's entirely made out of leaves," said Dr Sprocket.

The giantess peered at the figure then suddenly realised, "It can't be…that face…." Gina said quietly.

The woman's shape and accurate facial features were spot on with Tiffany Meadows, T. late wife. To their surprise the leaf statue suddenly began to move, it turned to look at them and began walking along the trunk, her face expressionless.

"It's not possible! That can't be Tiffany!" said the giantess.

"Yet it appears to be sentient!" said Doc.

Just then the ground around them began to squirm like something large was moving beneath their feet.

"I do not think she approves of us being here!" said RedSteel.

Gina stepped forward whilst the others stepped back, "Tiffany, it's me! It's Gina! Don't you remember? You, me and Stacey once stopped a madman from polluting the world!"

The Tiffany figure still had no expression but instead raised her arms and all around her gigantic vines erupted out of the ground, the vines twisted and wriggled like giant snakes. The group hastily retreated as the vines smashed the ground where they stood.

"Sounds like she's in a mood!" said Fang as he held on to Rex for dear life.

The group tried to get away but the vines cut off every escape route till they were completely surrounded. As they looked back to the Tiffany figure they saw another appear next to her, this one made entirely of tree bark and then another made of flowers.

"She has sisters apparently," gulped Stacey.

"If I still had sight and this was a completely different scenario I'd say I was in heaven right now!" said Fang. He suddenly found himself tilting to one side, prompting him to hold onto his railcar home tighter, "Yo, buddy, what's with the leaning?"

But Rex didn't answer; he just crumpled to the floor and remained still. Gina rushed to his aid and was relieved to find he was still breathing.

"He's okay, Fang, it seems he's just fallen asleep. Fang?"

Gina found Fang lying next to Rex, fast asleep as well. She then started to feel drowsy herself, she shook her head to try and stay focused but her thoughts were getting cloudy and her eyelids heavier and heavier.

"Doc, wha…wha…"

"They've filled the air around us with pollen which is knocking you all out!" said the mad scientist.

"Gina, you must lay down before you land on top of Stacey!" said RedSteel.

Stacey had succumbed already and was hanging halfway out of the window as the giantess struggled to stay on her feet. RedSteel ran over and tried his best to hold onto her as she went down, just managing to lay her down on her front. Now it was just the two robots left against all of nature as it surrounded them.

"You can try and take us out but my alien friend and I are immune to your pollinized atmosphere and we shall not be so easily…"

A giant vine swung at them and smacked them into a tree, knocking them both offline. With the whole group out cold the Tiffany's walked over to them as the huge vines circled around them all.

"Second teleportation signal acquired. Triangulating. Receiving co-ordinates."

"Send the Sentinel to those co-ordinates and this time make sure the Quantronium carrier is retrieved and brought to me."

"Yes Supreme Overlord."

"Gina! Gina! Gina, wake up!"

Gina groggily opened her eyes that felt like they had been welded shut; as her focus sharpened she could make out a figure standing sideways in front of her. When her senses returned to her she realised she was actually lying on her side and Stacey was looking worried at her.


Stacey heaved a sigh of relief, "Oh thank goodness,"

Gina slowly pushed herself upright and looked around, the others were already awake and they were in a different place than before. The clearing was much larger, about three football pitches wide and there were derelict and half-demolished buildings dotted about.

"Where are we? How long have I been out?" she asked.

"It's been about five hours, six minutes and 35 seconds since we all went down. The Tiffany's brought us here and it doesn't seem they'll let us leave either," said RedSteel, gesturing to their borders.

The giantess looked around and saw hundreds of differently made Tiffany's lining the perimeter back into the forest.

"Are we prisoners or something?" she asked.

"I think we were brought here to be an audience," said Fang.

Before anyone could say anything else the door from one of the old wooden buildings creaked open and out came a figure that made them all gasp in shock. It was T.O.M but his head was shrunken a great deal, now it was only twice the size of a humans, his vines were shrivelled and pale and he had a beard of moss that touched the ground and almost hid his entire body. He didn't look pleased to see them.

"T.O.M? Is that you? Is that really you?" asked Dr Sprocket.

"Bro, after all these years! Where've ya been?" asked Fang with arms outstretched, expecting a hug.

But T.O.M just glared at them all individually, he then turned to his army of Tiffany nature clones, "Look around for any other trespassers!"

The Tiffany's bowed and disappeared into the forest, leaving the monsters alone.

Gina crawled over to T.O.M, "T.O.M, it's us! It's your friends!"

T.O.M looked Gina up and down but appeared sceptical, "I have no friends. Friends are now grass and the antelope eat the grass. We're all connected in the great circle of…"

"Bro, its yer buddy, Fang! Bring it in!" said Fang with his arms still outstretched as he walked forward; believing he was walking to T.O.M but instead fell down a well.

T.O.M shook his head, "There is no buddy here. It's just me and my Tiffany's. We're all that is left, everyone else went bye-bye. Came back here to be with my wife again but she too was bye-bye so I…I made her come back. Again and again."

"T.O.M, your wife is gone, every human was wiped out but we monsters survived. We're really here. It's us, your friends." Dr Sprocket explained.

T.O.M looked at them all again, "Prove it. Tell me something only my friends would know."

Stacey stepped forward till she was face-to-face with the mutant tomato, "Your favourite food: anything but pea soup."

T.O.M's face suddenly lit up and his vines wrapped around Stacey tightly as he began to wail, "MY FRIENDS! YOU REALLY ARE HERE! WAAAHAHA!"

"Well that was easier than expected." Said RedSteel.

T.O.M finally released Stacey and went to hug the others as Gina fished Fang out of the well. The snake touched ground and was immediately embraced by his bro, though he was taken by surprise the two amigos were soon overjoyed that they were together again.

"I recognise this place," said Dr Sprocket, looking up at the rotting buildings, "This was Tiffany's farm, I remember us hiding here when we were trying to find out a secret plot to destroy all monsters,"

"Yeah, us and Sarah. The three of us had good times here," said T.O.M, looking at the ruins of his old home.

"Five of us, Bro. Us four and Tiffany all those years ago," Fang corrected him.

"No, I mean me, Sarah and Cassie. We stayed here after all the humans went away,"

Nobody said a word, the only sound was the wind blowing through the trees, Gina's mouth was dry as her heart skipped a beat.

"T.O.M, what-what are you saying?" she said.

"After everything went all alien me, Sarah and little Cassie came here to start our new lives as one big family! Good times," he said, smiling into the distance.

"Sarah survived! Sarah and her daughter are alive?!" exclaimed Stacey.

"That is possible, they are both monsters themselves, but we thought they were killed when the aliens invaded?" said Dr Sprocket.

"Are they here? Right now?" Gina asked hopefully.

"Nah, ten years ago some noisy neighbours in a flying spaceship came and took 'em away. Burnt the whole place down as well. Rude. Been living here alone with my Tiffany's ever since." Said T.O.M.

Everyone's hopes started to crumble after this, Rex whimpered as Fang asked the question no-one wanted answered, "So you're saying that they are…"

"If they were still alive Mongers tracker program would have located them as well." Said Dr Sprocket regrettably.

Gina slunk to the ground again, just when she thought things were looking up…

"So that's it then, Team Monster officially back together. Now what?" asked Fang.

"Mongers program must have something more to it. It's like reuniting us wasn't the only part of his plan," pondered Dr Sprocket.

"Hey, does anyone hear that buzzing noise?" asked RedSteel.

"Oh I get that noise in my head every now and again. Insects, takes a while to get 'em out," said T.O.M, grabbing a stick and jamming it in his head.

"Hold on. I know where it's coming from," said Stacey. She ran back to her mobile home and climbed inside, Gina peered through the top window to see Stacey through the computers she had gathered up, "It's coming from the computer we used to access Area Fifty-Unknowns mainframe! The one that led us to the others!"

She passed the computer out to Gina who held it in her metal hand, the giantess then put it on the ground and the two robots began examining it.

"Interesting, it seems us locating the other monsters has initiated a second phase of General Monger's program," said RedSteel.

Dr Sprocket remotely accessed the file he had found before, "There's a recorded message just unlocked. Putting it on now,"

The computer screen crackled and flickered as the file began to play. Gina and Rex crouched down behind the others so they were all able to see what was happening, except Fang who just listened intently.

"This is General Monger. Leader of Area Fifty-Unknown and former warden to Team Monster,"

"Well cut holes in my head and call me a toaster!" exclaimed Dr Sprocket.

"General Monger…" Gina said quietly.

"This is a highly classified file for a level 10 situation. So if you are seeing this then it means the worst has happened and the aliens have won. Hopefully if the monsters survived an extinction level event and are viewing this right now then…"

"General Monger?"

"Ugh! What is it, T.O.M?"

"Do you mind if I use one of your fighter jets? The popcorn makers on the blink."

"T.O.M, I'm in the middle of making an important video file!"

"So that's a yes?"

"Just get out! Sheez, now where was I? Oh yes, Monsters, I know it's you watching this because if there was ever a world ending scenario I know not even that would break you lot up, your bond as teammates and friends is stronger than anything else I got in this base. It's why I know you will be the one to save us or avenge us, most likely the latter. By the way I hope my death was an honourable one. Anyways, should any of you become separated there is a tracker program that can be used to locate the others precise locations. I had chips implanted in each of you whilst you were sleeping but we'll just gloss over that. Now that you are all reunited S2BY can now begin, long ago I had a weapon built that could wipe out any super giant alien invasion force in one go! It was so powerful that I couldn't have it lying around so I put it somewhere out of reach. You must find that weapon and stop them aliens once and for all. Make sure they know this planet don't belong to them and if they don't like it, well: Sucks 2 Be You."

"Oooooooh," they all said at once.

"It's all on you monsters now but I have faith in you, always did. Go save the world like I know you always will. Message ends."

And the screen went black again leaving a group of stunned monsters to contemplate what they had just seen.

"Wow!" said Fang, taken aback by Mongers message from beyond the grave.

"Yeah, that jet fighter made the perfect popcorn," said T.O.M.

"Monger made a weapon for us to use to stop the aliens. He never gave up on us, even after death," said Gina.

"He reunited us so we could stop the aliens one last time. We must not fail him or everyone else we lost." Said Dr Sprocket.

"I am with you. These aliens inhabiting your world are vile and corrupt; they would have wiped out humanity themselves if the DNA bomb had not been detonated. I may be alien but I am with you monsters to the end." Said RedSteel confidently, thumping his metallic chest.

Stacey then raised her hand, "Not to dampen spirits once again but I have a question. If there is a weapon of mass destruction out there how can we even find it? And who's to say it even survived after all this time?"

"That's two questions." T.O.M pointed out.

Explosions of green and orange flame suddenly erupted all around them; Gina threw herself over Stacey to shield her whilst Rex stood over Fang and T.O.M. RedSteel took out his blasters and pointed them upwards, trying to find the source of the blasts.

"We are under attack!"

"Really? I thought explosions were common around here?" said Fang sarcastically.

RedSteel then saw what had made the attack and opened fire, "Get ready! It's found us again!"

"What has?" called Stacey from underneath Gina.

There was another massive explosion as earth and splinters flew everywhere, when Team Monster looked around they saw the Sentinel had landed right in the middle of the clearing, its four robotic arms spinning as its single eye darted from target to target.

"Don't remember Docs son looking like that?" frowned T.O.M.

"That's not my son, T.O.M, that's the Sentinel!" said Dr Sprocket.

"Oh I've been waiting for a rematch with you, rust bucket!" said Gina, standing to her full height and cracking the knuckles on her good hand.

The giantess ran towards the robot but before she could land a punch it swiped her away, making her crash into the trees around the perimeter. RedSteel then engaged the Sentinel but his weak weapons merely bounced off its armoured body, it then fired its own weapons which forced the alien robot to dive out the way, Dr Sprocket howling at the commotion.

"I got no action last time but I ain't sitting on the side-lines this round!" said Fang, standing in a martial arts stance, T.O.M then turned him so he was facing the right way.

He, Fang and Rex then charged the Sentinel and managed to get close to it, Rex attempting to bite its legs whilst Fang and T.O.M clambered up and repeatedly hit numerous parts of its body, all to no effect. The Sentinel brushed them off and fired a barrage of missiles that reduced the remaining buildings to a burning ruin. With the others all out of action the Sentinel looked over to Gina who was attempting to get up, Stacey by her side trying to help by pulling her hand.

"Get up, Gina! It's coming this way!"

"Grr! Cheap shot!" snarled Gina as she finally hauled herself up just in time to dodge another swing from the robot. Gina then took a massive swing with her crane arm and stuck its head, creating a crack in the side, "HA! How'd you like that?"

The Sentinel just glared at her for a second then delivered a hammer blow of all four fists to the sides of her head, the giantess swayed for a second then fell down hard. Stacey ran over to her head in panic and dread.

"Gina! Please get up! You must!"

A large footstep made her fall on her butt and when she looked up she saw the Sentinel looming over her, its single blue eye focusing on her as she tried to get back. It then returned its attention to the unconscious giantess, it placed a hand on her body and in a flash of white light they both disappeared.

Stacey looked all around but couldn't see her wife anywhere, "Gina? Gina? GINA!"

She felt like her head had been in a vice but she managed to lift herself off the ground once again. As she pressed her hand on the ground she discovered it felt different, not the rough, grassy ground she was on before but instead cold, flat metal. Gina's eyes snapped open and she found she was no longer with her friends in the forest clearing, now she was in a vast room that was shrouded in a dim, blue light.

"Wh-where am I?" she said, looking around for any sign of the others, "Stacey? Stace? Where are you?"

"Your friends will be dealt with soon enough. But you have a rare occasion others would kill for," came a voice from the darkness above her.

"Who said that? Did you bring me here? Show yourself!"

"You are not one to make demands. You and all others are good for one thing, following my orders."

"If you do not show yourself I'll…"

The Sentinel emerged behind her and got her in a full nelson, holding her in place as the robots other hands held her head and made her look upwards. Above them came a floating platform with a being standing in the middle of it. It was an alien with orange skin, slightly larger than a human, he had a bulbous head, mechanical tentacle legs, four arms (half of them robotic) and three eyes with one of them all blacked out.

"Greetings. I am your superior, the Supreme Overlord. But others call me Gallaxus."

"Gallaxus? I remember that name from somewhere…"

"I am the one who conquered this world. Erased all of that filthy vermin you called humanity. Became the supreme ruler of all the known and unknown galaxies."

"Over thirty years ago!"

"Excuse me?"

"You tried to take over the world decades ago but Team Monster stopped you!"

"That's…that's not what happened."

"You're right. You got beat by a girl!" the giantess smirked, remembering the story of how Gallaxus tried to rule the world with his cloning machine but got beaten by the newly released Team Monster.

Gallaxus was livid, his eyes glaring in all directions, "How dare you insult me! A minor setback! Nothing more!"

"Is that why you got more spare parts in you than me?" Gina taunted until the Sentinel tightened her grip on her.

"You will soon regret teasing your lord and master! Years I spent healing my wounds and plotting my revenge! Even sending secret agents to your world to try and undermine your forces, that incompetent Covertron. In the end I simply created an explosive that would wipe out every last stinking human."

"You created the DNA bomb? You killed MY FATHER?!" Gina used the strength in her legs to force herself at Gallaxus but the robot pulled her back.

"Much fire in you, just like that equally grotesque Sarah. When I tried to take the Quantronium from her body she resisted and destroyed my ship! Now I have destroyed her world and found a new source of Quantronium to power my warship and fulfil my destiny,"

"Please stop with the 'evil doer explaining his master plan' thing," groaned Gina.

"My resources are getting low and I need more to power my ultimate creation…"

"And he's explaining it all."

"The Universal Web! Every planet I have conquered has a super powered transmitter constructed on it and, when activated, will link every planet together and in turn will create a rift that will spread through all reality, destroying every other universe leaving only mine. My universe will become the only one in existence! I will become god!"

"I think you got a screw loose. Seriously."

"But in order to power it to maximum I need more Quantronium. I didn't think there was another being harbouring the most powerful element in the universe on this planet but it seems there is an infestation of them All hideous females too."

"If you think you're gonna use me to power yer little doomsday device then you can think again!" snarled Gina.

But Gallaxus just scoffed, "You creatures and your amusing attempts at resistance. I took away free will when I killed everyone you loved. Sentinel: get her to the extraction chambers."

Back on the ground the others were coming too, they saw the burning ruins of T. old farmhouse and barn and realised Gina was missing.

"Of all the times to visit the ladies room," tutted T.O.M.

"She was abducted!" yelled Stacey, "That freaking robot took her!"

"To its master I expect. Which means she may not be on the planet anymore," said RedSteel.

"These aliens are making fools outta us! We gotta find that weapon Monger told us about!" said Fang.

"I think I might know where it is," said Dr Sprocket, "A weapon so powerful would have to be large, but if he put it out of reach then people would see it unless…"


"It's so far out of reach you couldn't see it?" the mad scientist looked upward which made everyone else look up, except Fang.

"Doc, a simple answer for once?" Stacey said angrily.

"He hid it on the moon!"

"The moon? He's gonna kill aliens with cheese?" frowned T.O.M.

"That General. What was he like?" laughed Dr Sprocket, "Inside the moon must be a weapon that could take out all aliens in one blast, a last resort if you may,"

"But how can we get up there? It's the moon!" said the snake.

"The Doctor and I can use our teleporter to get up there and activate the weapon, we do not require oxygen to breathe," said RedSteel, "However there is a drawback,"

Rex barked impatiently.

"What he said: what is it?" said Fang.

Dr Sprocket explained, "The teleporter has limited range. In order to get there we need to be at the shortest distance between us and the moon, but I estimate that if we do this now we will need to be in the middle of what was New York, which is now alien central. We'll be sitting ducks whilst the teleporter recharges!"

A giant shadow cast over all of them and they looked up to see Stacey standing 50 feet tall just like her wife, something she hadn't done in decades, her fists clenched and shaking with rage, "Then we'll get you the time you need to get up there. You get to that weapon and we'll take down every last alien that gets in our way!"

They all nodded in agreement as RedSteel and Dr Sprocket got ready to transform once again.

"We're really doing this? The final fight: Monsters Vs Aliens?" asked T.O.M.

"Yeah Bro, Team Monster gonna save the world one last time." Said Fang.

"We're gonna save the world; stop the aliens once and for all and save my wife." Stacey said through gritted teeth.

The Sentinel began to move, carrying Gina so her feet couldn't touch the ground, but the giantess wasn't going to let Gallaxus get away with it. With tremendous force she threw her head back and clobbered the robot in the face, making it let go of her. Gina's feet landed on the ground and she spun round to deliver a backhand to the robot. The Sentinel remained dazed as Gina continued her attacks, first her human fist then her metal one, over and over she punched it, her anger powering every punch.

The Sentinel staggered backwards, seemingly stunned by the punches, as Gina ran towards it and planted her human fist squarely in its face. The cracks it had already sustained grew larger till it finally shattered, leaving an open gap inside its head.

What Gina saw inside made her blood run cold and her anger turn into horror. Inside the hole of the Sentinels head was an eye, a human eye, as large as her own, its blue iris staring coldly back at her. Though it was all she could see Gina recognised immediately who it was.


"Oh I shouldn't bother with the family reunion if I were you. She's been under my control since I caught her ten years ago she probably doesn't even remember her own name by now." Said Gallaxus, casually filing his nails with his robotic fingers.

"What did you do to her?"

"When planning my comeback and the subjugation of Earth the thought of revenge against the Earthling who ruined my plans the first time was always at the front of my mind. When I finally found her I had her locked inside the Sentinel armour, its neural circuitry hacking her mind and making her slave to my commands. The things I've made her do all these years have been so satisfying. Someone so intent on saving her world and now I've been making her destroy it,"

"You sick son of…"

Gallaxus leapt back in panic as Gina went for him but Sarah grabbed her prosthetic leg and threw her to the far side of the room, she slid along the ground and came to a stop just before the wall. She looked down and saw Sarahs grip had damaged her false leg, now it was like a peg leg and restricting her ability to walk. No sooner had she got up she found Sarah charging at her and slamming her into the wall. Gina didn't want to fight her now she knew who she was but if she wanted to live she had no choice.

"Sarah, I'm really sorry about this,"

Gina kicked her off and then tackled her, deflecting the extra robotic arms away and digging the scoop buckets on her metal hands fingertips into the cracks of Sarah's helmet, with all her might she began to pull back on the broken armour.

"Sarah! Open your eyes!" she yelled.

With one huge yank she prized away more of the Sentinels helmet revealing Sarahs whole face, her skin was pale and strands of hair showed the golden shine was reduced to a dirty yellow colour. Her friend still looked like a zombie, a cold, blank stare was the only thing she was showing as she grabbed Gina's false arm and with a single hit she punched Gina so hard in the chest her crane arm came off and Gina slammed into the wall again.

All the while Gallaxus was watching with personal satisfaction, setting two of his enemies against each other whilst he got ready to rule all of creation.

In the remains of New York most of the skyscrapers had been pulled down or were on the verge of collapse whilst new alien buildings had been erected in various places. Though the streets were still littered with rubble and abandoned vehicles there was a flurry of alien activity, dozens of different species and all of them bad to the core, these were gangsters and crime lords from across the universe that had aligned themselves with Gallaxus and given occupancy of the city.

In the middle of Broadway there was a massive shockwave which blew out the remaining screens and caused the aliens to scatter like bugs. When the electrical field dispersed there stood an armoured dinosaur, a hairy tomato, a snake wearing sunglasses, an old pickup truck and a pissed off giantess in the middle of the alien crowd.

"Doc! Red! Get charging and get up there!" ordered Stacey.

"Them ain't aliens!" said an alien with three yellow eyes on stalks.

"I heard about them! They must be those monster things?" said another made of glowing yellow goop.

"Yeah, we're monsters. And you're on our planet." Said Fang, holding his staff tightly with both hands.

"Oh yeah? And what you gonna do about it?" mocked a stick-insect looking alien, this got laughs from the others.

Stacey then kicked him so hard he hit the side of a building and exploded into a yellow stain. The other aliens all glared at the goo dripping down the wall and then towards the monsters.

"That. We're gonna do that." Said the blonde giantess.

Rex roared his loudest roar and the four monsters attacked the aliens. There was no holding back this time, no funny quips or joke attacks, not even from T.O.M. The monsters were fighting to kill, taking no prisoners and pulling no punches. They were going to do everything they could to get RedSteel and Dr Sprocket the time they needed to charge up their teleporter to the moon.

T.O.M used his new powers of controlling nature and summoned dozens of huge vines out of the crumbling roads to consume the aliens and suck them into the ground. Though he was blind Fang was a master with his staff, whacking aliens away with it as well as using his tail and claws, occasionally an alien would come up behind him but his buddy Rex would back him up, stomping them to paste or snapping them up with his jaws and crushing them with his teeth.

Stacey grabbed large groups of aliens in her hands and smashed them together, different coloured blood splattered over her face and clothes but she continued to crush and smash every last alien that came near her.

Then reinforcements arrived in the form of tanks and hoverjets, their laser fire trying to force the monsters back but they stood their ground. When they got close Stacey would grab a hoverjet and fold it in half till it exploded and the tanks were either consumed by T. vines of bitten in half by Rex.

All the while the sphere on RedSteels bonnet sparked brighter and brighter as it reached full power.

With only one arm, one leg and several broken ribs Gina knew she was powerless against Sarah, her mind was switched off and Gallaxus was in her ear whispering for her to kill. But the giantess didn't give up as long as there was hope, spitting out blood and another tooth she got to her feet and with what little adrenaline was left pumping through her she launched herself at Sarah. With her last remaining hand she managed to grab one of Sarahs artificial ones and pull it off its mounting, this got her another punch in the face but she stood her ground and used the robot arm as a club to hit Sarah with, she swung again and again until the arm fell to pieces.

Sarah was now bloody faced as well and her armour had taken a beating, the other artificial arm now hanging limp. Gina went in for another punch but Sarah grabbed her face and then punched her squarely in the gut. The giantess went flying through the air, crashed through a wall, then another, then another and finally slid to a stop.

Gina lay curled up feeling like her insides had just ruptured; she really wished her enhanced healing factor worked as well as it used to.

As she rolled on the floor, the distant sound of footsteps told her Sarah was coming to finish her off. Then she saw it, ahead of her were two giant glass tubes that had dozens of cables running into them. These had to be the extraction chambers Gallaxus was talking about, the ones that would drain the Quantronium out of her and power his Universal Web.

It was then she noticed one of the tubes was already glowing green and the tubes from it were already feeding energy to the rest of the ship. She crawled over to it to get a better look and when she got close enough she gasped at what she saw.

Inside the tube, curled up on the floor was a woman with long golden blonde hair, her face was almost identical to Sarahs but younger. She realised it was Cassie, Sarahs daughter, inside the chamber. Gina realised that's what Gallaxus meant by finding another Quantronium source to power his ship. When he put Sarah in the Sentinel suit he used her daughter to power his ship all these years, the chamber feeding off the Quantronium inside of her.

"Cassie! Cassie, wake up!" called Gina, slamming her bloodied fist on the glass but she was too weak to break it.

The door into the chamber flew off its hinges as Sarah stomped inside. Gina looked round and saw Sarah staring right at them; even the sight of her own daughter being drained couldn't break Gallaxus hold on her.

"Gotta get that tech stuff out of her head. Overload it somehow…" she told herself. She looked around for anything and then she saw all the cables that had Quantronium flowing through them on the floor.

Sarah began advancing on Gina as she crawled over to a cable and attempted to severe one, difficult when you have only one hand. Sarah reached out ready to grab her just as Gina sank her teeth into the cable and bit it in half; she then grabbed the end and thrust it into Sarahs armour. Green energy flowed everywhere and made the Sentinel armour spark like crazy, yet Sarah still appeared unfazed as she smacked Gina to the floor and planted her boot on Gina's chest, slowly applying pressure to her already broken ribs.

Gina screamed out as the pain felt like a thousand knives piercing her body, yet she opened her eyes to look Sarah in the face, "S-Sarah! Don't do this! Don't let him win! P-Please!"

Then something happened, Sarah for the first time blinked, then again and again till finally her eyes began to dart around. Her mouth started to open and her face started to show confusion as to what was going on. It was like she was waking up from a long, never-ending nightmare and just realising she was crushing someone under her foot.

She removed her foot and stood back in shock at what she was doing. At first she didn't recognise who was writhing on the floor in agony but then became horrified at who it was.

"Oh-Oh my god! GINA?!"

Sarah pulled the rest of the Sentinel helmet off of her, allowing her faded blonde hair to flow freely once again. She knelt beside Gina and helped her sit up; coughing up blood as she wrapped her arm around her blood covered tank top.

"Must you always rub in the fact that you're stronger than me?" Gina smiled weakly, glad to have her friend back.

Sarah was on the verge of tears as she looked Gina up and down, "I'm so sorry! I didn't know what I was doing! I don't remember doing it! Oh my, Gina, look at the state of you! Your arm and your leg!"

"Well we've all lost pieces of ourselves but we're all still holding it together," coughed Gina.

"The others? You mean…they're still alive? Oh that's….wait…CASSIE?" Sarah realised, memories of her and her daughter being captured by the aliens came back to her.

Gina raised a weak hand to point at the chamber. Sarah carefully laid her down and made over to the chamber where she found Cassie lying still on the floor, what looked like green flames coming off her body.

"My baby…"

With one single strike Sarah punched the glass container into a billion pieces. She stepped inside and picked up her daughter who finally began to stir after being freed from her imprisonment.


"Yes, Sweetheart, it's me! Its mommy!" smiled Sarah as a waterfall of tears began to fall.

Cassie smiled back at her and rested her cheek on her mother's shoulder, she was still tired and drained as Sarah carried her giant daughter over to Gina who slid over and checked her over.

"No injuries or implanted devices, she's just really weak after all these years," she said with relief.

"Years?" Sarah looked at her.

"You and Cassie have been enslaved by Gallaxus for ten years, he's the one who put you in that thing and made that bomb that killed all the humans," she explained.

Sarah didn't say anything as her whole body began to shake and her breathing got heavier. She now knew who was responsible for killing her family and friends, used her and her daughter for his own personal gain, made her nearly kill Gina.

Gina slowly slid back as Sarah began to grow even bigger. The Sentinel armour unable to expand with her began to strain and creak as it struggled to contain its occupant. Sarahs growing body could not be contained however and soon pieces started to break off whilst other parts bent out of shape and snapped off, the clatter of metal filled the room as the blonde giantess grew and grew, her heavy breathing turned into growls as she finally stopped growing.

Underneath the armour she had also been placed in a blue alien spacesuit identical to the one Gallaxus had put her in when he first abducted her and fortunately this had been able to expand along with her.

Gina looked up as Sarah had grown to her full 150 foot form, the form known as Megarah, the strongest being on the planet. She looked to Gina who was now the size of an infant compared to her.

"Regina Wright, look after my daughter."

"Sure thing." She said as she pulled Cassie over to her and kept her close whilst Sarah stood to her full height.

Just then Gallaxus flew in wondering why the sound of screaming and death had ended, "What's going on in here? I hope you haven't killed her as that will spoil the Quantronium and I don't want that weak girl blood ruining my…" he stopped short when he saw Sarah Miller free of her armour and now even bigger whilst his battery had been freed and was lying next to the other giantess.

"Hello, Gallaxus. We need to talk." Sarah said calmly.

"Oh…Space balls."

Back in the ruins of New York Team Monster were still tearing up the aliens that were attacking them, alien blood was covering the streets like some sort of multi-coloured paint attack.

Yet as time passed they were slowly wearing down and losing strength. Fang had several bullet wounds along his body and his sunglasses had been smashed. T.O.M was on fire and although he could regenerate instantly he still continued to burn. Rex's armour deflected most attacks but his legs were gashed and he was now limping along as he struggled to chase after the aliens. Stacey had cuts all over her arms, legs and cheek as she continued dealing the most damage, even bringing down a whole building on top of an advancing tank convoy.

She knew that if they had any chance of stopping the aliens and saving Gina they had to keep RedSteel safe as he recharged. She looked back as the old pickup truck was vibrating around with its teleporter humming loudly.

"If there's a time it would be now guys!" she yelled at them.

With her back turned a tank shot her in the leg and she fell to her knees, feeling the blood trickling down her leg she looked back to see Rex and Fang attack the tank that shot her.


Then with one loud bang the pickup truck vanished, the faint sound of maniacal laughter following it. The giantess looked up to the moon that was high above in the pollution filled sky and grinned.

"Now my attention can be all on you," she said as she slammed her hand through a building and pulled out an alien sniper that had been getting ready to shoot her. She crushed the alien with ease and got up again, ignoring the pain in her leg, she wasn't going to let this stop her from saving Gina.

"Fall-back! The giant one is coming this way!" called one of the aliens.

They saw Stacey charging at them and quickly retreated off Rex whom they had brought down. She stopped to check on the dino-dog and found he was still alive but hurt bad. The blind Fang felt around the ruins till he found Rex and sat by his buddy's side.

"They're up there now but if they don't fire the weapon soon we won't live to see it," said the snake.

"Just look after Rex. Me and T.O.M'll take it from here." Said Stacey and she ran after the aliens that hurt her friends.

Gallaxus came crashing down into his throne room, another giant statue of himself holding a planet in his hand was the centrepiece with his chair at the base looking out over the planet from high orbit. The alien had deployed all his security drones, suited up in every battle armoured suit he had collected from across the universe and initiated the ships internal security protocols, all of them failed to defend him from the vengeful mother who had just thrown him through several walls. His cybernetic implants were damaged and he was pretty sure his three brains had been moved around inside his head.

"Com…puter….activate forcefields….activate…everything…" he wheezed.

"Power output minimal. Defence systems inoperative. Scorned woman inbound."

The doors to the throne room burst open and the giantess walked in, she had beaten Gallaxus almost across the entire ship and she still wasn't done with him as she cracked her knuckles. As she entered the room her huge form could hardly fit inside, at fifty foot maybe but she wasn't holding back anymore, her shoulders rubbed against the ceiling as her long hair swept across the floor.

"Listen…how about…I give you…half the planet?" he offered.

Sarah's response was her foot coming down on his cybernetic tentacles and crushing them into tiny pieces of scrap metal.

"Arrrrgh! How about a quarter then?" he pleaded.

"You just went down."

"I'm a haggler."

"You're a dead man."

She placed a finger on his stomach and pressed down lightly but with enough force for him to cough up blue blood.

"This is what you made me do to my friend. Now see how you like it."

Suddenly there was a bright flash of light from the window that made both of them look up. The giantess peered over to see it was coming from the moon; the surface had given way to reveal a large cannon that shot a giant beam of energy down towards the planet.

"What is that? What have you done?" snarled Sarah, slamming her whole hand down on Gallaxus so only his head remained free.

"It's…not…me!" he gasped.

"Then what is that?" she ordered.

"The weapon if of human design. Serial code accessed. Constructor: General Monger of Area Fifty-Unknown." Said the computer.

"General Monger…?"

"Detecting additional audio. Audio is similar to that of maniacal laughter."

"Doctor…then the others…"

Whilst she was distracted Gallaxus had reached for a nearby laser pistol and opened fire on her, the laser however just bounced off her cheek and didn't leave a mark. She slowly looked down on him with disapproval and picked him up with her finger and thumb, dangling him in front of her face like he was a Christmas decoration.

"This…is for everyone!"

She then threw Gallaxus with such force that he smashed through the window into the vacuum of space. His body spun through space and into the path of the cannons beam, vaporizing him instantly. The escaping air through the window was strong but not enough to move Sarah who was too big to fit through the window anyway.

"Warning. Orbital stabilizers offline. Ship caught in Earth's gravity. Evacuation highly recommended."

Sarah turned and left the throne room to get back to her daughter and Gina, as she moved through the equally cramped corridors the whole place began to tilt and collapse around her. The ship was now heading straight down towards the planet and taking them with it.

Gina held onto Cassie as they began to slide along the floor, cables and supports falling all around them as the ship began to collapse.

"Well, wasn't much of a victory but I'll take it," Gina said to herself, thinking of Stacey one last time.

Just then the 150 foot Sarah re-entered the chamber and slid over to them, she then picked up her fellow giantesses in both hands and curled up with her back to the collapsing room.

"Sarah, what are you doing?" Gina called.

"We just found each other again and I am not letting us be parted once more! We're riding this out!" she told her.

"But the ship…"

Sarah just smiled and winked at her friend, "We giants have survived worse,"

And so the three of them braced for impact. Gallaxus' ship burning up on re-entry.

Back in the city the monsters had stopped fighting as they observed Mongers ultimate weapon in action, the beam was singular at first but as it reached the atmosphere it broke off into billions of smaller beams that snaked around the planet and striking every alien occupying the world. Every alien that had been fighting Team Monster was disintegrated instantly.

"Ooooh! Pretty!" said T.O.M, mesmerized by the swirling lights.

"They did it! They actually did it!" said Stacey, looking back up at the moon.

Just then Rex and Fang returned, the dino-dog recovering from his earlier assault, he galloped over barking loudly.

"Yeah, boy, it's finally over," she said.

"That's not what he said," said Fang, riding on Rex's back, "He said something's coming this way! Up there!"

They all looked up and next to the sky beam was what looked like a meteorite, burning brightly and it seemed to be getting larger.

"I though comets moved sideways?" said T.O.M.

"That's no comet! I think that might be a spaceship that got caught in Mongers weapon!" said Stacey, "And it's coming this way!"

And it was, a giant burning spaceship heading straight for the city. Stacey stood over her friends and shielded them from inevitable impact; they all closed their eyes as the deafening noise came over them.

The ship flew right over the top of them and smashed through the derelict buildings, rubble going everywhere as the burning wreckage came crashing down. The spaceship finally crash landed in the baron wasteland that was Central Park, dead trees and sand thrown high into the air. Finally the dust settled and Team Monster ran over to the wreckage, not sure what to find when they got there.

"Phew! That sounded close!" said Fang.

Rex sniffed long and hard, something had caught his attention and his ears perked up as he barked frantically.

"What's he saying?" asked Stacey.

"He says he smells something in the wreckage…something really familiar," said the snake.

The ship was nothing more than a mountain of smouldering wreckage and yet the very top of it began to rise up, something was still alive inside and was fighting its way out. The monsters braced for another round with aliens as the scorched wreckage fell away and the occupants emerged.

Stacey's arms dropped by her sides as she stared in disbelief, "No way!"

"Well I'll be a ketchup bottle!" said T.O.M.

"What is it, guys? What's going on?" asked Fang, looking all around.

A 150 foot woman emerged out of the ruins of the ship carrying two smaller giants in her hands, one another blonde woman like her and another woman who a tearful Stacey recognised all too well.

"S-Sarah! Gina!" she sobbed.

Sarah, glad to feel the free air on her skin again, looked down at her daughter who smiled up at her and Gina who was glad it was over at last. The colossal giantess carefully made her way down the ship and re-joined her friends she had not seen in over thirty years. At last it was over. Monsters had beaten aliens.

A few days later and everyone was back in Tennessee in the ruins of T. old home. Dr Sprocket and RedSteel had finished deploying the weapon, eliminating all other aliens and safely returned to Earth where they were overjoyed to find Sarah and Cassie alive and well.

As everyone recovered in the protection of the forests the Tiffany's treated their injuries and gathered some food for them to feed on, particular Cassie who had been severely drained for years without nourishment.

That evening Sarah, who had shrunk back to 50 feet, and Gina lay in the long grass away from the others, looking up at the stars appearing in the sky.

Gina looked over to Sarah and spoke, "Red got word over his old communication systems earlier, seems there were millions of planets who tried to resist Gallaxus and now that he's gone they're wanting to help those who did it, they're offering their services in healing our planet,"

"Be nice to see a good alien for a change," said Sarah.

"Guess who contacted us first? Our old teammate Sqooty! Well President Sqooty now, he's grown up and is now leader of his world!"

"Seriously? Wow, he must be two inches taller than the last time I saw him then?" the blonde joked.

The pair giggled for the first time in a very long time and then settled down again.

"He says his people have technology that can bring back extinct species, they may be able to bring back the human race,"

"Maybe they can give you a new arm and leg whilst they're at it?"

"That be nice." Sighed Gina, she leaned her head back to see her friends and Stacey gathered around the camp fire laughing away as well, "I never thought I'd get to see this day again. The day that we're all together just like the old days,"

"Thanks to you. You never gave up, you kept on going despite everything, you even brought me and Cassie back. You truly are one of my greatest friends," Sarah smiled with a tear in her eye.

Gina, equally teary, smiled back and they both returned to stare up at the stars.

"You think Sqooty's people can really bring the human race back?" asked Gina.

"Maybe, but for now let's enjoy the moment while it lasts," Said Sarah.

"What moment?"

"That for the first time in Earth's history: We Monsters rule the world."

...and to all a goodnight.