The Long Lost Family.

This is a story about a boy who tries to find his family. But on the journey to finding his family he falls in love and gets the biggest surprise.

Bella and Edward story. Don't concern yourself that it starts out with EM POV it's just how it thought about it.



I've found them. Jasper happens to live in Texas with his girlfriend Alice. Edward has been hard to track only because he happens to be in the military and he off in the war. But he soon will come. Once he comes I will reunite us to become the family that so desperately wanted. Then my parents were harder to find but Bella found out that they are on an island that can't be found by map.

I'm still trying to find a reason that we were all separated at first but it been harder to crack because I actually don't know are true last names. It had to something big.

I am a big guy with muscles. I am the hugest teddy bear that would ever meet. People think that I am not smartest tool in the shed but I happen to be very smart.

This is the story of how my family got separated of how they have gotten reunited to how we will

Chapter 1


I've been wondering about my family. My adoptive parents told me that me and my sibling where spilt up at an early age. My job was to find all of them and finally be reunited as the family we were all supposed to be. We were all under the strict order to never find each other. I Emmett Cullen plan to define that rule. I already know that I have 2 other brothers. They are all hidden. I want to get to know them. Don't worry I have back up. I have Bella who could do anything with the computer.

I've grown up in a rural area with up normal people would assume to be a good childhood. But as soon I old enough I knew something was different. That I really didn't look like my parents they were very honest with me about my concerns. They gave me a picture of my real parents and brother. At least I have something of theirs. As 25 years old I am on a search for them. To find the people those were supposed to be my family. I understand it may never happen to I have to at least try to get to know my brother and parents.

I'm happy to have to know a person that really knows their way around a computer. I was lucky enough to get the names of my parents and my brothers on the back Masen. The search was on. The ride is going to be bumpy but it's the risk that I take to find my true family.