So here is my new story. If you haven't read my other story (Lost), I would love it if you would. Just click on my profile to read. So now for the story…

Hi I'm Kim Crawford. So I guess you could say my high school life has been a disaster. It all started when I was named a whore by the one and only queen bee of our school, Lindsey. And that's where my back story begins. I had awesome friends and an amazing boyfriend. Lindsey had never liked me and she wanted Jack. So she thought that by saying that I cheated on Jack with a college guy would break us up. Instead we stayed together despite all the talk of me being the school whore. I mean come on I have never slept with a guy and even if the rumor was true I would of only slept with one guy and yet I was the school whore. I know girls that are getting knocked up and don't even know who the daddy is in that school. But at least I still had my friends and most importantly I still had Jack. That rumor made us closer than ever. He never left my side in fear that I would be bullied or get hit on by guys who wanted some. He was always there until the day he had to move. It was probably the saddest day of my life. His dad was transferred to Australia for work so Jack had to go with him. After we said our goodbyes and he left, my life became complete chaos. I had lost my one and only protector. Everybody started bulling me on Queen Lindsey's command; even my friends ditched me in fear of it happening to them. I was completely alone. But I'm not here to live in the past. I have great news; I got accepted to a small college in Tennessee. I got a full ride and I am heading to the airport now. Of course telling my parents goodbye was hard but for the rest of Seaford I was so happy to see that in my rear view mirrors.

I'm sorry if this chapter was really short and boring but this is just a set-up chapter. This chapter was intended for you to understand her life in high school. The rest of the story is all about her college life. Also the other chapters will be longer.

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