I do not own Fairy Tail. This is an alternate universe from Hiro Mashima's work.

Chapter 1:

Once upon a time, there was once the kingdom of Heartfilia. It was a prosperous kingdom full of merchants ruled by a king who had become ruthless due to the death of his queen. The kingdom was thriving but he made enemies of one person. His daughter, Lucy, suffered with the loss of her mother first then with the over protectiveness of her father.

Before her mother died, Lucy loved to walk the garden carrying her little sister and looking at all the pretty flowers with her mother nearby. She loved to dance as her mother played the harp in their music room. But since her mother passed away…the garden and the music room were silent.

Her father had made sure to spend time with his daughter even when there was no time. But since then he was only worried about making sure that the kingdom would remain prosperous and successful. Even now her father was writing to kings with sons to look for a suitable prince to become her husband. She did not get a say about who she wanted to marry. All she had to do was say I do and bare a son to continue Heartfilia's future.

Lucy was out in the field near the castle sitting on the back of her beige horse looking at the sky as she sighed. 'Mom, he's talking of suitors again…what should I do?' She silently asked the sky before a shadow covered the area around her. Her brown eyes grew wide as she noticed a large red foot came closer to her.

She quickly steered her horse to run back towards the castle and listened as the huge foot crushed the ground where her horse used to be. Lucy started to panic as the creature started to follow her.

"A dragon?" The princess said in shock as she looked at the red foot as it stopped her in her tracks. Lucy's horse reared up knocking her off the back of her horse as she winced. The princess looked up as the dragon towered over her before it picked her up.

She screamed and struggled against the dragon's foot before feeling wind on her face. Lucy screamed louder when she realized that it was flying in the air with her in tow.

It flew towards the mountain range to the west of her kingdom. The dragon seemed to fly for hours before it landed in a cave at the top of a mountain. It released the princess from its talons before landing.

Lucy scowled at the creature and backed away from the opening. She felt a wall against her back and slowly crumbled to the floor. "Why me?" Her eyes closed as she grabbed hold of her knees. Though her eyes opened wide as she heard someone run towards them from the back of the deep cave.

"Igneel, you're home!" A boy with pink hair said as he smiled with his fanged teeth showing. His onyx eyes were on the large, red dragon with an X scar on his chest. The boy hugged the dragon before looking at the princess.

"Oy. Who is this?" He asked moving closer to Lucy. "Nice to meet you. I'm Natsu." The pink haired boy said as he held out his hand to her.