Wriggle-Aaron story.

Turnback Cave:

"Dang. I've been losing a LOT lately. A lot. I'm sick of everyone torching my bug types! Sick of it, sick of it! But man, things haven't been so good... I wish I had a way to win..."

Aaron walked on, lost in thought when...

THUD! A girl fell a little way ahead!

"Huh? What? Who's this?"

She was humanoid, and around the same height as him... she had on blue jeans, and a white shirt. She had green hair, much like himself. Her eyes were a beautiful blue. But that wasn't what her most striking feature was. Her most striking and beautiful feature was, to him, the two antennae jutting from her skull...

"What... are you... Don't worry, I'll get you to safety!"

He then called out his Pokemon, including his Vespiquen. Together, they Flew back to Aaron's house, carrying the mysterious girl with them.

Aaron's House:

The girl sat up and moaned. "Ugh... Where... am I? Last thing I remember was us all flying away from that shrine maiden... A HUMAN!"

The girl suddenly lunged at him, displaying a couple of fangs and an expression that made him cold with fear. What-Wha-Wha...

Vespiquen and Skoripi reacted, with Vespiquen hitting with Attack Order, and Skourpi using Poison Tail. The girl flew up and dodged, and began to try to turn them against him.

Listen to me! Why do you serve him? I bet he's been treating you terribly, making you fight battles for him, that kind of thing. she said to them.

You're wrong. Aaron loves us like his own kids. In fact, I think to him, we ARE his kids. No one else but him shows this much care. Vespiquen responded.

That's right. I have always loved bugs. See what I mean? Aaron responded, catching the girl aback.

How the heck do you know the language of us bugs?! she asked, shocked.

I told you. I LOVE bugs of all sizes and shapes. Naturally, I had to learn how to communicate. Aaron said back.

"OK, I guess I might as well speak Japanese, then. My name's Wriggle Nightbug. I thought you were just another human... but very few show kindness to us bugs. I get revenge all the time... because in the world I come from, we EAT humans." Wriggle, as he now knew her name was, stated.

"And I must say, you're certainly very pretty. I bet most people hate you for those antennae. Me, I'm the opposite. They're the perfect compliment to your outfit and I think they look great. I think I'm in... *cough cough*" He cut himself off abruptly."

Did he cut himself off from saying that? Vespiquen remarked to Skorupi

Oh, be quiet. Fine. Wriggle... I think I'm in love with you! The antennae, the grace... it's all so amazing! Aaron gave up the pretense of not caring and had rapt adoration in his eyes.

"You... love me... for the same reasons others hate me?" Wriggle asked. "You're kinda weird,,,"

"I assume there is more to you than meets the eye... And I've been doing a horrible job lately... We've been humiliated by Fire types in battles lately."

Don't cry, Aaron. Please, not again. It's not your fault. We try, and we fail. Vespiquen stated.

"But it IS! We can't seem to win anymore! If only we could somehow dodge those moves... I cry when I see you all humiliated by Fire types. Because in the end, it reflects badly on bugs in general!" Aaron was legitimately angry now.

Seriously? He doesn't care about the fact HE'S losing? Just that it makes bugs look bad? Wriggle said to Aaron's Pokemon, incredulous.



Never met a trainer like him until now.

He takes those losses really hard.

He feels like he let us down.

So you all unanimously say this. I have an idea for helping him... Wriggle decided that since he wanted a team that could dodge, she would help him obtain that goal. In fact... She'd never met anyone like him. It's like we were made to be together... she thought.

Over the next weeks, Wriggle trained his Pokemon in the art of dodging. Although they were slow at first, they learned fast. Of course, she had laughed at his expression when she first used danmaku. She also challenged them to fight while dodging. She hadn't that this much fun in a long time. Indeed, the Spell Cards were quickly proving to be effective training, as after being hit a couple of times, they were down. But eventually, they began to dodge and fire back. These sessions could go on for hours as they tried to score a hit. And Aaron just sat back, cheering both sides on.

Then, she approached him, and asked: "I really enjoy sparring with your Pokemon. Next time you have a battle... can I join the fight? I want to help you!"

He said: "I don't know. I don't want you to get hurt. Don't feel forced into it or anything..."

She said: I've made up my mind! I want to battle alongside your team!

He chuckled. I suppose that's ok. You seem to come from a place where battles are much harder than those here, so you'll be my trump card. K?

"Sounds good to me." she said. And she meant it. It was exhilarating to be able to win... and fun to dodge at the same time. The only problem had been the pesky issue of not being able to eat humans... but it turned out there was a lot of other meat out there that also tasted good, and wouldn't get all of humanity to descend on oneself.

Pokemon League:

"The match between Firebreather SparkBoy and Elite 4 Aaron will now begin!"

"This will end jus' like the res' of our battles! With yer bugs toasted! Yeh might as well give meh that spot, because yeh ain't doing it any favors. Bugs. Weakest things on th' planet. The idea o' them being a part of th' final challenge? PAH! It's downright stupid! Look a' these guys! GO! Charizar'!"

Charizard came out, roaring and breathing fire everywhere.


"Vespiquen! Use Attack Order!"

"Yeh fool. Charizard, burn those bugs and the honeycomb, too! Wahahahahahahhaa!"

The flamethrower seared through Vespiquen's worker bees and struck her, taking her down.

"AH HA HA HAH! Yeh stan' no chance agains' the blazin' inferno!"

Wriggle clenched her teeth. Sitting out in the stands watching this was cruel...She prepared to fly in, but Aaron shook his head.

Not yet, my friend. You're our last resort. You've trained them, and they have pride. If you came in now, you would rob the rest of us of satisfaction. Trust me, if we can get down to the last one... Well, we'll see.

"Come out! Drapion!"

"Charizard! BLAST BURN!"

"Drapion! Dodge and use Poison Tail!"

With seemingly no prompting from Aaron, Drapion easily dodged the Blast Burn and smashed a powerful Poison Tail at Charizard...

"Now Hyper Beam!"

Following up immediately after with a Hyper Beam, removing Charizard from battle.


"URRRRRRGH! No matter, ma SECOND pokemon will desTROY yeh! Prepare to meet teh ULTIMATE fire type! They are ma last, and they've never let meh down! GROUDON! I choose yeh!"

Here goes... Wriggle... are you sure you want to fight this thing? Aaron asked.

It's big, fiery, and SLOW. This'll be a cinch.

"I substitute my Drapion out!" Aaron said. "Wriggle... make your entrance."

A cloud of fireflies erupted from the stands. It came to rest at the field, where the cloud slowly dispersed, revealing Wriggle, smiling at the thought of pounding Groudon into the ground.

"What in tarnation is DIS! It looks lik' a gurl!" SparkBoy said.

"Gee. You're certainly good at STATING THE OBVIOUS." SparkBoy's mouth dropped even farther open as Wriggle spoke to him.

"It... It TALKS?!"

"My, my... how rude to call me an it. I look like a girl because I AM a girl. And, you, my friend, are going to be taught a lesson for insulting us bugs!"

She flew into the air and began to fire danmaku at his Groudon. Being a HUGE target, she smiled as it thrashed in pain. It wasn't long before it went down... and then she lost control. She swooped down, fangs out, heading for SparkBoy's head.

"Skorupi! String Shot, quick!" Aaron shouted, realizing what Wriggle was about to do.

The string shot caught her and dragged her back over to Aaron. "Sorry... I just lost control. I'm kinda hungry right now..." she said to him.

"We REALLY need to prevent you from eating any challengers." Aaron responded back. "Anyway, I couldn't help but marvel at your flawless handling."

"Like you said, I've been through worse." Wriggle responded.

Word spread fast (matches were televised, after all), and people adapted. They came up packing first smaller pokemon, and then faster ones. But none could compete with Wriggle's skill. Aaron's team never reached her level, but they, too, grew stronger.

Wriggle became somewhat of a celebrity, signing autographs, and occasionally showing off a spellcard. She also made new ones. When Aaron went up against Cynthia, she was astonished at Wriggle's display of dodging, as Wriggle singlehandedly defeated her entire team.

"Wriggle? Do you miss home?" Aaron asked.

"I have friends back home. But it's no matter. I enjoy this world, and feel that things became more meaningful." Wriggle responded.

At the same time, Team Rocket, Galactic, Aqua, and Magma all began to notice their members in Sinnoh mysteriously disappearing on operations.

Because Wriggle was more than Aaron's battling partner. She partook as a vigilante without anyone's knowledge. She would do night flights, and woe to anyone who committed a crime when she was nearby. Those who did never saw the sun again...

Her coming was a good thing for Sinnoh. A very good thing. It cleansed the world of many Galactic holdouts... The crimes were reduced... And Aaron became number 1. The end.