"KAAAAAAAAAAAAAGUUUUYAAAAAAA!" A familiar shout heard around the full moon. One a month at midnight, the two immortals would duel. Mokou had rage and always took it out on Kaguya. Kaguya just took it in her stride. But lately, she'd grown bored of Mokou's lunar rampages.

"Mokou, if you don't mind, can we PLEASE let bygones be bygones? 'You tried to kill me!' 'You gave me this rotten body!' Grow up! It's been YEARS! Can we, for once, just settle this like civilized lunarians? Not like savages?" Kaguya asked.

"NOOOOOO! NOW DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE!" Mokou charged forward, in a once surprising maneuver that had become predictable over the years. Quite honestly, Mokou needs to learn some new tactics. Kaguya thought to herself. These fights have become quite a bore. "You're boring me! Eirin! Help her out with not being so bland!"

"BLAAAAAAND!? Why you... I can't move!"

"Good. Now hold her steady... *slap* OK, release her."

"You BITCH. Now can we get back to fighting?"

"You've repeated the same patterns over and over again. OVER AND OVER AND OVER. This isn't a battle anymore, Mokou. It's repetitive and boring. Eirin? Kindly send her someplace to learn some more spice." Kaguya flounced away as Eirin pulled out a device that all of Gensokyo believed had been destroyed after Porky had scarpered. "Dimensional Slip System XXAYY is now online. Sayonara, Mokou!" Eirin sung as she pulled the trigger. A flash of light. When it cleared, Mokou was gone. "Well, now to enjoy the peace."

Cinnabar Island: (G/S/C version)

Urggggh... Where, where am I? What... What happened? Kaguya, Eirin... KAGUUUUUUYAAA! I'm going to KILL her when I find her again. Where in Gensokyo...


"Dimensional Slip System XXAYY is now online. Sayonara, Mokou!"


Scratch that. Where am I? There's no guarantee I'm still in Gensokyo... Given that she used THAT THING. I seem to recall it was SUPPOSED to be destroyed!

Mokou looked around. Far above her, a hole showed the stars. To her left and right, nothing was to seen but rock walls. She tried to stand, but her foot just wouldn't stay straight. Looking down, she saw that she had her right foot encased in a rock. Concentrating, she began to heat up. The rock burst open. She allowed herself to cool down after removing her foot from the rock. But the heat seemed to remain, getting hotter.

"What's-" was the last word she got out before the lava hit her.

Blaine's Gym:

"Hah! You better have Burn Heal!" Blaine shouted, readying himself for battle with his latest challenger. An elegant Lass who had for whatever reason decided to challenge the Pokemon League. She looked stunning, and wore a red colored dress with floral patterns. On top of it, she wore a pink skirt with white ribbons.

There was a loud noise, as the volcano on Cinnabar erupted. Blaine frowned. "Harrumph. I hope the Pokemon Center was empty..."

Then the roof caved in as a girl with red ribbons, long white hair, and a dress which seemed to be from the past plummeted to the floor, hitting it hard.

"Oh my Arceus!" the challenger shouted, running over to Mokou. Mokou flipped up, launching a fireball at the challenger! "KAGUYA!? Oh, that's it, you're dead!" Mokou suddenly took flight, spewing bullet patterns at the unfortunate challenger, and also letting off a fireball every once in a while.

The challenger screamed and got into the fetal position, not understanding what was going on. Danmaku impacted from all sides, with Mokou furiously flying around. Meanwhile, Blaine spotted the woman's backpack. Reaching into it, he pulled out a Pokeball. "I sure hope this is a Water type, or I'm probably getting myself killed. I'm getting too old for this..."

Blaine depressed the button, releasing a Blastoise. Seeing its trainer under attack, it responded by attacking Mokou with Hydro Pump. Mokou turned her attention to Blastoise, still raging. "So, you'll get in my way?! DIE!" Mokou began to aim phoenix shaped bullet formations at Blastoise. Another round of Hydro Pump followed, and Mokou crashed to the floor, soaking wet and unconscious.

Pokemon Center

A.N. Does a proper hospital exist in Pokemon?! No! Therefore, the closest I can go is a Pokemon Center.

"It's not often we get human patients. What happened to her?" Nurse Joy asked. Mokou was still unconscious, but she seemed to be mending unusually quickly. "I've never seen anyone regenerate so quickly." Mokou abruptly sat up, jumped out of the bed, and shouted: "KAGUUUUYAAA!"

"Who's Kaguya?" Nurse Joy asked. "You speak the name with such hatred."

"Get away from me. *slap* I know she was here, we just fought 5 minutes ago!" Mokou slapped Nurse Joy away with vigor. "I will find her, and I will defeat her." Mokou rose up and headed for the door.

"*sigh* I've never had to use this system, but it comes standard in case of theft. Initialize lockdown." Nurse Joy said.

Blaine was on his way out of the building when the lockdown started. Emergency lights flared and thick metal bars slid shut over the exit door. "A lockdown? Why? We've never had to put this building into lockdown since it was created!" Mokou came barreling around the corner. "YOU! I remember you! Tell me where Kaguya is! Or do I need to burn the information out of you?"

I'm really getting too old for this... What is this woman? I love her fiery spirit, but I'd love it a bit more if it wasn't directed at me.

"Who is this Kaguya?" Blaine asked, hoping to stall Mokou.

"Kaguya may LOOK human, but she's anything but. She came from the moon. If she hoped to disguise herself, she did a poor job of it! She's tried to kill me multiple times over, she put me into this rotten body, and she's IMMORTAL! So tell me where she is! And don't tell me she wasn't, those clothes she was wearing are proof!"

"That challenger's name was Lass Michelle. There are records in the legal system of her birth and extensive records of her obtaining badges. As for that outfit, her parents are rich and she packed a few fancy dresses, what of it?"

"It didn't look SIMILAR! It was the SAME BLOODY CLOTHES! Now get out of my way!"

"You would commit a murder of an innocent soul because you refuse to listen to reason. I think I should ask who you are."

"My name is Fujiwara No Mokou. 1300 years ago, Kaguya spited me. We both became immortal later... And if you think I don't know my arch-nemesis by now, you're sadly mistaken. THREE. HUNDRED. YEARS. That is how long we've been fighting. I know what Kaguya looks like. Now get out of my way, you whippersnapper!" Mokou smirked, knowing that if she had been young and brash, that would have been the phrase Blaine used. "She sent me here, then came here for reasons I know not. But what matters is that I MUST defeat her. She's embarrassed me thousands of times!"

Wow, I just got schooled. But I dare not budge. "If she truly sent you here, and then came here herself, why would she be frightened? Why would she fear death?"


"Kaguya" in the fetal position, screaming in terror as bullets impact from all sides.


"...Perhaps you're right. Kaguya said something about 'getting my spice back'. She also claimed that my patterns had grown boring. Don't suppose you can think of different ways to use fire, can you?"

"You're talking to the Fire type Pokemon Gym Leader! Blaine, at your service. You would sure be an interesting person to have around my Gym. Say, was it you that made the volcano erupt?"

"Are you referring to when I crashed down in that battlefield? And started shooting up the place? Well... yes. Accidentally, though, I swear. But what kind of uses could you think of for fire?"

"Seriously, come back to the Gym, I think you'd be surprised."

Blaine's Gym (Revisited)

"Wow. This is underwhelming." Mokou snarked.

"Shut up. Why don't we just see how well you hold up in battle with your unusual abilities?" Blaine said.

Mokou replied: "Sure. I'm game. Give me your best shot!"

Blaine used his Fire types, but they were swiftly defeated.

"Yeah... we're going to need a little time to recover and train..." Blaine said, sweating because of the glare Mokou was aiming his way.

"Make it quick."

Blaine hurried out of the room.

"Hello, Mokou. Certainly wasn't expecting to find you here. I see you've been making QUITE an impression. That poor trainer is terrified right now. I'm considering showing her to Eientei, since you have broken her beliefs in reality and tried to kill her in the same day." came a voice.

Mokou narrowed her eyes. "I know that voice. Yukari? If you know I'm here, why can't you just take me back to Gensokyo?"

"The answer lies in the fiery Leader. He's been losing as of late. So I want you to train his Pokemon in the best ways to use the skills they were born with. If you can get them to actually use fiery subterfuge, you can come back. You might learn a thing or two yourself!" Yukari was, as usual, being very enigmatic. But one thing Mokou got and didn't like was the fact that she was basically stuck here. "Oh, and don't worry about the Dimension Slip System. I got it from them, and this time, I PERSONALLY destroyed it. So if you come back, this shouldn't happen again."

"If?" Mokou grumbled.

"You might like it there better. Who knows? I certainly don't, since I'm restricted from traveling there and can only watch and offer gateways." Yukari grumbled back.

5 days later...

"Alright! Let's see what you've got!" Mokou decided to put Blaine's Pokemon to the test. All of them came out and flanked her. Then they created a fiery net of sorts, which began to follow her as she flew up. Then she turned around and shot a couple bullets at them. They responded by creating a fiery wall which they shuffled positions behind. Then she took a burn in the back from one which had used the confusion to get behind her.

Wait, how'd...

She spun around to find it, and found 20 identical fiery copies of the Pokemon. "Ah, Fire Clones! That was a hard one to teach you... But... oh? I see what Yukari meant now..." She took another attack in the back. Bored, she used a Spell Card and quickly sent Blaine's Pokemon packing.

Blaine looked like he was about to cry. "Don't worry too much. They never had a hope against me. 1300 years of fighting with fire. And yet, when trying to teach your pokemon these fire moves, I learned a lot, too."

A gap opened.

"And I believe that's my cue to go home." Mokou flew to the gap before Blaine could even say "Good bye."

Gensokyo: One Month Later

"I heard you learned some new tricks! Let's see what they are!" Kaguya said to her.

"I hope you're ready to get slaughtered again." Mokou said back.

"AS IF!" Kaguya responded.

The two continued their ritual of beating the crap out of one another.