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Moonflower padded out of the camp, hissing in frustration. Stupid heat! She thought, lashing her tail. Settling down in a clearing in the heart of Thunderclan's territory, she laid down on her back and rubbed her hot core with a paw. Moaning, she rubbed faster, eventually losing herself in lust. She was startled when she heard her friend Swiftbreeze's seductive mew.

"Need help, Moonflower?" Swiftbreeze purred, flicking at Moonflower's core with her tail.

Moonflower moaned and bucked her hips upwards. "Yes, please!" she gasped.

Swiftbreeze chuckled and thrust her tail into Moonflower's pussy without a warning. Moonflower screeched in pleasure, bucking her hips up. Swiftbreeze purred.

"Stick your tail in my core, dear friend. Let me share the pleasure with you."

Moonflower obeyed, thrusting her tail into Swiftbreeze's pussy. The two friends pounded into each other, moaning and very wet.

"I'm gonna cum!" Swiftbreeze yowled, thrusting her tail into Moonflower faster.

"Me too!" Moonflower yowled back. Together, the two she-cats released their cum, moaning in lust.

Finally, Moonflower pinned Swiftbreeze to the ground and started to suck on her pussy. Swiftbreeze did the same to her. Moonflower stuck her tongue into Swiftbreeze's wet core, moaning into it as Swiftbreeze expertly swirled her tongue around hers. The two friends climaxed together, licking up each other's cum.

"That was soo great!" Moonflower exclaimed, cleaning herself. "We should do it more often!"

"All right then." Swiftbreeze exclaimed. "Meet me here tomorrow after sunhigh. Bring a few cats with you."

Moonflower nodded. "I'm thinking about Robinwing." She mewed thoughtfully

"I think Adderfang will be a good choice." Swiftbreeze said, padding away. "A real dick inside you feels so good when you're in heat."

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