~Ave Here. I'll just go ahead and apologize here for any OOC, i sometimes am really bad about that. Stick with me, all I'm asking. Rated M for smut in the later chapters (around Day 6 or 7 but that's all i divulge). So: Enjoy if you can~

Knock knock knock.

Three sharp raps on the door rouse Akihiko Usami from his groggy haze.

Who the hell could that be? Surely not his editor, for the woman had walked out the door with his drastically late manuscript not even five minutes prior. Isaka is out of the question as well, seeing as he just recently left on a 'business meeting' over in Germany. Aside from them, Usami doesn't get many visitors, so even in his exhausted, sleep-deprived state he's puzzled.

He pushes himself to his feet, padding over towards the door as he runs his fingers through his hair to slick it down at least a little. Usami's large hands engulf the tiny knob and he swings open the door.

"What?" he snaps, his eyes dark and threatening having expected Aikawa in the doorway with manuscript issues.

"Morning Akihiko." Takahiro Takehashi stands in the door, a young chestnut haired boy by his side.

"Takahiro?" Usami can't hide his surprise at the sight of his old crush standing in his doorway.

"Can we come in?"

"I refuse." Usami says plainly, his face level and unemotional.

"But Akihiko, I trust you above anyone else to care for my little brother."

Takahiro had come to Usami hoping that the author would find it in his heart to care for the teenager.

"My wife fell ill a few months ago, but she's bedridden now and i feel that to give her the care she needs i would be neglecting Misaki."

The trio sits comfortably in Usami's living room, mismatched cups of way-to-strong tea balanced on their laps.

"With my job, I wouldn't be able to care for the boy either."

"He's enrolled in the high school down the street, and his after school classes keep him there for a while. He won't be in your way, but I feel it'd be beneficial for him to live with you while my wife heals."

Usami sighs heavily, his love for Takahiro causing him to be easily swayed to do what the other says. "How about we make a deal? One week. I'll feed the boy and tutor him, but if at the end of a week I feel like I've let him down as a caretaker, I'll regrettably have to send him back to you."

Usami has every intention of sending Misaki back home after the week, no questions asked, but Takahiro takes the bait, a smile lighting his face.

"Ah! Akihiko thank you. I'm so sorry to drop in like this, but you're the one I can trust."

Misaki's brother stands and bows low, Usami's face still level and unreadable.

"He's studious and easy to teach. I feel he won't cause you any trouble. Thank you again. So much"

Takahiro turns towards the door, Usami rising to accompany him like a proper gentleman.

"Be good, Misaki. I know you'll be smart." He leans over the boy and wraps arms around the others thin neck in a hug. Misaki reaches up, small fists bunching in the back of Takahiro's coat, but the obediently let go when his brother stands up.

"I will see you after a while." Usami whispers waiting by the door, holding it open for the other. He has every intention of ditching the 'snot-nosed' brat back to his brother the second seven days are up.

"Bye Takahiro" the author waves, closing the door rather roughly before turning on his heel to face the kid who's slunk down on the edge of the sofa, clinging to the arm like it's the only thing keeping him from running away.

"Takehashi-kun" He leans against the door arms folded across his chest, a nonchalant look played upon his face.

"Misaki please. And, I-i'm sorry about my brother." Misaki says quietly, finally saying his first words to the intimidating man.

"Don't apologize for Takahiro, we've been friends for quite some time." Usami waves away the apology with a long hand. "Though I am a bit honored he trusts me with his precious brother. Wait, how old are you?"

"Just turned fifteen." His chestnut hair falls into his eyes which, Usami notes, are extremely large and green. Adorable one might say.

"Just...stay out of the way." the writer pushes against the wall to stand up straight, impolitely excusing himself as he heads for the stairs.

"I haven't slept in three days, if you value your life, you'll stay out."

A soft sound, much like a small animal's whimper, escapes Misaki's lips and he slinks lower against the couch. So far, he's looking forward to the end of the week when he can finally escape this terrifying man.