Before he knew what was happening he was at the start line for the maze. He was going in a full minute and a half before anyone else. Cedric and Victor were next and then Fleur followed twenty five seconds later. Being the final task they were sure something was going to happen. Voldemort had to make his move. They were sure Harry had been put in the tournament for a reason and this would tell them what it was. They had set up several precautionary measures. First off was a summoning portkey. It was something his mother had been working on for years and finally had it down. The portkeys were placed on James, Lily, Sirius and Remus and would pull them to Harry's side if he were taken off the Hogwarts grounds. The second item was Sirius' idea. They had placed a listening charm on Harry's robes so he could talk to them but they couldn't talk to him. The last thing they had was a tracking charm. This they had placed on all four champions and there would be a map of the maze that would roll out after they were all inside. That way each player could be tracked. They had learned how boring a task could be during the second one. Not being able to anticipate anyone's actions they hoped they had covered all their bases.

Once Fleur was inside the map rolled down over the entrance. Four dots lit up and Dumbledore explained that Harry was green, Cedric was Yellow, Victor was red and Fleur was blue. They could watch the progress of their champion during the long task. They had pictures representing each obstacle in the maze so they could see why a champion was stopping. Ludo was commenting based on what could be seen so that those too far away could still understand what was happening.

Harry was near the middle when something bad happened. Fleur and Victor had run across each other and five acromantulas. They were obviously battling for their lives. Meanwhile Cedric, who wasn't very far away, was caught up fighting two of Hagrid's skrewerts. Harry found his way to the cup blocked by an acromantula and a Cerberus. The two animals seemed to be working together to get him so Harry used a music spell that Bellatrix had used on him as a baby. It always made the listener fall asleep. He plugged his own ears as the music lulled the two animals to sleep. He stopped the spell and he grabbed for the cup just as he saw Cedric come around a corner at the far end of a long corridor.

Everyone saw Harry's light disappear and Ludo was in the middle of explaining that he'd show up in a moment when four other people disappeared.

Harry tumbled when his feet finally reconnected to the ground. A few seconds later his parents and uncles joined him in the grave yard he had ended up in.

"Portkey anyone." He said needlessly, "Good thing you got yours working mum."

"Someone's coming." Sirius stated, "Harry stay here but avoid getting hit by any spells. The rest of us are going to hide until we know more about what is going on."

The next thing Harry knew he was facing a cackling Bellatrix Lestrange again, "Aren't you going to say hello to mummy dearest?"

"I would but she isn't here." He smarted back, "What do you want you old bat?"

"Not nice Volans." She emphasized each word with a stinging hex that he moved away from.

"Sorry you must be confused. My name is not Volans its Harry." He spat out, "Can you say that with me Har…ry."

Crucio was next and he again stepped out of the way, "Hold still you cretin you'll only make it worse for yourself."

"No." Harry disagreed, "I was never good about taking your punishments."

"Let's see how much you have digressed." She stated and began to duel in earnest.

"There is probably something I should tell you." Harry said as he fought back, "Since I was seven I've been hiding how well I can fight."

"Why do you think I'll buy that?" she cackled again.

"Oh, I don't know." He send a quick series of spells as he changed his appearance in to that of Nymphadora with pick hair, "Because I learned a lot more after I realized you had taken me. I'll have to admit I didn't realize I was the missing Potter boy until the blood test but I did know I didn't belong to a monster like you."

His change in appearance gave him the break he'd looked for. Her shock at his extended morphing let him stun her and tie her up. He returned to his regular appearance and took a step forward before jumping back from a killing curse that was sent his way by a very angry Voldemort.

"Oh, hey Tom, I didn't know you were coming to the party." Harry was breathing heavy and he notice a few more shadows coming from behind the man, "And you brought guests. Sorry but I only have this one."

"She was always a little too arrogant." The man drawled, "But never mind she has served her purpose now. Avada Kadivra." The green spell hit the woman and Harry gasped and jumped back.

"Wow, I guess you were still mad at her for losing me." Harry commented.

"She foolishly underestimated you. I, however, have not." He indicated five others including Rodolphus and Rabastion. He shot a disarming spell at Harry and it connected, "I know about the brother wands and now you have no way of defending yourself."

"Well actually you're wrong." Harry lifted his hands and sent a series of stunners, cutting curses and disarming curses at Tom and his merry men. With them all standing together he was able to stun two of them right away.

Then his parents and uncles joined in. Sirius started with anti apparition and anti portkey spells at the four that were left awake to keep them in the grave yard. James and Harry took on Voldemort while Remus and Lily started on the two Lestranges and one who turned out to be Malfoy. Sirius next job was to secure any that were already unconscious and then help take out the others. Soon it was five on one and Voldemort was using killing curses. Harry thought his father had been hit by one when he fell and didn't get back up. His anger fueled his cutting curse that caught Voldemort's throat.

Harry fell to the ground exhausted as Voldemort's head landed at his feet his body crumpling not far away. Lily was trying to get to both Harry and James and couldn't seem to move. Sirius pushed her towards Harry and went to get James. Harry's mother cradled his head in her lap as she looked to see where Sirius was tending to James. Harry didn't have the heart to look and just laid there waiting for the news.

"He's alive." Sirius gasped after he found a pulse, "Knocked out but alive."

Remus went to the cup and waved his wand over it, "Next stop Hogwarts. Who's on board?"

He floated the cup over to the group and as one they all touched it and one or two of the other group. Remus had stuck Voldemort's head to his body so both parts would come along. When they landed Harry collapsed back onto his mother and knew no more. He woke up some time later to hear people yelling. He searched for his wand and when he couldn't find it he just waved his hand and muttered the silencing spell. With silence again filling the room he tumbled back to sleep.

He woke again and it was still quiet. This time he opened his eyes and found a group of people sitting around sullenly, "What's going on?"

Lily mouthed and the motioned indicating she couldn't talk. Harry understood after remembering that he had woke up before. He waved his hand and ended the spell, "Sorry but you woke me up."

"It's ok dear." Lily smoothed his hair down, "Sorry we woke you. Feeling better?"

"Much." He agreed, "What was all the yelling about?"

"Wandless magic and coreless wands." She waved him off, "It's all settled now."

"Ok." He yawned, "How did the others do? I saw Cedric just before I touched the cup."

"Actually they're all quite glad you reached it first." She chuckled, "None of the rest of them were prepared to face Voldemort."

"Is dad awake yet?" he asked.

"He was earlier." She turned her head to look at the next bed, "He's asleep again now."

"Sorry I missed him." He yawned.

"Go back to sleep Harry, you've had a rough day." She stroked his head again.

"More like a rough life." He rolled over not realizing he had said it aloud.

*** Halloween (Harry is fifteen)***

"I couldn't be prouder of you pup but you have to understand that I'll still must tease you." Sirius grinned.

"Don't listen to him son, he's just jealous he couldn't do the same." James pulled Harry into a hug, "All those NEWTS are something to be proud of. And being the youngest ever to achieve them makes it that much more outstanding."

"Well with the scores he got on the OWLs I knew he wouldn't need two more years to pass his NEWTs." Lily smiled proudly, "But even I didn't expect it quite this quickly though."

"Ginny and Hermione helped me do a lot of revision." Harry shrugged.

"Revision, right." Sirius grinned wickedly, "Is that what they're calling it these days?"

"Yes but Paddy, studying has always been called revision." Harry laughed at his godfather, "I'm beginning to understand why you have fewer OWLs and NEWTs. Just what did you think revision meant?"

"I know perfectly well what it means." Sirius started his comeback but was interrupted before he could complete it.

"Owww not nice." Lily yelled.

"Are you ok dear?" James moved to hold her up if needed.

"Yes the little bugger just kicked me really hard." She grumbled, "Running out of room I suppose."

"Are you sure that's all it is?" James looked concerned, "Do you need to sit down? I can get you some tea. Maybe we should go get a checkup at St. Mungo's or Poppy said she's always available."

"Was he like this the first time?" Harry leaned into his uncle Remus as his father was prattling on.

"Yes, scary isn't it." He chuckled, "I believe his behavior the first time scared Sirius from ever thinking about doing it himself."

"I'm fine James it was just a kick." Lily waved him off.

"What about you?" Harry nudged the man.

"No, my type doesn't generally do that." Remus shook his head watching as James continued to flutter around his wife.

"James if you don't leave me alone I'll hex you." Lily's frustration was starting to boil over.

"He's like a hyperactive bee." Harry laughed, "Why don't you?"

"James I'm pregnant not sick." She groused, "I can pick up a platter of food if I want."

"But I'm willing to carry it for you." James had one side of the tray, "You always tell me I need to help more."

"Fine go put it on the table by the others and don't get in my way again." She huffed, "The guests will be arriving soon."

"She's really uptight about this party." Sirius hid behind Harry hoping to keep from catching Lily's wrath.

"I tried to tell her not to have it." Harry said, "But it was like talking to a brick wall."

"We've got to celebrate your accomplishment somehow." Sirius pointed out, "Springing your friends from school is a good way to keep them friends."

"I'm also pulling them from the Halloween feast." Harry huffed, "I don't think they'll appreciate that."

"It will be fine. Lily got everything that was on my list." Remus grinned until Sirius added his part.

"And she hid it so he can't get to the chocolate until the other kids get here."

"You better be nice to the werewolf who hasn't had his chocolate fix yet." Harry warned as Remus punched Sirius in the arm.

"Owww." Sirius whined, "Oh look your girlfriend is here."

Harry had already seen her and left his uncles to greet her and his friends that followed. They met with a small kiss and then Harry went back to greeting all his guests.

"That wasn't much of a kiss." Sirius huffed.

"You do realize that most of the people following her in are her brothers and father." Remus pointed out, "Only you would be so foolish as to snog a girl right in front of that many brothers."

"He has a point Paddy." James joined them, "Also remember that all her brothers are older than Harry."

"Lily kicked you out then." Sirius raised an eyebrow.

"No she told me to come get you two to help." James grinned and grabbed an arm of each man and pulled them towards the kitchen.

When they arrived it was to find Molly Weasley taking over, "Lily, you shouldn't be on your feet. No wonder he's kicking you so much. He wants you to sit and let us take care of things."

"But…" she started.

"Yes and your bum belongs in a chair outside with your feet up." James came in and began to steer her out the door, "Molly is here now and she won't let us mess anything up." He looked back and mouthed thank you to the Weasley matriarch.

"She's got a stubborn streak a mile wide." Sirius took the next platter that Molly had told him to take.

"Do you really think she's having a boy?" Remus asked Molly.

"I don't know." she grinned, "Did she act the same way with Harry?"

"I think she was better with Harry." Sirius said, "She's a menace this time."

"I thought it was about the same." Remus observed.

"Well it could be the age difference or a gender difference one never knows with these kinds of things." Arthur whispered as Molly shooed them out with the next platters of food and drinks.

"Was Molly different with Ginny?" Sirius asked.

"Each and every one was different." Arthur offered.

"Is there any way to tell what it is before the birth?" Sirius pushed.

"There are a few spells but they don't always work." Arthur spied Ginny and Harry walking a little way from the party and smiled, "Ginny has really been happy since Christmas."

"Harry is over the moon." Remus chuckled.

"Harry has been making plans." Sirius said, "I saw his notes before he knew I was there. His first goal was to get his OWLs and NEWTs and then he plans to join the aurors as soon as they allow it. In the mean time he's wanting to get a mastery in potions and defense."

"Wow that's quite a plan." Remus agreed.

"I think he just wants a good job so he can have a lot of children." Sirius chuckled, "I've never seen him as excited as he is about getting a sibling."

"We were making fun of James earlier." Remus confided, "I didn't have the heart to tell him he is acting the same way."

The party was over and most of the guests were gone. Everything had been cleaned up and Lily was making one last sweep of the yard looking for trash. She was sandwiched between James and Harry as they walked. Remus and Sirius were sitting on the patio waiting for them to return when they saw Lily bend over and grab her stomach. A spell flashed by them as Harry turned and ran for the door. James picked Lily up and quickly moved back toward the house.

"Labor." Harry yelled as he ran up to them and tore open the door in time to catch a bag.

"Are you sure?" Remus stood to go help James.

"Yes her water broke." Harry came back pulling a portkey from the bag. He slung the bag over his shoulder and held out the plate as they reached James and Lily.

With a twist of color the group was whisked away to St. Mungo's. James and Lily were taken into a birthing room as Harry, Remus and Sirius were sent to the waiting room. Remus pulled out his wand and sent three silvery spells out. Harry only lifted an eyebrow in question as to whom he had sent messages to.

"Alice, Molly and Albus." Was the succinct answer.

A quick nod and they descended into silence as they picked chairs to sit in. Alice and Frank Longbottom arrived about the same time as Arthur and Molly Weasley. Dumbledore arrived a little later and had both Minerva and Ginny along with him. Ginny greeted her parents with hugs before she sat with Harry and pulled him into a long lasting hug.

"I thought Harry could do with some extra comfort right now." Albus whispered to Molly and Remus.

Both nodded in agreement and went back to the wait. The pregnancy hadn't been high risk by any means but it had been more than fifteen years since her last birth and everyone, including James and Lily were a bit uptight about it all.

James came in not long after to give them what news he had, "She should be ready to deliver soon. The baby is doing fine. The position is good and Lily's body is ready. We just have to wait until it's ready to move again."

"They don't think there will be any complications do they?" Harry asked.

"No they don't expect any." James confirmed but added, "They have stuff on hand if it does."

Harry nodded and tried to relax back as James went back into the delivery room. He was sure it was days later when James finally returned and called his name. Looking up sharply Harry found himself looking at his father's smiling face as he held a bundle in his arm. He stood and crossed the room in just a few strides and looked down at the bundle.

"Harry, may I introduce you to your sister. Rose Dorea Potter." James announced.

Harry's smile could have lit up a quidditch stadium as he took the bundle from his father and gazed into the face that would always have a large part of his heart, "She's beautiful dad. She looks just like mum. Is she doing ok?"

"She's fine just getting cleaned up. You want to talk to her?" he asked taking his little girl back.

Harry nodded and walked past his father and into the room. Sitting on the edge of the bed he pulled his mother into a hug and whispered, "She's so beautiful. I like her name too."

"And by the time she's a teenager she'll be able to babysit your kids." Lily chuckled.

"I don't think she'll want to. Ginny and I will probably have several." Harry grinned.

"I didn't realize you were that serious about her." Lily smiled softly.

"More Remus about her, Sirius isn't serious enough." He laughed at the grimace his mother sent his way.