I'm back! Behold! The long awaited sequel to PNF! I was going to wait until after finals were over, but with everything that's been going on in Boston (may God watch over the city), I figured y'all needed something to cheer you up.

Nothing major happens in this chapter. It's mainly a recap.


Chapter 1

White Collar Yacht Club

"Samantha, why have you been coming to the White Collar Yacht Club when you're not even interested in riding the yachts?" Pamela Manson asked her twenty-two-year-old daughter.

Samantha, or "Sam", simply rolled her violet eyes. "I know the yacht club focuses on yachts, speed boats, sailboats, and all that crap, but I don't care about them. I have my own reasons," she replied.

"And what are they?" asked Pamela.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out sooner or later."

"Sammy, could you at least get reacquainted with some of your yacht club friends before you go back to college?"

Sam rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Why would I want to get reacquainted with people I've never even met? They say I know them but I don't."

"You used to love coming to the yacht club when you were younger," Pamela recalled.

"Yeah, after Vlad barred her from his beachside manor," Agnes, Sam's grandmother, said. "The only friends she made here were the war veterans. You're lucky Sammy did so well in history during high school."

"Well, why don't you go and get reacquainted with them?" Pamela asked Sam.

"Because, Mom, two of them died in the last five years, one is in a nursing home, another one has dementia, and three moved away," Sam explained.

"Those are just the World War II veterans," said Pamela. "Why don't you get acquainted with the Korean War veterans or the Vietnam veterans?"

Sam sighed in frustration. "There aren't any Vietnam vets who are members of the club and the Korean War vets are not interested in talking about their days in the war, especially with what's going on over there right now."

"Well, maybe if you should…"

Sam gasped. "Hey, is that a street urchin sneaking onto the grounds?" she asked, acting like she actually cared.

"What? Where?" Pamela ran off to turn away the nonexistent street urchin.

"Nice move, sweetie," Agnes complimented. "Why don't you get out of here before she comes back?"

Sam smiled at her grandmother. "Thanks, Grandma." She then ran off towards the docks. This was probably one of the most boring summers she'd ever had compared to what she'd been through this past year.

Ever since she was ten, Sam had been going to the White Collar Yacht Club every summer while her parents went to visit their friend, Vladimir Masters, at his beachside manor. The reason: she freed a young merman named Danny Fenton who was captured by Vlad to be experimented on. Sam and Danny became friends after Sam found him tangled up in a net on the beach. After Vlad saw them, he tried to capture the boy but Sam distracted Vlad long enough for Danny to escape.

Sam didn't see Danny again for eleven years. By the time Sam was in college, she met a boy with similar characteristics only he was human. At the same time, her merman friend had finally reappeared, even rescuing her after she was pushed from the pier. It wasn't until Labor Day weekend that Sam had finally put the pieces together and realized that the human boy and the merman from her childhood were one and the same.

Sam finally reached the end of the docks and looked out at the ocean. The pearl around her neck began to glow green. She quickly grabbed it to keep onlookers from noticing the light. The bat wings that were attached to it were sticking out in-between her fingers.

"What's a Goth freak like you doing at the yacht club?"

Sam scowled and turned around. A Latina girl was standing behind her. She wore a string bikini that stood out against her tan skin and it went well with her long black hair.

"You're not in Spain, Paulina," Sam answered. "Swimsuits like that should only be allowed on nude beaches. Tell me, did Playboy ever get back to you after you sent those photos of yourself to them?"

Paulina sneered at Sam. "At least I have a future. I wouldn't be surprised if you wound up in a satanic cult."

"At least I won't have over a dozen STDs before I'm thirty," Sam muttered.

"Do you practice witchcraft and pray to the devil in your spare time?"

"What? Because I'm Goth and I love wearing black? That is so stereotypical," Sam said, rolling her eyes. "I'm Jewish."

A cry from the water got both girls' attention. They turned and saw a dolphin looking up at them with a hibiscus flower in his mouth.

Sam smiled. "Aww… Hi there. What's that you got?" she asked the sea mammal.

Paulina shoved her aside. "Move over, freak. That flower is mine." She reached down to grab the flower from the dolphin but he jerked his head away from her.

"I guess that flower wasn't meant for you," Sam said to Paulina snidely. The dolphin then lifted his head up a little to present the flower to Sam who gratefully took it from him. "Thank you very much, buddy."

"Yeah, well, who cares what a stupid dolphin thinks anyway?" Paulina said nonchalantly. The dolphin replied by blowing water at Paulina from his blowhole, causing her to shriek. The dolphin then splashed some water at her causing her to run away screaming.

Sam burst out laughing. "Nice one, buddy," she said to the dolphin. "Did Danny send you?" The dolphin squeaked and nodded. Sam looked around to make sure no one was looking and did a cannonball off the deck. The moment she hit the water her legs became covered in royal purple scales, her ears turned into fins, gills grew out of her neck, and her hands became webbed. This was a result of wearing the bat-winged pearl around her neck. It was slowly changing her into a mermaid. The transformation would be complete when she said her vows at the church altar. A bit of mermaid magic so to speak.

The dolphin then lead Sam deeper under water until she came across the entrance to a grotto. Sam thanked the dolphin and he swam away. She then entered the grotto, the walls covered with useless junk. Sam smiled, knowing that Danny and his best friend Tucker most likely collected them over the years.

"Danny? You in here?" Sam called out. Something shifted in the shadows. "Cujo? Is that you, boy?"

Something then tackled Sam to the grotto floor. "Looking forward to our last year in college?" a familiar voice whispered in her ear. Sam moved her head and was face to face with a boy about her age staring at her with glowing green eyes. White hair was tied in a ponytail with black and white fin-ears. He had matching fins on his forearms and down his back. They went well with his jet-black tail.

Sam smiled. "Only if you're attending classes there," she replied. Danny let her up.

"We've already got our stuff at Tick Tock Clock Shop," Danny answered. "Are you renting your own apartment this year?"

"Alas, no. Mr. Doyle offered a room at the boardinghouse he lives in but we declined because we knew our parents would freak out," Sam explained.

Danny shrugged. "Understandable. But that doesn't mean I can't come visit you," he said flirtatiously. He then pulled Sam closer to give her a kiss.

Sam forced her tongue into his mouth. This was one of the few precious moments they had together during the summer. Although they hadn't told her yet, Sam could tell that her parents were beginning to wonder where their daughter wandered off to whenever they went to the White Collar Yacht Club. She couldn't tell them that she always ran off to be with her boyfriend. They hated Danny (except for Agnes). Sam didn't understand why they hated him so much. Sure, he wasn't in the same social class as her family, but so what? She didn't care if Danny was a hobo. She'd still be with him.

"Think this year will be full of adventure like last year?" Sam asked as she parted the kiss.

Danny thought about it for a moment. Last year, he and Tucker went on land for the first time ever and they saw a rainbow of things in the world, both good and bad. Danny joined the choir, Sam saw Dash Baxter drunk, Tucker joined the Science Club, and Valerie worked two jobs on and off campus. In-between those events, they learned that Vlad Masters turned himself into a Homo Fecit Hybrida, or "Manmade Hybrid". After learning that he wanted Danny and his mother to join him and be his family, the four friends worked together to put a stop to him.

"Without the parts with Vlad in them then yes," he answered although he had to give the fruit loop credit though. If he hadn't interfered, Danny would have never gathered the courage to tell Sam the entire truth about himself.

Sam smiled and Danny leaned in again for another kiss when an unexpected visitor appeared.

"How much longer are you two gonna swap spit?"

Danny and Sam got off of each other and straightened themselves out. "I'm gonna kill you for that one, Tucker!" Danny yelled.

A young man who was the same age as Danny appeared from the shadows. He had dark skin, black dreadlocks that dangled from underneath the red beret he wore, turquoise eyes, and six evergreen tentacles from the waist down. He was a Cecaelia, half-human, half-octopus.

"Sheesh, dude, you're not even official mates yet and you're already eager to get laid," said Tucker.

Both college students' faces turned bright red.

"Tucker, I'm smart, not reckless!" Danny exclaimed.

"I'm not Paulina! I don't sleep with the first guy I meet whenever I get…one of those urges," she finished hesitantly. "Anyway, what's new with you, Tucker?"

"Well, the good news is I got that TV I found to work," Tucker said proudly.

"Tell her the bad news," Danny said to his best friend.

Tucker's pride instantly deflated. "The bad news is it keeps breaking down," he said mournfully.

"Small price to pay when you're trying to get an electronic to work in salt water," Sam muttered.

"You mean it's not working because it's underwater?!" Tucker asked exasperatedly.

"Yep," Sam confirmed. "It's a killer on cell phones too. That's why I never bring mine to the beach."


"Samantha!" Pamela called out. "Samantha! Where did that girl wander off to?"

"It's time for dinner. Where is she?" asked Jeremy, Sam's father.

"She's probably doing things normal twenty-two-year-olds do," said Agnes. "Probably drinking at a bar and hanging out with her friends."

"Why would she wander off to go drink at some low-class bar?" Pamela sniffed. "She leaves for college in a week. I'm not going shopping for her new dorm if she has a hangover."

"I still don't understand why you wouldn't let her rent an apartment off-campus," Agnes complained. "Charles Doyle lives in a boardinghouse a few blocks away from campus. He said that there were some vacancies."

Pamela grimaced. "A house full of low-class strangers? I don't think so."

"Mother, Samantha needs to be somewhere safe and easy to reach," Jeremy argued.

"And the moment she graduates she'll move away to a community full of strangers," Agnes argued back. "You can't protect her forever."

Sam suddenly came into view as she walked from the beach. She was holding hands with a boy about her age. He had messy black hair and icy blue eyes. He had a rather scrawny build with a hint of muscle that was covered with a white undershirt, blue swim trunks with matching flip-flops.

Pamela and Jeremy immediately frowned when they recognized him. Daniel Fenton had been dating their daughter since last fall and they didn't like him one bit. For starters, he was middle class, maybe even lower. Another reason was that he had snuck into not only the country club but into their own home, despite the fact that Samantha insisted that she invited him in. Who knew what unspeakable things he did to Samantha while he was there?

"Sammy! Why didn't you tell me your boyfriend was here?" Agnes asked cheerfully.

The two finally approached them. Sam shrugged. "I just bumped into him while I was walking on the beach," she lied. Sam felt bad for lying to her grandmother but it was to protect Danny's identity.

"Sammy, Daniel is not a member at the club…" Jeremy began to argue only to be stopped when his mother whacked him on the head with a magazine she was reading.

"Let it go, Jeremy! Sammy is a legal adult so quit treating her like a child," Agnes scolded. "Besides, the boy treats her like a queen so I don't see a reason why you're so against it. Now lets go inside and get a bite to eat." She then turned to Daniel. "Don't worry about paying, boy. Jerry will pay for the food."



"So…Daniel…why don't you tell us about yourself," Pamela said awkwardly.

"Didn't you ask that question last Thanksgiving?" asked Sam.

"I couldn't understand a word he was saying because he had a whole bunch of food in his mouth," Pamela answered through gritted teeth.

Daniel swallowed his food before answering. "Well, I'm originally from Hawaii," he started. Sam knew that that was only a cover for his real identity. In reality, he and Tucker were from a small village off the coast of her hometown of Amity Park, California.

Jeremy's eyebrows went up. "Hawaii you say? So this must be quite the culture shock for you," he stated.

Daniel shrugged as he took a sip of ice water (through a straw). "I'm kind of used to it now. My friend Tucker and I already moved back into Dick's apartment so we're all set for our final year."

"And then you'll propose to my granddaughter?" asked Agnes causing Daniel to do a spit-take.




Everyone but the old woman was bright red.

Agnes looked at everyone. "What?" she asked innocently.

"Absolutely not!" Jeremy exclaimed.

"They've been dating for almost a year," Agnes argued. "If I recall correctly, you proposed to Pamela after only six months of dating."

"And we were engaged for a year and a half," Jeremy stated.

Daniel and Sam blushed. Technically they were already engaged by merfolk standards. The proof was around Sam's neck.

Jeremy sighed and decided to drop the subject before things got too awkward. "Well, Sam told us you were a transfer student. Where were you before Amity U?"

"Leviathan University," Daniel answered casually.

"A college named after a Biblical monster," Agnes remarked. "Never heard of the place but I already like the sound of it."

"Sounds like an…interesting place," Pamela said hesitantly. "When did you meet Sammy?"

"I met Sam in English class," Daniel answered. In reality they met when they were just children but they were pretty sure Sam's family wouldn't believe that story.

"Well, that's nice. I met Pam at a party," Jeremy replied.

"A frat party," Agnes corrected. Both parents turned bright red.

After their meal was paid for, Sam decided to "walk" Daniel home. Her parents reluctantly obliged as long as it was just a walk home. No extended visits.

"Well, that went better than I thought," Daniel said as they walked down the beach.

"They were just acting like that because they were at the yacht club and didn't want to act out in front of their so-called 'friends'," said Sam. "Trust me. The next time you visit my house they'll be back to their hostile ways."

Daniel chuckled. He was looking forward to this year with his friends. Maybe he could properly propose (in human standards) to Sam some time during the year. He'd have to look through his treasure trove in his grotto and see if he had an engagement ring for her.

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