Here's the second chapter! Since I just posted this story I don't expect any reviews, but it would be awful nice if anyone who reads this could let me know what they think. :)

Prompt: Whisper

The muse of choice: Quote; "Whisper a wish to a butterfly and it will fly up to heaven and make it come true." -Unknown

The pain was starting to cloud his thoughts. It no longer went away as it always had before. He was bedridden most days now. With his work at the bookstore down the road, which he had begun to frequent when he first arrived on Earth, he needed to pretend he had contracted an awful virus that just never went away. The kind lady that owned the shop truly pitied him and told him to only come in when he felt well enough.

Ed knew he would have to pull the arm, but right now the muscles in his flesh arm were weak and shaky from clutching the sheet in a deathly vice grip. Even if he wanted to pull the limb right now, he wouldn't be able to. Maybe in the morning things would be a little easier. When the pain subsided just a bit, and his muscles weren't limp from overuse. And so he slipped into unconsciousness uttering the same words he always did, with little hope they would become his reality.

"I wish I could go home." And his whispered dreams became one with the universe.