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Summary: Cam and Mia are twins. At the end of the samurai's battle Mia returns home with Jayden. When they enter to bluebay harbor airport they meet cam.

The Rangers leave

Jayden heard footsteps and turned around and faced his friends. So where are you guys off to?

Hermano, I scored big time. I got the chance to go on a around the world fishing expo. I'll be catching fish people have never heard of. Antonio said

I happen to see my old couch and he said I have about half a month to train for the Olympic try-outs. Kevin said, happy he would finally pursue his dream.

I'm just glad I get to go home and take care of my sister. Said Emily

Mike. Mia said pushing the said boy forward. Tell Jayden what you're doing.

Oh, uh, I thought I'd go with Emily, back to her family's farm. He said embarrassed but still laced his fingers with Emily's."

What about you Mia? Emily asked

Well me and Jayden are gonna visit my family for a week. Said Mia

Really? Asked Antonio

Yep! Said Jayden

Cool. Said Mike and Kevin at the same time

Say "hi" to Terry and Cam for me please. Said Emily

Sure thing. said Mia

Who's cam? asked Antonio

My twin brother, he was the green samurai ranger in the ninja storm team. Said Mia

So ranger blood runs in your family? Asked Mike

I guess so. said Mia

Well we should all get going. Said Jayden

And so they all left the Shibia house behind.