summary: Kathryn only wanted a couple of things out of life: to get away from the Dursleys, to do something memorable, to graduate...but more than anything? She just really wanted to be something other than 'Harry Potter's little sister.' These are her adventures. AU.

disclaimer: I'm really JKR in disguise as shitty, 20-something fanfic writer. brilliant plan, right?

**note: this story is also posted on my Mibba account as "Rebel Without a Cause," which is also the title I originally posted it to with under a separate account which I have now lost the password to (thus I cannot delete the account or the other version of this story). But rest assured this one is much, much better. At least, I hope.

one: the-boy-who-just-won't-die

Lily Evans Potter could hear the conversation downstairs between Voldemort and her husband. She couldn't help but cry; James had told her to run, but she couldn't. How could he expect her to do that? What was life without James? She couldn't imagine. He had rudely invaded her life at age eleven and now, as an adult, she loved him - loved him so much it was painful. Almost as painful as the idea of taking her children and running away. How could she abandon him? No, Lily decided, she would stand her ground.

A fateful shout of 'Avada Kedavra!' and Lily let out a noise that wasn't unlike the sound of a drowning cat. She heard him -Voldemort-thumping up her stairs, but she refused to let panic set in. She was smart, she was capable, and she was not a coward. Quickly, Lily looked back at her children, the pang in her chest becoming worse. Her first-born was Harry, her beautiful, poor baby. He had some damned prophecy made about him that was bringing this all about, and all he did was look up at her with those precious eyes. Her eyes. They were a vivid, pure, and true green. It was good that Harry couldn't sense her fear, seemingly, as he gazed up at her, spit gurgling in the back of his throat. Lily fought to suppress her tears and remain strong. Her eyes flickered over to a small infant, about four and a half months old. Lily closed her eyes in horror of the thought that little Kathryn would never have a single memory of just how much she was loved. She got a good look at the girl, with her red fuzz that James called hair, and her light green eyes that held flecks of brown.

Lily knew she was going to die at the moment when Voldemort appeared in the nursery doorway. She would not, under any circumstances, let that poor excuse of a human being get anywhere close to her son.

"No, not Harry, please!" she begged, fruitless as the effort was, she felt she had to. Maybe there was a small bit of humanity left in this man, and maybe she could spark it.

"Move aside, silly girl." He demanded, wand raised, voice impatient. "I only want the boy!"

"You can't have him!" Lily sobbed. "I won't let you!"

"Foolish girl, I said move aside! Take your infant and go!" He was fed up, his wand pointed at the spot above her heart. She didn't believe him, didn't believe he'd let her just walk out the door. She knew he wouldn't.

"NO!" Lily stood straight, the tears having stopped. The man's red slit eyes were narrowed more than usual, if it was possible, and he gritted his teeth. "Not my boy."


Lily knew nothing more but the calming darkness that consumed her.

While the Wizarding World celebrated the defeat of Lord Voldemort, Albus Dumbledore made a decision that would alter the lives of the Potter children forever. Two little bundles were placed on the front step of Number 4 Privet Drive that night, and nothing would ever be the same.

& there you go! introduction.