Chrono Paradigm

Chapter 1: Reawaken

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Text=thoughts from our main hero

...where am I?

I can't see anything. I can't feel anything.

Hell, I can't even move.

Am I dead?

No, that can't be it. I know I can still breathe. I'm doing it right now, right?

So, what happened? Where am I? Why am I like this?

...Might as well try and wake up, if I can...

After a moment, one man woke up in the middle of what appears to be a town. The man had long, blonde, spiky hair where some of it was tied in a ponytail with silver highlights, long bangs, emerald like green eyes, and was wearing a black shirt under a large red coat that is wrapped with black belts and pants. His left arm seemed to be wearing a black gauntlet, covering his left hand. With him was what appeared to be a long rifle, but with the blade and handle of a sword hooked onto a belt that was holding his coat closed. As he got up, the man looked confused about his surroundings.

"Where in God's name am I?" he asked himself as he scratched his head.

"What the hell happened?" he went on as he tried to recall the events that led him here. "Goddamn it, I can't remember anything at all."

As he looked around, he noticed that the townspeople saw him as crazy.

"Better get out of here, at least," the man said.

He made his way into a bar after several moments of wandering around, where he sat in an empty table.

"Now that I'm alone, let's try and put any pieces together," he stated to himself. "For some unknown reason, I'm stuck in who knows where, and I can't even recall how or why I got there. Heh, not much to work with."

He looked at the sword-like gun that was hanging from the belt that he had on.

"Judging from this weird slab of metal," he went on as he inspected his attire. "I'm either a soldier or a vigilante. Since I'm pretty sure soldiers don't in anyway wear stuff like this, I'm pretty sure I'm a vigilante."

As he inspected his attire, he noticed the gauntlet on his left arm.

"God know what this is hiding..." he said to himself.

After reassessing his situation, he got back up.

"Well, if I can't remember anything," he said. "Might as well start with figuring out where I am first of all... God do I even have a name?"

He tried to remember real hard, until it hit him.

"Kain," he said to himself. "Yeah that's right, my name is Kain."

As Kain was walking around town, he talked to many people about the current events, and where he was. After several hours, he managed to at least figure out where he was.

"So I'm in Ibukido," Kain said. "Doesn't ring that much of a bell, but what is concerning me is this 'Ragna the Bloodedge'."

From what he has gathered, Ragna the Bloodedge is an SS criminal with the highest bounty in recorded history, about enough to buy a small country. Also known as the 'Grim Reaper', he possesses the Azure Grimoire, a very powerful grimoire that he used to destroy several branches of the Novus Orbis Librarium, or NOL for short.

"It's not that he's NOL's most wanted," Kain said. "Something seems familiar about that I know him...ah God I'm just confusing myself! Goddamn it why is it this hard to cure a measly amnesia, for Christ sake!"

"U...Um...excuse me?" a timid voice asked from behind.

"What!? Can't you see I'm-!?" Kain yelled as he turned to see who interrupted him.

The person who interrupted him was a girl, a little shorter than him, with beautiful black hair, ruby like red eyes, and seemed to be wearing a white poncho.

"I-I'm sorry," she said scared. "You seemed to be troubled, so I was wondering if you were okay."

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine," Kain said coldly. "I'm just pissed, that's all."

"Why are you angry?" the girl asked. "I may not know who you are or your problems, but I can still act as a listener."

Kain looked confused.

"Why would you help me?" Kain asked. "We only met like a few seconds ago. And for all you know, I could be a dangerous criminal."

"I find it my job," the girl said. "To help those who need it. And besides, you don't seem to be a bad person."

"...Whatever..." Kain replied, still confused at the girl's act of generosity.

The two sat down on a bench as Kain discussed to her what happened up to now.

"So you're an amnesiac who just happened to find himself in Ibukido?" the girl asked.

"Pretty much," Kain said. "And I have no idea or leads into getting them back."

The girl looked worried for Kain, where he realized one lead.

"Well there's one lead," Kain said. "...Ragna the Bloodedge."

The girl's worried look suddenly dropped to a grim one.

"You know 'Ragna the Bloodedge?'" the girl asked.

"I have amnesia," Kain shot back coldly. "How in God's hell do you think I know him?"

Kain's logic cut through the girl's suspicions like a hot knife through butter and only left guilt and a hint of relief.

"Although his name sounds familiar," Kain said. "But I just can't put it together."

"Well he is a rather famous terrorist," she said.

"No, more than that," Kain said. "It's like I know the guy. i just can't put my tongue to it."

"Maybe you knew him before you got amnesia," she said. "But then you two got into a fight, which lead to the two of you fighting."

"Sounds logical," Kain agreed. "But then wouldn't this Ragna guy killed me? And I don't seem to have any wounds on me, or any traces of them being treated."

Kain showed the girl his perfectly untouched figure. No bruises, no scar, nothing.

"True..." the girl said. "Maybe he must have given head trauma that left you unconscious, convincing Ragna the Bloodedge that you were dead, so he just left."

"If that's the case," Kain conversed. "Then wouldn't you guys have spotted Ragna? I mean there's no chance that I would have gone anywhere if Ragna knocked me out here, and if he did, then he must be in the area."

"We haven't seen him nor have we received any reports on his appearance in Ibukido," the girl said. "He's very good at maneuvering without our attention."

"I guess you're right," Kain agreed once more. "There's no telling in how long I was out cold. For all we know, Ragna the Bloodedge could be long gone by now."

Kain sighed, as their conversation wasn't leading him any closer to his memories, or who Ragna the Bloodedge is. This is where the girl notices Kain's weapon.

"That's a rather peculiar weapon you have there," the girl said.

"Right," Kain said as he took out his sword. "I don't even know where I even got this. Or how to use it. Pretty cool looking if you ask me though."

As Kain tested out the sword, the girl stared at Kain.

"You know..." the girl said. "You kind of look like Ragna the Bloodedge."

That took Kain by surprise.

"Huh?" he asked. "How do I look anything like that guy? I checked out that wanted poster of him, and I'm not a narcissistic freak here, but I'm pretty damn sure that I'm way better looking than him!"

As proof, Kain showed the girl a poster of Ragna, where it drew Ragna as a very 'disgusting' figure.

"Well...albeit those posters are really inaccurate..." the girl said with a nervous laugh. "But you do look like him. The attire and the weapon share a hint of similarity..."

"You sure?" Kain asked confused as he stared at the sword.

'Still, holding this thing...' Kain thought to himself. 'It feels familiar...'

"Um..." the girl interrupted Kain's thoughts.

"? What's wrong?" he asked.

"I was wondering," the girl said. "What's your name?"

"My name?" Kain asked. "It's Kain."

"Okay then, Kain," the girl said. "I never got to ask you that, so I was worried on what to call you this whole time."

"What about you?" Kain asked. "I introduced myself, so why don't you?"

"Oh! Right..." the girl said as she reached her hand out. "I am Iris Esperanto. A lieutenant of the NOL Zero Squadron."

Satisfied, Kain shook her hand.

"It's an honor to meet you," Kain said. "Now, I guess I'll be going then."

As Kain made his preparations to leave, Iris stopped him.

"Wait, do you have to go now?" she asked.

"Well, I'm gonna have to find this 'Ragna' guy if I'm gonna need some answers," Kain said.

"Well...just be careful..." Iris said. "Finding Ragna the Bloodedge is going to be-"

"Excuse me," a voice interrupted. "But may I interrupt your conversation."

The two turned to see a young lady in a similar attire as Iris, but it was all black. She had long red hair, red menacing eyes, and carried an odd looking book. While Kain looked confused, Iris looked as if she was about to pee herself.

"M-Major Yayoi!" Iris exclaimed.

"You know her?" Kain asked.

"Major Tsubaki Yayoi," Iris whispered to Kain as she approached them. "She's my superior and part of the Duodecim."

As such, Tsubaki walked up to them, eyeing Kain suspiciously.

"Lieutenant Esperanto," Tsubaki addressed. "Who is this?"

"Oh, this is..." Iris stammered, trying to think of a good excuse to make sure that Kain wasn't found suspicious. "A...A vigilante! He was asking for information on Ragna the Bloodedge!"

"Oh?" Tsubaki asked, as she glared at Kain. "You're so naïve, Lieutenant."

"Um...can I help you?" Kain asked.

"Yes, do you honestly think that we would give you any information on Ragna the Bloodedge?" Tsubaki asked.

"Honestly, yes," Kain joked. "Well your subordinate here seemed pretty friendly, and all."

"Every vigilante is after Ragna the Bloodedge and his enormous bounty," Tsubaki said. "Ragna the Bloodedge's capture is put under the highest importance by the Imperator after his recent terrorist actions in Kagutsuchi. I'm sorry, but access to his information cannot be allowed."

"I see then," Kain said. "Well then, I bid you two adieu."

As Kain made his exit, Tsubaki however, stopped him in his tracks by holding a blade behind his neck. Even without any memories, Kain could figure out what was going on.

"Doesn't that seem to be a little hostile for a proud NOL officer?" Kain asked sarcastically.

"Don't take that tone with me," Tsubaki shot back. "Why do you want to find Ragna the Bloodedge?"

"Does it really matter to you?" Kain asked. "If I capture Ragna the Bloodedge and hand it over to you, then it would make your job all that easier, won't it?"

"Do you honestly think that I'll fall for that obvious lie?" Tsubaki asked.

I'd hope so. Personally that's my only ticket out of this conversation.

"I overheard your conversation about Ragna the Bloodedge with Lieutenant Esperanto," Tsubaki explained. "It seems apparent that you have once clashed blades against Ragna the Bloodedge, but alas, he bested you, and here you are, with no memory."

"And?" Kain asked. Where is this leading to?

"So I'm just warning you, do not go after Ragna the Bloodedge," Tsubaki warned him in her most threatening tone. "Just leave him to the professionals and go back to your lowly guild. You couldn't possily be able to keep up with him."

Well, isn't she a bitch. I'd like to give her a piece of my mind, but at this rate, I can't afford making a commotion.

"Sorry," Kain shot back angrily. "But I really need to find Ragna the Bloodedge."

Tsubaki looked suspiciously at Kain.

"Why are you so hung up on Ragna the Bloodedge?" Tsubaki asked.

Because he could be a damn lead to my memories. "I'm a vigilante," Kain said. "You should get the picture."

Tsubaki did not take off her suspicious glare at him as he examined his attire.

"You know," Tsubaki said. "You bear a striking resemblance to him."

"And?" Kain asked. So what?

" must have some connection to Ragna the Bloodedge," Tsubaki said.

"How do you know I'm just some fan of his and decided to take on his look?" Kain asked.

"Don't be ridiculous," Tsubaki scoffed. "Like anyone will be a fan of that murderer. Especially if they're a vigilante. Now come with me. I'll see if you truly have any connections to Ragna the Bloodedge."

As Tsubaki tried to restrain Kain, Iris interfered.

"!? Iris?" Kain exclaimed in surprise.

"What's the meaning of this, Lieutenant?" Tsubaki asked rather annoyed.

"Kain isn't in league with Ragna the Bloodedge!" Iris exclaimed desperately. "I can assure you!"

"Why are you defending him, Lieutenant?" Tsubaki asked puzzled and annoyed.

"Kain has no memories of himself at all!" Iris argued. "How could he possibly be in league with someone like Ragna the Bloodedge!? Isn't it our job to protect the innocent from criminals!? Kain's innocent!"

"There's the possibility that he could be a sleeper agent that Ragna the Bloodedge set up to infiltrate the NOL," Tsubaki shot back. "Posing as a normal civilian to gain the trust of naive officers like you, and get informaiton on us from said officers so that he can report it back to his master."

"That's ridiculous!" Iris continued to defend Kain. "Kain has no connections to Ragna the Bloodedge!"

Why is she defending me? She just met me.

"Lieutenant," Tsubaki replied coldly. "If you continue this foolish endeavor, then I will have no choice but to brand you as a traitor who is in league with Ragna the Bloodedge."

Iris looked shocked and devastated after hearing Tsubaki's threat.

"Well?" Tsubaki asked. "What will you do?"

After deep thought, Iris mustered up all of her courage and stated this. "Even if I am to be branded as a traitor, I cannot lie to myself! Kain is not in league with Ragna the Bloodedge!"

Kain and Tsubaki looked surprised at Iris' act of courage. Kain was impressed and took back, but Tsubaki looked disappointed.

"You had potential," Tsubaki said. "And I am truly disappointed to do this."

She took out her blade and turned her book into a shield.

"Lieutenant Iris Esperanto," Tsubaki announced. "For being in league with SS criminal Ragna the Bloodedge, I hereby place you along with this sinner under arrest! Prepare to be judged!"

As Iris looked mortified, Tsubaki charged at her with her blade up high, but suddenly, Kain defended Iris with his sword.

"Kain?" Iris asked.

"Isn't this mature," Kain said sarcastically. "You turn on your subordinate the second she defends someone on a crime that she didn't even commit. Yeah, real mature."

Tsubaki backed up, where Kain got his sword ready.

"Do you really think you can take me on?" Tsubaki asked rather confidently. "You don't have any memories, so how do you expect to fight with that weapon?"

"Better than just sitting by," Kain said. "And watch you hurt her."

"Foolish sinner," Tsubaki said as Iris looked worried. "Do you really think that you can beat me?"

"Well, we won't know until we try, will we!?" Kain exclaimed as he charged towards Tsubaki.

Meanwhile, back at the NOL Main Headquarters, a man wearing a black suit and sporting green hair with closed eyes was carrying some files to an office. He nonchalantly opened the door to see a man wearing a mask and had a rather dark aura around him.

"Colonel Relius," the man in the suit said. "Here are those files that you wanted."

"I see," the man named Relius said. "Just place them over there."

Relius pointed to the desk near a table, where the man in suit just sighed and placed the heavy pile of papers on it.

"But seriously," the man in suit asked. "Why are you bothering with this? Wasn't our goal to complete the Sword of Hades? What gotten you so interested in this all of a sudden? We don't need something that we already have."

Relius, or better known as Colonel Relius Clover of the Engineering Department and the "Mad Puppeteer", didnt seem to be interested in Hazama's questions.

"Hazama," Relius answered. "Do you believe in the time loops and their possibilities?"

Hazama looked confused.

"Well duh, we've been using them to our advantage," Hazama said matter-of-fact. "Until that shitty Raggs and Noel Vermillion screwed it up."

"What about the possibilities of the timeline?" Relius in turn asked.

"Well they're all ruined because of those two lovebirds," Hazama said. "But I was able to see all of them before destroying it. Why do you ask all of a sudden?"

Relius turned on a projector, which was showing Tsubaki's battle with Kain.

"Did any of your possibilities show this outcome?" Relius asked.

Hazama, who was normally at the top of his game, knowing practically everything, was flabbergasted. He did not recognize the boy that was in battle. Even when Hazama has seen all of the 'possibilities', not in any one of them did it show the boy.

"Who the hell is that?" Hazama asked.

"Why isn't that Tsubaki Yayoi, your personal subordinate?" Relius asked jokingly.

"Not the bitch, you idiot!" Hazama yelled back, more angry than usual. "The damn brat that she's fighting!"

"I thought you knew," Relius continued with his teasing jokes. "You have seen all of the possibilities, haven't you? So why do you not know of this boy's appearance?"

Hazama had a rather annoyed look on his usual playful look.

"Okay, okay, I get what you're trying to say," Hazama said. "So that's why you need this old piece of junk?"

"Partially," Relius said. "Those are just needed for some negotiations."

Hazama looked confused.

"These files are for the Murakumo Units," Hazama said. "Who in hell do you plan to give these to?"

"To me," a rather distorted voice interrupted.

Hazama turned to see a man with another mask, completely covering his face, wearing a black overcoat, having long silver hair, and wearing a black wizard hat.

"And this is?" Hazama asked.

"You may call me 'Envy," the man addressed in a distorted voice.

"He apparently knows the boy that even bewilders you, Hazama," Relius said. "But in return for any information regarding him, he has asked us to give him the files for the Murakumo Units."

"You're kidding," Hazama said. Giving up top secret files that not even a handful of the NOL knows about. And here was Relius, the man responsible for making the Murakumo Units, saying that he will give said top secret files to some random stranger.

"Is it really that important?" Hazama asked. "Why can't we just force him to spill the beans?"

On cue, Envy pulled out a gun and aimed it at his head.

"I am confident that I can pull the trigger faster than you can summon your Nox Nyctores, 'Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros'," Envy said. "Captain Hazama, or should I say, Yuuki Terumi."

Hazama was stunned that this Envy character even knew his alter ego.

"I swear to you," Envy went on, putting down the rifle. "That I am on your side. I only wish to gain the data for the Murakumo Units for my own agendas not involving the NOL or your plans."

Reluctantly, Hazama thought about it for a moment.

"You do realize that I am the only one with any information on the mystery warrior," Envy mentioned. "Don't you? I hope you make a wise decision."

"...Very well then," Hazama strained to say as he picked up the pile of files. "Let's see what you got."

Hazama gave Envy the files, in which he carried them with one arm.

"I thank you for your cooperation," Envy said gleefully. He turned his head to Kain on the screen.

"Now then," Envy continued. "I'm sure you are curious in why that boy is able to escape your sights. He is..."

To be continued

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