Chrono Paradigm

Chapter 34: Jeopardized World

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Back on the roof while all that chaos was happening, Claude was pummeling Hazama, where Rachel and Alicia watched on the sidelines, deciding that their help was not needed.

"Tch! You annoying brat! SERPENT'S INFERNAL–!" Hazama growled.

Claude interrupted Hazama's attempt in an attack, as Claude kicked Hazama in the gut, pushing him back.

"Gaugh! You little–!"


Claude rushed for Hazama before he could react, smashed his knee into his gut, kicked him into the air and smashed him into the ground.

"Had enough?" Claude asked.

"Don't get cocky!" Hazama growled as he retaliated, only for Alicia and Rachel to shoot him down with their lightning attacks. "Damn it!"

"How much longer do we have?" Rachel asked Alicia.

"We should be heading back now," Alicia answered. "But..."

Hazama was still trying to hack off Claude's head, but the puppeteer was too fast for him, leaving the man frustrated. Meanwhile, Sieg, now freed from his armor sans the arms and legs, is fighting off Nine much more efficiently than he did before. The lost weight made the puppet faster, being able to outpace Nine whenever she tries to warp away.

"Tch! He suddenly became stronger...!" Nine cursed as she shot another fireball at Sieg.

Sieg blasted through the blaze and smashed his fist at Nine's gut, sending her off the platform. As Nine fell off, she teleported back onto the field, only for Sieg to loom over her and smash her into the platform. As Nine got back up, Sieg jetted away, firing similar fireballs like a machine gun, forcing her to go on the evasive. Meanwhile, Kokonoe and Baldr were just shocked as their future son proceeded to best Kokonoe's mother, and one of the Six Heroes. Baldr, in particular, was in much deeper shock. Justified, since he was just informed that the puppet titan was in fact his future son with Kokonoe, his superior and possible love interest. He glanced over to Kokonoe, flustering a little. Kokonoe, surprisingly, was flustering a little, but shifted her focus back on Sieg. Sieg created a larger fireball in his palms and launched it at Nine. Nine created a forcefield to block it, but Sieg charged at her, breaking the shield and allowing the fireball to blast Nine.

"KYAAA!" she cried as she fell back.

Nine managed to get back up however, but was greeted by Jubei's blade almost hitting her head. She managed to dodge the blow, but now found herself in a tight spot as the two warriors had her cornerd.

"So...yer my grandson, eh?" Jubei asked.

Sieg glanced at his grandfather, and nodded in response.

"Well...can't say I saw this comin'," Jubei said. "But now's not the time for that."

"Yes..." Sieg responded, regaining his voice after purging his armor.

"Tch...One pest after another..." Nine growled.

"Sieg!" Claude cried, realizing that he purged his armor.

As he went for his partner, Hazama got in the way, trying to slash him.

"Like I'll let you escape!" Hazama growled.

As soon as Hazama was about to make his next move, Alicia struck him down with her lightning.

"Damn it! Again!?" Hazama hissed as he backed off.

"Go to him," Alicia said. "We'll handle him."

"Much obliged," Claude said as he rushed towards Kokonoe's group.

"Get back here!" Hazama hissed.


As Hazama was about to make a move, a storm roared at Hazama, pelting him with random objects and a giant electric frog, pummeling the man to the ground. He turned to see Rachel, mockingly leering at the snake.

"You are having a hard time concentrating now, are we, Terumi?" Rachel mocked.

As Rachel and Alicia were occupying Hazama, Claude rushed over to Sector Seven.

"What happened?" Claude asked.

"Sieg took a hit for Baldr and Kokonoe and purged his armor," Tager explained.

"Oh no..." Claude said. "Sieg won't last much longer than...even with the release protocol..."

"Explain," Baldr said swiftly.

"The Palladion armor is essentially Sieg's life support," Claude explained. "By forcibly purging it, he lost the only thing sustaining his life."

"What!?" Baldr and Tager gasped.

"At best, he has five minutes until he needs the armor back or else he will die!" Claude exclaimed.

"...Tager, retrieve the lost parts," Baldr said. "They should still be around here."

"On it," Tager said as he began to look around.

Baldr then looked at Kokonoe, still stuck in her state of shock.

"Snap out of it, professor!" Baldr yelled. "Your...Our future son is risking his own life to protect us! He will die at this rate!"

Kokonoe looked shocked, as she looked up at Sieg, who was still fending off Nine.

"I know you must feel great pain from facing your mother, but you must be strong," Baldr said.

"What do you know...?" Kokonoe asked.

"Are you going to let Sieg feel the same pain?" Baldr asked.

"...What?" Kokonoe asked.

"Indeed, I cannot ever comprehend your pain," Baldr said. "But that does not mean you should let others feel that pain. Isn't it your duty to make sure others do not experience the same pain as you?"

"I..." Kokonoe said.

"What about Sieg then?" Baldr asked. "He is permanently bound to the armor, no longer being able to even feel the warmth of others! He may have living family, what good is that if you cannot even grasp their hands or hold them!? He no longer has a way to feel anything! If anything, he only feels the cold that the steel of his armor gives him!"

Sieg tried to strike down Nine, but she warped above him and shot a fireball from above. Jubei intervened and sliced the ball in half.

"I refuse to admit that science is what brought such pain into this world! That science is what brought suffering into the life of an innocent boy!" Baldr exclaimed. "This is not the reason I devoted myself to science!"

Kokonoe just stared at him in shock.

"Oh?" Nine asked, overhearing his boast. "Then tell me, whelp, what is your reason?"

"...A world without pain..." Baldr said. "To reach such a world is why I devote myself to science. Alongside Professor Kokonoe, such a future is possible. I know she is capable of such a thing, and I wish to follow her path."

"Hah! How can some whelp like you do a thing to change the future?" Nine mocked.

"I won't know if I don't try," Baldr retorted as he summoned his Excalibur sword.

"Is that so..." Nine growled as she shifted her focus onto the scientist.

"No don't–!" Jubei yelled.

But before the two could engage in battle, a fireball descended from the sky and onto Nine.

"What the–!?" Nine gasped as she dodged it.

They turned to the source of the flames, and to their surprise, it was Kokonoe.

"Kokonoe!?" Nine gasped.

"Professor" Baldr exclaimed.

"Tch, when I let you do as you please for a while, and you make me look like a fool," Kokonoe grumbled.

"What!?" Burai gasped. "You've gotta be kidding me!"

"It's true..." Itsuki said through the transceiver Burai had on him.

Their group, soon after escaping the collapsing palace of Wadatsumi, returned to Ibukido and were on their way to the branch.

"Akira..." Burai muttered. "Why the hell's he Envy?"

"We'll explain everything later," Itsuki said. "Now we need to regroup and make our retaliation before Akira makes another move."

"And he brought the clone back?" Burai asked.

"...Yeah," Itsuki said. "And it can use all of our moves. Even the moves of our parents in our timeline."

"Oh great..." Burai muttered. "So where do you wanna regroup?"

"Outside the branch," Itsuki said. "We'll soon join you guys."

"Right," Burai said. "Oh, and how's Kain doing? Y'know, since Envy's..."

"...He'll manage," Itsuki said. "I'll inform you guys on everything later."

"Got'cha," Burai said before cutting off the transmission.

"What was that about?" Mary asked.

"Akira was Envy," Burai announced.

"What!? Akira!? As in Kain's little brother!?" Mary gasped.

"Hold up, hold up, Kain had a little brother!?" Makoto asked.

"Well if he's anything like his old man, then he would have a younger brother to match his younger sister," Burai muttered. "Akira B Vermillion. He's Envy, and he's planning to resurrect the Black Beast."

"What!?" everyone gasped.

"Again!?" Mary gasped.

"Yeah," Burai said. "We need to regroup with the others at the branch so we can set up an action plan at least."

"Indeed," Bang said. "We are too spread out. We must join back together and strike as one."

"More or less," Burai said, then glanced at Carl. "You alright?"

"I'm fine," Carl muttered.

"Dad...?" Mary asked.

"Are you alright, Carl?" Makoto asked.

"I'm fine...don't worry Miss Makoto, Mary," Carl assured them. "I can't let their deaths get to me now..."

"Carl..." Litchi said.

"...C"mon," Burai said. "We need to hurry. This doesn't look so good."

The group hurried their ways to the branch. The sky began to grow dark around the branch as it spread out to the sky.

"I contacted Burai," Itsuki reported, cutting off his transmission. "They're going to regroup outside the branch."

"Then we should head out now," Kagura suggested.

"Right," Ragna said, carrying his sister's corpse.

While they were discussing that, Beast Kain was still looking up to the sky.

"Kain?" Mu asked. "What's wrong?"

"...You guys go ahead," Beast Kain said. "I'm going after Akira to stall him."

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"...The only one who can stop him is me..." Beast Kain said. "No...I'm the one who has to stop him..."

"Kain..." Jin said. "You do know what will happen if you can't stop him, right?"

"I know," Beast Kain muttered. "He succeeds and we kiss this world goodbye."

"Not that," Jin said. "If you can't 'stop' him, then there's only one other way to make sure his plans won't be realized."

Beast Kain stayed silent, not responding to Jin.

"Jin...?" Izayoi asked.

"You don't mean...?" Mu asked.

"You kill him," Jin flat out stated. "If you can't make him stop his plans, then you have no choice but to kill him."

"Wait a minute, Jin–," Ragna intervened.

"That's the only other option, Brother," Jin said to Ragna before he could protest. "I understand that you may have some sympathy for him because he's your son as well...but we can't afford any chances. You too."

Jin glared at Beast Kain in the eyes.

"You can't hold back because he's your brother," Jin said. "You, we all just witnessed what he's capable of. You can't let him do as he pleases."

"...I..." Beast Kain muttered.

"Kain..." Iris said. "What're you going to do...?"

"...It's only a last resort," Beast Kain declared. "But I will try to get to him."

"Kain..." Jin muttered, clearly not pleased.

"Envy or not, he's still my brother," Beast Kain shot back. "...I'm not losing him too."

"Kain..." Ragna said.

"...I know that this maybe a fool's pursuit," Beast Kain said. "But this is my only shot. I have to try."

"...Do as you please..." Jin simply muttered before facing the exit. "But you better not die before we settle the score."

"Score?" Beast Kain asked.

"We ended our battle in a tie," Jin reminded him. "We still need to settle that."

"Jin..." Beast Kain said. "...Thanks..."

"Just get going already," Jin muttered annoyed before heading off.

"Be careful, Kain," Mu said.

"Will do Mo–Noel," Beast Kain said.

"Aw c'mon, you called Ragna 'Dad'," Mu whined. "Call me 'Mom'."

"Wha–!?" Beast Kain blurted.

"It this really the time for that?" Ragna asked.

"Does this even matter right now?" Itsuki asked.

"Of course!" Celica rebutted. "It's not fair for just Ragna to be called that and not Noel!"

"And what, you want me to call you Mom too?" Beast Kain asked her.

"Of course not, I'm not your mom," Celica said. "Well, not yet at least."

Jin puked a little in his mouth as response, receiving a disapproving glare from Izayoi. Amane was just chuckling at the scenario while Bullet look somewhat confused.

"Well, aren't you popular," Kagura teased.

"I know right," Kidou teased.

Beast Kain looked at Iris and Hikari for a rebuttal. The two only shrugged nervously, leaving the seithr-cladded warrior with no other option.

"Fine...M–Mom..." Beast Kain muttered, averting his eyes.

"Aww, how cute! You're embarrassed!" Mu cooed.

"Are not!" Beast Kain growled.

"Can we get going now?" Itsuki asked angrily.

"Right," Beast Kain said. "And I'm assuming you two want to come along?"

He turned to Iris and Hikari, who both nodded in acknowledgement.

"Figured as much..." Beast Kain sighed. "Let's go then."

Beast Kain grabbed the two and held them in his arms.

"Kain..." Itsuki said rather grimly.

"I know," Beast Kain said. "I'll protect Hikari no matter one."

"Be careful," Ragna said.

"Will do," Beast Kain said, before taking off.

"Are you alright, Kokonoe?" Tager asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Kokonoe growled. "I just needed some time to cool my head, that's all. Hey it's not every day you run into your dead mom."

"Professor..." Baldr said, relieved that Kokonoe seemed to be back to normal.

"Now you go fix Sieg," Kokonoe ordered. "And you!"

Kokonoe was yelling at Sieg, who instantly shot back up.

"Get back here and have Tager and your bitch fix you!" Kokonoe barked.

"Hey I am not his bitch!" Claude yelled.

Sieg complied and rushed off to Tager and Claude.

"You two, Baldr," Kokonoe said. "If anything, you probably know more about the armor than I do."

"What about Nine?" Baldr asked.

"I'll deal with her," Kokonoe muttered. "Now go already."

"As you wish," Baldr gladly said.

As Baldr passed by Kokonoe, she grabbed Baldr by the collar.

"I can't have you die on me just yet," she whispered to him as she eyed Sieg. "You're gonna be doing a lot of work for me if you know what I mean."

Realizing the implications, Baldr blushed madly before heading off.

"U-Understood..." Baldr stuttered.

Nine glared at the man as he rushed off to fix the puppet. Kokonoe, on the other hand, stared at her mother blankly.

"Why protect them?" Nine asked. "They're only bringing you down. Why subdue yourself to the likes of filthy men."

"One, because those two are either too scared of me or too much of a prick to even think of something like that," Kokonoe retorted. "And two, because I trust them."

"And you have no remorse facing me?" Nine asked.

Without warning, Kokoneo took out a gatling gun and proceeded to mow down Nine in a volley of bullets. Nine managed to shield herself with a barrier, but Kokonoe proceeded to materialize a bit behind her and shot a fireball above. With a snap of her fingers, Kokonoe activated the bit, pulling the fireball towards it and bombarding her with flames. As flew back, Kokonoe rushed over and prepared two heavy gauntlets. She then proceeded to go for a straight body blow and smashed her away.

"I do have remorse fighting you," Kokoneo admitted. "But I'm willing to let it go so that the world doesn't get screwed over."

"Kokonoe..." Jubei said.

"All this time, I wanted to exact vengeance on Terumi for killing you," Kokonoe said. "But after being stuck in all of this crap, along with these brats from the future and an even bigger narcissistic maniac on the loose, something wavered in me. Hell, from what I've been observing, everyone's better off the way they are now with those brats influencing them than before."

Sieg looked up as Kokonoe continued her lecture, while he was being repaired.

"Just letting myself get engulfed in revenge led to me being what I am today," Kokonoe said. "Well, it does have its perks here and there, but seeing how all my plans ended up doing the bastard a favor, in the end it's not that great being me."

"But if I learned anything from all the shit that happened in the span of a week or so," Kokonoe said. "Then it's that at the very least, I wasn't alone in all of this. If I was all alone, hell who knows what I would've done. Hell I could've gone completely insane. But I had Tager, Baldr, Makoto, hell, even Litchi. Not to mention all the others that got dragged along in this mess. They were there to at least understand and share my pain, and even tried to stop me at some point. So in the end, I feel somewhat grateful for them for that."

Nine, and Jubei, looked rather shocked at Kokonoe, as Kokonoe only sighed.

"Now, this ends in either me somehow undoing the Mind Eater on you," Kokonoe said. "Or you dying in the process. I sure to hell hope that it's the former."

Hazama managed to fend off Rachel and Alicia long enough to see that Kokonoe had the upper hand.

"Damn it! At this point I need as much support I can get!" Hazama cursed, then shot a chain at Kokonoe.

"Professor!" Baldr cried.

"Shit!" Jubei cried.

Kokonoe didn't have enough time to react, but before the chain hit her, Nine pushed her out of the way.

"Mother!" Kokonoe cried.

"Konoe!" Jubei cried.

Hazama swore under his breath for missing Kokonoe, but quickly jumped back to avoid a shadow spike. In rage, Kokonoe shot her gatling gun at Hazama, pelting him with the volley of bullets long enough for Alicia to catch him in two large shadowy hands.

"Damn it!" Hazama yelled, trying to break free.

Kokonoe and Jubei rushed over to Nine, who was puking blood as they arrived.

"Mother!" Kokonoe cried.

"...You've truly grown up...Kokonoe," Nine mumbled weakly.

"" Jubei said.

"Of course," nine said. "Why would I let him hurt my cute and precious daughter? Although breaking free from my own Mind Eater is harder than I thought. As expected of me, I guess..."

"Mother..." Kokonoe said, starting to cry.

"Don't cry," Nine said. "You're strong. You were able to get through this before."

"But that was by divulging myself into revenge and anger!" Kokonoe argued.

"Then stay strong with the others then," Nine simply said. "Like you said, you're not alone anymore."

Kokonoe's eyes widened in shock as Nine gave her one last smile.

"Try to get along with your father...okay?" Nine asked. "I love you both..."

With that, Nine began to disintegrate into light, disappearing into the air.

"...Kokonoe..." Jubei said sadly.

"...We talk about this after we win this war," Kokonoe grunted.

"Damn it!" Hazama swore as he saw his only remaining support vanish into light. "Now what!?"

"Now you die," Rachel said as she electrocuted Hazama. "CLOWNISH CALEN–!"

But as Rachel was about to finish Hazama, swords shot at her, interrupting her attack and stabbing her in the process.

"Wha–!?" Rachel gagged as she fell.

"Princess!" Nago and Gii cried as they went to catch her.

"Mother!" Alicia cried.

They turned to see the source of the attacker. To their surprise, they found a girl donned in sword-based armor with white hair, staring at them.

"A Murakumo!?" Alicia gasped.

"Thirteen!?" Hazama gasped. "The hell're you doing here!?"

"Oh, she's with me."

They all looked up to the sky, where a man with long white hair, wearing outfit loosely similar to Envy's outfit, and had a malicious expression on his face, was watching them from his high place.

"Good morning, everybody," Akira said rather cheerfully.

" that...!?" Claude gasped.

"A–Akira...!?" Alicia gasped.

"It's been a while, you stupid princess," Akira said. "That expression of yours is pretty damn priceless right now."

"Envy!?" Hazama gasped.

"Oh Hazama, buddy," Akira grinned. "How's it going? I see you're the last member of Izanami's group."

"Last...?" Hazama asked.

"Yep," Akira said. "Killed off Relius and his annoying wife, took out your boss, and also took care of 'Terumi'. So you're the last, or am I doing the math wrong?"

"What!?" Hazama gasped.

As Hazama was about to do something, he was pinned down by Akira's psychic powers.

"Now normally I would be helping you out right now," Akira said. "But since you split up with 'Terumi', you're technically 'Hazama'. An entity of 'Terumi' who has no significance to me right now."

"The hell're you talking about!?" Hazama demanded.

"...Although keeping you would be the safest play," Akira said, snapping his fingers.

Swords shot out from nowhere and stabbed through his body.

"Oh, I'm going to say this once," Akria said. "The Theios Anima Armas, or 'Super Noxs' like you've all been calling them, have the ability to shut down all ars magus, magic and all those other things. Including a 'Life Link.'"

"W-What?!" Hazama gasped, realizing the implications.

"I don't want some sick bastard like you sharing a link with Mom," Akira growled. "If anything, only dad should have such a right."

With a snap of his fingers, the swords ripped through his body, leaving Hazama like a bloody rag.

"Y-You bastard..." Hazama hissed.

"Actually..." Akira said. "You're some use to me right now."

Akira shot a chain similar to Terumi's and Hazama's at Hazama, ensnaring him with it. With a snap of his fingers, a huge portal appeared behind him, unveiling a huge symbol of some sort. Akira hurled Hazama at it, where the light bound him to it.

"I really need to restart this thing before 'that' shows up," Akira said.

"That's...?!" Alicia gasped. "EVERYONE STOP HIM!"

They were all confused, but nonetheless rushed over to stop Akira, but Nu got in their way and stopped them from proceeding.

"Thank you, Thirteen," Akira said. "Now then..."

Akira lifted both of his arms like Terumi does when he activates his Azure Grimoire.

"Restriction No. 666 released...Dimensional Interference Field deployed..." Akira chanted. "...Enchant Nightmare: Veritas Yield., BLAZBLUE ACTIVATE!"

Akira's Azure grimoire activated, where a purple aura surged around him, his power increasing to unimaginable limits. His right eye changed from blood red to jolting blue, while his left eye changed from red to an amber yellow.

"Now, hear my prayers...'Chrono Paradigm'."

The symbol began to glow, as the earth around them began to shake. Hazama began to scream in pain as the light burned him, slowly making him disintegrate.

"It won't be enough," Akira said. "But at least it'll be enough to last until I getall of the fuel."

The light grew more intense as Hazama's screams became louder.

"Oh quit crying, Hazama," Akira scoffed. "Look on the bright side."

"What bright side!?" Hazama screamed in pain.

"Yeah I don't know, but hey, at least I'm getting what I want," Akira grinned.


With one final act, Hazama struck his Ouroboros through Akira's chest before the Nox disintegrated, along with Hazama and absorbed into the Chrono Paradigm. Everyone was left speechless. Hazama, who had caused so much misery, demise and chaos in their world, yet no one could do a thing about, was now dead, permanently. Akira just stood there with a hole in his chest as blood leaked from it, but began to chortle as the hole began to regenerate.

"You can't kill me," Akira chuckled. "Well, normally, at least."

As Akira looked behind him, Azrael and Hakumen emerged from the ground and assaulted Akira, only for Nu to intercept their attacks.

"Vile demon!" Hakumen roared.

"Shadow," Akira called, as the clone of Kain showed up behind him. "Go open the Cauldrons. ALL of them."

"...Acknowledged..." Shadow Kain said.

Shadow Kain went over to the Paradigm, and stabbed his sword to the ground. The earth began to shake once more, this time more violently than before.

"What's happening!?" Tager yelled.

The air began to grow darker and thicker, where several people began to collapse.

"Guogh...!?" Claude gagged as he fell to his knees, quickly putting Sieg's helmet back on him. "This is...!"

"Seithr...!?" Alicia gasped as she began to feel its effects. "And so much of it...! You plan to use this seithr to fuel the Paradigm!"

"Of course," Akira said. "The Chrono Paradigm needs a shit ton of seithr to work, anyways. Ibukido had enough for me to pull off one mind sweep once I got here, so I'm going to need a lot more than that. Plus...having this much seithr has its 'perks'."

"'Perks'?" Azrael asked.

"...Come, Take-Mikazuchi."

"Hey! Itsuki!"

As Itsuki's group finally emerged from the tower, Burai's group was waiting for them outside.

"Burai! Mary!" Itsuki exclaimed.

"You guys were alright!" Mu exclaimed.

"Noel! Tsubaki!" Makoto exclaimed.

"So now what?" Burai asked Itsuki.

"We need to regroup and head back to the top of the tower," Itsuki said. "Akira's going to make his move, and we need to stop him before he gets to do so."

"You sure this seithr isn't his doing!?" Ragna coughed.

"Most likely," Jin coughed.

Ragna spotted Valkenhayn, then went over to him.

"Hey, Valkenhayn," Ragna said. "Can I ask a favor?"

"How rare," Valkenhayn said. "You coming to me for a favor?"

"Yeah..." Ragna said, presenting him with Saya. "Can you bring her back to the castle? I wanna give her a proper burial once this is all over."

Valkenhayn looked shocked at what he was presented with, then looked over to Ragna. The sadness and emotion in his eyes was enough to persuade Valkenhayn.

"Of course," Valkenhayn said, accepting the corpse and making a portal. "You better keep up to your word, boy."

"Heh, who do you think I am?" Ragna asked.

Valkenhayn smirked as he entered the portal.

"We better stop him before he does something else..." Celica said.

"Uh guys..." Mary said with much reluctance. "I think he already did something...!"

Mary pointed to the sky, where everyone looked up to see a black object in the sky.

"W-What is that!?" Izayoi gasped.

The object grew larger and larger in size, as it began to disperse a little, until it crashed into the city; the collision enveloping the city with dust and debris.

"What the hell!?" Burai yelled, shielding himself.

When the smoke cleared, the object revealed to be a satellite. It slowly opened, as a large black arm crept out of it. It opened up completely, where a huge black giant with red eyes crawled out of it. It opened its mouth and let out a huge roar, piercing the sky.

"What the hell is that thing!?" Ragna yelled.

"T-Take Mikazuchi...!" Celica gasped.

Meanwhile, Mu just stared at it.

"Noel?!" Ragna exclaimed.

"No...nonononononononono!" Mu suddenly screamed, panicking.

She began to tremble madly before falling down.

"Noel!?" Ragna blurted, catching her on the fall.

"Why...why is that thing here...?" Mu asked.

"Take Mikazuchi!?" Burai gasped.

"Impossible! That thing's supposed to be a myth!" Itsuki yelled.

"Well, apparently not," Mary muttered.

Beast Kain, Iris and Hikari finally reached the top, where the first thing they saw was Take Mikazuchi crawling towards them.

"Holy..." Iris and Hikari gaped.

"Shit..." Beast Kain muttered. "The hell is that thing!?"

"Take Mikazuchi!?" Kokonoe gasped.

They looked over to see Sector Seven's group, along with Claude.

"Someone tell me what's going on!?" Beast Kain demanded.

"Oh hey Brother."

They looked over to see Akira, fending off Azrael and Hakumen alongside Nu rather easily.

"Akira!" Beast Kain yelled.

"What is that thing!?" Iris asked.

"Nox Nyctores Gigant: Take Mikazuchi," Akira explained as he dodged a sword swing from Hakumen.

"Take Mikazuchi!?" Beast Kain gasped. "The hell's that thing doing here!? I thought it was a myth!"

"The past loves keeping its secrets, doesn't it?" Akira asked.

"How is that thing moving!?" Kokonoe demanded. "It could only fire every four years!"

"With this much seithr..." Rachel deduced. "Then the Gigant can move freely without any restrictions!"

"Exactly," Akira said. "Now then. Thirteen, fuse with the Gigant."

"Understood," Nu responded emotionlessly as she flew to the giant.

"Now then," Akira said. "All that's left is one last thing."

"One last thing...?" Beast Kain asked as he let Iris and Hikari down.

Akira looked to the steel-colored sky.

"All the nuisances are dealt with...I collected all the it's time for the true show," Akira said.

"The real show...?" Iris asked.

"Yes, the real summon Amaterasu..." Akira explained.

"Impossible! Only the Successor of the Azure can summon the Master Unit!" Rachel yelled.

"...Did you forget vampire?" Akira suddenly asked. "...Who my 'mother' is?"

They all suddenly realized the implications to the question.

"Restriction No. 666 released...Dimensional Interference Field deployed..." Akira began to chant, where the air became tense.

"Stop him!" Kokonoe yelled.

They all rushed to stop Akira, but Shadow Kain stopped them by getting in their way.

"Damn it!" Beast Kain swore.

"Oh Great Master Unit Amaterasu...hear the prayers of I, the Successor to the Azure...and descend to this earth!" Akira chanted.

The earth began to tremor yet again, this time the sky becoming distorted.

"Oh shit..." Beast Kain muttered as he looked up to the sky.

From the clouds, a huge Cauldron emerged from the sky, larger than anything hey ever witnessed. It began to open, where the glorious unit revealed itself.

"Finally...I've been waiting for this day for so long..." Akira said. "Master Unit…Amaterasu!"

"You...! You plan to destroy the Master Unit!?" Hakumen yelled.

"Destroy!? Are you joking!?" Akira scoffed.

"What!?" Hakumen gasped.

"The Susanoo Unit is meant to cut time flawlessly...the Tsukuyomi Unit is meant to protect time without fail," Akira said. "Now...think of the possibilities that the Master Unit could possess?"

"Don't tell me...!" Beast Kain said.

"That's right!" Akira boomed. "I'm taking the Master Unit for myself!"

"And how do you plan to do that?" Tager asked.

"That's why I have the 'Chrono Paradigm'," Akira said.

"What?" Baldr asked.

"And pray tell, what is this 'Chrono Paradigm'?" Rachel asked.

"'Chrono Paradigm'..." Akira explained. "The ability to install your own will into other 'wills'. Even 'time' itself..."

"That sounds a lot like Mind Eater..." Jubei muttered.

"I'd be offended if you compared the Paradigm to something as 'weak' as that," Akira scoffed. "Well, since I used the Mind Eater as a foundation, I guess it's inevitable. And tell me...when did 'magic' conquer something as powerful as 'time'?"

"Do you really think you'll be able to control 'time' with that!?" Beast Kain yelled.

"Of course not," Akira replied. "Which is why I'll need more power to do so...enough power to devour worlds..."

"Enough power to–don't tell me...!?" Beast Kain gasped.

"Now you get the picture," Akira smirked, his insane grin forming. "That's right! That's what the Black Beast is for! That's what all this preparation was for! I'll become the Black Beast and take control of Amaterasu! And BECOME A GOD! HYAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"You're insane!" Iris yelled.

"That's right! I have to be insane to pull something like this off!" Akira yelled back. "I'll admit I was never in my right mind for a few years, but that's the price to pay to achieve this much!"

Beast Kain suddenly lunged towards Akira, but Shadow Kain blocked his attack and pushed him back. As Beast Kain flew back, Shadow Kain made his move, but was interrupted by Iris and Hikari.

"We'll deal with him! You go deal with Akira!" Hikari yelled.

"What!? Are you two insane!?" Beast Kain yelled. "That thing took out me, Itsuki, Kidou, Hakumen and Azrael by himself! At the same time! Not to mention all the others!"

"Just go! We'll be fine!" Iris yelled.

Beast Kain was torn. Now he had the perfect opportunity to fight Akira, but to leave Iris and Hikari against the monstrosity that took out warriors that even he couldn't take on?

"Why don't you try trusting them instead of babysitting them all the time?"

Beast Kain suddenly turned to see Alicia behind him.

"Alicia..." Beast Kain said.

"They're not weak anymore and you should know it too," Alicia said.

"...Tch..." Beast Kain muttered. "Fine, I'll bite. But!"

He turned to the two girls.

"If things get too rough, I'm interfering. No exceptions!" Beast Kain yelled.

"Of course," Hikari accepted happily.

"Go beat that clown," Iris said.

"Alicia, get everyone to where Ragna and the others are," Beast Kain said. "They're going to need all the help they can get."

"Just don't die on me," Alicia said.

"I'll try at least," Beast Kain said.

Alicia made several black holes under everyone including herself, where they fell in and were transported out of the area. Now only Beast Kain, Iris, Hikari, Shadow Kain and Akira remained.

"Now then," Akira said as he ascended to the air. "Let's dance."

Beast Kain went after him, as Iris and Hikari faced off against Kain's double.

"How the hell do we stop that thing!?" Ragna yelled.

"I don't know," Kagura said. "Hell, can our attacks even faze the beast?"

"At this point, our only hope is an all-out attack," Jin advised.

"Do you think it'll work?" Izayoi asked.

"We have no other option," Jin said.

Ragna looked up to the sky, then noticed something.

"What the–!?" Ragna gasped.

"What's wrong, Ragna?" Celica asked.


They looked up to the sky to see that it was, in fact, Nu, who was flying over to Take Mikazuchi. She stopped in front of it, where she activated her Azure Grimoire. Take Mikazuchi let out a howl, as tentacles started to emerge from it and took Nu. It dragged Nu into the beast as she melted into Take Mikazuchi.

"NU!" Ragna screamed.

"What was that about?" Mu asked.

"Hello? Testing, one two three."

They all looked around; a sudden voice ringing in their heads.

"Akira!?" Ragna exclaimed.

"Oh hello, Father," Akira's voice rang. "How do you like my new pet?"

"What the hell did you do to Nu!?" Ragna growled.

"You actually care for that doll?" Akira asked. "Wow I'm shocked. But she's fine, rest assured. She's just piloting Take Mikazuchi for me. I can't control that thing while dealing with the others; I'm sadly not as good at multi-tasking as other people."

"'Others'?" Jin asked.

"Well, I'm assuming that Sector Seven and the two princesses will regroup with you guys momentarily," Akira said. "But for now, I'm dealing with Brother while my other 'pet' is going to tear the ever-living shit out of poor Iris and Hikari."

Jin's eyes widened in horror.

"You bastard!" Jin growled. "If she gets hurt–!"

"Ah ah ah," Akira said. "Please, don't make me make promises I know I can't keep. Oh and an announcement for all of you. Please look up to the tower!"

They all turned to the tower, where the Unit was still floating above it.

"What the–!?" Ragna gasped.

"The hell is that!?" Burai yelled.

"Master Unit...Amaterasu..." Akira announced.

"The Master Unit!?" Ragna gasped.

"Now, within my grasp," Akira said. "Now then..."

Take Mikazuchi was looming over them.

"Now, Thirteen," Akira said. "If you would be a dear and crush those pieces of shit. Oh, but save Ragna and Noel. I don't want to compromise my existence just yet."

Take Mikazuchi let out a roar that pierced everyone's ears as it began to charge a laser.

"Oh shit!" Burai yelled.

"Nu..." Ragna muttered as he brandished his sword.



Suddenly, a black hole formed above Take Mikazuchi, as Azrael and Hakumen suddenly shot out from it and plummeted towards Take Mikazuchi.



Azrael and Hakumen smashed their attacks at Take Mikazuchi at the same time, interrupting it from charging and making it collapse. The two landed in front of everyone, while other black holes emerged to reveal Sector Seven, Alicia and Rachel.

"That's one dynamic entrance," Mary said.


Mary turned to see Claude and Sieg, still suffering from their battle.

"Claude! Sieg!" Mary exclaimed. "What happened to you!?"

"Long story," Claude said as he looked up to see Take Mikazuchi. "What?"

"Long story," Mary replied. "Right now we need to beat this thing down to submission."

"How!?" Tager yelled.

"Let me show you," Azrael grinned.

Everyone stepped back as Azrael and Hakumen stepped forward. Take Mikazuchi looked down as Azrael cracked his knuckles, while Hakumen brandished his sword.

"Y'know, it's been a while since I found a prey like this," Azrael grinned. "This is truly magnificent...! I haven't felt this much killing intent ever! I can just feel the power tingling...I can feel my blood boiling right now! Screw restrictions! I'm going to make sure this thing dies to my hands! ENCHANT DRAGUNOV: LEVEL 2!"

Azrael's tattoos began to glow brightly, as power began to surge through him.

"I am the white void...I am the cold steel...I am the just sword..." Hakumen began to chant as he held his sword up. "With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction!"

A white aura surged around Hakumen, as he brandished his sword once more.

"I AM HAKUMEN!" Hakumen roared. "THE END HAS COME!"

The two charged at Take Mikazuchi as it shot a laser to the sky. The laser then began to shower upon them, but they either dodged the blasts or tanked it as they continued to charge. As Take Mikazuchi went for a punch, Azrael ducked, while Hakumen jumped over it.


Hakumen slammed his sword over Take Mikazuchi's head, making it fall.

"Gustaf Buster!"

Azrael launched a forward punch at Take Mikazuchi, breaking through some kind of armor and revealing a large red core.

"Found ya," Azrael hissed. "I found his weak point!"

While he was distracted, Take Mikazuchi ate him, then spat him back out.

"Oh gross!" Azrael gagged.

"That red thing's his weak spot?" Ragna asked Azrael.

"Yeah," Azrael responded. "Nail that and it should go down."

Without another word, Azrael charged into the fight again.

"Ragna?" Celica asked.

"...I'm going to save Nu," he said.

Iris tried to shoot Shadow Kain with her Shine Blaster, but Shadow Kain was too quick for the attack to land a hit. He dodged her long-ranged fire, then proceeded to slash at her, only for her to block her shield. Nonetheless, Shadow Kain managed to push her to the brink of the ground.

"Oh no–!"

"Vector Break!"

Hikari rushed out of nowhere and smashed the hilt of her sword into Shadow Kain and turned it, releasing a pulse that blew Shadow Kain back. Shadow Kain landed on his feet and this time engaged Hikari into combat. Hikari managed to keep up with Shadow Kain thanks to her ridiculous speed, but the sheer brute force Shadow Kain had was enough to overpower her. She managed to land on her feet, but Shadow Kain was one step ahead of her.


Shadow Kain charged energy into his sword and lunged towards Hikari.

"Crap! LUSTER FANG..."

Hikari brandished her katana and disappeared as Shadow Kain rushed towards where she used to be. Regardless, Shadow Kain flung his sword even though there was no one there, but Hikari reappeared behind him crashing to the ground.

"Hikari!" Iris cried.

"I-Impossible..." Hikari coughed. "He managed to hit me during the attack."

Shadow Kain then turned to Iris and aimed is rifle at her.


Kain shot a tremendous laser of light, akin to Iris' attack.


Iris shot her own laser, where the two beams collided, blinding everyone on the roof. As Iris shielded her eyes from the light, Shadow Kain rushed out of the light to attack Iris. She quickly shielded herself, but Shadow Kain pushed her back.

" do we stop him!?" Iris yelled.

As Hikari got back up, she saw Shadow Kain as he prepared to attack Iris once more.

"Iris!" Hikari cried as she rushed over to help her.

She tried to strike him from behind, but Shadow Kain instead held his sword behind him and took the blow. Iris took this opportunity to try and land an attack on him, but Shadow Kain made Hikari lose her balance, jumped behind her and kicked her into Iris, making both of them fall back.

"As expected of Env–Akira..." Hikari muttered. "He was able to make one clone that almost destroyed everything...and that one was apparently 'incomplete'."

"So how do we stop this one!?" Iris yelled. "Kain's trusting us to defeat it!"

The two got back up as they faced Shadow Kain, who was approaching them.

"Hey, he said that this Kain has all of our moves, right?" Iris asked. "Which would mean that this Kain has all of our abilities, right?"

"Yes, why?" Hikari responded.

"...To how much of an extent does he has our abilities?" Iris asked.

"What do you mean?" Hikari questioned her.

"He may have our abilities," Iris explained. "But to what extent can he use them?"

"Wait...are you saying that he has a limit to how much he can use?" Hikari asked.

"I'm saying is that maybe he can't use our abilities as well as we can," Iris proposed.

"So we go Overdrive and overpower him with our abilities?" Hikari asked.

"That's our only bet," Iris said.

Hikari looked a bit unsure, but nonetheless agreed to it.

"You're right. We have no other choice," Hikari said.

"God Speed Dance!"

"God Aegis!"

The two released a time-stopping distortion, as their weapons got powered up. The two girls faced Shadow Kain, as he brandished his sword. But as they were about to fight Shadow Kain, they noticed some intense shouting form above, where they looked above.

"What!?" Mu and Celica gasped.

"Are you serious, Brother?" Jin asked.

"Why go out of your way to save her?" Mu asked.

"I'm not going to let her die," Ragna said.

Mu had a rather displeased, irritated look on her face, until Ragna grabbed her shoulders.

"R-Ragna?" Mu blurted.

"Cut this shit out already," Ragna deadpanned.

"Huh...?" Mu asked.

"You've been acting violent towards Nu whenever you two meet," Ragna said. "I can understand Nu, but you don't fit the image, so stop it already."

"But she's trying to get to you!" Mu argued. "She's trying to steal you from me!"

"And do you really think I'll betray you like that?" Ragna asked.

"Eh?" Mu asked.

"This isn't like you Noel," Ragna said. "After all we've been through, do you really think that I'll just abandon you here and now?"

"I..." Mu said.

"Come on, where's the sweet, caring idiot I know and came to love?" Ragna asked rather sweetly, surprising everyone.

"I-I'm not an idiot..." Mu murmured, blushing.

"Noel," Celica said. "You know Ragna wouldn't leave you."

"Celica..." Mu said.

"Ragna's just worried about her is all," Celica said. "Ragna's not the type of person who would let others die when he can save them."

"That's true..." Mu said. "But..."

"I know you're jealous; I wouldn't want to hand over Ragna to anyone else," Celica said. "But you can't let that jealousy get you. You'll only be lost in your anger."

"...You're right..." Mu said, calming down.

"C'mon, Noel," Celica said. "Didn't we all agree on the polygamy? We all made a commitment. We're not backing out now, and we're not going to abandon each other."

"Right," Mu said, smiling.

"That's more like it," Ragna said. "...Nu's being controlled by Env–Akira. At least, I want to put her out of her misery. She's suffered enough."

"Right," Mu and Celica said.

There was a moment of silence, from Ragna's and Celica's speech towards Mu, until Kidou decided to break the ice.

"I'm sorry, did she say polygamy?" Kidou asked.

"Yeah, why?" Mu and Celica asked.

"Say wha...?" Burai asked.

"Well...can't say anyone saw this one coming," Itsuki said.

"...Let me guess this is your idea, isn't it?" Kidou asked Alicia.

"Guilty as charged," Alicia giggled.

"We don't have the time for this," Jin growled, seemingly leaking a red liquid from his mouth. "We need to take down Take Mikazuchi before the clown does something else."

"'re bleeding from your mouth..." Itsuki pointed out.

"That's not blood," Jin denied as he wiped it away.

"It definitely looks like blood," Itsuki insisted.

"It's not blood," Jin denied once more.

"You just wiped it off, it was definitely blood," Itsuki insisted.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Jin denied.

"Seriously! Not the time for this!" Kagura yelled.

As if on cue, Azrael came flying into the crowd, breaking up whatever conversation they were having.

"Do you idiots even care about living!?" Azrael yelled.

"Right," Ragna said. "We need to take this thing down!"

"Way ahead of you," Kagura said as he brandished his sword.

Take Mikazuchi took notice to the others and shot a laser at them, forcing them to disperse. Kagura and Kidou rushed towards the behemoth while dodging its gigantic fist.


The two smashed his sword onto its head.


As it flinched, Amane summoned several drills to emerge from the ground to pierce Take Mikazuchi's chest. As it tried to swat the two away, Bullet and Tager jumped above it and smashed their fists into its face. Take Mikazuchi fell back from the force, but its arms became frozen from Jin's and Itsuki's swords. Makoto and Mary used this opportunity to make their move.


Both squirrel beastkins made a giant fist of energy and smashed the monster with all of their strength. Meanwhile, Mu and Izayoi flew towards Take Mikazuchi.



Mu unleashed a storm of lasers from her bits at it, while Izayoi created a large energy blade to stab Take Mikazuchi's face. The monster roared in anger, as it created a portal, where several obstacles flew towards them. As they flew at the two however, several missiles barraged from the sky and blasted them. They looked up to see Sieg in his jet form, with Claude and Baldr riding on him. Baldr prepared his sword as he and Claude jumped off Seig, who transformed back into his regular form and hurled two large fireballs at the beast. Claude, meanwhile shot strings at Take Mikazuchi as he landed behind it, where he and Baldr, along with Sieg, began to pull, but to no avail.

"Damn it, this thing is heavy!" Claude grunted.

"This is the Gigant, after all," Baldr commented.

The three tried to pull, but Take Mikazuchi noticed them, and reached out to grab them.

"Shit!" Claude gasped.

Before the monster could do so, Burai and Bang showed up and attacked Take Mikazuchi's face.

"What the hell're you guys doing!?" Burai yelled.

"They said the core was this thing's weakness, right!?" Claude yelled back.

"So wha–Oh, I see," Burai said, realizing their plan. "But how do you guys plan to pull down something as huge as that!?"

But before they could do anything, Take Mikazuchi shot a laser into the sky, making it shower upon the trio, forcing them to fall back.

"Ignite!" Baldr yelled as he snapped his fingers.

Turns out, Baldr had planted mines on Take Mikazuchi before he landed, and now they detonated, causing it to be paralyzed.

"Now!" Baldr yelled.

From in front of Take Mikazuchi, Azrael came charging at Take Mikazuchi.


Azrael smashed Take Mikazuchi's face rather easily, making the titan fall once more.



As it was down, Rachel unleashed a strong lightning bolt on it, while Alicia created a large fist that smashed down upon it. As it was pinned down, Hakumen jumped onto Take Mikazuchi, his sword brandished high.


Hakumen slammed his sword onto the behemoth, rendering it unable to move for a moment. But seithr began to gather to the beast, healing all of its wounds.

"Curses!" Hakumen growled as he jumped off the beast. "All this seithr is healing the beast!"

Take Mikazuchi let out a ghastly wail as it began to charge energy into its mouth.

"It's going to shoot another laser!" Makoto yelled.

As it aimed its laser at the group, Azrael jumped in front of them.

"Growler Field!"

Azrael created a red aura around him as Take Mikazuchi fired its death laser at him. To their surprise and outright shock, the field around Azrael shielded him from the blast and dispersed the laser across the area away from them.

"HOLY SHIT!" Makoto yelled, amazed by the sight she was witnessing.

"WEAK! TOO WEAK!" Azrael boomed as he continued to shield everyone from the laser.

Eventually, the attack stopped, and Take Mikazuchi was exhausted, but seithr continued to flow into it.

"Great! As long as the seithr's seeping in the air, it'll just heal itself!" Jin growled.

But as the seithr flowed, the seithr began to dissipate around them, where a huge distortion covered the field.

"What?" Mu asked.

They all turned to see Celica, along with Minerva, exerting the distortion.

"If the seithr's keeping it strong, then let's cut it off from it,' Celica said.

"Are you okay?" Mu asked. "Your powers are weakened right? Are you alright suppressing that much seithr?"

"I'll be fine," Celica said. "Ragna!"

From behind Celica, Ragna jumped into the air, towards Take Mikazuchi as its core was exposed.


Ragna turned his sword into a scythe as he landed onto Take Mikazuchi's core where, he slammed the blade into it, and ripped a huge tear into it.

"I'm coming in, Nu!" Ragna growled as he jumped into the core.

"Ragna!" Mu cried, but Celica stopped her before she could follow him.

"Trust him, Noel," Celica said. "He'll come back. We need to keep Take Mikazuchi busy while Ragna takes care of it."

"So how long can you keep up this distortion?" Jin asked.

"At best, ten minutes," Celica said, obviously straining herself.

"Ten minutes is good enough to keep the bugger busy," Kidou assured her as he brandished his gargantuan sword.

Take Mikazuchi howled as the core regenerated the wound, where it got back up. The warriors got ready once more, as the behemoth loomed over them.

Ragna opened his eyes. Darkness was all he could see around him.

"The hell is this?" Ragna muttered as he looked around. "Although, I should've expected much. This is a giant kill sat after all."

He walked forwards into the darkness, keeping his sword ready for anything to come. Soon enough, he found himself in a large abandoned cauldron.

"A Cauldron?" Ragna asked. "Or is this...?"


Ragna didn't even need any confirmation to know who that was. He turned around, where Nu was waiting for him.

"Nu..." Ragna said as he brandished his sword.

"So you came for Nu," Nu said happily, but her happiness faded quickly. "But...Ragna doesn't want to be with Nu, right?"

"Now you get it," Ragna muttered.

"Hey Ragna," Nu said. "Is it true that you and those two girls are in a relationship?"

"How the hell did you know?" Ragna asked.

Nu looked at Ragna sadly.

"You want to be with them, right?" Nu asked.

"...Of course," Ragna said.

"Nu should've known..." Nu said. "But..."

Nu glared at the swordsman.

"Nu still won't accept this," Nu hissed.

"Nu..." Ragna said.

"Hey, Ragna," Nu said. "Nu'll ask one last time? Please become one with Nu?"

"The answer'll always be the same thing, you idiot," Ragna muttered.

"Please," Nu said. "We can add the two with us. We'll all become one. C'mon, please?"

"...The answer's no," Ragna growled, making his point final.

"I see..." Nu said, donign her Murakumo armor. "Then...let's settle this once and for all, Ragna...hehehe..."

Her swords loomed over Ragna as he brandished his sword.

"Don't worry Ragna," Nu cooed. "We'll become one once and for all, and we'll add those two with us."

"Well, aren't they giving it their all," Akira said as he blocked an attack from Beast Kain.

Beast Kain flew back and began to shoot Akira down with his weapon, but Akira swiftly dodged all the energy bullets and shot his swords at Beast Kain. Beast Kain shielded the assault with his wings, but Akira took this chance to smash Beast Kain to the ground. Beast Kain managed to recover before crashing, and flew back up.

"Answer me, Akira!" Beast Kain yelled as he attacked him. "Why did you do all of this for!? What purpose was all this for!?"

"You're asking me this now!?" Akira yelled as he pushed Beast Kain back. "You of all people should know the answer more than me!"

"Is this really to get revenge on me!? Or is this to get revenge on humanity!?" Beast Kain demanded.

"Isn't it obvious?!" Akira yelled. "This hatred! This anger! This was all because of those humans shunned us and spited us because we were monsters! We suffered because of them!"

"That's why you want to become 'God'!?" Beats Kain yelled.

"Yeah, that's right!" Akira yelled. "Humanity is just a cluster of fools who repeat the same mistake over and over! That's why I'll become God and change this world and those fools!"

"You don't have any right to do that!" Beast Kain yelled as he retaliated. "Humans have their own wills! They have a right to choose what they want to believe!"

"So they chose to shun us and treat us like monsters!" Akira yelled as he shielded himself from Beast Kain's jab. "It might have been fine if we were Beastkins, but we were the BLACK BEAST! The plague that ruined this world a century ago! They treated us like we were garbage!"

"Even though, you don't have the right to change it all!" Beast Kain roared. "We worked ourselves into dirty rags to get to where we are now! Even if not everyone thinks we're humans, we still had those who believed in us! We had those who understood us! We had those who sympathized with us!"

"That was only for you!" Akira yelled. "While you got to escape the pain, we were left to rot in it!"

"That's because you never attempted to get out!" Beast Kain yelled.

He pointed his blade at Akira. "You just let your hatred and envy get the best of you! You never tried to reach out and get people to understand you! You never believed in the slightest hope that someone would understand you!"

"Bullshit!" Akira growled. "You forsake those humans long before I did! You led yourself to being a walking homicide!"

"Like you're one to talk!" Beast Kain yelled. "Yeah, I'll admit that I thought humans were nothing but despicable filth! But I came to learn that they weren't all like that! What about the others!? Are you telling me that they think we're monsters!?"

"They 'thought' we were monsters!" Akira yelled. "Once that doubt is made, it'll never leave you! They'll still think you're a monster like the Black Beast the moment you lose control of your powers!"

"No they won't!" Beast Kain yelled as he charged for an attack.

"Yes they will!" Akira yelled as he intercepted that attack.

"...Then what about Saya!?" Beast Kain argued as he tried to overpower Akira. "She was our sister! Would she have thought we were monsters!? Well!?"

"Don't even think about mentioning her!" Akira screamed as he pushed Beast Kain back. "You piece of shit! Of course she won't think that because she's one of us!"

As Beast Kain recovered from the blow, Akira gave him a deadly glare.

"And you're one to talk about her, eh!?" Akira growled. "For siblings who stole each other's 'innocence'!"

Beast Kain's eyes suddenly widened into a murderous glare.

"Shut it..." Beast Kain muttered.

"So how was it, eh?" Akira asked.

Beast Kain suddenly grabbed Akira with his wing claws.

"Back then..."

"Shut up...!" Beast Kain murmured as he merged his arms into one head of the Black Beast as seven more emerged from his back.

"You know when Saya..."

"I said shut up!"

"...Raped you!?"

Beast Kain instantly unleashed all eight heads upon him, blasting him in into the sky with an immense amount of seithr.

"Isn't that right!?" Akira yelled with an insane grin painted all over his face. "Those filthy 'humans' raped her when she was getting back to school by herself...her hatred for humanity and lust for you allowed her to awaken the Kusanagi Souten and slaughter them with it! Her mind and patience finally snapped, and she then proceeded to rape you out of her own demented love until Mom and Dad showed up!"

"SHUT UP!" Beast Kain screamed.

"That's where it all started, isn't it!?" Akira practically boomed. "After you found out about her first rape, you lost it! Especially when the other kids teased you about it, you lost it and slaughter the little shits, right!?"

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" Beast Kain screamed.


"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" Beast Kain denied as he tried to cut down Akira.

"It's true," Akira said as he warped behind Beast Kain. "And your worst fear was having everyone learn this and abandon you because of it. Like them."

Beast Kain suddenly glanced down and, to his horror, saw that Iris and Hikari had overheard the entire conversation, their expressions filled with shock.

"K–Kain...?" Iris stammered, unable to process what she just heard.

"Is that...t-true?" Hikari asked, also unable to process what she heard as well.

"N-No...that's not..." Beats Kain stuttered, lost in complete fear and shock. "I–I...that's's not–."

But before he could finish his sentence, the two girls' eyes widened in complete shock as Beast Kain's world became black.

"Oh boy, looks like this was too much for his unstable mental state," Akira chuckled. "Although this is good for me. I still need some time to get all the fuel needed to fully use the 'Paradigm', and you're the biggest obstacle to my plans."

Beast Kain crashed to the roof where Iris and Hikari just stood speechless.

"So I'll need you to take a little nap until then."


To be continued

AN: This was a lot to make up for a month, wasn't it? Take Mikazuchi finally makes its grand entrance and everyone teams up against it, Akira reveals his true goals, and Kain's deepest darkest secret was revealed by Akira. Cue Kain's mentality finally snapping from all the stress he's under right now. Well if you had a secret that dark and it was revealed in front of the person you love, then this was a reasonable reaction considering Kain's sanity. Let's see how this plays out in the next chapter.

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