After having eaten, the Fox curled into a ball in the grassy field outside. Rin and Jaken laid against the two-headed dragon A-un, sleeping peacefully. Sesshomaru allowed himself to fall into a light nap as well, yet was always mindful of any movement near the group. Rather, from the group. He still was not entirely sure about Nazoki.

When morning arrived, he found the woman drenched and cooking fish. She didn't seem to notice that he was awake, and he watched her as she positioned the food over a fire she had freshly started. Sunlight shined through the opening of the cave, and the world outside seemed to be fully illuminated in white light. Nazoki glanced at him and he closed his eyes before she could see he was awake. After a few moments passed, he watched her again, as she stood up and stretched, oblivious to his attention. The woman left the cave, and Sesshomaru stood up as well.

Utilizing her expert omnivorous skills, Nazoki gathered a bushel of fruit and vegetables. She found a few carrots, apples, and pears. When she could hold no more, the women returned to the cave, slightly surprised to find Sesshomaru gone. The woman checked the fish, which seemed to be cooking nicely, and soon Rin began to stir. As the girl sat up, she wiped her eyes, and yawned. Seeing the newly awakened child, Nazoki's keen features curled with a gentle smile. Moving to Rin's side she knelt down.
"Good morning."

Rin groggily returned the woman's smile and greeting.
"Are you hungry?" Nazoki asked, motioning towards the fruit and fish. Excitement flickered through the child at the sight of the food. Sleep immediately left the girl as she jumped to her feet, and rushed to the pile of fruit.
"Nazoki! You got all of this for me?" She asked, grabbing a pear. The woman nodded, moving to the fruit as well.
"Yes, I also eat this sort of thing. Not as often, but I know humans eat every day." Her melodic voice was low, and she grabbed an apple. Jaken had awoken as well, but neither of the girls noticed it. They seemed to be too busy exchanging pleasantries and smiles. Clearing his throat, Jaken was met with a curious stare.
"Oh, forgive me, Toad-Sama... I was not aware of your awakening."
Nazoki offered a slight bow, and Rin peered at the woman curiously. While it was odd for anybody to treat Jaken with such respect, it seemed to inflate the toad's ego. In Nazoki's opinion, anybody who was associated with her savior was to be treated with the utmost respect.

"Hm, well I'll forgive you this time, but next time I expect a proper greeting, fit of such a glorious occasion." It seemed as if he was making the most of the situation, and the Youkai puffed out his chest as though he actually had some form of authority. Rin stared at him with amusement. It wasn't until an apple hit Jaken in the head that the group realized that Sesshomaru had returned. The toad fell to the ground crying out in surprise, as the two girls turned to face the man.
"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin exclaimed, rushing to the man's side. She still held a pear in her hand as she threw her arms around his leg. Nazoki bowed deeply upon seeing him. Still staring at the ground she spoke.

"M'lord. Good morning."

He stared down at the woman silently, devoid of expression. A moment passed, and Sesshomaru walked past her, and grabbed one of the fish from around the fire. Rin happily continued to eat her pear, as Nazoki pulled herself up, and shifted her attention to the nearly cooked fish. "Lady Rin, the-"
"You don't have to call me that!" A warm laugh filled the cave, and all stared at Rin.
"Rin is Rin." The girl stated, and Nazoki nodded, taking a second to glance over her shoulder at Sesshomaru for any hint of approval. He showed none, yet he also did not show disapproval. The man had sat down beside A-Un, and was calmly eating the fish he had taken. Turning back to Rin Nazoki continued.
"The fish should be safe to eat now." She stated, shifting her gaze. The girl nodded enthusiastically, as Nazoki pulled a skewer from the soft ground of the cave. She offered the fish to Rin and one to Jaken. The toad demon accepted the fish, grumbling under his breath.

It was not often that everybody ate together like this. Rin enjoyed the time, yet was slightly surprised when Nazoki took some food for herself and left. The child called out to the woman, inquiring as to why she felt the need to eat elsewhere.
"It is not proper. I serve you all, so I should leave you to eat in the company of your companions." Was her response, to which Rin giggled.
"You can eat with us, right, Lord Sesshomaru?" Turning to look at her father figure, Rin was met with a single nod.

A moment of hesitation passed, and Nazoki shifted her gaze.
"V- Very well..." Walking back to Rin's side, the woman sat down. She slowly started to eat, and through a grin, Rin spoke.
"Where are you from, Nazoki?"
The question seemed stump the woman, and she glanced over the others in the cave. Jaken stared at her expectantly, and so did Rin. Sesshomaru was also peering at her from where he sat against the wall. His long white hair beautifully draped around his shoulders, and a slight hint of curiosity showed on his face.

"Well... I had a troop back home..." The vague answer only seemed to spark more questions, to Nazoki's dismay. It was obvious that she was currently in the company of the Sesshomaru; lord of the west. Most likely, stating that she was from the eastern land was not a wise decision, so she refrained herself.
"Troop?" Rin asked, and Nazoki nodded.
"A group, like family. Due to unexpected circumstances, I found myself strayed." The woman's voice lowered, as well as her eyes. She stared at the sandy ground, trying to focus on the fish in her hands.
"So you're all alone?" The child asked, and a hint of morosity could be detected in her tone.
Nodding, the woman forced a kind smile. It was obvious that she did not want to divulge any details, and Sesshomaru peered at her curiously. The group remained silent as they finished eating and soon they were traveling once again.