Hey guys so this is my new story and I hope you guys like! Its take place in the 16th century with Caroline and the originals. Caroline and the originals are children in this story but grow though out until they are teenagers, and they aren't turned until the 16th century so I hope you enjoy!

1612 Caroline 9 years old

"But mother please" Caroline begged as her mother was packing her things away into a bag under the fire, that blazed in there little home.

"I am very sorry darling but I have too" she said as she swept around the room collecting more clothes from baskets "you know I have to"

"I just don't understand why" she said as she sat on her blanket on the floor by the fire. The reflection gleamed off her blue crystal eyes and her long blonde hair that hit her waist in waves.

"I told you. Me and Henry have to go, we need to leave and you need to stay behind" her mother said turning to look at her. Her face covered with worried lines as she tucked a piece of blonde hair behind her ear that had fallen out of her bun.

"But why can't you take me?" Caroline pleaded.

"I am not able to afford to keep you and Henry with me" her mother gestured to where Henry was peacefully sleeping in his crib.

"Why not leave him, and take me instead?"

"Caroline, he is just a baby. I need to protect him, then when the time is right I will leave"

"Just like your leaving me" Caroline said as she dropped her head to look at her hands in her lap. Her mother went over to her and lifted her head up with her fingers.

"I'm not leaving you by yourself. You will be living with a new family" her mother said as she went back to packing.

"What new family?"

"The Michelson's" her mother mumbled.

"Your leaving me with the royal family?" Caroline almost yelled causing Henry to stir in his crib.

"I had no other choice" her mother hissed.

"I couldn't find nobody else that could take you. Everybody has problems keeping themselves alive. And when the Michelson's found out that I was planning to leave they offered to take you in, because I owe them; from when they helped me take care of you when you were a baby"

"But mother, the royal family. The ROYAL FAMILY. Those terrible people are now going to be my family"

"They weren't my first choice either, darling. But they are royalty and they already have five children; so it is no problem for them to take you in. They have money and you will have a much better life there then I can ever give you in here" she gestured to her small wood cabin.

"I don't care if they can give me a better life, I like the life I have here with you, and Henry"

Her mother softened her face and went to hug Caroline as she kissed her on the forehead.

"I know you do darling, but it is what is best, for you me and Henry" she said as she stroked her check, her fingers going though Caroline's long shiny blond hair.

"Now" her mother said as she stood up and brushed her apron to dispose of any dust and dirt.

"Finish packing your bag, we leave tomorrow morning"

Caroline got up and brushed off her dark purple ragged dress. As she grabbed her little bag and started stuffing her dresses into, and little shoes into it. Then as she was done she slipped into her night gown, and got into her blanket and slowly fell asleep to the glare of the orange and yellow fire.

Morning approached faster then Caroline had hoped. She thought her mother would have a change of heart and not leave her daughter behind with monsters, but she awoke to her mother shaking her telling her it was time to go. So Caroline got up, dressed in her small dark green dress and black shoes and finished packing her bag. Her mother then grabbed Henry and her bag, as Caroline grabbed hers and they went outside into the brisk autumn day. Being greeted by a carriage sent from the royal family.

So Caroline was packed into the carriage with her bag and waved goodbye to her mother and her baby brother Henry from the window as it pulled away. Caroline let a few tears slip from her blue eyes as she got a last glimpse of her mother and brother for what would probably be the last time. But she was a good child. She sat in the carriage and watched though the window as they passed by the other houses until they got onto a road that was covered with just trees. Orange, red and yellow sprung from the leaves and some softly fell down from the breeze of the wind. She watched the leaves until she saw a house come into view, and it wasn't just any house it was a castle. Old stone house that was on acres of land, it had a giant front porch with a enormous dirt driveway. There was thousands of windows that were in the front of the house with trees with bursting of colours.

As she came closer to the house she could see the royal family standing outside. A mother, father and five children stood on the porch. The children stood in a line one by one with there parents behind them. There was four boys and one girl. The boys were dressed in all black while the little blonde girl who looked like Caroline was in a dark purple. Her dress looked brand new. It was hem d to the perfect length. The neckline was sown to perfection and a black pendant rang down her neck and sat in the middle on her chest.

Caroline s heart pumped faster as the carriage pulled up in front and stopped. The men who drove the carriage with the horses got out opened the door for her and helped her out with her bag. Caroline stepped forward her bags in hand as she looked up at the family.

"Hello" said the mother. "Were the Michelson's were your new family"

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