The following is a Hellsing Fan Fiction, begun by Rebecca Moyer on 05/30/05.

Hellsing belongs to its creator. Rifka, Markus and Jonas belong to me.

It is only when you refuse to give in with all your heart that you begin to transcend your humanity. ~ Alucard

Walter opened the door to Integra's office and announced Peter's arrival just before the officer walked in. He carried a file and a video cassette. "Sir Integra, there's been a report of another attack. They suspect it's the last faction of Freaks and would have simply opened fire, but there was a woman among them that was… different."

As always, the idea of a "different" Freak caught Integra and Walter's attention. They were always dangerous; it just needed to be determined to whom they were a threat. "In what way is she different?"

"I brought the video taken of the attack. It's the only clue we have." He slid the video into the VCR and Integra hit a button. They all turned to the screen as it crackled into focus.

It showed the attacking gang of Freaks and their Ghouls, murdering and ghouling their victims. Their leader was easily spotted as the man standing idly by and watching the carnage with a calm grin. He was a tall, attractive man, with wavy brown hair reaching to the tops of his shoulders and vivid, cobalt-blue eyes. His skin had a deep tan and his features were sharp and cunning, if not just a bit scruffy.

He was dressed casually in khaki slacks and a deep blue dress shirt under a white blazer. The blazer was open and the top few buttons of his shirt were undone, showing hints of a tanned and muscular chest with a soft curl of hair at the edge.

As they watched, he turned and gave an order to the van behind him. The doors were thrown open and a woman was dragged out, thrashing and screaming. She was forced to stand beside him, held there by the Ghouls until the tall man carelessly waved a hand at them to release her.

She shook off her arms, muttering and glaring furiously, and then she straightened slowly, revealing that she was actually quite petite, only standing as tall as his shoulder. Her face was partially obscured by dark brown hair that hung to her elbows in tangled, matted tendrils. Her skin was dirty and marred with cuts and scrapes. Through her hair they could just make out her facial features; a sharp jaw and a firm chin, full lips and dark eyebrows.

When the camera zoomed in, her anger and resentment were clear in her dark brown eyes. She wore baggy clothes as dirty as the rest of her, the sleeves and legs hanging in tatters from the seams. She was oddly barefoot, and seemed to be walking on her toes like a cat. The torn sleeves on her shirt and her shredded pant legs displayed toned arms and legs, and her shoulders were broad.

Even in such a state, there was no doubt that she was attractive, but it was an eerie, edgy sort of beauty. It was as though she were a walking shadow, absorbing any light that struck her and reflecting none back.

Peter and Walter both suppressed a shiver.

Around the woman's neck was an odd metal collar, dotted here and there with small lights that blinked white at regular intervals.

"So, that's the one?" Integra questioned.

"Yes Sir."

"What's so different about her? Besides the strange outfit and collar, I see nothing."

"It's coming up, Sir."

They continued to watch and the man turned to speak to the woman. What was said couldn't be heard, but the woman's response was a blatant refusal. Her body went taut and she crouched slightly as though steeling herself for a fight.

The man rolled his eyes and reached into his pocket, withdrawing a small rectangular devise. It was palm-sized, with two buttons and a small, black dial. The woman yelled and lunged for it, but he pressed the red button. The lights on her collar turned red and she stopped short, grabbing at it. The man spoke to her calmly, slowly backing away as he gave the dial a sharp twist. The woman dropped to her knees and fangs extended from her teeth as she screamed. Her eyes began to glow red and a black stain showed on her cheek and spread over the rest of her skin. The man grinned and kicked a rock to divert her attention toward the innocent bystanders.

The woman dug her hands and feet into the ground with claws she hadn't had just seconds before. Without warning she bolted into the group of terrified men and women. Her hands tore through their bodies like paper, sparing none.

In mere moments the only people left standing were the leader, the woman, and the handful of ghouls that had stayed in the van. The man twisted the dial smartly and the light snapped off in the woman's eyes and she dropped to the bloodied ground. She panted raggedly, her fingertips twitching as her claws and fangs receded. The ghouls were ordered out and they picked her up and dragged her back to the van. The man pocketed the devise and strolled over to the van and got in behind the wheel, whistling merrily.

The camera stared at the carnage that had once been the busy Sunday market, the van driving off in the background. Integra had watched in silent rage and now she hit the table with her fists and stood up sharply. "Yes, I agree now. She is different. She also appears to be quite unwilling! He controls her with that collar and it's remote!" She dialed in some commands, and the picture zoomed in on the van's license plate. "Track down that license number and get me names and addresses! I want to know who these people are, immediately!"

"Yes Sir!" Peter saluted and charged off.

"Can I come out to play?" Alucard's bored voice gave away the face that he'd appeared silently at some time during the viewing.

Integra was far more than just used to him popping in and out. She'd come to accept that no areas were sacred to Alucard, and she didn't even miss a beat. "Did you see enough?"

"Enough to know I should avoid shaking hands with her. Your orders, Master?" He said the title mockingly, even though Integra knew he meant it seriously.

"If she isn't a Freak, she needn't be killed."

"And if she is?"

"No hesitation."

"As you command," With a swish of his coattails Alucard turned and swept out the door.

Walter later found the monster lounging in his chamber as per his usual, but this time the creature was sitting at a table with his fingertips on his chin, contemplating several stills from the video Integra had just watched. Specifically, the introduction of the collar and its controller, and the woman's following transformation. He was staring at them with no small amount of gravity.

"Arrogance led to the downfall of every other gang we've met," Walter began, "and so it shall follow with this one. The owner of the van has been tracked down."

"What did you find?"

"The gang leader is Samuel Markus, once the right hand of the infamous Black Market trader Jonas Bentomir from Kiev, Ukraine. Bentomir was murdered last month, and Markus has since taken over, moved to London, and apparently turned to the Freak Chip to build his empire."

"And the woman is…?"

"A slave, Sir; known only as Rifka. If the rumors are right, she was Bentomir's favorite pet and he experimented on her heavily. She's supposedly severely mutated, but no one knows exactly how."

"And what can you tell me about the remote and collar?"

"Both were designed specifically for her, so there is only one of them. Pushing the red button and turning the dial clockwise makes her transform into some sort of mad beast."

"I saw a blue button also. What does it do?"

"There was no mention of a blue button."

"Interesting," Alucard got to his feet. "Do we know their location?"

"They can be found at the Ophidious Compound. Here's the address."

Alucard paused before leaving. "Do I get any special new toys?" He asked hopefully.

Walter smiled and stifled a laugh. "Unfortunately, the girl is wanted alive and the others are just the usual. What you have should be all you need."

Alucard chuckled. "It was worth a shot." He left.