This is the redo verison of Chapter 1~! This was orginally a One!shot, but since you lot really liked it, and I added more chapter, and an actual plot, I had to redo this chapter. It looked bad, and it was on my nerves. Sorry about not updating since November, still stuck on chapter 10... I am a horrid person. Well, here is the new, and improved chapter one! ENJOY OR I KILL YOU.

Flying mint bunny was tired. He was tired because of the insistent talks and fights that England does. America this, America that. America had a Revolution. 'Why did he had to leave me?' Drunk talks with England and sometimes, England got so upset that he would sometimes try to curse the blond nation. (However, it just made his cooking worse, every failed attempt. How that is possible is a mystery of the universe.) and Bunny was tired. Just sick about America.

However, America can't see Bunny, and so the magical creature cannot 'talk' to the American. It's so very sad, because such a kind boy and pure heart would have been able to see the Fae.

It just shows that America is evil. Pure evil. (Bunny swears that America is going to take over the world with Mcdonalds.)

And after dealing with another one of England's 'episodes', Flying Mint Bunny had it. He was done with this, and he will get back at the American for all the trouble that he has caused over the last few centuries.

Yes, it's been going on for that long.

Bunny gathered his invincible troops (the other Fae that hung out around England, and not very impressive. A few unicorns, and Tinkerbell.) and told them the plan. It was perfect, and nothing was going to stop them, not even the Magic Trio (even though Norway, Romania, and England were the best of friends of the Fae folk, sometimes, they just need to stay out of their business).

"My fellow friends, it has come to my attention..." Bunny began, and the planning went to epic levels. He had dragged Norway's fairies and his trolls into the planning, and after a few centuries of living with a certain tricky Dane, they had some really cool ideas.

Fae can be nasty tricksters when they needed to be.

When America entered the Meeting Room, he noticed the abnormal increase of magical creatures, and decided that he was going to have a headache. Well, not really decide on having a headache, he knew with the insistent chatter of the animals and the (future) screaming from random Countries would be hard already on his sleep deprived mind.

Who said it was a good idea to play Black Ops at two in the morning on a important day? Well, they should go stick their head in a toilet. That's what America thought anyways.

Sideways stepping a pile of goo (America noted that he should call in the Ghostbusters for this one), he quickly walked over to his awesome heroic chair (covered in stars 'n stripes, booyah!) and sat down.

He quickly sat up in a hurry and laughed as he picked a tack from his chair. "Classic move dudes!" He said, and then tossed the tack over to the garbage can which made it in (basketball skills, it works). And he sat himself down.

Only to jump up once again and saw another (or maybe the very same) tack in the same spot and America blinked three times. He sighed, grabbed the tack threw it away ("Watch it!" Romano yelled. Oops.) and sat down.

And once again, another tack. America jumped up grabbed the tack, put it into his awesomely heroic jacket and sat down, keeping a close eye on his seat.

"Damn it!" America reached under him, and pulled the tack out from where it was effectively poking him. Again. He patted his jacket, and found out that the tack previously placed there was gone and Americas ghost sensor went off. "Gho-," America almost yelled, but he heard tinkling laughter, and America relaxed. It was the magical creatures, not ghosts. Besides, how would he have looked like if he started to scream about ghosts and tacks in the middle of the... Meeting. Or never mind. It was actually only the beginning of the meeting. And screaming about ghosts would certainly be interesting...

Since when did this thing finish? America fidgeted around and glanced around at the mystical animals that seemed to find amusement on him today. There was always one or two at the meetings, and America has learned to just ignore them and pretend that they didn't exist. This would actually be a tough meeting, and America went into his pocket to grab his reserves of... Yes, hamburgers. They weren't warm, like he preferred them, but food was food.

Americas salty-feeling eyes blinked, and then glanced down at what was suppose to be a burger. It was not a burger.

What. The. Hell.

In his hand, where it was still half wrapped in a McDonald wrapper, was a scone. But not just any scone, oh no. It was made in the very deepest parts of hell, soaked in Germany's sweaty clothes for three months, and then stuffed into the ground where it was left to rot for another year before deemed ready to eat. Ahem, I mean, deemed ready to cause cancer, swine flu, and about any worse epidemic problems that cause mayhem and panic to spread across the globe. Except the British would survive because they made the disgusting (an understatement, of course) things.

Yes, it was England's personal scones.

However, America just stared at the black hockey-puck sized mound that seemed the breath in the McDonald's bag. Yes, breath. It was alive.

Moving slowly, America started to re-wrap the scone (very slowly, as to not provoke the thing. It is actually known as one of the more deadly animals in the world) and gently, dropped it on the floor for some other poor Country to find it and get killed.

Well, they couldn't get killed, but they could get mortally damaged and mentally hurt.

America finally began to pay attention to the meeting that was currently going on, and he realised that he was next after Japan's speech.

And he hadn't have thought of anything yet. Well, he usually forgot about his speeches until the hour before, and he spent that time thinking of some awful scheme to tell to the others.

America's mind went blank as he tried to think (it happens, alright?) of something. It was like his mind was frozen. Frozen… hey! Thats a great idea!

America glanced around the room and his eyes landed on Commie, and Iceland. Well, he knew that Iceland was actually green, and Greenland was opposite. But it was the name that counted, right?

Yeah. He thought so.

America began to think through some details, and finally he got some of the cinks out when he finally stood up to began to talk.

But he had to stop instantly to move aside for a water balloon to move past his head and hit the ground behind him.

"HAHA!" America laughed loudly, and winked at Romano who looked beet red. "Nice one Romano!"

"It wasn't me!" The Italian held up his hands, and Germany sighed.

"It looked like it came from your direction. Now, please get on with it America."

"Awesome! So you guys know of the talk about Global Warming right?" America looked around and then smiled,"So, the major problem is the water melting! Right?"

"My god, is he actually doing something sensible?" America heard a tinkling bell say, but he didn't pay much attention to it.

"So! We just need to get the glacier to stop melting and stuff, soo…." America dramatically pointed at Russia and Iceland,"Lets send these freezing Countries up there to stop it all!"

Groans came from everywhere and some other Countries just thumped their heads on the table.

"Nyte, I do not think that this is a good idea." Russia smiled, but to an experienced eye, a dark purple aura washed around him.

"But thats not all! If we get rid of you two, then the whole world would be relieved of attacks from terrorists! Cuz, terrorists come from your Countries." America rolled his eyes, and shrugged his shoulders like it was a 'no biggy'.

"I think America needs to die. Anybody agree with me?" Iceland said, his face blank, and anybody with any eyesight could see the dark aura radiating from the small Persona.

Apparently not America though.

"But if we all teamed up together then you-"

"Nien! Enough! America, sit down, and let England speak!" Germany slammed his fist against the table, and slowly, the American sat down.

On that damned tack.

America was somebody wasn't get angry for no reason, but after being dismissed only a few seconds into his talk and repeated stabbing in his ass was enough for the American to get slightly pissed off.

And trust me, you don't want to know America is when he is slightly unhappy. And when he is angry? Well... The Cold War is a nice comparison. But America didn't want to explode, so he decided on slightly steaming on the facts that he hated about this meeting.

Spiraling into the deep abyss of negative emotions that America usually didn't go into, he set his head on the table to think of ways of how to kill somebody.

When England was done talking about whatever British panties he wore (not really. He didn't talk about that at all. That is what America was thinking) the spiritual creatures made such an uproar that was somehow louder than the screaming that came from France when England had gotten his hands on the Frog (for some reason, those two had never agreed on one exact thing).

America felt the predicted headache come on, and he was annoyed how the throbbing distracted his dark thoughts. He wasn't in the mood to do anything but imagining himself killing somebody... on Black Ops.

Feeling something brush against his forehead, America looked up into the little pink eyes of Flying Mint Bunny. The little rabbit thing had a sharpie in its paw, which was trying to move back and forth in words that would probably say something entirely mean and that he would be embarrassed to show his face again to the other Countries for a long time.

Thats when the thought had struck him. 'The magical creatures were the ones who were pranking him'! And America quickly snatched the marker from the pest's paw and threw it across the room.

The Green Bunny was so startled to find America's eyes glaring into his own that he quickly flew back to England and hid behind the ancient Country.

"What's wrong?" England whispered to his tiny friend and the shaking Rabbit pointed its small paws at America and whispered back.

"America can see me!"

England glanced at the American who looked disinterested while looking at Finlands presentation. He might have believed Bunny, but America seemed to be looking right through Norways Troll.

"Don't be daft. America can't see you, maybe he looked like he was." England petted Bunny's back comfortingly but the tiny Green Mammal didn't stand for it.

"No! You have to believe me!" And Bunny flew over to where America had chucked the Sharpie and back again next to Americas face. He slashed the marker over Americas face, and the Country looked surprised as he suddenly found black marker on his face.

"Get back here!" England hissed, and gave a small glare to his magical friend. The other Countries were starting to give him weird looks, and England just wanted to focus on the meeting.

"He's pretending!" Mint Bunny protested, but quickly stopped once England gave him a glare. The small green bunny flew back to England, and Tinkerbell joined him.

"Here's the plan."

Americas head was throbbing, and he hated headaches. It was right behind his eyes too. However, America was secretly congratulating himself for being such a great actor. He had kinda guessed where the front of the room was, and he had to stare at the weird looking troll thing. It was odd, but it worked. England didn't believe Minty, and that was fine. As long as the charade was still going, he wouldn't be bothered.

A bright flash hit his eyes. America blinked and saw Minty was redirecting the sunlight from the window right into his eyes. His headache grew worse. With a growl, America sent the Green Rabbit a harsh glare, and ignored him. The light was still in his eyes.

"Owwwww." America whimpered, and England looked up.

"What is it?"

"I have a headache, and something keeps on flashing in my eyes." America whined.

England looked over to see Mint Bunny with a small mirror, and grew angry. "Bunny!" He snapped, and the magical creature looked at him.


"Stop annoying America!" England reached over and confiscated the mirror. America smiled in triumph, and returned to staring at the person who was giving the current lecture.

Mint Bunny gave a frustrated huff, and flew straight at Americas head.

America couldn't help himself, he jerked when Bunny took a dive at him. With a startled yell, America fell of his seat to avoid getting hit in the face. There was a hollow sound in the room, and everybody busted up.

"America screamed like a girl!" Italy laughed, and that brought on new bouts of laughter.

"It was not a scream, it was a manly yell!" America laughed along, in good humor, "I must've nodded off or something, because I could've sworn there was a bee on my nose." It was better to play it safe.

England nodded along with America, and Minty was furious. Why couldn't his friend see that America was lying?C

Soon it was the end of the meeting, and America was gathering up his papers. Humming to himself, America grabbed his suitcase, and loosened his tie. After all, the meeting was over…

"America." A voice behind him, and America pretended not to notice. It sounded strange, and if it was a magical creature.. well. No. He wasn't going to listen.

"America." England called, and America looked up to see him on the other side of the table.

"Yeah Iggy?"

"Don't call me that!" England snapped, and then sighed. "Hey, I am sorry about what has been happening today. My friends have been acting selfish, and I regret their actions."

America blinked. Was this some sort of trick? Was England suspecting him?

"Friends? Japan and France wouldn't have done that. I thought it was Sealand the whole time." America lied, and Englands face became blank. Then America put on his 'oh I get it now' face. "Oh, you mean your imaginary friends. I see." America chuckled.

"America, could you happen to walk over here, please?" England asked, not getting mad at all. He was looking over Americas shoulder, and not really listening to America. Norways troll must have gotten into the chocolate, because there was a mad look in his eye, and was giving America a hungry look.

"America, please walk over here." Romania was suddenly next to England, and holding up his arm. Norway was in his seat, his eyes locked onto his friend. Who had given him chocolate? Norway slow stood up to try prevent his friend from mauling a fellow (but annoying) Country.

"Why? Is this some sort of joke? What are you looking at-" America turned to see a foaming green troll looking at him. Oh shit. Ummm.. Should he keep up the act? Yup. This was a trick, for sure. "Nothing? Thats interesting."

"A ghost. A ghost is over there and is about to eat your face off." England quickly said, remembering the last movie that they had watched together (America kidnapped him and made him watch, and the graphics were really poor. It was a horror to watch the stupid thing).

America visibly paled at the thoughts of ghosts, and lept across the table just as Norways troll launched himself at America.

Time seemed to slow down as America was in midair. His glasses caught the midafternoon sun, and his eyes weren't visible. He could feel the large mammal overhead. His long green claws outstretched and ready to plunge into his back. The troll wasn't kidding apparently. This was between life and no hamburgers for a few weeks in the hospital. His hand slapped at the table, and his body twisted so that he could see the troll above him ready to render his body useless for a while.

America's hand stretched out, and he accessed his magic. A large symbol appeared in the air for a moment, and then flashed as it momentarily stunned the troll. With a cry, a giant bald eagle came out of the magical symbol and pounced on the troll.

The slow motion effect ended, and America suddenly fell onto his back on the table. He immediately got up and watched the fight between the two magical spirits.

"GET HIM CLARK! BEAT THE TROLLS BUTT!" America whooped, and watched the battle on a magical high. He turns kinda loopy after using magic, but it wears off after a while. It's like being drunk from the energy he used. The Hero giggled out some unintelligible words, as his pet eagle (named Clark, after his favorite superhero) was beating up the troll on steroids.


The magical high instantly disappeared, as America looked behind him to see England giving him an astonished look. Norways face appeared blank, while Romania was giving him a curious look.

"I blame… Clark." America pointed at the giant eagle, who lifted up its head and squaked at him incredulously. "Well, ok. So it isn't Clark. I blame … um. Canada. He is the nice one who secretly controls my government!"

"You…" Englands face was suddenly red, as anger blossomed. "You always told me that you never believed in magic!"

"Whoo… ahaha. Look at the time.. Gotta go!" America quickly dissolved the magical bond, and Clark faded out, and grabbed his suitcase. "Umm… one last thing." America gave them a smile and pointed at himself. "I'm the HERO!" And ran out.

The Magical trio was left in the wrecked meeting room (soon to be discovered by a maid), and England was just left speechless.

"So. I never knew that there was another one." Norway said, and patted Englands back. "We'll talk to him."


"So when you say 'we'll talk to him' you actually mean that you'll get him to join our group so we can pry his magical techniques out of him." Romania bluntly said, and Norway just nodded.

"Fine." England looked up, his eyes burning anger. "We'll make him pay, for all the lying he's done."

And the three magical wizards left the damaged room behind them.


"Doitsu, why do we have to go back?"

"I forgot my papers." Germany sighed, while Italy hung off of his arm.

"Aw.. I want pasta." Italy grew quiet as he began to dream of the said food.

"It won't take much longer." Germany said before pushing the door to the conference room open and stopped in his tracks. A huge mess. Dents in the wall, glass broken on the ground. Germany's maniac cleaning side was itching to come out.

In the end, Italy didn't get his pasta until much later that night.


"Nom nom nom! I love eating my frustrations out!" Flying Mint Bunny grumbled in the closet down the hallway. After being scolded by England, he had retreated to his secret food stash (he only used it when England made something terrible, or when he wanted something sweet). A gumball was stuck to his fur on his ear, and a few sour patch kids were located on his wings. He was fat and sloppy. Stupid America...

"Hey… where did my chocolate bar go!?"

I told you guys I was going to redo the first chapter, mainly because this was SUPPOSE to be a one!shot, but all of you really liked it. I am super sorry that I haven't updated since November. I feel terrible, but I am stuck on the latest chapter. I can't seem to get my creative writing skills to work. I feel in the mood to write right now, but please expect it to be out within the next week! Thanks for being patient.