The birds tweeted in the morning air, as England rose from his bed. It was the perfect morning. The sunlight gently streaming out the window, the cool morning air greeting him as he walked over to his dresser to get proper clothing for the day. Nothing could spoil this perfect day, England decided. A good nights sleep, things planned out to do that same morning, and a healthy breakfast would make anybody calm.

The calm before the storm, anyways.

England pulled his shirt over his shoulders, and began to button it up. Maybe he'll have tea in his garden with his fairy friends. And make some of his mumsies scones. Those were delicious. After eating them for years, England could never get over them. Just like tea, he supposed.

He loved tea more than anything, well, besides his favorite people (few people he liked) and a good glass of brandy once in a while. Tucking his shirt into his trousers, England noticed they were a bit tight. Maybe he needed to start exercising again. Pulling on his loafers, England noticed that he had an urge to eat vegetables.

'Why not? They are good for you. Unlike those burgers that America stuffs down his throat every second.' A devilish smirk appeared on Englands face as he remembered that America can't eat the 'diabetes on a bun' anymore. Maybe he'll just stop eating them altogether. 'Yeah right.' England rolled his eyes at the insane thought, and saw something in the corner of his eye. It was his mirror, and something in the mirror that brought a scream from his mouth.


Magic is something that has to be dealt with intensive care. Nothing could ever change that, and that is why America was a little regretful teaching Prussia magic.

At first, Prussia followed the safety and instructions that America gave to him, but… it all flew out the other ear he supposed. He was kinda scared to let a person like Prussia have the power of the cosmos (Prussia claims that his awesomeness is more of a burden), but with the current situation… anybody who would be willing and isn't an animal would have to do. And that is why America was planning to bring back the person who annoyed the Magic Club more than anybody.

"What is your thought when I say… magic?" America asked, knowing this would be a trick question.

"Beer baths." Prussia instantly said.

"Naruto." Japan bowed.

"Sp-Spain." Romano blushed, and looked away from the camera that Japan suddenly had.

"Go on…" Prussia suddenly turned into a mini-France.

"Shut up Potato Bastard!" Romano flushed angrily, and began to throw random things at the laughing Prussian. Japan was suddenly writing something down in his idea notebook, and America sighed. They were off track again.

"Prussia, I want you to try something for me." America quickly stopped the fight, and had the Prussian sit down on the couch. France was hopping away in his little frog box, occasionally croaking.

America leaned over the back of the couch, and positioned Prussias hands with his hand. His hands splayed out, his thumbs touching making two right angles. In the middle was France's frog box.

"You would be the best one here to try to do this." America said, "you have spent a lot of time with France. I am going to try to undo the spell, but you have to imagine France. His perverted personality, his way of picking up girls, everything. His humor, his personality, his face, and his hair. If not, well. He isn't going to be looking good for much longer." America said, and Prussia closed his eyes.

"No prob. I am awesome after all." Prussia muttered, and began to focus.

America lent him magic, and he tried to direct it towards the small froggy form of his friend. A small pentagram formed. Romano and Japan watched silently as the small green form began to grow.

Japan quickly took off the top of the frog box, and retreated as smoke appeared in the room. The magic had been done, now it was just up to Prussia to get it right. America prayed that France hadn't turned into a A) giant Gilbird B) box of beer or C) another Germany.

A long distance, Germany sneezed, and shook his head. 'Was somebody thinking about him?' Germany thought about it, and then went to call up Italy.


"Were you thinking about me?" Germany said bluntly, and then there was an uncomfortable silence.

"WhatareyoutalkingaboutofcoursenotI'mtakingaseista." *click*

Germany blinked, and shrugged, and went back to cleaning his kitchen until it was spotless. It was already shining, why not make everything a mirror?

Japan opened all the windows, and let the door hang open. The smoke was just as bad as before. It was suffocating. Japan coughed, and tried to breath in the clean air. In the midst of the smoke, America stood there, and tried to see what happened to France. Another reason why he chose him was because not a ton of people wouldn't notice if he was acting out of character. Say… have a kitty tail because of a spell. That was just an example.

Americas phone began to buzz, and America coughed quietly as he answered it.

"Hello- cough cough."

"YOU BLOODY IDIOT TURN ME BACK." A thunderous roar came from the phone, and America blinked before realising that it was Iggy on the phone. Late last night, America had done a transformation spell, and whatever Iggy was… well. It was completely random.

"Oh. Hello Iggy. For a moment, I didn't realise it was you from all the yelling." America said calmly. Well. There was a bit of smugness in his tone as well.

"YOU WANKER. GIVE ME BACK MY EARS, MY HUMAN ONES." England roared over the phone.

"What are your ears right now?" America asked, and there was a silence.

"Change me back now. Or I will never change give you back your precious burgers back." His voice was oddly calm, and America could see the unseeing threat in his voice. England was going to do something, and America felt oddly compelled to do what he said.

Wait…. feelings from the colony years. Nevermind. FREEDOOM.

Guilt was weighing on America, and he sighed. "Alri-"

"Non, 'e won't!" America's phone was suddenly snatched out of his hand, and a female voice shouted in the device. America looked down at the couch, and saw France.

A naked girl France.

"PRUSSIA!" America yelled, and the Albino walked in from the kitchen with a sandwich in his hand.

"You wanted the awesome me?"

"France is a girl!"

"Sweet. I always imagined that he'd be better as a girl." Prussia shrugged, and then went to the couch to peer at France. "She's a hottie."

"Normally, I wouldn't mind showing off my body, but I feel very vulnerable." France spoke up, and Prussia jumped.

"It talked!"

France slapped him.

America walked over and smacked him across the room. "You don't do this! Magic is very picky, and sometimes if the consequences are bad… they happen to-"

Smoke filled the room once again.

Prussia groaned, and rushed out of the house. "Please be still okay," he whispered to his sandwich. Japan was already out, and just watched Prussia coo over his sandwich. France followed Prussia, a blanket covering her body. She was coughing and, Japan suddenly turned beat red.

"F-France-san?!" Japan asked, and adverted his eyes.

"Yeah. What happened to me? Last thing I remember is taking America back in after feeding him… and then…. I don't know. Something about flies, and water." She shook her head, and her luscious golden locks swished.

"Perverted Bastard?!" Romano had come back around from the house carrying Denmark cat. "The hell?"

"Ohh! What a cute kittie!" France squealed as she rushed over to pet Denmark. "What is his name Romano?"

Romano's face was bright red, and could only stammer out "D-denmark."

"Denmark?" Her face was a mixture of confusion, and adoration to the large fat cat.

"England put a spell on you guys, you turned into a frog, Dennie turned into that cat, Spain was a tomato, until Romano kissed him and now he is an eel." Prussia said, while munching on his sandwich. "America went off in a ball of smoke back there. I don't really know why."

"Wait. You turned France-san turned into a girr?" Japan spoke up, and Prussia nodded. "America-san tord us that if you did too much of a big thing, it wourd be turned back onto the owner!"

"Wait… so that means that America is a frog?" Prussia asked, and Romano smacked his forehead.

"No you moron-"

"I get turned into a girl, you ass." America appeared at the door. Boy, was she angry.

All I can say in my defense is "I had major writers block. I couldn't think, and I kept on putting it off. I am super sorry for making all of you wait. Please forgive me."

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