"Please put Item in baggage area." The female monotone voice came through the speakers. America glared at the machine.

"It is." She picked up the box of twinkies (one of many) and placed it back down on the item shelf. Again.

"Do you not want to bag the item?" The annoying female voice asked.

"It IS." America's voice was a low growl. "IT IS IT IS IT IS." She stamped her foot down on the tiles.

"Excuse me, would you like some help?" A male voice came from behind, and America turned around to see a nice looking man in a blue apron with the name tag of the store.

"It says I don't have anything on the baggage area, but I do! This thing hates me." America sniffled. She was tired, and her own midsection began to cramp up. It was a high possibility that Prussia had done something about their spell, and America was slowly being affected.

"I'm pretty sure a lady such as yourself could never be disliked." The man said and swiped his card on the machine. It beeped a few times before it showed that the twinkies had been on the table.

"You're so nice." America instantly fond of the Human. He was nice, unlike the other Countries. They were so mean to her- well. To him. They called him fat, because of the intake of the hamburgers that she used to eat. (They were just somebody that she used to know*.) They were delicious and they helped starve off the economy that she was feeling recently. She really liked this guy.

"It's my job ma'am." He smiled, as he started to ring up the rest of the twinkie boxes that America had hurriedly gathered for France. "So is there a party tonight or what?" He gestured to the boxes.

"No. Just my friend suddenly felt pain and she asked for lots of twinkies." America truthfully answered.

The mans face suddenly turned a slight pink, and he cleared his throat. "That must make you the nicest friend ever, I suppose."

"Yeah." America suddenly blushed. Why? "Do you have any idea on why she is acting like that?"

"Her umm. Lets just ring you up, alright?"

"So you DO know!" America suddenly began to think of Sherlock Holmes. How would he act in a case like this? "You have to tell me!"

"Ma'am, I'd rather not." He coughed as he bagged the last twinkie.

America hugged the mans arm, her face inches below his own. "Please. I don't know what to do." She whispered, her voice trembling.

"Her… um.." The mans head hung low. "Moon cycles."

America blinked. France was a werewolf? But if she was a werewolf, then how did this guy know? Did all the females turn into wolves or something? Apparently it was a painful process.

"Oh. Thanks." America said, monotonically. She didn't really care for this guy after all. He was just another Human, who by the looks of it, was trying to get away from her. Maybe she would rather have cats. Cats are forever, men are just temporary.

Swiping her card, America payed for the huge four bags full of twinkies. She easily lifted them all in one hand as she took the receipt and stuffed it into a bag. France would just have to pay her back later.

Running home with four bags full of twinkies was not a smart idea. First off, the bags kept hitting her legs, making it difficult to keep her pace as she ran, and second, it was just the bulk of the bags. They were too large, it made it physically hard to drag all the boxes of twinkies back home.

When America arrived at her home, her hood was up (so that nobody from the neighboring houses could recognize her, or she'd hear no end of it) and slammed the door opened.

"I'm back." She called up the stairs, hoping that Japan or Romano would respond. She hadn't told them that she was out, so they must've been freaking out or something.

A loud moan came from upstairs, and that signaled that France wanted her twinkies. Well. She'd have to wait a bit, because it looked like Denmark was hungry. He was scratching at the kitchen door, and meowing insistently.

"Yeah yeah. How about a twinkie?" She smiled at the fat cat, and opened the kitchen door before struggling to get in with all the groceries. Once in the room, America let the bags fall from her grasp and picked up one of the boxes. Expertly, she ripped the top off, and grasped a sweet goodness that was covered in its own sealant of plastic. She popped one open, and gave it to Denmark who began to eat the sugary goodness of the Twinkie.

Who doesn't love twinkies. (If you don't, then I am pretty sure that Russia is forcing you to say that.)

"AAAWWWEESSOOMMEE." A sudden scream came from behind America, and she jumped. Flipping around, her arms came up like a ninja, and one of her feet was held aloft in the air. The mightiest Super Power wobbled a little, before falling onto her butt. That was the most pathetic attempt of defence that America had ever done, but what really caught her was the white thing in her kitchen.

There was a yeti in her kitchen tied to a chair. Why would a yeti be tied to her CHAIR. A YETI. America just stared blankly at the animal who was thumping around in her chair, her mind a complete blank. What the heck?

"AAAWWWEESOOOME!" It shrieked again, and began to thump towards her. The chair legs screeching as it moved closer and closer.

"Awesome?" AAAAWWEEESSOMEE." America decided instead of getting out of the room, she wanted to communicate with the strange animal. Maybe it'll be just like Whale Dude! Speak a little whale, and all them would come racing towards you! (It might have helped if you might have said something very flattering to all whale kind.)

The Yeti stopped, and it heavily blew air through its human shaped nose.


America jumped up and moved the long gray yeti hair out of it's face. Red eyes and dark gray scales revealed just who she thought it was.

"Prussia?" She murmured gently. This was a bit extreme. This was way over the edge. It felt like five or so different spells had been cast on him, and they all were intertwined with each other. "I'm going to try and fix you, alright?"

There was a large thump from upstairs, taking her attention away from Prussia.

Battle mode activated.

"Later. I will fix you later." She whispered, and darted out of the kitchen to check out the rest of the house. To her astonishment, she found Romano (with doggy Spain on his lap asleep) and Japan laying down on the couches. Who had thumped? Did France fall out of her miserable bed? Not likely.

"Psst. Japan." She whispered, while crawling over (she would have done the army crawl, but unfortunately her boobs got in her way).

Japan didn't even look up from the book that he was reading. His head was bent down, and his eyes didn't even move.

"Japan." She whispered louder as she inched towards him. She touched his leg (by all means, meaning that he should've blushed and talked about personal bubble space), but he didn't even flinch. He either was really engrossed into his book, or he was sleeping with his eyes open (a concept that America had tried to teach him many times to do in a meeting, but he couldn't do).

"Japan." She moved his body, and to her shock and horror, he just fell over. He wasn't reading. He was unconscious, in a frozen like state.

A scream touched America's ears, instantly recognizing Frances voice (even when she was a girl).

"France!" She cried out, and ran up the stairs with the speed of lightning. She reached the top and saw a figure in black trying to enter the girls safety room. "Get away from there!" She cried out with anger, running towards the man in the cloak.

Then, darkness.

America didn't feel anything when her body hit the floor.

England looked down at the hooded figure that laid at his feet. It had been easy to get America to go through a trap spell. Taking his hand off of the doorknob, to a door which had stayed stubbornly locked, he knelt down to look at his newly caught prisoner. When he tugged up the hood, he was surprised to see a long amount of hair spread across the floor.

"He must've gotten hit by a hair growth spell or something. Remind me to cut it all off later." England said as the two other dark clothed members gathered around him.

"I might have been responsible for that one." Romania mused, then used his dark boot to move the body until it was laying on his back.

Or should they say, her back.

Nothing could startle England more than to see a soft heart shaped face. America's hair was messy, and many stripes fell on her face. Her chapped lips were parted slightly, and her eyes were closed.


"I don't believe it."


There were three rules that all Magicians followed. One, you cannot mess with a persons emotions, including of love, hate, and a mixture of llamas (how one does it, nobody knows). Two, you cannot invoke currency or any kind. Meaning, you cannot summon up the money. Three, you cannot change Genders. No boy turning into a girl. Which in this case, has done.

Apparently, America has probably destroyed an ancient rule that has been around since the beginning of the world. Typical Americans.

"This doesn't change anything." Norway spoke up, "we still have to get America. Whether America is a he or a she. We still have to stay to the plan, or else, he would do something."

England cringed, nodded, and then took her arms. She was abnormally light, and he easily carried her out of the house and into the black van.

Nobody in the house was able to stop them.

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