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….Just before hand….

Romano didn't want to be here. He just wanted to find Spain so that he could complain to him. However, Spain didn't answer his phone. To say that Romano was pissed, was an understatement. So, the Italian boarded a private plane to America. Private meaning that he could take a gun with him.

"Stupid Tomato Bastard." Romano grumbled as he walked on the sidewalk to an innocent looking house. He had programed a GPS in Spains phone so he knew that his idiot was in the house. Well, not his idiot in particular, but he liked to think that Spain was his. After all the traumatizing things that the Spanish idiot had done to him in his childhood, this was considered fair in the mind of the Italian.

After all, his boss needed to hear his complaints.

Romano rolled his eyes sarcastically at the idiotic thought and then began to climb the steps to the house. After some rather loud knocking, Romano just decided to let himself in. The door wasn't even locked.

"Figures." Romano muttered, and then began to explore the house. He saw Prussia, America, and Japan in the living room, quietly talking. He was slightly amazed to see that Prussia wasn't his usual eccentric self, but why did he even care about Potato Bastard #2?

Exactly. He didn't care at all.

After looking around the first floor, Romano entered the kitchen. "Where is that Bastard?!" He huffed, and leaned against the counter. He jumped in surprise when he heard a hiss at the bottom of his feet. Romano looked down and saw a puffball of a cat with its back arched hissing at him. "Stupid cat." Romano grumbled and let the cat be.

Then, looking around the kitchen, Romano saw something that he had missed.

It was a giant tomato. He had never seen one this size before, and he noticed that it was his favorite kind. It was obviously ripe and Romanos mouth watered.

'Must….. eat… tomato…..' His thoughts came slow to his brain, and his hands lifted up the tomato as he studied it carefully for any defects. It was perfectly symmetrical. His hands shook as he brought it up to his mouth and he was just about to bite it when a crash came from next to him.

He saw the cat, looking oddly smug, as another pan crashed onto the counter. "You ruined the moment," Romano gave the cat a dark glare, and was about to eat the tomato once again when the door squeaked open to see America, only in a towel, his eyes wide with shock.

"Why the fuck are you in a towel?" Romano snarkily asked, and then decided to bite down on the red fruit*, before any more distractions stopped him.

"Noooo!" America cried out, and lunged for the tomato in Romano's grasp.

Romano was slightly surprised about how anguished America looked when he bit down, so right before his teeth sunk into the tomato, his closed his mouth. His lips bumped into the red fruit, and in that instant, Romano felt his Italian 'Danger' instincts kick in.

And then he was enveloped with a white smoke.

…. Right back to America…

America had, once again, a headache. There was yelling downstairs, and he needed to leave before he cursed all of his friends. Romano was shrieking his head off, about how they all wanted to kill him while Japan and Prussia tried to convince him to kiss Spain again.

However, Romano was not going to kiss an eel.

America shook his head, and laid back on his bed. He had finally gotten dressed after the weird events that morning and he just wanted to get this all done and over with. He wished that England had never knew that he could do mag-. No. Voodoo. He reminded himself, and he turned around on his bed. His gaze landed on the window, and instantly a thought formed into his head. America breathed in sharply, and shook his head at the absurd thought.

But after every single scenario ran through his head, America's thoughts kept on coming back to the same, and simple four words.

Ask Canada for help.

That was the last thing that America wanted to do, because he hadn't talked to his twin since their last parting. Almost two weeks ago. He grabbed his phone in his still dyed blue fingers and clicked open the phone option.

'It wouldn't hurt to try, I suppose.' America thought and clicked on the green button and held the small device up to his ear.

It rang four times, and after each one, America was convinced that his brother wasn't going to pick it up and almost hanged up.

"H-hello?" He heard his brother ask tentatively.

"Hey Canada!" America chirped, and he heard an intake of breath.

"A-America! Where were you? You weren't at the last meeting!" Canada voice carried worry, and America felt a tinge of guilt.

"Well, I was on my couch, and because I couldn't eat, I literally couldn't get up until Japan and the others came over to my house and force fed me." America said, and sounded like it was nothing.

"Food? Why can't you eat?"

"You don't know? Well, I got this crazy curse on me," America laughed a little, "Whatever I eat tastes like Englands scones."

"B-but I thought that England said that it wasn't-"

"Obviously its still on me." America sounded unamused as he cut off Canada.

"I am going to have to speak to him." Canada said, his voice promising America that he was going to do just that.

"Oh, and can you also ask him how to take off Frances, Denmarks, and Spains curse? It's going to be hard to explain to their families why they are animals." It was technically true, Spain wasn't a tomato anymore.

"Papa France is an animal?!"

"A frog, to be exact. And he likes escaping." America laughed, like it was super funny, but in reality, it was horrifying. Maybe they had stepped on the Country of Love and didn't know about it.

"F-frog?! I am going to have to ask the others to stop this. And speaking about that, you guys need to stop pranking us!" Canada yelled over the phone, but actually sounded like he was talking normal. But America knew that his brother was, in fact, very angry.

"Well, my friends understand that if I don't eat a hamburger soon I am going to get very angry." America smoothly told his brother. It was happening already. Whenever he thought about his beloved snack, he grew angry and vengeful.

"You should know that it's your own fault!" Canada shot back.

"That I refused to join the Magic Trio? Or should I call it, Magic Club for Dumbasses! How exactly is that my fault?"

"Just say yes! Teach them a little and go to their meetings and they wouldn't bother you anymore!"

"And?" America knew that there was a catch.

"And what?" Canada snapped.

"Maybe its because of England that I revoked Magic from my life! Did you know what he did?!"

"No! You never tell me anything because you are such an idiot!" Canada yelled, and America grew angry. His brother wouldn't listen to him.

In some ways, Canada was a lot like England.

"Well, maybe I learned it from the best." America said snidely,"And you'd want to tell England that I complimented him."

"You! You are so- ahhhurg!" Canada exclaimed in frustration. "You know what they promised me when I joined? I was scared shitless in my own car, and you know what I do when I am over emotional**! They knew it wasn't you that they got, and they argued with each other for whose fault it was for getting the wrong twin! When they noticed, they cut me a deal." Canada's voice was strangely calm. "They would stop hunting you down if I joined. I had thought that England had lifted the curse on you, but I will have to ask him to stop it. They stopped hurting you if I had joined. And yet," Canada's voice was bitter now," I see that my sacrificed was for naught."

America just laid on the bed in shock. "Canada." He said weakly. "Thank you."

Canada just sighed over the phone, and America could hear fabric rustling. "Its about time." Canada gruffly said, and America laughed faintly.

"So I called to ask-"

"No. I cannot help you, you gotta do this by yourself. I will stay neutral, and not help the others, but I cannot help you. Call me when you are done with all of this." And then there was a click.

America laid there on the bed, his phone glued to his ear, only hearing the dial tone buzz. He thought, and he stayed that way for some time until his mind conclude one thing.

He walked downstairs and saw an odd sight. Prussia was holding Romano's arms while Japan tried to hold onto the slippery eel that was Spain up to his lips. "Kiss!" Prussia said, and Romano moved his head away from the fish that flipped around in Japan's gentle hands.

"Guys." America called out, and gained his friends (and a glare from Romano) attention.

"Lets get ready for war. I am going to teach you the basics of," America took a hard gulp, and his voice cracked,"I am going to teach you the basics of Magic."

*A tomato is a fruit to me. I love them so much, and I am super sad that I only get to have the ones from my garden for about 6 weeks out of the entire year. You can say weather if it is a fruit of a veggie, but don't bother me.

** When Canada is emotional, he tends to use Magic on a large scale.

Sorry that it is a short chapter. I have this amazing plot bunny, and I have been writing for that. I just took some time and wrote this quickly. Time for the questions.

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A: I honestly think that yes, he is actually really hot. Think of 6 pack, tan skin, and defined muscles. Yeah, that was my envision of America anyways.

Q: Why did you have to banish Americas friend?

A: Welllllll… if you really thought about it. America needed incentive, and yeah. It just came up.

Q: …. Can I hug you now?

A: Very well. *hugs*

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