The Asari Spectre

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A man stepped up to a police line. An Asari Policewoman held her hand up to signal him to not to cross.

"Hold it! This place is locked down. You're not allowed!" She ordered.

"What's going on here?" The man asked, confused on what happened.

"Someone tried to kill your friend, Dakota." A familiar female voice came out from behind.

The Commander looked past the Asari policewoman, it was another Asari and he knew who it was.

"Tela Vasir. What a surprise." He told the woman, as he smiled.

"Long time, no see, Shepard." She smiled back as she came down the steps.

Tela turned to the law enforcement officers, "You are all dismissed."

The policewoman by the door objected, "But, you can't do that!"

"She has Spectre Authority, ma'am." Dakota told the woman, politely. She just glared at him before gazing at Vasir then stomping through the holographic police line and past him. She was followed by the rest of the law enforcement officers in the apartment. Dakota walked in, smiling at his old friend.

"It's been a long time, no wear for tear, huh?" He joked.

She chuckled a bit, "No, not yet, but it's good to see you too."

Tela wore blue and white armor. The Blue covered her upper torso and arms while the white covered her stomach and her upper legs with more blue covering her lower legs. Dakota wore the same colors but his entire armor was covered in blue while his N7 Stripe was white.

"How are your biotics?" He asked, curiously.

"They're better." She answered him, glowing in the blue glow as she proved it, "Yours?" She asked Shepard.

He charged his as he showed her, "Upgrades." He told her, chuckling a bit.

"Nice." She replied, smiling at him.

"So what happened here?" The Commander asked her, spreading his arms out while looking about.

She pointed to a curved window with a hole with cracked glass around it, "Someone tried to assassinate Liara."

He walked over to the glass, examining the impact.

"She's paranoid but she got out." Vasir commented.

Dakota recognized the bullet hole, "It was an M-92 Mantis shot." He told Tela, as he turned to face her.

She was impressed, "Really? How do you know?" She asked curiously.

"Pff, please, I use them." He told her as he pulled out his M-98 Widow.

She grinned, "Favorite?" She asked.

"Hell yes." He told her as he studied his rifle.

"I heard you made it as Humanity's first Spectre and ended up being one of our best." She told him, smiling, again impressed.

"Yeah, but I'm not the one to boast." He told her, laughing a bit, Also blushing slightly.

"I'll have to get you to sign my chest plate." She replied, smiling again.

"You're gonna need a good marker for the fires you run through." He joked.

She laughed again, "Perhaps." She told him.

He holstered his M-98, His biotics were of a Vanguard but he uses a Sniper Rifle. Some people found it strange that he used that combination. He didn't care though; it kept him alive to this day.

"If Liara isn't here then she would've left a message." He inquired.

"I agree, we need to start looking." She replied as she nodded.

The Two split up; Tela searched the ground floor while Dakota went up the stairs to search Liara's bedroom. He took a moment to study the Prothean rocks behind glass along the wall curving to her bed. There were three. He finished examining the rocks and went on with the search. While searching, he asked Vasir,

"How have you been lately, Tela?"

"Ah, you know, stopping trouble here and there. You?"

"Stopping the Collectors, hard work when the galaxy's on your shoulders." He replied, he had to admit, stopping the Collectors were no joke. He preferred Geth instead, but Geth weren't inherently violent. He had to let that go.

"I understand, that kind of stuff wears you out." She told him as she checked a cabinet.

"Yeah, it really does." He agreed with her, "So, anything exciting happen while you and I were out of contact?" He asked.

"Not much," She told him, "There was this one mission where there was trouble on Noveria. The Council contacted me since I was the closest and briefed me that there was trouble developing there. So I went there. As The Council said, there was trouble. Someone bribed the security to take out the administrator of the Research Building. Fortunately There were a couple of guards that didn't change sides and were defending the office. I intervened and took out the ones that were targeting the Administrator."

"Nice." Dakota commented. They were now leaning on the wall facing each other as The Commander listened.

Vasir Continued, "I've decided to find out who bribed the guards and get to the bottom of the incident, so I start looting the dead guards to find out who hired them. I found coordinates at a research station, Peak 54. I asked the administrator for permission to go to the location, and it was granted. I traveled there by shuttle and the front doors were locked. I used my Spectre Authority to get pass any locks I've encountered, and the people who turned the guards were blue suns. I knew because I've contacted somebody and got some Intel."

"What? Blue Suns? What did they want to accomplish using research facilities? I haven't seen any blue sun scientist." He joked at the last part.

Vasir smiled, shaking her head at the joke.

She Went on, "I was prepared on whether either it was going down or up. The Blue Suns immediately opened fire on me when I walked in, I guess they weren't expecting visitors." She said as she grinned.

Koda laughed.

Vasir continued with her story, "After I dealt with the mercs, I went further into the facility. I dealt with any resistance until I found the leader. His name was Davon Frackinson, The Commander of the Blue Suns in the sector. I was face-to-face with him when I came up on him. He had several elite guards and he used them to save his hide." She scowled at the last bit.

"Damn, way to throw people's lives away." He snarled at the part where lives were thrown away.

The two didn't know they were closing distance as they spoke.

"So I pushed the mercs aside with my biotics and ran after him. He pulled out his pistol and fired back at me while I chased him."

"Did you catch him?" Dakota asked.

She shook her head side-to-side.

"What?" He asked, shocked.

"He used a gunship to delay me as he took off in a shuttle." She said with a hint of angriness in her voice.

"I hope you catch him." He replied.

They were now inches apart from each other. It seems Vasir noticed this and started closing in for a kiss, When their lips brushed against each other. They locked on, and they kissed until the two came apart for air.

"Wow…" Dakota was left speechless by the kiss, "That was…" He was blushing madly.

"Incredible?" Vasir managed to blurt out. She, herself was at a loss for words. She's had a crush on the Commander ever since the mission in the past, she had grown to like him, eventually have a mad crush on him. The kiss increased her lust for the man she met years ago.

"I don't know if that's the word to describe it." He Commented.

Dakota has liked Vasir, when he saw her walk down the steps, the recognition of Tela invoked emotions long hidden for her. He thought about the days during that mission.

Vasir was wondering should she do it or what. She'll have to decide later.

"I think we need to look for that message." Tela told her crush.

Dakota rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, I think we should."

They went upstairs and Dakota examined a picture of the SR1 Normandy by Liara's bed. The Picture changed into another picture of Prothean Ruins.

"The data is with one of these artifacts." He told Vasir.

She nodded, "We should start looking then."

They headed back downstairs and after a couple of minutes, Dakota looked at a prothean rock in a small container. He touched the glass and it responded. A pad came out the bottom of the glass with a disc with a red light orbiting it around horizontally. He picked it up and examined it.

"Vasir, I found it." He told her as she was looking at his old destroyed N7 armor Liara had managed to recover.

She came over and he gave it to her so she could see it, "Let's try it on her laptop." She suggested.

Dakota nodded and followed her to Liara's multiscreen terminal. Vasir inserted the disc into the computer and a transmission popped up.

There was a Salarian and he heard liara's voice.

"Do you have the data, Sekat?" She asked.

"Yes. It is worth it?" He asked back.

"It's worth it. Where can we meet?" She asked.

"Here in my office at the Dracon Trade Center." He answered her.

"Ok, I'll be there soon, Liara out." Liara finished and ended the transmission

Dakota turned to Vasir, "So, They're at the trade center."

"Yeah, come on, My car's outside, I can get us there." She replied.

Shepard nodded and followed her out of Liara's Apartment.

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