The Asari Spectre

Alternate Ending

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Another Wine bottle hits the floor and shatters. It was thrown by a torn Commander. Who has just lost the one and only lover of his life. He was destroyed in ways he could and never will recover from, no matter the therapy.

He had watched his Tela Vasir melt in front of his very eyes in the pod she was in, scarring him for life. The Commander didn't get the pod open He will always have nightmares, nothing will stop them from taking him over. He has soaked his desk with overwhelming tears. He didn't care. Nothing in the universe mattered to him but His Asari.

He opens another, gulps it down, and throws it to the hard cabin floor, sending shards flying around the room.

"Commander, I detect there is something wrong, can I help?" EDI asked him.

"No, EDI. Just leave me in peace. Please." He replied in a croaky, tried, cracked voice.

"Understood. Logging you out."

"Good. Keep it that way." He told himself.

He had lost count of all the bottles he had drank and thrown. He was too busy grieving for his loved one and trying to drown away all of the pain, which he knew that no alcohol could dull the hurt he was experiencing and his cybernetics wouldn't allow them. She was the only reason why he kept going, and now, he didn't have a purpose. He knew his life ended after walking out of that base.

He took another unopened bottle and took the cap off. He downed the drink, and again, destroyed the bottle to the floor.

He wasn't the only one affected. Miranda was unhappy, she lost someone who was a friend and similar to her.

Jack was the same way, she never had someone who could step up to her and hit back whenever she taunted somebody. She added Tela to another emotional scar to her list.

Garrus thought they had lost a great marksman. She was deadly efficient with her Vindicator and her Widow.

Samara HAD to be affected. He knew she liked Tela as a student and, perhaps, another daughter. Samara and Tela were very similar. Fantastic bodies, deadly skill with weapons, and heavy Biotics.

Dr. Chakwas knew how he would feel too. She tried comforting him, only to bring her her own tears, she knew Dakota loved Tela to the very soul and brim. Losing a lclose loved one was something She will never experience and know. She left Dakota to his mourning by his request. He didn't want to burden her with his loss.

Joker was depressed about losing her, also. He liked her by her cockiness and her tough-As-Nails personality. He blamed himself for not getting them to the Collector base in time. Dakota told him not to worry about for it was his fault for not running fast enough.

He took Tela's Carnifex laying next to him. He examined the clip, it had one round left.

The Commander had no reason to live at this point. Fuck the Illusive Man , Fuck the Galaxy, Fuck it all. He held the pistol to his skull.

"Sorry, Tela... I love you, forever and always." He told himself, tears pouring like a waterfall. He placed his finger on the kill-Switch.

And The Trigger was pulled.

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