Chapter 15

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Note: Previously, in "A Dangerous Game," Caroline finds out she's pregnant and Klaus proposes to her.

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Nine Months Later...

A smile appeared on her face as Caroline looked at the furniture in the nursery. Everything was all ready for the impending arrival of the new baby. She had been anticipating it since she learned she was pregnant. Hell, when she and Klaus were married three months earlier, she didn't mind the fact that her dress had to be altered to accommodate her belly. The thing that she was concerned with was the new life that she and Klaus were embarking on, the new life that was including Liam and the new addition, which was revealed to be a girl.

"I thought I saw the light on in here."

Caroline turned around when she saw Klaus standing there, smiling at him. "Oh, hi, Nik. I just wanted to look at the baby's room. It's really nice. I even like the painting that you did."

Klaus walked further into the room and looked at the painting in question, smiling at it. "Our daughter's room deserves a little sample of her father's work so that she could admire it. Well, she might be too young to appreciate it at first, but over time, she'll learn."

Caroline was about to answer him when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and looked to see a pool of liquid at her feet. "Speaking of our daughter, I believe she's ready to make her debut."

"I thought we had another week?"

"Tell that to our little princess," said Caroline. "She wants out and she wants!"

Klaus nodded and went to their room to get the suitcase that he had packed well in advance so that he didn't have to rush about. Then, once he had gotten the suitcase, he took Caroline's arm and led her out of the apartment and to the elevator. After they got to the first floor, he got out his cell phone and dialed Stefan's number. Fortunately, he didn't have to wait too long because he heard the other man's voice on the other end. "Hello?"

"Stefan, it's Klaus. Caroline just went into labor and I'm taking her to the hospital."

"The baby is coming now?" he replied. "I thought you had two weeks?"

"Yes, well, our daughter is insisting on coming now," said Klaus. "I need for you to pick Liam up from school and bring him back to your place. I don't want him coming home to an empty apartment."

"No problem," said Stefan. "You know that Rebekah and I will gladly look after Liam for you. You just concern yourself with getting Caroline to the hospital, we'll take care of the rest, okay?"

"Thank you, Stefan, I knew I could depend on you," said Klaus. "And if you could call the rest of the family, that would be appreciated as well."

"Will do," said Stefan. "See you later."

Klaus hung up and took Caroline to their car, helping her in and climbed in himself after putting the suitcase in the back seat. He was definitely glad that Stefan and Rebekah were going to be picking up Liam from school, because it would be one less worry on his mind.

Tulane Medical Center – Later...

When they arrived at the hospital, Klaus saw Elijah standing there, which was unexpected, though at the same time, Klaus knew why he was there – Katherine was having their baby right about now. Though, why was he in the lobby when his wife was about to have their baby?

"Niklaus, what a pleasant surprise to see you here."

"Caroline is in labor," he replied. "And am I right in guessing that Katerina is here for the same reason?"

Elijah nodded. "Yes, they wheeled her to the room just a few minutes ago. I'm just calling the family to let them know we're here."

"Stefan is already taking care of that," said Klaus. "I called him as we were leaving the apartment and he told me that he was calling everyone. Guess this means that you're coming up to the maternity ward with me, Elijah."

"Yes, I suppose I am," said Elijah. "Stefan is definitely one step ahead of us."

Klaus was about to answer him when an orderly came over with a wheelchair for Caroline. He helped his wife into it and, as the orderly wheeled Caroline toward the elevator, Klaus and Elijah followed behind him. Since there was no one to call, the two brothers had nothing really to do except head on up to the maternity ward to be with their wives.

Once they reached the fifth floor, they went to the room where Katherine was being prepped. The brunette smiled at at her husband and brother-in-law as they walked in, followed by the orderly pushing Caroline's wheelchair. "Looks like there's going to be two deliveries today."

"Seems that way," said Elijah. "I ran into Niklaus and Caroline downstairs and they said that Stefan is already alerting the rest of the family."

Katherine nodded. "Well, that's one less thing you have to concern yourself with." She saw Caroline being helped with her hospital gown. "Ready to become a mommy, Caroline?"

"As ready as I'll ever be," the blonde replied. "Liam has been bragging to his friends about becoming a big brother and I'm not about to disappoint him. I'm definitely going to be glad once I get this kid out of me."

Katherine was about to reply when she felt a sharp pain, indicating that she was ready. The doctors rushed in and Elijah excused himself from Klaus and Caroline and went over to his wife's bed, climbing in behind her to support her as she pushed, enduring the pain as she squeezed his hands. As she pushed, the doctor saw the baby's head crowning.

"You're doing well, Katherine," he said. "I see the head."

Despite the fact that she was in extreme pain, Katherine pushed as hard as she could, allowing the head to come further out, followed by the shoulders. Elijah wiped her forehead with a cool cloth, which seemed to ease the heat that was rising due to the intensity of the labor. Finally, after another hard push, Katherine was rewarded by the first cries of her baby. "Congratulations, Katherine, you have a beautiful baby girl."

Elijah smiled and kissed the side of his wife's head. "I agree, she is beautiful."

Katherine smiled as well, at both her husband's words and the sight of their daughter. "I have just the name for her. Maria Renee Mikaelson."

"That's a beautiful name, Katerina," said Klaus, who was listening from his place next to Caroline. "There's no doubt that Father and Eleanor are going to spoil her rotten. They already do that with Finn and Sage's children and Kol and Alexia's children. The ones that are due to follow are Henrik and Serena, Rebekah and Stefan, and, of course, myself and Caroline."

No sooner did he say that than he heard Caroline letting out a painful scream, indicating that she too was ready to delivery. Klaus then did the same thing that Elijah had done with Katherine and the doctor took his position in front of Caroline, who began to push as hard as she could. After what seemed like forever, she heard the first cries of the baby. "Congratulations, Caroline, it's a girl."

Klaus smiled. "She's beautiful, just like her mother."

"I know the perfect name for her," said Caroline. "Anastasia Eleanor Mikaelson."

No sooner did she say her daughter's name than she felt another wave of pain hit her. Shit, was she carrying more than one baby these past nine months and didn't know until today? She then pushed equally as hard as she did with Anastasia. Finally, she heard the cries of the baby, which was another girl. Not only am I giving Liam one sister, I'm giving him two sisters.

"It's another girl, Caroline," said Klaus. "She's every bit as beautiful as her sister."

"Another beautiful girl that deserves an equally beautiful name," said Elijah. "What are you going to call her?"

"I think I know," said Caroline. "Her name shall be Lillian. Lillian Elizabeth Mikaelson."

"I definitely like that," said Klaus. "And I think Liam will like it just as much."

That Evening...

Liam smiled as he rode up in the elevator with Stefan and Rebekah, holding two pink balloons in his hand. He had just heard that Caroline had twins and was excited, which wasn't lost on his aunt and uncle. When the elevator arrived at the fifth floor, he stepped out and walked ahead of them to the room that Klaus and Caroline were in. Another smile appeared on his face as he walked in. Klaus returned his son's smile.

"Look who's here, it's the big brother," he said. "Are you ready to meet your sisters?"

"You bet I am," the boy replied. "I'm also ready to meet my cousin."

Klaus nodded and walked over to the plastic cribs that contained Anastasia and Lillian. Liam followed his father over to the cribs and when he saw his new little sisters, he was over the moon. "They're so beautiful, Dad."

"Yes, they are," said Klaus. "Caroline and I love them already."

Liam nodded and reached in to pick up Anastasia, during which Stefan and Rebekah walked in. Mikael and Eleanor were watching Dante, so they were able to bring Liam. Elijah then approached them, little Maria in his arms.

"Hello, Liam," he said. "Someone here wants to meet you."

Liam smiled and kissed Maria's forehead. This was definitely the best day of his young life, and he would always remember it.


Thierry Vanchure stood on the roof of a nearby building, looking through the binoculars at the happy family in the maternity ward window. He had been stalking them for the past nine months, waiting for the opportunity to get his revenge for the death of his boss.

"Enjoy your family moment while you can," he said, more to himself than anyone in particular. "Soon, vengeance will be mine."


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