Chapter 5 – The first date

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Hermione drove back home in a really happy mood because Sam finally asked her out! ARGHH happy day's haha.

She got back home and immediately called Brooke and Catherine and made a three-way call

H: Guess what happened today?!


H: Yes oh my goodness! Can you guys help me plan my outfit for tomorrow?

B: Of course!

So Hermione planned her outfit with her friends on loudspeaker. She chose a forest green dress with some diamonds on the waist. It went to her mid-thigh. She had some black sandals, hoop earrings and a black bracelet to go with the outfit.

H: Thank you so much!

C: No worries there Hermione! Good luck and have tomorrow!

H and B: Night!

And the conversation ended


Back at Malfoy Mansion… things weren't looking so well in Draco's room. EVERYTHING WAS TRASHED. The vases were broken, pillows were ripped open and papers were flying everywhere. 'Geez' thought Theo 'I didn't even know he like her THAT much!'

''Reparo" Theo said and the room rearranged itself. Everything looked clean and perfect again

"We've got to follow Hermione and Sam on their date Theo"

"WHAT?! You want me to stalk my sister?"

"Yes or we could frighten Sam so he can stay away from her or we could befriend the two girls and I can make Hermione jealous or I could make Sam jealous of me for being with Hermione"

"Okay Draco does whatever you want because I don't like any of those options. But I'd rather go with befriending the girls option cause Brooke doesn't like me much but Catherine does. You can take Brooke though"

"Good idea" The good thing was that they got the girls numbers. Yes Draco and Theo can use an actual mobile phone! So Draco called Brooke while Theo called Catherine and they arranged a double date tomorrow. "Draco I don't think that Hermione will be jealous. Just saying"


The next day Hermione got ready for her date and at 10am exactly, her doorbell rang. She was wearing her dress and some sandals

"Who are you seeing today?" her mother asked

"Sam. We're going out finally!"

"Oh congratulations honey! Good luck!" her mum replied

Her parents always knew how much she really liked Sam so they were very happy to know that she was finally going out with him.

Hermione answered the door and Sam was dressed in a blue button up shirt with the top two buttons undone and some red pants. "Ready to go?" he held his hand out and Hermione giggled

"Why yes I am" and they left into Sam's car

"Where are we going today Sam?"

"First stop is brekkie because that the most important meal of the day. We'll go to our favourite place which are the Botanical Gardens. I haven't been there in a while actually. Then we can have some lunch and take stroll down the beach. Watch the sunset and a late movie. How's that for a first date? Impressive enough?"

"Very" laughed Hermione

They stopped at Blues Shoes Café and ordered a chocolate milkshake and an egg and bacon roll each. They talked and left with their milkshakes. Sam drove them to the Botanical Gardens where they looked at the flowers. It used to be their little hideaway when the families where out on picnics

"You remember this tree Mione?"

The tree looked like an average normal tree. It looked exactly like all the other trees in the garden but only the two of them knew what was different about this tree compared to the rest.

"Yes" she sat down with Sam and carved at the bottom was "Sam and Mya". There was no heart around it because they weren't lovers when they were little. Hermione whistled a tune and some birds whistled back. Three bluebirds flew down and landed on Hermione's hand

"Hey buddies" said Sam

When they were younger, Sam and Hermione had rescued three bluebirds that couldn't fly. They healed them at home and made a birdhouse for them. At that very tree, they put the birdhouse on a strong branch and watched them fly. They had memorised Hermione's whistle tune and whenever Hermione would whistle under the tree, the three bluebirds would come flying down to greet Hermione and Sam

The bluebirds flew away 5 minutes later and Hermione and Sam talked. They wanted to know what had happened in each other's lives while they were away.

It was 1:30pm when Sam and Hermione's bellies rumbled.

"Looks like we're both hungry then" laughed Hermione

Sam drove them back to Blue Shoes and ordered a tandoori chicken wrap each. They didn't need to talk but would sneak each other a glance. When Sam caught Hermione looking at him, he laughed while Hermione blushed

"Alright Mya, let's head down to the beach" It was 3pm when they made it to the beach.

"Hey do you want to go surfing?" Sam asked

"Sam you know I don't know how to surf and you want to do it in a dress?"

"Haha no Hermione! We'll rent some surf boards and buy some swimmers"

"No Sam" Hermione crossed her arms

"PWEASEEEEEEEEEE" Sam made a pouty puppy dog face and Hermione laughed

"Alright, I'm only saying yes so I don't have to look at your pout"

Hermione bought a cheap bikini and Sam got some board shorts. Hermione's bikini was navy blue with white stripes and Sam had green Hawaiian board shorts

"You know how to swim right?" Sam asked

"You've known me for 6 years Sam! How could you not know?"

"I'm only kidding Mya. You were pro at our swimming carnival!"

"Thank you"

So Hermione and Sam learnt how to surf for the next hour. They started on some baby waves for Hermione where she kept falling over which is expected. Half an hour later, Hermione could stand without falling over so they went to the bigger waves.

"Hey Sam, what time's the movie? And what are we watching?" Hermione asked. She didn't want to be late

"8:30pm, no need to worry. We got about an hour left to play around. And the movies a surprise, I know that you'll love it. Guaranteed!"

Hermione started to get really pro with surfing and started having surfing competitions with Sam. She couldn't do any flips or stay up in the air so she stayed on the water. "Show off!" shouted Hermione when Sam did a 360 spin. Sam just laughed

"HERMIONE!" two girls squealed

'What the?' Hermione thought. She looked to the shore and saw Brooke and Catherine waving. She waved back and looked the side and saw Draco and Theo. 'Eugh, not them' she thought. She wasn't looking at the ocean and another big wave came crashing down on her. All she heard was Sam yelling "HERMIONE" and the girls screaming


Draco and Theo arranged to meet Brooke and Catherine at 11:30am at the beach which was where they meet. Draco and Theo apparated to the beach while Brooke went with Catherine in her car.

"Hey girls" Theo called

"Hey" they yelled back

They talked for a while and Theo had bought volleyball while Brooke bought the poles and the net. They played volleyball for a while and stopped to relax. "So what's after this?"

"Late night movie around 8:30pm" replied Draco

"How romantic!" whispered Brooke to Catherine

It was around 6pm when Catherine spotted two people surfing. One was very skilled; he could do a 360 spin while the other stayed on the waves. She could identify that one was a girl and the other was a boy

"Look how cool his tricks are!" squealed Catherine

Draco and Theo always had an interest with surfing but they didn't want muggles teaching them so they never learnt to surf. For the next 5 minutes all four of them watched the two people surf

"Hey, that girl looks a bit like Hermione…" said Brooke

"And Sam's the only one we know who can do those tricks…" Catherine replied



The girl looked over at them and waved at them. They started laughing, what a coincidence.

Suddenly a huge wave came crashing down on Hermione and they screamed. Draco and Theo looked in horror but they couldn't swim, they could help Hermione. And Draco thought that he was useless because he saw Sam dive in for her. They didn't resurface for another 2 minutes until Sam's head finally came up and he was carrying Hermione

'Please let her be safe' Theo and Draco thought


Sam pulled her up to the shore and started doing CPR on Hermione

'What the hell is he doing?' thought Theo. From Draco's and Theo's perspective, it looked like he was bashing her heart

He put his lips on Hermione's lips and his head on her breast. Draco was very furious and he was about to kick Sam off Hermione when Hermione suddenly coughed up the sea water.

"There there, cough it all out Mya" Sam said while patting her back

"Oh my gosh Hermione are you alright?" asked Catherine

"Yeah (cough cough) I'm fine" Hermione smiled back

"You worried us so much" exclaimed Brooke

As soon as Hermione stopped coughing, Sam immediately hugged her and whispered to her "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have taken you out surfing. I thought I lost you there Mya"

Hermione hugged him back and whispered "You'll never lose me Sam Ackerman" and kissed his cheek and laughed

"Ahem" coughed Draco

They stopped their little hugging session and looked at Brooke and Catherine. Hermione refused to look at Theo or Draco

"Say Hermione, when did you learn to surf?"

"Sam taught me just then" replied Hermione to Brooke

"And when did you get such a body!" squealed Catherine

"Gym, there's a gym at school" Hermione said

'Yeah right' Draco thought 'Your only gym is carrying books and running to the library'

Draco and Theo looked at Hermione's body and it was true. They didn't notice her perfect hour glass body until then

''Your sister's hot'' Draco whispered

"Who knew that under all of the baggy stuff that she wears she actually has this body!" replied Theo

"What are you doing after this?" Draco asked

"We're going to watch a movie at 8:30pm" replied Sam


"We're going to the movies as well!" said Brooke "What movie were we going to see Draco?"

"Iron Man 3"

"Really? That's a coincidence!" said Sam

Sam and Hermione were the only ones who liked Iron Man out of their group. They had a lot of things in common and watching Iron Man felt like something nice to do when you have something in common

"Do you want to go together or are we interrupting your little date?" asked Theo

"We'll tag as well" replied Hermione 'No point in seeing the same movie at the same time and not going with them' she thought to herself

They played more volleyball, boys against girls and the girls won! 9 – 6

It was 7pm when they finished their volleyball match and they sat down. "Hey wanna go for a walk?" whispered Sam to Hermione

"Yeah sure"

They both got up and when the others asked where they were going, they replied saying that they were taking a little walk

"How romantic!" Brooke squealed when they left

"I hope they kiss!" Catherine added

'Kiss my ass' Draco thought 'They had better not'

They all turned to the direction of laughter and saw Hermione and Sam running away from the waves and Sam picking her up and dropping her back down


Hermione and Sam had taken a stroll down the beach and just talked about random stuff. Sam ordered some chips in case Hermione was hungry. They walked near the water and would play around. They chased the water and backed away from it. They laughed at each other and sometimes when Hermione didn't run away from the water fast enough, Sam would pick her up unexpectedly and she would laugh like crazy. Sam and Hermione were ultimately adorable

Hermione could do some cartwheels while Sam walked while doing a handstand. They kept walking to the rock pools and sat in a large rock pool. They splashed each other in the rock pool and finally relaxed, leant on the rocks and sat next to each other

"You know Mya, this is nice. Just you and me. The other day, I thought this was impossible and that if I did confess, I'd ruin our friendship and make it awkward when we were around each other and I couldn't risk that. Though Cath and Brooke already knew that I liked you, they convinced me to admit that I liked you so it was thanks to them that I'm with you"

He looked at Hermione intensely and Hermione blushed at the intensiveness. "Sam, I'm really glad that they convinced you because I'm not brave enough to admit that. But Sam, I do love you" and she looked back as Sam

Slowly, they leant towards each other, Sam's hands were at Hermione's waist and they kissed. Hermione wrapped her hands around her neck and deepened the kiss. It was amazing they both thought. They put all of their love into that kiss and it was full of passion. Sam slipped his tongue into Hermione's mouth and it became a battle of tongues. They both had to breathe so they stopped kissing and Sam leant his forehead on Hermione's and whispered "That was intense and amazing" and kissed her again

Hermione just laughed. 'She's so adorable' Sam thought

Sam looked back at his waterproof watch at it was 8pm. "Come on Mya, it's 8 and it takes 10 minutes to walk back, 5 to get back to the car and another 5 to get to the movies. You don't want to be late for Iron Man do you?"

"Eugh" Hermione sighed and got out of the rock pool. "Come on, race you back! Last one's a rotten egg!" and she sprinted off before Sam even got out of the pool

"CHEATER!" Sam shouted back and ran to her and they both started laughing


"Do you think we should wait for them?" asked Theo

"Yeah, we're all seeing the same movie anyway" replied Catherine

They waited for another 15 minutes got dressed in their casual clothes and they heard laughter. Hermione was running away from Sam and Sam was running really fast. As fast as he could actually. He finally caught up to Hermione and grabbed a hold of her and spun her around like in those cliché movies. They laughed and spun around, very romantic. He put her down and kissed her and she kissed him back with full force

Draco's heart broke, the two girls squealed with excitement and Theo just patted Draco on the back. "Sorry mate" was all he could say

They stopped kissing and looked at the two girls who were laughing. They laughed back and Hermione said "We'll meet you at the cinemas alright?" Hermione and Sam started butting their clothes back on because the weather was getting colder and they were only in their swimmers. They got dressed in the bathrooms and left when they were clothed

"Okay bye" and Sam and Hermione walked off holding hands

'Oh my gosh he's holding my hand HE'S HOLDING MY HAND!' Hermione thought

'Oh my god I'm holding her hand!'

Draco was very jealous of Sam but Brooke dragged him to her car and the four of them drove off to the movies


The four of them were first to arrive to the movies and bought their tickets. Two minutes later, Hermione and Sam arrived and Sam bought the tickets while Hermione bought the food. She got a large malteser pack and a large sour cream and onion chips for them to share.

They all went to watch the movie. The seating arrangement was:

Cath – Theo – Draco – Brooke – Hermione – Sam

Throughout the whole movie, Draco didn't pay much attention to the movie but on Sam and Hermione. They were always giggling and it annoyed the hell out of him. During the middle, Sam did THE YAWNING MOVEMENT and put his arms around Hermione. She blushed but kept on watching the movie

Draco was furious. He nudged Theo and the both of them looked at Sam and Hermione. Theo wasn't disappointed in Hermione but he wished that she knew how much Draco liked her and he felt really sorry for Draco. He had liked her since the punch in third year!

It was around 11:10pm when the movie ended and Draco immediately stormed out as soon as the lights came back on

"Sorry for that girls but Draco needed to be home by 11pm and it's a bit passed that time so he needed to go early" Theo said smoothly at Catherine's and Brooke's confused faces

"Alright then…" replied Brooke

They all walked to the movies entrance, out of everyone's way and Catherine asked to Theo "Do you need a lift home?"

"No it's okay. My house isn't too far from here actually so I'll be walking home. Thanks for the offer girls! I'll see you some time again right Catherine?" He winked at her

"Sure" replied Catherine. He kissed her on the cheek and waved goodbye. He walked to the bushes and disapparated into Draco's room to see how he was doing and the room was a mess again


Brooke and Catherine said their goodbyes to Sam and Hermione and they drove in different directions. It was a 15 minute drive back to Hermione's house where they stayed quiet, listened to the radio and kept thinking about the day's events

'Today was the best day! Such a good summer' thought Hermione

'God I love Hermione' thought Sam

They reached her house Sam walked Hermione to the front door. "Well bye Mya" said Sam

"Bye Sam" and they shared a kiss. The door suddenly opened and Dan Granger was standing there

Hermione blushed and Sam said "Hello sir"

"Don't you need to get home? It's around 11:30pm now"

"Yes sir. You have a goodnight"

"You too Sam. Drive home safe and it was good seeing you again"

"Goodnight sir and Mya, I'll call you soon" Sam winked at Hermione and Hermione said "Alright then, bye Sam!"

The door closed and Hermione squealed in excitement. Her parents looked at each other and smiled. They were happy that finally, Sam and she were going out

"Honey, you need to sleep now. You need to help us with some dentistry tomorrow" said Anna Granger

"Alright goodnight mum and dad" She kissed them both on the cheeks

She ran up to her room, got changed into her pyjamas and landed on her bed at 11:45pm. 'TODAY WAS AWESOME!' was her last thought and then she fell asleep


Draco's room was trashed. Theo had to do the repairing spell again and the room was perfect

"Theo what am I doing wrong?" Draco asked

"I don't know mate. Wait till summer's over and then at Hogwarts, prove how much you love her. At least at Hogwarts, Sam isn't there to distract you from her"

"Alright" replied Draco. He still had around month until it was the first of September. In the meantime, he would think of how to charm Hermione and make her fall in love with him

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